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Grab the $16 Next Launcher 3D App for Free Today With This Trick

next launcher

Next Launcher 3D is one of the more highly priced 3rd party launchers for Android, but with today’s little trick, you can get the $16 powerhouse for free. The launcher features crazy 3D effects, turning any device you own into a futuristic Tron-centric trip. With additional themes and custom widgets downloadable from Google Play, it’s an extensive and extremely comprehensive option for someone looking to spice up their device. 

To grab the full edition of the launcher, follow these instructions pulled from Slick Deals.

First install the “lite” version from Google Play, then once you have it installed and running as your current launcher, go into the Menu (the furthest right icon in the dock, 3 vertical dots) and go into Preferences. Go into “About the Full Version”, then choose “Activate” button (it may appear grayed out but just press it) and enter: “nextlauncher3d” as the account and “appoftheday” as the code. Enjoy.

It’s that simple!

Play Link


Via: Slick Deals

Cheers Jeff!

  • Tim Sane Savage Brown

    It’s not working for me

  • GiorgosGRn

    Not works for me…HELP

  • shuishuo
  • Master O’Disaster

    I tried the suggested activation above, and saw a “Activation code is failed” message. 🙁

  • bachinphx

    No matter what you all think, it’s still…………..wait for it……………………………..FREEE!!!! So shut up and uninstall if you don’t like! SMFH!!!

  • Vince

    Dang, I bought it for the $9 “sale” a couple of weeks ago. It’s not bad and it’s fun to use and play with but I’ve noticed I have to wait for the launcher to reboot every once in a while when I go back to the Home button. I’m running it on Verizon Gnex. For free it’s worth playing with but I don’t recommend paying full price for it.

  • Brandon

    Would’ve been nice to let the devs know about a vulnerability instead of telling your community to exploit it…Android already has a bad rep for hacking/piracy…

  • DroidDrool

    If you read the permissions you’ll see that this app will dial your phone without your permission. I launched it into the bit bucket.

  • jab416171

    SF Launcher all the way

  • CKS

    To those that say this is too much…I agree, but hey its free so lets make it worthwhile. I have used both Nova and Apex Launchers and did not like either. Because tho they had things from the pure Android OS the extra stuff felt bland. So I moved on to just pure android and skin it up how i please. So with this Launcher thats what I decided to do. First get to know all of it and turn off or dial down the outrages settings. Then download the S4 icon pack to make it more visually appealing, then go through to make it my own with my orginial set up and even some overlay apps (pretty cool and neat). Next I limit the amount of screens there are to make it less showboating. And BOOM just apply the favorite background of your choice and your free (supposidly costing 16 U.S Dollers) is decent enough to use. Now how long do I keep it? Probably until i get bored, but for free, hell ill spice up my android love abit. =D

  • Lane252

    despite all the slander thanks Keys ill take it and if i feel like switching launchers one day ill get on it

  • Tegamal

    I downloaded it, figured why not? It’s free.

    It’s not horrible, but I can’t seem to figure out if you can auto-align your widgets by grid or not. Doesn’t seem to. Also, couldn’t see an option to let the wallpaper scroll with the screens.

    With a few additions/fixes, I think it could be really great. But for now, I’ll keep to Nova.

  • Pengwn

    Edit: Whoops, misread the article.

  • Brian_2112

    Not a bad launcher, worth a try (especially when it’s free :p). Probably won’t stick with it, stock Touchwiz on my SII is good enough for me.

  • fallsgable

    will this work on my OG Droid?

  • Pedro

    Wait until Fede releases the LauncherPro re-write.
    THEN we’ll see some innovation.

    • Michael Burnham

      I miss using LauncherPro

    • artsr2002

      I hate you. You just had to remind me of that didn’t you?

    • Matt

      I hear it’s going to be released soon

  • Wolf0491

    No way I would pay for this. Already using nova again. Even at free if I uninstall I won’t be able reinstall and use premium features again I don’t think. Adding widgets and things seemed odd and the amount of download widgets was completely ridiculous.

  • CharlesJorgenson

    got it because its free, but man, its so gaudy, i couldnt use this every day

    • JeffColorado

      I actually bought it and I think the same thing. This is the type of design a 12 year old would think is really cool. It is still a nice launcher. Just needs to dial back the gaudiness.

  • RoadsterHD1

    3D launcher take up too much memory.

    • JeffColorado

      Most modern phones and tablets are shipping with 2 gigs now…that is more than enough.

      • RoadsterHD1

        And I completely agree with you, although some of us still have 1 gig. and for us it’s unnecessary to use a memory hogging 3D launcher.

  • JWells

    Pee pee time with the ad hominem attacks. I tried the launcher, activation worked. Played with it for a couple of hours. Still prefer Nova for simple elegance. Seemed this NextLauncher 3D was draining my battery faster than normal.

  • CharlesVT

    the launcher’s a bit too much for me… x__X

  • Visual360

    w00t! FREE!!! Thanks.

  • FknTwizted

    will this stay attached to my account or do i need to remember the password / account info?

  • D

    How does this mean you own the premium app? It still says lite and shows up as lite in the Play Store.

  • NextLauncher 3D is the epitome of everything wrong with so many custom launchers. They’re all way too customizable and you end up navigating menu upon menu of options, most of which you don’t care about. Nevermind the fact that the default theme is gawdy as hell. Yes, I understand that you can install a theme that you actually like, but you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The first thing people see is the default theme and it’s awful.

    Does the team behind this launcher even consult a UI or UX person? I’m guessing not because this launcher would make any good mobile UI or mobile UX professional’s head explode.

  • Daniel

    eek, gonna stick with ADW EX which is fantastic after the rewrite for ICS/JB. Not a fan of crazy 3d animations and transitions anyway, though they are available with ADW if you care to set them that way

  • jmsbwmn

    It’s super gaudy right now, but I still took advantage of this deal in the event that the next version brings a usable UI that doesn’t hurt my eyes. 🙂

  • bOOm

    I entered the information provided but its been spinning for some time (over 30 minutes). Not sure if this code is still valid.

    • Hungry Hamburger

      Oh my god! I thought you meant your launcher was spinning for 30 min. I couldn’t stop laughing XD You made my day.


    i think it’s neat. Gotta tinker around to bit to be sure.

    Thanks, DL!

  • duke69111

    I hate launchers where you have to download an add in to get the features.

  • Daniel McKenzie J.


  • Darrin W. Crenshaw

    Free is free. I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for a launcher but I doubt it’ll top the fluidity of Nova.

  • Dan

    Whoa sweet thanks!

  • HR

    I put in the codes but nothing happens when I hit activate?

  • Waschlappen

    This is from the GO Launcher devs. I long ago got rid of all GO apps because of the way they push their store and update in the background. Lots of bloat and advertising their other apps.

    Nova Launcher – simple, functional, gestures.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Free is free. Also, SCORE!

  • Armus

    There’s always the black market if you don’t want to pay, though I wouldn’t ever use it

  • Neurolytic

    Other than being a very pricey 3D launcher for non-3D screens, this launcher is quite complicated. Very far off the minimalist styles that most enjoy these days. I also noticed that this is a 36hr deal. I wonder if after 36hrs, the license stays full, does it get revoked or does it stay. I bet it is lost once the app is uninstalled.

  • Sankyou

    I like this launcher but Nova Prime has me with gestures available on any app or folder. Until other launchers offer this feature – I can’t imagine switching. Appreciate the deal though – trying it out again for the hell of it.

  • mercado79

    Wow. This was bad. Talk about overkill. If only I could uninstall and be back where I started, but it takes over your wallpaper and doesn’t revert it when you remove the app. Annoying.

    • JoshGroff

      It takes how long to change your wallpaper back?

      • mercado79

        Doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t touch my wallpaper and if it does, it should revert it. The image I was using was one I’d grabbed from a post here or on AC and hadn’t saved. Did it take a long time to get it again? No. Annoying to have to do that extra legwork? Yes.

  • chris420o

    real fluid n cool looking launcher…i may fux with this for alil if i can add all teh stuff iw ant on my home screens

    • KOBALT


  • Armus

    It’s an ok launcher with a ridiculous price.

  • Blue Sun

    I uninstalled this one pretty quick.

  • Shane W

    This is not working for me. I downloaded it, and when I try to put in the credentials to get the full version it says ‘the format of the account is incorrect.’

    Can anyone help me with this?

    • JoshGroff

      It’s probably case sensitive, worked fine for me when I entered it. What phone do you have?

      • Shane W

        No, there are no spaces I fixed the auto correct and its all in lower case. But still doesn’t work. I have the Galaxy Note 2. Sigh :-/

        • KOBALT

          Note2 here. Worked fine. I’d uninstall and redownload it again.

    • shanesans

      Your auto-correct put a space in the account name. Go back and remove the space.

  • big yummy

    Thanks DL

  • akingsfan

    It’s a lot of work to figure it out (one commenter called it “a minimalist’s nightmare”…which I can’t argue with), but once I played around with it for a couple hours (yes, it took me that long), I actually really like it. It’s got a lot of cool features, layouts, etc. But it’s complicated enough that it could literally come with a user’s manual! Luckily, it’s a slow day at work and I’ve had time to dive into it. And I’m glad I did. I’m loving it so far.

  • mustbepbs

    Grab the $16 Next Launcher 3D App for Free Today With This Trick

    Sounds like a Yahoo headline.

    • KOBALT

      Enlarge your penis today with this free trick!

  • ahhh yes

    ok have played with it for a little…love the animations and the looks. downloaded all the extras. one complaint why is it two steps to add apps to home screen?

  • so ugly

  • Jodskf421

    Apex is the only launcher that I’ve been able to set a picture (QuickPic) as a non-scrolling, non-stretched, single, wallpaper background.
    Needless to say I’ve only used Apex for as long as I can remember. Occassionally I try ADW (purchased) can’t get it to stick, stock launcher has minimum 2 screens, Nova I can’t remember the issue… etc., etc., etc.

  • TimXer

    You guys Rock!! Just activated – looks pretty cool!

  • Bionic_Pags

    A minimalist’s nightmare

  • uncle paul

    If Tom Hanks got cut off while driving he’d be Tom Honks.

    • Edwin M

      Oh Uncle Paul…
      Getting jokes from young Chip Chipperson are we?

      • Paul Haargus

        TSSS TSSSS

      • Shirtless_Peja

        Love Chip Chipperson

      • Edward Smith

        Or Fozzy Bear?

    • Bob Buttons

      Would his identical twin be Tim Honks?

    • Patrice

      Uncle Paul, you slay me every time. I take it you got this off little jimmy’s vine?

    • HellRa1SeR

      Ba Dum Tss..

  • Todd

    All you girls with all the negative comments. If you hate it, move on. Who wants to read you guys pissing and moaning?

    Thanks Droid-Life. It’s a pretty sweet launcher. I appreciate your hospitality.

    • mustbepbs

      Because this is a community and we like to speak our opinions? If you don’t like opinions, you should probably get off the internet.

      • Todd

        To your comment, bepbs, I shared my opinion. So your comment is contradictory.

        I don’t mind opinions but just whining about not liking it with no real constructive feedback is annoying. And a waste of time.

        • mustbepbs

          How did I contradict myself? You’re a fool.

          • Todd

            Your first sentence is rhetorical question arguing that this is a community and we like to speak our opinions. I spoke my opinion which apparently you did not like and you suggested I get off the internet. So your first statement said we are a community and like to share our opinions. I shared mine and you suggested I get off the internet.

            You see how that is contradictory? If you don’t, maybe it is you that is the fool.

            Bottom line, you were given $16 bucks today and you complained about it.

          • J. Gilbertson

            If I were actually given $16 bucks today I’d get a burger and a beer. Not spend it on this. I appreciate the idea of this “app of the day” but it’s not for me. I appreciate the developers efforts.

          • mustbepbs

            All you girls with all the negative comments. If you hate it, move on. Who wants to read you guys pissing and moaning?

            That’s not an opinion, that’s complaining about other people’s opinions. Me saying “If you don’t like opinions, you should probably get off the internet” was more of a suggestion and less telling you you’re a moron for what you said, which is basically what you’re saying to other people.

          • Robbie Gerling

            first and foremost, you didn’t opine anything in your first comment; a thank you doesn’t count if we’re sticking to the realm of constructiveness.

            Secondly, you and nobody else was given $16 for this app. a 100% discount is not comparable to a positive change in your wallet’s cash amount or checking account.

            Thirdly, you calling other people out on the internet as you did is exactly the same level of maturity that’s to be expected from those you are criticizing.

            tl;dr – try to be constructive or obivously comedic, or nothing at all and lets move on. jfc

          • Todd

            Ok, I followed part of that but yes you are correct I did not opine anything. However, I will now. It is a great Launcher so far. Looking forward to using it this weekend.

            I would have bought a burger and a beer, also. But if you did download it you were given $16 because it would have cost you that much to own it so yes, $16 was given. (I personally wouldn’t pay that for a launcher but that’s me.)

            Thirdly, Touche. Point taken and you are right.

          • michael arazan

            He’s really going to out logic Tuvak, Think Todd needs to practice the ritual of Kolinahr

    • brkshr

      Feedback, good or bad, could be used constructively to better the launcher. If the devs use this feedback to better their product, all this negativity could lead to increased profits for them. If they just want to hear the positive comments then they are doomed to fail.

      • Todd

        But it’s just complaining, not constructive feed back. It’s too complicated leaves the devs no where to go. Look at Jeff Simpson’s comment below: nothing to help a dev there, just pissing and moaning.

        If this is a community why not offer constructive information about the product instead of just being negative for negative’s sake?

        I do not think that is too much to ask.

        • brkshr

          If I had to write what exactly was complicated about this launcher, you would be seeing a wall of text. Enough people have voiced their dislike for this launcher that the devs should either look into how to make it better or subside & say this is how we want it.

          I would also say that my comment below gives people a better idea of what I do and don’t like, than most other comments. Basically keep the animations, simplify the UI.

      • JoshGroff

        You have -2 downvotes apparently.

  • uncle paul

    I want some of these animations on NOVA
    the rest of this launcher is crap..

  • Jeff Simpson

    I predict this will keep me amused for a few minutes, maybe as much as a day, then I’ll switch back to Nova. Thanks!

  • brkshr

    The animations are really nice, but everything is just way too complicated.

  • ahhh yes

    worked THANKS! LOVE IT! on nexus 4

  • steve30x

    made my day so far, very smooth on this old HTC Rezound.

  • Ryan Clayton

    I hate launchers that change my background on install.

  • wtsamatta

    Not compatible with htc dna…sigh… I like it, it’s ok. Still like adw ex best though.

    • Kevin

      I just installed it on my DNA, it works fine!

      • wtsamatta

        Must be the Rom that I’m using I guess. Viperdna…says incompatible @ the play store….

        • JoshGroff

          Installed on mine running Newt’s Sense 5 port.

          • wtsamatta

            grrrrr…why is it telling me that it’s incompatible then??

          • JoshGroff

            Not really sure. >.>

      • Kyle

        Running on my DNA as well

  • Ramana

    Aw man, you just screwed over the dev.

    • Ian

      I think the dev had to enable this at some point…

    • This is enabled by the dev, not piracy.

      • Jimstopdog

        It mentions a 36hr free trial period, is this legit or is it going to go away?

  • Shaunwin

    Thanks, but no thanks…I’ll stick with Nova.

    • dct3416

      I agree 100%! Not even for free!

    • JPlattim1933

      It’s got a lot of cool features, layouts, etc. But it’s complicated
      enough that it could literally come with a user’s manual! Luckily, it’s
      a slow day at work and I’ve had time to dive into it. And I’m glad I
      did. I’m loving it so far.­ ­http://mybestfriendmakes65dollarsper&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

      • Shirtless_Peja

        F you and your spam link. a-hole

        • vince mcmahon

          totally agree you are all A**HOLES

  • Cory_S

    I bought it when it came out.. stupid idea. The thing is insanely complicated to use.

    • I installed, suffered a seizure, then went back to Nova 😉

    • EvanTheGamer

      Not really. It seems pretty easy enough(not complicated).

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    Can’t beat free.

  • cobjones

    If you want to keep it then back it up. When you uninstall or reset the phone you lose the premium content. Sure you can put the code back in now, buy I doubt forever

  • Dan

    um, no.