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Blackberry Messenger Coming to Android on June 27 (Updated)

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According to T-Mobile UK, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) will arrive on Android and iOS on June 27. Blackberry announced in mid-May that their popular messaging service would turn into a cross-platform messaging client, but would only offer up a release time frame of “this summer.” We know that the app will have groups and voice chat, screen share and all that jazz at some point, plus it should work on anything Android 4.0 and above. 

So you now have only a couple of weeks to wait before the app you wanted 4 years ago, is finally available. And is that the first look at it, in the picture above? Eww?

The question remains though, does anyone care? We now have Hangouts. We have WhatsApp. We have Chat Heads. We have [insert a dozen other cross platform chat apps].

Update:  According to Crackberry, who spoke with a Blackberry rep, the June 27 date for BBM is not entirely accurate:

On May 14th, BlackBerry announced plans to make its ground-breaking mobile social network, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), available to iOS and Android users this summer, subject to approval by the Apple App Store and Google Play.  While there have been reports that BBM will be available to iOS and Android on June 27th, this is not accurate. We will communicate an update as soon as we have an availability date to share.

Via:  T-Mobile UK

  • Jay20

    great, I’m so excited…if this were in 2011


    Better late than never.

  • Jose Alfosno C.P
  • Chris

    Truly wack! The article above says it all. People waited four yrs. BBM’s time to shine has passed. Thanks to whatsApp for filling the void! Why limit ourselves to android and BB BBM when whatsApp is across the board.

  • TL

    This is very cool, and will be very helpful for families with a BB user and a Android user. thank you!



  • Yo_Droid

    I especially like how you can obviously type your thoughts through mind control since there is no keyboard present. How can I get this??

  • S2556

    Maybe because I live in Canada but I actually see this making a comeback up here. Right now there are services available (whatsapp, hangouts, iMessage etc..) However none have taken off like how BBM use to be. (iMessage being an exception, every iphone user uses that however since not cross platform). Hangouts is completely useless to me as I am the only one with the app out of everyone I know. Whatsapp is decent but never had enough traction to really be a BBM replacement. I wouldn’t bet money on it but I think it will be welcomed warmly over time. At least in Canada, I can’t speak for USA or World though.

  • BobbyG

    Hangouts is awful and group chat is still flaky through SMS. Will give this a try to see how it

  • Weber

    Time to fire up the ol’ Storm 2, Curve, or Tour.
    Yeah, that’s right…I own all 3. What.
    Why give out the only thing anyone could want that’s exclusive to BB for free to everyone? Where’s the business savvy in that?

  • redbar0n11

    “Is everything read?” – Man, these guys were on point!

  • jbegs

    And the link is dead…they must have pulled the tweet down.

    • Weber

      T-Mo was wrong. BB didn’t give a date except to say it’s “coming this summer”

  • Fresh2infinity

    anyone notice the google voice icon in the top right? epic fail lol

  • jc

    Will this let me chat with myself 5 years ago on my blackberry?

  • c_topher_v

    Does it bother anyone else that the battery icon in the image has a charging status, but there is no charger plugged into the phone?

    • ToddAwesome

      mad photoshop skills!

    • Jeff

      Blackberry must love that Gingerbread UI from years ago as well. Status bar looks very Androidish

  • Chris

    I hope they release support for my Palm Treo

    • ToddAwesome

      Ah memories.

  • ToddAwesome

    Go Bruins!

    • Chris Schmucker

      The Blackhawks are coming for yah!! Go Hawks!

      • ToddAwesome

        Should be epic. (you know, assuming the Bruins don’t blow a 3-0 lead, again)

        • stabone

          They better not. I was at the game last night… I’ve never been to a place so loud.

        • Chris Schmucker

          As long as Crosby loses/get beat up/cries, i’ll be fine.

  • JPC

    I remember when I had a Blackberry like five years ago. The multi-platform messaging app called “Kik” (still around nowadays) had just become popular and RIM deliberately started delaying messages sent through Kik for up to an hour because it deterred people from using BBM. The fact that Blackberry is willing to release a multi-platform app of their own for Android just shows how hypocritical this crappy company really is. Read more about it here: http://crackberry.com/kik-pleads-rim-keep-trucking

    • WAldenIV

      My fear is BB will license it to a carrier, *cough* Verizon *cough*, who will proceed to block Hangouts.

      • Angelo Allegra

        Uhm, thankfully I don’t live in US… but, it would be sweet to watch Verizon try that and then get some calls from Google about it.

  • DanWazz

    Hurray! said no one.

  • Verizon

    SWEET! I’ve waiting to find another app to take up space on my phone and never be used.

  • Andrew Pritykin

    Do people still use BBM? Not even black berry users use it. They use kik or other messaging apps on the blackberry market to communicate with Android and iOS. [Facepalm]

    • Angelo Allegra

      The few people I know with Blackberrys – still more than people with Windows Phones LOL – do all use Whatsapp, none uses BBM anymore.
      Waaaay too late.

  • I can’t wait to never use this!

  • tech247

    Hallelujah!! I have been waiting for this one. I have lots of friends that use BB.

    • WAldenIV

      I’m sorry.

  • slider112

    That interface looks terrible…

  • sagisarius

    I think at this point the problem is that their are too many chat options… I think at this point BB is kind of a me too service. If they done this like 4 years ago, they might have held on.

    • Pretty much my exact thoughts.

      • AMPthe13th

        Even a bit over 2 years ago when I was getting my first Android device I would have probably cared about this. Today? Not so much.

  • Chandler

    Oh sweet cant wait to BBM my friends…….Oh Wait who has a dingleberry?

    • I have a user that still uses a 12 year old palm pilot…Fuckin thing doesn’t even have WiFi

      • Chandler

        Thats just crazy

  • Bobby Cornwell

    Who cares.. Too little too late

  • Col_Angus

    This changes everything…. if they did this two and half years ago.

  • Ed Cerqueira

    If only they had made this decision like two years ago…..could have been a whole other story

    • But….isn’t 2 years behind their M.O.?

      • Ed Cerqueira

        They must enjoy it for some reason, maybe it’s all part of one huge plan….

        • Maybe they are here just for Nostalgia purposes? Like when you get the urge to fire up your old Nintendo??

  • ddevito

    This is like getting a free AOL minutes disc in the mail

    • I actually found one in a laptop bag. I’m finally online!

    • Ryan

      HAHA my dad asks about those and thinks the only way to get online is running that app to sign in.

      • Verizon

        Wait, there is another way?

    • Hah!

    • SirSoloDolo

      Amazing how AOL fit the whole internet on one CD