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Introducing SolePower, the Walking-Powered Phone Charger We All Need


Kickstarter is a breeding ground for amazing and revolutionary ideas from companies that are looking for a helping hand. If you think you like the idea, you can choose to be a backer and donate your money to their cause. In return, you usually get whatever it is they are trying to create, along with whatever incentives they are giving out. This new one, called SolePower, could either be the smartest or craziest (little bit of both) we have seen to hit the site yet. 

SolePower aims to charge up an external battery that can be connected to your mobile device. The battery gains charge from your steps, turning that energy into electricity, giving about a phone’s battery-worth of energy in about 2 and 1/2 miles of walking, on average. Pretty neat idea, right? Here’s a quick run down of how it works that we pulled from their Kickstarter page.

How it works:

1. Slip SolePower into your shoe and snake the charging wire through your laces.
2. Plug the charging wire into the battery. The battery can either be fastened around your ankle or clipped to the top of your shoe.
3. Walk!
4. Unplug the battery from the insole and plug it into your device.
5. Stop to ponder how lucky you are to have a mobile, back up power source that can be used anywhere, anytime!

The company is looking to score $50,000 from would-be backers, while shooting for full production and retail no later than the end of 2014. Do you think it could be a hit with consumers?

Via: Kickstarter

  • Cikinna

    Nice idea! Another great solution to keep cell phones charged on the go is to have free phone charging stations installed in all major public places. There is a company that is already doing this: http://buychargeall.com/

  • AlexKCMO

    I don’t wear shoes with laces; sounds like I’m screwed.

  • those kickstarters sure invest a lot of money in their videos.. doens look like they need any money

  • John

    This looks like the same tracker they put on rapists

  • by end of 2014, this tech will be old

  • ChaserCentral

    This works great till you show up to the airport and TSA scans your shoes.

  • Michael Rodgers

    As a long distance backpacker, this really gets me excited… PCT with a smartphone, anyone?

    But late 2014?! Come on!

    • Eric

      They said the more funding they get, the faster they can get to manufacturing. I also do backpacking, so I just hope they blow up and can get to production faster than expected!

  • bboyairwreck

    I think this would be awesome! I always thought the future of phones would be able to turn kinetic energy of the phone jingling in your pocket to charge itself. Of course the movement in my pants wouldn’t be enough (or would it ;]) but natural kinetic energy of the body would be a great way to charge the phone!

    Next up, charge your phone via Shakeweights! lol

  • Hmm.. would be cool if it worked with the majority of the cool phones on the market that you can’t take the battery out of.

    • Taylor Levesque

      its a portable charger, like a mophie

      • Ah okay, so you’d charge the pack, then hook the pack up to your phone? Might have helped if I read about this first. From the video, it seemed like an extra battery charger. I misunderstood. Thanks!

  • Michael

    Not shipping unti December 2014?! That’s over a year and a half!

  • Skittlez

    Please just develop battery tech more, and not ways to charge

  • Aj

    I think the Flintstones were onto something with their bottomless cars.

    • SA_NYC

      Ha ha, well said.

  • Havo

    Put one on each foot and get twice the charging!

  • Sharkh20

    I bounce my foot a lot when sitting. Would that work?

    • Ian

      Probably, but if you’re sitting at work…plug in…

  • sonicemerald

    what if I longboard?

    • nate

      put mini alternators on the wheels

  • yummy

    This could work for me
    out in the woods, if it
    works, camping and hiking
    and getting lost in the woods,
    would be cooler with this.

  • Higher_Ground

    I’m guessing it won’t charge faster if you run 2.5 miles; time must be a factor at some point.

    • James

      Actually, it seems like it would charge faster when you run. From the video, it seems the device charges with every step you take. Running 2.5 miles involves roughly the same number of steps as walking 2.5 miles but just in a shorter amount of time. There might be a hardware limitation to how fast it can charge though.

      • Ian

        You run with the same stride as you walk?

  • nate

    It looks like you are wearing a police ankle bracelet thing lol…

    Too bad I have size 17 feet… I really doubt this would work (comfortably) for me.

    • Mike Hilal

      15’s here. I feel your pain.

    • Ian

      Why would the size of your feet make this uncomfortable? …hey we understand if you were just looking to drop your abnormally large shoe size on everyone.

      • nate

        Because it is a sole insert. These are meant to fit a wide variety of foot sizes and with very big and small feet they don’t line up with your arches at all. They don’t fit right.

  • emoney

    does it work if I stomp the yard?

  • jacobp1997

    is it weather sealed?

    • James

      On the Kickstarter page it says the device is waterproof and weather-ressitant.

  • Eric Palmero

    I need this BAD! My phone always dies while i’m at work and since I walk all the time (server) this would be a god send!

    • quest

      Not to sound like a jerk, but if you are a server how is your phone dying? You shouldn’t be looking at your phone while at work.

      • Eric Palmero

        No offense taken. My restaurant is in a signal black hole which strains my phone for juice. I’d simply turn it off but I’m on call at my second job. My S3 battery drains even in airplane mode 🙁