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Contest: Win a White Nexus 4 8GB to Celebrate Its Arrival! (Update: Winner Picked!)

nexus 4 white2

Since the white Nexus 4 finally went live moments ago, we thought the only good way to celebrate the occasion would be by giving one away to an amazing member of the Droid Life community. So, let’s do this. This is a single day contest that ends the same day, meaning we’ll have a winner by this afternoon. Who wants an 8GB white Nexus 4? 


Update:  We have our winner! Congrats to Josh E!

Prize:  1 (one) white Nexus 4 8GB.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner:  A winner will be chosen this afternoon at 3PM Pacific.

  • ryan moya

    Because I’ve never had the chance to own a nexus device and I would love a free one!!!!

  • Joshua Haar

    Because I need a GSM phone to get off of Verizon.

  • ten2o3

    galaxy nexus is cracked…hook me up with a new phone droid life…please

  • Nicholas Dier


  • Larry

    rocking a nexus s thats very slow now

  • Rodeojones000

    Hope I win.

  • Roga

    Because I want it.

  • Todd Black

    I hope I win because I’d like a white phone that’s actually only half white and I’d like something other than my GNex at this point.

  • Radman30

    Ready to switch back to the stock experience.

  • Averno

    This would replace the deep regret I have for buying an iPhone 5. I recently got a nexus 7 and it’s my first android device. I saw the light a too late.

  • Keith Beadle

    My Note no longer recognizes my SIM and I still have a year of ATT service on the contract.A Nexus sure would be great right about now.

  • Brandon Barlow

    i Love Droid-life

  • David

    I want to be part of the #NexusTeam!

  • thedonxr

    I love Nexus I have a 10 and a 7. I need to complete the family!!!!

  • terrorist96


  • Cody

    Finally a white nexus

  • Mark

    I don’t normally like white phones. But willing to try and be converted….

  • GSN

    would love to have this phone. nexus rocks

  • Stephen Parker

    I’m heading out on tour soon and would love to step up from the Galaxy Nexus! XD

  • Jase Quintanar

    I should win it because it is time to move to a NEXUS!

  • Frank M

    Give me now!

  • reglotu

    It’s so pretty! I need it!

  • Bammr0112

    Like so many on here are contemplating doing, I switched over to T-mobile last summer from VZW. It’s great on my GNex, but would be even better with the Nexus 4.

  • MT514

    My Verizon plan has ended recently. I decided to not renew with them, even if it meant losing my unlimited data. I’m done with contracts, and could use a device to use on a carrier like T-Mobile.

  • Chris Puziak

    me please! My wife is jealous of my rootbox’d S3 and I’d love to use this to get her off her iPhone 5!

  • Red

    My Nexus S is falling behind. It just isn’t as snappy anymore.

  • Matt Ponkey

    My contract expires with Verizon soon and this would be very useful

  • Ryan Taylor

    I would love to pry myself from Verizon’s cold, slimy grasp. This could be my ticket out of here

  • Mifo

    I want to WIN N4. Its my dream but i dont have enought money 🙁

  • Nick Notte

    I’m on my old gnex now and I’d love the upgrade, love the white on black

  • Christopher Williams

    Need to add to the collection!

  • Emmanuel Sanchez

    Jumped ship from verizon and need a good T-mobile phone please

  • robertlwalters

    Same as everyone else i want to switch from verizon as my gnex is a litlle dated