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Contest: Win 1 of 17 Galaxy S4 Cases From Spigen and Droid Life! (Updated: Winners Picked)

spigen case contest

Come Thursday, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available on all four major U.S. wireless carriers. To celebrate, we thought we would hand out a whole bunch of cases and accessories for the device from our friends at Spigen.  We reviewed a couple of their cases already – the Ultra Thin Air and GLAS.tR – so that means we have a bunch laying around that need to go out to you, the wonderful Droid Life reader. In fact, we have 17 of their cases to give away, some of which are the Ultra Thin Air while others are the wallet/flip cover style. Who wants one?

To check out Spigen’s entire Galaxy S4 collection, hit up their store.


Update:  Winners have been picked and emailed!


  • 6 (six) Ultra Thin Air cases for the Galaxy S4
  • 6 (six) Slim Wallet cases for the Galaxy S4
  • 2 (two) Neo Hybrid cases for the Galaxy S4
  • 2 (two) Crumena leather pouches for the Galaxy S4
  • 1 (one) GLAS.t Slim tempered glass screen protector

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll select our 17 winners tomorrow at 3PM Pacific.

  • Matthew Hojnacki

    I ordered a White 16gb S4 for Verizon

  • jamie stevens

    Harlequin samsung g4 128GB on global star

  • will

    black 16gb verizon

  • edubbz4

    16gb white Verizon S4. So glad I got that 64gb sd card!

  • tyno

    yeah….i’ll have the black one pretty soon here and maybe i should have a new case to go along with it. js.

  • schmaltzy

    Verizon, 16 GB, Black Mist!

  • BrandoKC

    Replaced my Sprint Galaxy Nexus with a Black Mist S4 on Sprint.

  • DanSan

    verizon, 16gb, black mist. got it yesterday 🙂

  • Went with the White Frost 16gb on VZW. Should arrive any second now…is that the doorbell? Oh no it was the TV…wait I hear something gotta go.

  • Osvaldo Hernandez

    I bought the black 16gb on Tmobile, i love it!

  • Bryan Phillippi

    Verizon Black Mist 16GB!

  • bungadudu

    Bought the 16gb i9505 black mist.
    Was in the first 100 who bought it directly from Samsung (-100E). Using it on Vodafone.

  • RockNRollAres

    I got my Galaxy S4 delivered early yesterday from Verizion (16gb black). I got to play with it for probably an hour, and then a pixel in the screen died. Now I have to wait for the Verizon store to get their shipment and go in tomorrow at 10AM so they can swap it out 🙁
    Luckily, I didn’t attach my GLAS.tR screen before I noticed the dead pixel. The Spigen SlimArmor case is pretty slick though. Fit to finish is slightly off, but for a minimalist case I like it a lot.

  • J.R.

    I’m getting the Black Mist Verizon 16GB !! Go Droid-Life !!

  • Seth Katzenstein

    Getting mine in Black tomorrow!

  • Rian

    Please oh please let me get one of those Neo Hybrid Cases ! ! ! Been thinking about getting that case ever since I saw them for my soon to be Black Mist GS4 on the Big Evil Red Carrier to replace my GNex… Now if only we could force them to offer the 32gb version…

    Promoting myself to win time:

    First thing I do every morning when I get to work is go to Droid-life….literally…every…day lol

    And your podcast rules all…. every….week!!!

    Tim, your dogs are awesome.

    Ron, best cynicism ever, keep it up !

    Kellen, best…android…site…ever ! ! !

    Pick me please ! ! ! (Neo Hybrid case…red trim if you have it…lol)

  • My GS4 is arriving today! Yay! I wouldnt mind fitting one of these cases on it 🙂

    I got the white 16GB Verizon model. I preordered a few days after the preorder day launched.

  • GCSkater

    I bought a 16 GB GalaxyS4 on Verizon off contract (gogo Unlimited data!) Cant wait till it arrives!

  • Rich Ro

    Buying a black Verizon model (16GB) on Thursday!

  • beluga

    Black 32GB ATT

  • Eddie J Camacho

    Waiting on getting the pure 16gb GS4 white Android Version without the crappy bloatware, & free bootloader 🙂 on T Mobile

  • Alex Pangalangan

    White 16GB S4 on Verizon

  • iceburgh

    Hoping to push my girl the way of the Galaxy, then I get be all jealous that she has a better phone then mine.

  • Guest

    So happy its going to be available in PURE ANDROID!!! 🙂 NO BLOATWARE & Bootloader unlocked with the latest updates

  • Noe Vasquez

    Getting a Black Mist 16GB on Verizon. Will buy a case but could use another.

  • Octotron

    Black Myst, 16gb, Verizon. Came in the mail yesterday. Quite nice.

  • Humberto

    Gs4 tomorrow for me Black Mist 😉

  • DanThompson87

    Just got it in, waiting for activation so i dont lose unlimited!

  • Mark Rising

    Definitely the white GS4 32gb on Big Red… Giving the wife my GS3.

  • jsz3us

    My fiance and I are getting the 16GB S4 on Verizon. She is getting White Frost and I am getting Black Myst. We are getting these phones for each other as wedding presents. Sure would be nice to have a case for one or both.


  • Disqus_engadget13

    really want the sg4 in white in 16 gb which I can just put my 32 gb microsd card in

  • I have a GS4 on Sprint 16gb Black Mist w/ 32gb microSD love this phone need to keep it safe!

  • ugadroid

    White Verizon S4 tomorrow!

  • Jason Townsend

    Getting the Verizon Galaxy S4 Black Mist Version sometime today at work.

  • Christina Cordes

    I am getting the Black from Verizon, I will be calling best buy at 10am and non stop until they tell me to come and pick it up

  • ckeegan

    Buying mine tomorrow on Verizon. Hopefully i finally won’t have to charge my phone every 5 hours anymore. Oh how much I love/hate the GNex!

  • Raymond Dionne

    verizon black mist

  • Two Black S4s on Verizon. 16Gb unless they announce the 32Gb being available tomorrow. Will get an otterbox (for Ingress in suck weather), some kind of car cradle, a desk cradle and 64Gb MicroSD.

  • michael hill

    T mobile 16GB, coming Friday. This would be an great addition to my upcoming accessories collection. Fingers crossed.

  • eli

    16 gb, white frost verizon

  • Brenda Curren

    I bought the Black S$ on Verizon! I have a 32 GB card to use with it. It comes thursday!

  • Ivan Roman

    White on big red tomorrow. I can’t wait.

  • Martin Pena

    I’m getting the 16GB Black Mist Galaxy S4 for Verizon on Friday. These cases look cool and will look great on my future phone.

  • Emy Eddow

    I’m getting the White Frost Galaxy S4 the second it comes out on Verizon this Thursday!!

  • Black Mist VZW 16G. Have a 64G microsd card waiting for fedex to stop screwing me and give me my phone

  • Stacy

    I love these cases and screen protector

  • John Smith

    Black 16gb.on AT&T. Hoping to get a slim wallet case.

  • BayRyder

    one for me

  • cStyle

    Any case would be cool!

    VZ S4 16GB’s Black

  • Vanessa

    I pre-ordered the White Frost 16GB S4 on Verizon. No case yet! No phone quite yet, but very excited!