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Monday Poll: Enjoying More – New Hangouts or New Google Music All Access?

google hangouts music

Now that you have had four or five days to fully dive into two of Google I/O’s biggest announcements – Hangouts and Play Music All Access – we thought it was time to see who is garnering most of your attention. I’ve fully committed to the new Hangouts and am already figuring out how to convince friends and family to make the permanent switch over. All Access on the other hand is sitting in limbo on my devices, since it is not compatible with the Nexus Q for the time being. See, I use Google Music quite a bit in my office, but only through the Q, so I’m unable to take advantage of my free trial at this point. I’d certainly like to use the hell out of it – just can’t for now. Tim on the other hand, is an All Access machine and couldn’t stop using it the entire time we were at I/O.

So what about you? Are you using both? If so, which is taking up most of your time?

Enjoying More - New Hangouts or New Google Music All Access?

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  • Shane Redman

    Don’t make me choose!

  • Kurt Weber

    Is anyone else noticing issues loading your music from the cloud on the new music app..? Some of my songs just don’t want to play without wanting to keep reloading where as before the update they all worded perfectly

  • Sith77

    I miss talk ……. The status updates , not every single emailed person in my contacts now , cluttered contact lists , g+ people I don’t even know , very unthought of and not implemented well ……..

    • Mordecaidrake

      I don’t have that problem, you have to go into your g-mail to remove the saving of e-mailed contacts to your address book, should remove this problem.

  • Hellooooooo, Google All Access, and goodbye Spotify.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      THIS. I unisntalled spotify so fast my phone rebooted

      • yeah… i canceled spotify before i even tried all access. Didnt take much though. but i had a lot of faith in Google that this would kick a$$ and it does.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          does anyone know how to import spotify playlists to gmusic? ive googled it but nothing comes up

          • Steve Benson

            Not possible.

    • Have you guys had issues with All Access using way more data than Spotify?

      • Brain

        Not only more data, but it is killing my battery life with my GSIII

        • yeah, Google music has always been a battery sucker for sure. i am thinking that is because it plays higher quality music, so its sucking in more data, which uses more battery.
          pandora was by far the best at battery life…i would loose maybe 8% on my 20 minute drive home, Spotify was in the $10 range, and G-music A.A is in the %15 range.

          thankfully i am connected to a charger all the time, and i have unlimited data, so its not a huge deal to me.

      • Raven

        I have found that it uses WAY more data and consumes battery WAY faster than Slacker. I literally used double the data in Google Play Music last Friday listening for a few hours than I did listening for a few hours a day from Monday through Thursday on Slacker. It may be a little higher bit-rate, but it sure doesn’t sound that much different to be using that much more data.

        • I think the “problem” is it caches the next like 2 songs or so in your queue when playing music so it’s seamless.

          • Raven

            That would account for some if I was changing tracks a lot, but I pretty
            much just set it and let it play while I am coding at work and only
            bother to hit next if I really don’t like something. Slacker also seems
            to cache at least the next song as it is usually seamless whenever I
            hit skip on it.

          • Raven

            Why did my Gravatar background suddenly change?

          • Yeah I’m not too sure. Hopefully Google addresses it soon.

      • coolsilver

        Check to see if the Stream at highest quality only option is checked.

      • Brandon Golway

        I haven’t used Spotify but I’ve only been using All Access for maybe a total of 7-8 hours and it has already chewed through 503 MB of data without streaming high quality! I haven’t downloaded any albums either!

      • Brandon Golway

        I haven’t used Spotify but I’ve only been using All Access for maybe a total of 7-8 hours and it has already chewed through 503 MB of data without streaming high quality! I haven’t downloaded any albums either!

  • no question its all access. Nothing special about hangouts. Its just a less functional version of Talk


    To be honest, I’m not using either of the services very much. If I had to pick, I guess it would be Music though.

  • NexusMan

    There should be a 3rd option….I haven’t used the “all Access” part yet, but am loving the new Play Music App. The updates are fantastic!

  • HangoutsFoSho

    I don’t need the music as I have plenty of sources, but the new Hangouts are amazing!

  • Mike Scaduto

    Love All Access so far. Will probably make the switch from Rdio once the 30 day trial is up. I do notice some gaps in their catalog compared to Rdio/Spotify. Seems to be missing some independent labels and some stand up comedy albums but I guess thats why you can upload your own songs to the service.

  • SleepySensei

    Rhapsody has been my goto for the past several years. Time has really given Rhapsody the opportunity to refine this concept and thus the edge when comparing the available music streaming services.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Music has me eating thru my data. Playing the radio and going back 5 tracks to hear songs again is making me smile. I have my androidians talking to me from hangouts and it’s smooth. I have my messages everywhere. I love them both.

  • NeedJelly

    I love the Play Music on my N7 but still just crashes on my Rezound. Haven’t been able to get one bit of use out of it on the phone.

    • Mark Adams

      I feel bad for you, still using a Rezound. I switched from it to the DNA, and am quite happy.

    • HTCSucks

      Yeah, that’s definitely the Rezound. What a crap phone! 🙁
      I am extremely disappointed – having bought it – with HTC and their pathetic handling of the device. I am pretty much never getting HTC because of it.

  • ßen Murphy

    Is there anyway to tell if a contact is online?

    • Dillon Brown

      actually yes in a way. The thing is that people expect for hangouts to be just like talk, when it is intended to be more of a texting app. Its subtle but actually very intuitive. In each conversation there with be a picture of thee person you are talking to under the last reply they have read called a “watermark.” If that picture is below what you said last and slightly opaque, that means they read it. If it is fully colored that means they are actively in the app. if there is an animated ellipsis next to that picture that means they are replying. I have hangouts running in the background on my computer so, if I’m on it it alerts me to a message regardless if I’m in the app.

  • CodeToJoy

    Wasn’t impressed by the Play Music All Access. Delay from clicking a song to it actually playing is WAY too long, especially compared to Spotify, which already has my playlists and such set up. Cancelled Play Music, re-upped on Spotify.

    Edit: I accidentally a word.

  • NorCalGuy

    Once hangouts gets full SMS support this poll should be redone, right now hangouts is like half an app. Also Google music is awesome has fully replaced all my other music apps, favorite feature is searching for a particular song and getting to listen to it and then it creates a radio station after, was waiting for Pandora or spotify to do it but nope.

  • Jason Harris

    Music is great…but a bit buggy it seems. Hangouts….well I cant seem to get the ‘hang’ of. I miss just a list of all my friends online. Dont see a way to do it. Am I missing something?

  • Terrace Manley

    I’m liking Hangouts. I’m a Google Voice user, not pay for texting through Verizon. The people that I was text through GV and couldn’t send pictures too, i can send pictures through Hangout from phone to phone.

  • Honestly its hard to choose. I haven’t opened or even thought about Pandora ever since I activated All Access (and that’s a big deal for me). On the other hand, I used to use Google+ Messenger for a long time running family group chat but I hated the fact that it’s only on the mobile app. So Hangouts is doing a few good things itself.

  • The music app is atrocious for me. Kills my phone like no one’s business. Has a hard time playing without skips on my laptop, and the app is super slow for me. no clue why

  • Rafael Bergamin

    I’m really digging into hangouts… would be nice if you share some tips for convincing friends to switching to it.
    But I’d really like to try All Access, but as always Brazil is left behind when it comes to web services from big (mainly US) companies.

  • Stephen Freeman

    Made the switch form spotify. Love it. 7.99 offer is not too shabby either. I think with a little more work Google has a good winner here.

  • Ian Smith

    i’m shocked that it’s even this close – figured music would be blowing the rest away

  • Hangouts for now… Will start All Access June 29th.

  • codemonkey85

    I vote… both? I used Gtalk and Music all the time even before the updates, so….

  • Enjoying the 30 day trial of music all access. Been using it alot since I downloaded and don’t hear the same songs over and over again like I do on Pandora sometimes. I may actually end up keeping the monthly subscription.

  • I haven’t used the music at all….but I’ve enjoyed the Hangouts so far. I just need to get more people using it.

  • david corona


  • thatguy

    All Access Music. Hard to use while driving without spilling my drink.

  • BigMixxx

    Good music is really, really good…

    Now my exclusive streaming service…

  • Bionic

    As soon as hangouts has text messaging ill enjoy it

    • hinijusopowi

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    • PhoenixPath


      Until then, it’s by far All Access. It has completely replaced Pandora, which had, in turn, replaced my Zune subscription. All Access is the best of both all-in-one. To be brutally honest, I am shocked they aren’t getting slammed for copying Microsoft on this one.

      It is a hell of a lot like a Zune subscription and using the “Smart DJ” feature. (only, this is actually available on Android!)

      • that was my first thoughs….but do they even do this any more…pretty sure “Zune” has gone the way of the dodo, and is now replaced by Xbox music….and i haven’t even looked into how that works.

        • PhoenixPath

          Neither have I at this point. When I started using Android, Zune became less useful. This is what I’ve wanted though; Zune or a Zune clone on Android. This fits the bill perfectly…

          I wish the interface worked better on my device though. On my nX, the album art scrolls slowly but on my HTC one, it “blinks” from side-to-side and is *very* distracting.

          • yikes. that would drive me crazy!!
            i already DONT like the scrolling album art at all. hopefully they get rid of that, or make it an option or something.

      • Nucking_Futz

        I love Zune music and I have both Zune and All Access. I just love the Zune player. I have some nice buds (HiFimam RE-0’s) and can really tell the difference between the Zune and everything else. I have a Note 2, and I’m actually considering getting a HTC One and jumping ship to ATT or T-Mobile. Yes, I love music that much.

    • LiterofCola

      Not until they bring back the “who’s online” feature

      • lazerwolf

        You don’t need a ‘Who’s online’ feature because its not an IM Client. Its a Messenger.

        • There’s a green bar/line under the person that lets you know if they’re online. I see it on the web versions. I haven’t upgraded mobile yet.

          • On mobile their pictures are grayed out if they’re offline.

          • 1). There’s no list to begin with, so you won’t even see a picture
            2). Not all contacts have pictures

          • 1). Yes there is. Swipe to the right or hit the plus.
            2). They have a gray generic picture if they don’t have a photo and its slightly faced if they’re offline.

          • John Kent

            So I have to swipe left, hit a button, and search through an alphabetical list just to look at the online status of someone I’m already in a conversation with? That’s so much better, Google, thank you! Oh but wait! Now all I can see is a binary, “online or offline” indicator. That’s so much more helpful than the green, red, and yellow dot system. Now I can thoughtlessly send links and long rants to my friends, not knowing whether they’re AFK or too busy to talk.

            This really is a great improvement. I’ve always thought that Google should behave more like Apple. Who needs an app with useful features when it can be dumbed down to appeal to the lowest common denominator? Good job, Google. Good job.

          • Adam Neighbors

            Holy crap, that was angry. You’re making a big deal over nothing. Handouts is a messenger (like texting) not an I.m. you don’t text people who are only “online”. Chill out.

          • John Kent

            The only trivial features are ones you don’t rely on. If you don’t rely on online status, that’s fine. Other people do. And when those features are removed for the sake of the people who don’t rely on them, we get justifiably upset.

            You seriously think “it’s a text messager not an IM app” is an intelligent response? That’s the whole point of my rant. I did not want a text messager. I want an IM app. The IM app I’ve been using and relying on for years worked well and these changes made it not work well. Telling me it’s different doesn’t make me not angry if the reason I’m angry is because it’s different.

          • Adam Neighbors

            I think you’re getting confused. I’m not Google. Hangouts is ten times better than talk. Don’t come to my comment and complain me because only you out of thousands of other people can’t adapt to change. Did you get mad when big motor companies took away your little cassette players for Cd’s too? There are fifteen positives to every one negative of hangouts. Learn that or gtfo

        • Some of us don’t text. I want to see if somebody is “green” before I send them a message.

  • Leif Sikorski

    both equally.

  • I am consistently using both 🙂 already cancelled Spotify and uninstalled ChatOn 🙂

  • Kenny Larson

    Hangouts is cool except it broke compatibility with the client my wife uses at her work. I am loving the Music All Access. I used to be a Pandora fiend but not anymore. at $7.99/month why not?

  • Eker

    All Access not work on uk….

  • Inquizitor

    I use hangouts more, because I used Gtalk every day and now must use hangouts. Still, not impressed. I don’t hate it, but I don’t really think it’s much of an improvement.

  • paul_cus

    Don’t use Hangouts and I’m sticking with Sony Music Unlimited over Google Music All Access. At least the Sony app doesn’t force close after two seconds. They can try to win me over when they properly roll out an update that doesn’t break everything.

    • Leif Sikorski

      Never had a crash in the Music app, but heard about it from some people where all had used custom roms. So they might be the problem.

      • paul_cus

        Wish that was the case. I’m running stock.

  • I love the new Google Music but my only situation is that I’ve been using Spotify for so long, I don’t really want to manually search all of my music again…..but my brand loyalty is strong with Google. But at the same time, not all of the music I have on Spotify is on Google Music, that’s my other issue.

  • 4n1m4L

    Can’t use the new music, kills my Qs.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    For whatever reason Hangouts has the old Google Talk icon in my app drawer.. I want the one you got Kellen! Does anyone know if I need to update my gapps for this?

    • Are you using an Icon Theme? Took me the better part of a day for me to realize that is why mine said “Talk”.

      • Bobby Cornwell

        Oh wow!! That was exactly it. I was using the “Stock Jelly Bean” icons in Nova. I switched it to default and all is good. Thank you kind sir!!

    • MyStroPro

      May need to uninstall / reinstall if you aren’t using an icon theme – otherwise you have to wait for the package to be updated or set it manually (set it to default icon).

  • Crazydog

    So, what happens if I cancel my Music subscription? If I ever re-up, is the music I put in to my library saved, or will I have to find it all again?

    • I was wondering the answer to this myself

    • Mickey Bennet


    • jnt

      You can still purchase music individually can’t you? If so, then I doubt you would lose those purchases… I could be wrong though.

      • Crazydog

        Not the purchases – lets say I add an album to my library for free via the subscription. If I cancel the subscription, do I lose the music forever? Like, if I decide to sign up again, do I have to go hunt down the album I added to my library and did not purchase outright?

        • jnt

          My guess would be you’d lose it, but obviously I don’t *really* know. 🙂

          • Seth Schorr

            I believe jnt is right. Since what you choose to add to the library is similar to borrowing the music, I think that once you no longer have an All Access account, you no longer have those songs (albums, radio stations) earmarked.

    • meijin3

      My question is if you have to start paying $10 instead of $8.

      • mgamerz

        You will. The deal is to hook people into the $8 price. If you quit and join back later, there’s no reason you should still get the deal. It’s marketing magic.

  • mechapathy

    Since they both meet completely different needs, I didn’t vote.

  • fartbubbler

    All Access, All Day, ErrrrDay.

  • mechapathy

    Look at this Yahoo over here. What a Yahooligan.

    • I don’t know, one terabyte of storage space in Flickr now? That’s pretty great.

      • vic norman

        how about unlimited storage with Google+

        • But the unlimited storage is for a “standard size” photo. Flickr isn’t limiting the size of the photo. There is a limit to photos on Google+ that aren’t a “standard size” photo, and that’s 5 gigs.

  • Does anyone else think that Play Music is a battery hog? When I play a song, it seems I am constantly streaming instead of quickly downloading the whole song at once.

    • noticed this too. I was at 15% listened to three songs never turning the screen on streaming through 3g and my phone died

      • 3M4NU31

        Just save your most listened to playlist for offline access!
        Edit: Nvm, I just realized you’re talking about the streaming service >_<

      • jeff manning

        Google music will continue to download the first three songs in queue. Really data intensive if you go from album to album and only listen to one song in that album.

        • It put me at my data cap way too fast. I really hope they add an option soon for this.

    • brain

      It kills my battery on my GSIII…and honestly, why can we not save to extSD? Both these 2 issues have stopped me from canceling Spotify.

  • MyStroPro

    I’ve been using Hangouts – I don’t stream music because I hate dropouts, I’m a DJ by trade, and while I don’t mind streaming, I buy a boatload of music for use anyway, so I for me, the streaming services just don’t grab enough of my attention.

    That – and the price tag of a subscription service I own nothing out of. That’s another reason I cancelled my Pandora subscription. I’m lucky enough to have loads of music to always listen to anyway.

    Hangouts has been pretty cool for me so far. I’m talking more with some friends I haven’t in a good long while.

    • BigMixxx

      Try the streaming service, and hit radio. Did a lot of djing in a former life, the instant radio is REALLY, REALLY good. Get’s some ideas and some stuff about some blends you would want to try, plus some music you probably would have never thought of mixing…

      • MyStroPro

        This is why I listen to podcasts that I normally wouldn’t to be honest. I understand what you are saying.

        • BigMixxx

          That’s the other cool thing — one can make playlists public. it’s a decent service….

  • Tyler

    I will probably use Google music more because I’m addicted to music, but I’m waiting for a good time to use my trail.

  • So far I am absolutely hating Hangouts…

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      I am as well. I lose my contact nicknames… everyone I’ve ever emailed is in the contacts list… these are the reasons I don’t use Facebook messenger. And on top of that, I still get Talk notifications that need to be swiped away… tapping them does nothing.

    • radiohead14

      i went back to Talk just for invisible status, since i use it mainly at work and prefer to only chat with certain people i let know i’m online.

  • Google38

    No one I know uses hangouts, only Imessage. I don’t blame them either. Hangouts is pointless without sms.

    • Leif Sikorski

      In many countries sms is already dead.

      • Bionic

        We live in the united states, no one cares about places where SMS is dead, cuz its alive here

        • reminds me of ” ‘merica “

        • El_Big_CHRIS


          • mgamerz


    • George264

      The top services are iMessages and FB Messenger with the people I know, I’m sticking with FB, because so many people have it and it’s just much easier

    • Mickey Bennet

      SMS is pretty dead amongst the people I know. Everyone uses Hangouts and Facebook Messenger. The only difference is Hangouts isn’t broken.

      • Art Holguin

        mainly use fb messenger here aswell. i’m sure many people dont use facebook at all or have accounts but everyone I deal with regularly has it and its the best for group messaging.

    • Force your friends to use Hangouts. I did this and now they are hooked

      • Justin Winker

        Try that with people that don’t have smartphones 🙁

        I live in an area of the US where smartphones haven’t penetrated the market as much as other areas of the US.

        • joseph pastor

          wow…. and this is 2013…….imagine what happens if you show up in your town with Glass on your head next year.

      • only problem i came across was my iOS buddies complaining about notifications not going away. its a known issues, so hopefully google fixes this

    • Royal Assassin


      • Pratik Holla

        The whole point was to unify messaging. SMS and talk are the two most used on the platform thats from google. And thats why we would like it.

      • its just easier when you can use one app to do everything…also makes it easier to get people to use it. sometimes people are not online, so you send them an SMS…this gets to their phone, which puts them online (unless they turn off data) at that point you are on IM.

        I find it VERY hard to get my wife to IM me (i have limited texts, she does not) so if they integrate SMS and Hangouts, it will be much easier to set hangouts as default SMS app, nothing will change on her end, EVERYTHING will change on my end….and i like that.

      • Brandon Golway


      • Brandon Golway


  • BulletTooth_Tony

    Music by far… Hangouts is…… poor… at best.

    • I want to agree with you because I’m disappointed at the lack of SMS support. But I have to admit that Hangouts is a well built app with a lot of potential. I agree with you, the contact list in Hangouts is a mess but thats Google Contacts in general is a mess. Even though Google Contacts have gotten better there is still a great divide in Gmail contacts and your Circles in G+ the latest integration help.

      I did a little bit of “spring cleaning” (pun intended) on my Google Contacts and it helped clear up the mess in a few of my Google services.

      Music for now, but I’m somewhat content w/ Hangouts

      • hkklife

        Both are gimmicky, half-baked efforts. More unintuitive UI and battery-hogging from Google. Let’s hurry up and get to what REALLY matters–new N7, N10 refresh, KLP, and figuring out how to roll out OS updates without carrier approval.

        • New Nexus 10? We got atleast 6 more months before that.

        • 213ninja

          really, new nexus devices are what’s important?? we get a new nexus something every 6 months already…let’s get these apps integrated and fluid.

        • i could not disagree more. I agree hangouts really needs a little more love, btu not in the UI department. All the animations adn its very intuitive… not many people i know use it though so without SMS its pretty much dead for me.

          Music however is pretty FN AWESOME. the UI is beautiful and simplistic, but very easy to use. Are tehre features that it doesnt have that i would like to see? absolutely. But you gotta remember. All access is a 1.0 product and if you have been around google for ANY length of time, you know that they always release a pretty stripped down / basic 1.0 and build from there. So, its gonna get there, but really i have very little complaints for the UI from both apps

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        Oh don’t get me wrong. I can see the potential. I just feel it wasn’t ready for prime time, and it’s shortcomings are glaring right now.

  • MyStroPro

    Looks like it could be based on the Origami Live Wallpaper.