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Video: Overview of New Google Play Music and All Access

play music all access

Now that Google I/O is wrapping up here in San Francisco and we finally have a chance to take a minute and breathe, we decided to sit down and do an overview of the new Google Play Music app along with its accompanying All Access service. Announced on Wednesday as a subscription-based Pandora and Spotify competitor, All Access is an important piece to the media puzzle for Google. The future of music appears to be in streaming services. 

So in the video below, we try to walk through it all, from starting radio stations to saving music to your library to navigating around this beautifully designed app.

Keep in mind that All Access is currently available as a 30-day free trial, but will jump up to $8 per month after the trial ends. Also, that $8 price is only good as long as you continue your subscription or sign-up before June 30. Once June 30 hits, the service will run $10 per month. If you sign-up for the free trial, you will be automatically billed once the trial ends, so should you not want to get charged, be sure to cancel it.


  • Ben

    It appears that “Listen Now” is the spiritual successor to the “Recent” tab. I dig the improved functionality of offering suggestions, on-device and streaming music, and start radio. However, I miss the old “Recent” tab for the following reasons:

    1) I really miss how the old “Recent” tab was adjacent to “Artists”, “Albums”, “Songs”, and “Genres” tab. You could get to these by swiping across the screen. Now I have to swipe out a menu and tap a button to go between these two options. “Listen Now” should be adjacent to the other catagories.

    2) I really miss the large “Shuffle All” button in the old “Recent” tab. It was a great way to dive in, find something you like, go to album or go to artist and you are set!

    3) The text associated with the albums is difficult to read. I really like the old old “recent” tab, with smaller album art, more options on screen at once, and easier to read text.

    All that said, I have thoroughly enjoyed this update and I find music discovery to be much easier. Actual day-to-day music playing is more tedious for the reasons above.

  • What clock widget is that?

  • Only problem I have is the album cover art. {{-_-}}

  • KnowYourEnemy462

    As someone switching over from Rhapsody, the only things I’m not liking so far are slower downloads for offline listening and no “download all” button. You have to click on each album in order to download.

  • Sorry if this has been asked before. I scrolled the comments pretty far.

    The thumbs up/down feature, are these ratings global or just relative to that station? If I thumbs up a song on “Slayer Radio” for example, I want to hear more of that type of music. If I thumbs down a song I don’t feel should be in a playlist with Slayer, I only want that song/artist removed from that station. I like the song/artist, I just don’t want it in “Slayer Radio”. Similar to Pandora. So are the Thumb ratings just relative to that station or are they global across all stations?

  • RezoundingFail

    Can’t get the update to work on my Rezound! Any one know how to make it work?

  • Chris Baxter

    I’m so iffy on this service so far. I have been a Spotify subscriber for a while now, so Google had to wow me…and I don’t think they have thus far. It’s hard because I usually LOVE anything Google and have been looking forward to this for a long time. .

    There is not ONE thing that Google does better than Spotify.
    –No offline for PC
    –Dislike their offline for mobile (Pin) as you can STILL search/listen to online music. No true offline
    –No shared playlists
    –Cannot listen to multiple devices at same time (Can on spotify when one device is ‘offline’)
    –Cannot do advanced searches!(really google?!?)
    –Cannot see when tracks were added to playlists
    –Cannot send direct links to friends
    –Poor (or no) social media integration
    –No IOS support (What?!?)
    –No PC/Mac App (Spotify has both Web/Client)

    I do take it back. I like how Google combines it’s streaming service with your library you have uploaded. So, if you want to listen to the Beatles and have them in your library, you can listen to them seamlessly. But, there is a small problem; you cannot tell what songs are yours, and what songs you are using from Google’s library. Huge problem? No, kinda odd you cannot differentiate. . .

  • maslan

    Ok – what am i missing. Like the service but something i cant figure out??

    when playing your radio stations – how do you shuffle the songs? I dont mind that it starts with the song you created the station with – but every song after is always the same. It does not “create” a new list each time so when you start it, such as driving to work, you hear the same 10 songs in a row??

  • michael arazan

    I don’t get why The Play Store sells every Led Zeppelin album and song, but the all access won’t allow you to access any Led Zeppelin Music. I know why they don’t have the beatles, But No Led Zeppelin to add to my playlist?

    • onDroid

      Why do you not already have every Zeppelin song in your library. I think that is the real question

  • Vincent Fulginiti

    Ok. I’ve seen a few users have the same question I do, but unfortunately it sounds like the answers are just guesses. Has anybody actually legit tested what exactly happens with the songs/albums you “add to my library” during the All Access free trial once the trial ends?? Do you get to keep them? Are they removed from “my library” once I go and Cancel my “All Access” subscription after the free trial??

    • Chris

      Why wouldn’t they be removed..? Do you really expect to keep music that use ‘got’ while paying a subscription…?

      • Vincent Fulginiti

        @Chris – Not really. Seems to good to be true; and usually, in life, things like that end up being just that. But I’m still curious because nobody seems to have a definitive answer (i.e. they have not actually tested that out by canceling their ‘free trial’ subscription and then seeing if all the music they just ‘added to their library’ was still there or not). I know, I know; “why don’t you just do it your damn self and figure it out!?” right? I probably will at some point here soon. If/when I do, i’ll report back for anyone that’s interested. Cheers.

  • dsteele1

    How do you play an entire Genre for the My Library section… no way to do it easylike before???

  • Spencer

    All Access beats competitors for the following reasons:
    1) It’s Google… let’s be honest.
    2) HUGE Song selection!
    3) Making a radio of a song starts the radio playing that song!!!!

    Pandora and Spotify need to make notes about Google’s choice of UI. So beautiful. Definitely will continue to pay $8/month for a while, depending on the usage I get out of it.

  • EatUrCrap

    Absolutely love the All Access Radio, waaaay better than Pandora One.

  • James Friedman

    How do you change the streaming quality? I looked and didn’t see it

    • Seth Schorr

      It’s in the main menu about 2/3rd’s down the list.

  • James Friedman

    I have been having an issue with the buffering of songs on 3G. It’s almost unlistenable in my car because it cuts out every 10-15 seconds. If you pause it for a minute the song plays fine. They need to fix that key feature if I’m going to switch from Spotify. Anyone else have that issue. I’m seeing this issue with full bars too

    • LionStone

      Dang, that’s too bad…I haven’t tried it yet. One thing about Pandora is when I’m in the mountains and only 2G, I can still stream. I don’t know if it’s because they improved their app or my phone?

      • James Friedman

        And I also wanted to note that I’m on Verizon so I don’t think it’s my connection. From what I’ve read there seems to be a way to control the quality of the music being streamed. It may be on the highest quality setting but I looked through briefly and didn’t see a setting to change this

  • Does anyone know what happens to the songs that you “Add to my library” once you cancel All Access? The assumption would be that they disappear, but then what is the point of the “Add to my library” option in the first place? I remember there was a service a while back which had unlimited streaming, plus you got to keep a limited amount of songs each month. Could Google have worked out such a deal?

    • The “Add To My Library” actually just places them in the “My Library” section so you don’t have to look for the song/album every time you want to listen in “All Access”…When you cancel they are removed.

      That was Zune Pass, it was a great service but limited by it being only available on the Zune HD (R.I.P) and Microsoft actually cancelled the keep song portion of it.

      • So it is a useless option, as I suspected. Cool. Wouldn’t search pull from your library and All Access just the same? I have 15,000 songs in my library, and the My Library tab is pretty unmanageable, even with perfectly organized metadata.

        Thanks for naming it. I would have never guessed it. I’ll try to remember it for the next few days.

  • Andy

    All of my playlists were deleted and now say insufficient memory when I try to play them. What gives?

  • ragnarok180

    Does this have an “offline mode” like Spotify? If it doesn’t its a big deal breaker for me.

    • Royal Assassin


    • Chris

      Kinda. No offline for PC; only mobile.

      And, I don’t like it as much…B/c, you can ‘pin’ songs, but you can STILL search everything..so if you are on limited data, it can be very easy to accidentally play a song that you don’t have local

      Where Spotify has a hard “offline” button, where you can’t do anything w/ stuff you do not have local..

      • ragnarok180

        The lack of data on my Nexus 4 will make this a “hard” offline app. It won’t be a big concern but the UI is kinda troublesome for me now that I’ve had a few hours to test it out. There’s just too much going on on the app. I like the simplicity that Spotify gives you but I would really like to have everything under one ecosytem… Tough choice…

  • kidtronic

    What is with all that lag on the GS4? My GS3 runs Play Music without any of that stuttering. Granted, I’m running CM 10.1. But with all that horsepower, it’s kind of inexcusable.

  • Seems to me they removed the ability to delete files that are “on device”. I listen to certain podcast files that I copy to my phone. When I’m done, I used to hit delete. I now have to use a file manager to do that, or I’m missing something.

  • NOT Happy. Couple issues…

    1st issue…There is something up with the volume level with this on my GNex, the only one of several devices I’ve had google music running on so far. It keeps changing. I put it at full volume, it doesn’t go to full volume, then after so many seconds it jumps to full volume nice & loud for a few seconds or even a full verse, then back down to around 60% volume. Back & forth, tested with many streaming songs, some with explicit lyrics blanked out, others not. These are streaming songs that I don’t own so I’m sure it’s nothing to do with my uploaded music and the quality.

    2nd issue…I’ve read a small amount about the matching service. I had the genres set on the albums in my library and they were overwritten yesterday. I believe this has something to do with the matching. I had 1 Rock genre set, now I have 7…ie. Classic Rock, Rock, Rock-Blues, Rock / Blues. There are even cases of the same artist with some albums in one genre and other albums in another genre!


    • Seth Schorr

      Your 2nd issue has to do with Google putting songs into categories that seem to be different than I know of previously. For example: I have seen an album that is in the Rock category except for one song that is in the Classical category because it doesn’t use traditional rock instruments. It is just up to those people who are creating the categories. Try writing to them. It may help.

  • MichaelSammler

    Google Play music keeps crashing on my Galaxy Note (sc-05d) AND I don’t think all access if available in Japan. I am not sure because it just keeps saying “server error, try again later” when I try to sign up for it on the website. The new interface looks great for the 10 seconds I can see it on my phone, and using it on my computer is just great. Really enjoying it.

  • This Google music app is great as far as layout is concerned.. There are two little but major missing/non-functioning things I have noticed with it so far.

    1) Currently, the biggest issue with the radio function is that when I thumbs down a song that I do not want to hear, (which they definitely not perfected the algorithm yet, song choices end up being awful), it does not go through the remaining playlist and remove similar songs. They will also appear in similar radios that I want to use. It’s almost like the function does not work at all.

    2) When making radios, I can’t just search “Alternative Rock” or “90’s Hip-Hop” and get good, or any for that matter, stations. They should really bring in some of these features from Pandora.

    They should also put in a discoverability level that the user can choose allowing the user to influence the results it gets back.

    Additionally, if anyone wants I am creating a weekly Billboard’s Top 100 playlist. This week’s is https://play.google.com/music/playlist/AMaBXymrNrxqim-UwWGwirHz9X5mL7hWDDrzm30VWVtFhXCB2TE-ubhxJcTFejEMmvgKaEeiKgSwa5k12XXHqrt8aDeJvb48cA==

    • This is good stuff. Thanks for the playlist, too!

    • dood…playlist…MONEY Thanks!! Mi Ladi digs this too 😉

  • R Drayton Fair

    Maybe it is me, but can anyone tell me how to “shuffle all” from my library? I want to listen to everything, not just create a radio station from a particular song. It used to have a “shuffle all” in recent, and not I can’t find it!

    • JonathonFlores

      slide over to songs and hit the shuffle button

      • R Drayton Fair

        D’oh! Thanks! (But it wasn’t that clear. I even searched “shuffle all” in music help and got nothing.)
        Thanks again!

        • JMonkeYJ

          this is one of those things they change with every update of the app. it is a little frustrating and also took me a while to find.

          • Anybody know how to shuffle on the regular desktop in Chrome? No problem finding the method on my Razr app.

          • KnowYourEnemy462

            Go to the songs tab and play any song. Make sure the shuffle button on the player at the bottom of the browser is highlighted and you’re good to go.

  • JamesU513

    Love the new app. Could use an option to turn off the album art scroll (I’d like to see the whole cover sometimes). Also would like to see an “Album info” screen. Sometimes I want to see the year the album came out or something.

  • My review:

    UI – Giant step in the right direction. You can tell what Google is trying to do with this release as well as the Books update. Really minimalist UI that just gets the job done. It still has some quirks I’m not happy with (my preference is to have “My Library” be the default screen when you open the app), but it is such a drastic step over the old music player. Can’t see most people not enjoying this new interface.

    Consumption – Music streamed from the cloud is still very impressive. If all they did was update the interface, most of us would have been thrilled. They went a step further with All Access. Every single song I have searched for has been available other than Metallica. This is easily the best $8/month I can spend when it comes to music. The library is only going to get bigger. The Radio feature is phenomenal.

    My overall score would be 8/10. Streaming service is second to none. If All Access doesn’t have the song/artist you are looking for, you can load up 20,000 of your own songs as a contingency. The UI needs a couple tweaks here and there, but overall is a work of art.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I’m jealous it isn’t constantly crashing on your device like it is on mine….

  • ArrowCool

    I have to say one of the biggest things holding back about this new service, is still no easy way to stream to my Sonos speakers.

    I’ve been a Spotify customer since it was released in the US. For the most part, all the music I have looked for is in their catalog. In addition, Spotify works seamlessly with the Sonos.

    Until there are some changes, I don’t see a reason to switch.

  • I love Spotify. Been a HUGE fan and premium member since they launched in the US. So long Spotify.

  • John Jenness

    The fact that it has 2,000 songs from my library at home (and any future downloads), all the greatness of Spotify and a radio system even better than Pandora (unlimited skips) has me convinced. Like being able to see what’s coming up on the radio too!

  • Does it make anyone else’s device lock up and go black after an hour or two of playing music non stop?
    Verizon GSIII

    • I have to do a battery pull.

      • No problems here. It sounds like something else might be wrong…

        • yeah my S3 eventually died… now I have Note II

    • Seth Schorr

      My Nexus 7 gets very hot after playing for a few hours, but before All Access, it would stream the music for the same time & not get hot.

  • jayrod718

    How many devices can I have running at the same time? I have tablets pc’s phones etc…

    • From what people said above, it sounds like only one playing at a time, with up to 10 registered

    • It was a 1 device stream limit before the update but I just tested it out and I had the same song streaming on my PC, Xoom, And Gnex all at the same time. That’s great because if someone is home they can use it while I am gone and using it in my car now.

  • brad kou

    Is it only me or does it eat away at your data. I’ve used 400mb and barely played any songs.

    • Very true. Since May 12th: 1.03 GB Mostly in the background. 465 MB Foreground vs. 596 MB Background….is it the dynamic photos?

    • maybe downloading all that HD album art?

    • Neomastermind

      It downloads upcoming songs in your radio so that the song transitions are smooth and lag-free. My only issue is what decides when they’re deleted from storage. I normally keep a ~1GB of google music cached on my phone. While using the radio I’ve accumulated around 300MB of additional cached data.

  • It’s a lot less obvious than it used to be. I’ll certainly miss the big, conveniently located “Shuffle All” button in Recent. But I understand why they moved it, since the concept of Shuffle All changes when you have access to millions of tracks.

    “Shuffle All My Music” is probably the most commonly used feature in a music playback program, so they really need to make it easier to get to, especially on the desktop where the button doesn’t even seem to exist anymore.

  • Michael33704

    All Access also has the Pink Floyd catalog and Spotify does not….huge for me.

    • DOOD! I didn’t even notice that. Well, I know what I’m streaming on the way home from work… Haven’t listened to The Division Bell in a while. 😀

      • Michael33704

        Enjoy the ride!

    • John Jenness

      Already listened to DSOTM!

  • Illinipoke

    trying the all access out, I’m not getting the save to device option though. Oh hey the controls show up on my lock screen, thats new to me, sweet.

    • Illinipoke

      Ahhh NM theres an option in settings that says “download on WIFI only” that was checked. That was my issue.

      • Illinipoke

        Well hell that wasn’t my issue, I still dont get the option to DL

  • ShadrachCA

    When you create a new playlist, it gives you the option of making it public. Anyone know how to search/browse the playlists people have made available for others? I have found this type of functionality to be great for music discovery on other services. On that note, I’m really digging the new Foals album.

    • https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/3140173?hl=en

      Pretty cool, people can even subscribe to your playlist.

      • Patrick Lahni

        Any idea how to pin that music for offline play though? It’ll let me do it for my own playlist but not subscribed ones.

        • From that link posted: Playlists that you’ve subscribed to cannot be saved to your device

    • I’d like to know how to search for them too. That link posted doesn’t tell you how to search for them.

  • i really like how the radio mix even uses songs within your own library. very cool.

  • Silver Veloz

    I haven’t joined a subscription to any music app at all. This doesn’t look bad. This is great for those who are still paying for XM radio in their car. Forget XM. Pay for this and use your auxiliary and plug in your phone and utilize this all access. Plus you will have this on all your devices. I may consider this. I hope you have unlimited data.

  • Kyle D

    I cancelled my Spotify and began the trial for Google Music Unlimited but now I don’t know…. Can I download songs and listen offline??

    • brkshr


    • Illinipoke

      Supposed to be able to, but i cant get it to. Doesn’t show up in my options like it does in the vid.

      • There’s a little pin icon, just press the pin and it’ll download it to your phone.

    • JonathonFlores

      yes, click the pin icon

  • Dan

    On my Android app, it seems to randomly stop playing my “radio” selection and start playing locally-stored MP3s. Also, there is no listing of the radio stations that I’ve created through the web interface. I really wish I could have a list of “curated” radio stations the way I do with Pandora.

  • Derek Lockovich

    I love this so much. It integrates my music. It gives me personalized radio stations. It gives me radio stations that you can skip songs, remove songs, add them to your own library.

    Honestly, all they need is more content cross platform, and they’ve got a huge hit on their hands.

    Also, they need to make it easier for the layman to understand how to upload their own music.

  • The only problem I have with it (and it’s a tiny problem) is that you can’t create a station off of a genre. For example I can’t type Comedy or 80’s and listen to that specific type of music. I have to pick a song or artist and then the radio always starts with that song. ;/

    • This. And one more strange thing with radio – why it’s playing tracks mostly from my library? I want to explore a new things. I know what’s in my library.

      • Dan

        I have the same problem with radio playing tracks from my library.

        • Not sure if it’s a bug or feature. Looks like the whole “radio” thing is simply a renamed instant mix.

      • Yeah I’ve had a bit of that. I’m sure they’ll work these things out eventually, but I don’t remember agreeing to be patient!

      • Seth Schorr

        The radio stations I make play much more “new” songs than what I have in my library (for better and worse, actually).

    • PhoenixPath

      Grab a “best of the 80’s” album and start a station off of it.

      It’s not a fix, but it does seem to be a decent work-around.

      • Yeah I used my “Take Me Home Tonight” Soundtrack.

        • PhoenixPath

          Yep. I used “80’s Metal Essentials” for my first station. Seemed to be a good place to start. From there, I added the tracks I liked to my library and began starting stations from those…which led to more tracks…etc…

          Thinking about starting up an indie pop genre station, but that might be a tad more difficult…

    • Raven

      I agree. I really like the predefined genres in Slacker such as Classic Electronica. What I have always wondered about all of these “Make your own radio station” services is why can I only seed off of 1 artist/song/album. How about letting me enter 5 or more artists so I can make a really good station that actually plays some songs that I want to hear?

  • KnowYourEnemy462

    I’m so happy I can finally leave Rhapsody. They tried to get too fancy with their Android app and now it’s way too laggy. And as a bonus, All Access is almost half the price. Except for one Porcupine Tree album, it looks like I’ll be able to get all the same music I love. And now Google can own another part of my life.

    • I too have Rhapsody. But I don’t like that you can’t store tracks offline whether on Android or PC. So I guess it’s back to slow Rhapsody app for me.

      • KnowYourEnemy462

        Sure you can, I wouldn’t have switched from Rhapsody otherwise. Go to the albums tab, click on the 3 dot menu button, and select “keep on device”.

  • DanSan

    so whats to stop somebody from signing up for the free trial, finding all the music they want and selecting “keep on device” this will download the files to the phone as mp3’s i believe. doing this over and over and over, downloading as much as possible and then saving the files onto your computer. then cancelling the free trial, basically stealing a dump load of music without paying a dime. even if you did the $8/month you could theoretically download as much music as you can in a months time for $8 bucks.

    is my logic wrong on this or what?

    • Dan

      The downloaded music is DRMed.

    • I’m not sure if the music is stored in some special way (likely?), but if you did that, why not just pirate it in the first place?

      • DanSan

        no idea either. im curious to see what format they get downloaded in and if you are able to copy them off or does it stop u somehow.

  • ShadrachCA

    Been using it and loving it. Keeping this and Spotify over the Google trial and will most likely end up dropping Spotify next month.

    The one feature I really wanted from Google and didn’t get (it’s not on Spotify either, but is on Rdio) is remote control from one device to another. I often have my tablet or notebook plugged into my stereo and would love to be able to control the output from my phone.

  • Patrick Lahni

    It needs the ability to subscribe to playlists and autodownload them locally to my device for offline play. That’s one feature from Spotify I use a ton.

    • Seth Schorr

      Check this out: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/3140173?hl=en

      The last entry I think addresses what you are talking about.

      • Patrick Lahni

        Thanks for this. I was able to subscribe to a playlist, but it seems I’m unable to pin those songs to my device for offline streaming. Maybe I’m missing something?

  • I love Spotify, so it’s going to take me a lot to move away from it. I already like Google’s mobile and tablet integration. However, I wish there was a desktop client not run by Chrome. I like the separate-program softkeys in the windows taskbar for Spotify, just little things like that. Still giving Google a chance, though.

    • TSY87

      im with you. A lot of the people praising this app clearly have not tried spotify (premium). The app is good, and there selection is better in some areas, but overall, I’m still finding myself going back to spotify. Another aspect i like is the social aspect of spotify, sharing and collaborating on playlists is fun.

  • Mike Even

    Pandora will still blow Google out of the water here. Google is missing the boat by NOT offering the lower quality, commercial filled stream. Why would anyone who is already receiving Pandora services for free switch to a paid version, they would just start paying Pandora for the HQ feed? Sure, there will be this guy and that guy, but I honestly see a majority of people sticking with Pandora. I already use Google Play’s cloud services to stream all my personal collection, so adding another $8 bill to my bottom line just isn’t going to happen.

    • JonathonFlores

      The idea isn’t really JUST a radio feature that plays random songs. This is very much more like Spotify. They aren’t targeting Pandora’s audience. But if you’re already paying a monthly subscription for the likes of Rdio or Spotify then this is another option WITH Pandora like radio. You also get to ADD your own music collection on top of what Google has in their library. Something Spotify can’t do.

      • Thanks — I’m actually in the same boat as I assume the guy above. I listen to Pandora all day long (for freee). The commericals aren’t terrible, so I’m debating if it’s worth the $8 to get in on the promo period for this.

        • JonathonFlores

          I believe the on demand service is worth the price tag. Being able to listen to ANY song WHENEVER I want is why I pay for Spotify. I canceled Spotify the day this was announced. If you like free radio then and you’re cool with the randomness, then I wouldnt see a reason to jump on this. But I get in a mood and sometimes I want to listen to a song back to back 20 times lol

    • ShadrachCA

      I understand your point about someone receiving free Pandora services not wanting to switch to paid Google, but someone who was willing to upgrade to a paid service would surely have to consider Google. You get the Pandora-like radio (with unlimited skips, the ability to see your upcoming songs and ability to remove/rearrange songs) plus the on demand subscription content. Ultimately it comes downs to personal preference, but for my own tastes, I can’t really understand wanting to use Pandora anymore when other services like Spotify and Google Music offer much more. Granted, I’m a paid subscriber of Spotify (and will probably switch to Google) and think the price is very reasonable given you can hardly buy a drink at a bar or restaurant these days for the price of a month’s subscription. I also can’t imagine using an ad-based service as my main music provider. Having people over for a dinner party and then having the music cut out for a car insurance ad doesn’t really work for me. Again, it comes down to preference/lifestyle but I don’t think you can lead with “Pandora will still blow Google out of the water” when many consumers don’t share your same priorities.

    • PhoenixPath


      I use Pandora, and i pay for it. No commercials.

      …and I am switching. it mixes *my* music with anything from their entire catalog. Unlimited skips is another huge bonus as well as the ability to create your own playlists and alter the radio playlist to your heart’s content.

      This is far more than anything Pandora ever offered, and while I am sure there will be many people who stick with Pandora, I’d wager there are more that might find this more usable (but still may not be willing to pony up the dough.)

    • brkshr

      This is Pandora, Spotify & a local music player rolled into one. I think they are targeting Spotify type users more than anything. It’s nice being able to play a song/album from any artist that I want, or play a radio station for a particular genre.

  • David Moylan

    is there a limit to how many songs/albums you can add to your library in a given month period? and after theyve been added to your library can you download them locally? i know the second question is kinda lame but im curious.

    • ShadrachCA

      It doesn’t seem there is a limit. You can have the content available offline on your mobile device but not through the web app (at least not that I’ve seen).

  • Josh C

    Has anyone else noticed that this is a huge data/battery hog? On my 40ish minute train ride home yesterday, 500MB and 30% of my battery killed. Slacker and Spotify are consistently around 100MB/trip and about 15% of battery.

    • ShadrachCA

      Do you have the streaming quality set to high in the settings? That could account for the difference.

      • Josh C

        Do not. That is the first thing I checked. I’ll try it again this afternoon and report back.

  • Bionic_Pags

    A little off topic but is there anyway to fix all my album art… like a mass download/refresh? it’s been wrong for so long, but i have so many albums i didn’t want to have to do it one by one… it never carried over correctly from *that unmentioned online music store that i haven’t used since Android came along…

  • GamePunk429

    I am absolutely loving this, and am really impressed with the overall interface (which was the reason I never went to spotify I don’t like theirs). The only thing it’s is missing IMO is genre stations (I have a slacker subscription who’s stations are amazing), and the ability to create radio stations from playlists, as sometimes I want to listen to a variety of different styles of music.

    Hopefully these features come soon and this will be my one and only stand alone music service.

    • catalysto

      I also take issue with the fact that rating a song while the radio is playing does not apply only to that station; it appears to be a global rating. With Pandora, ratings apply only to that specific station which allows for totally different stations. Will Google’s system cause conflicts among stations?

      Other than that, love the new All Access!

    • Seth Schorr

      You can choose genre stations. Just add a station, type in the genre you want and it will play the style you want. As to the playlists, they are made up of what is in your library and what Google offers, so it is just like a radio station. Try it you’ll like it.

  • Jeff Edinger

    Does anyone know how long it takes for newer albums to get added to All Access?

    • Jeff Edinger

      Sounds good

  • Knlegend1

    Not bad, I can see them doing this with all of the services.

  • stevethecat

    Question/Observation: When I go on the web version of google music or even in the app, there is nothing that distinguishes music that I own vs what I now have added to my library as part of all access. I like the seamless integration but I would like some icon or something to denote what is actually mine vs what I am essentially renting.

    • brkshr

      I’m not big on that either.

    • DanSan

      i think the line between the 2 is very blurred. for example, you can use the “keep on device” option which will download a new album that pops up. you now have those mp3 files which basically means you “own” them now. if you cancel the service obviously you will lose ability to stream that album again but since you already downloaded the mp3’s its yours now.

      • stevethecat

        sure about that? There has to be a mechanism that will prevent someone from signing up for 1 month, downloading everything, then cancelling the service.

        To use another PlayStore example. I rented and pinned Django to my tablet. I watched it. After 48hrs it is unwatchable because my time with the rental from the point I started it passed. Maybe it will work like that? Some sort of back end authentication whereby once you cancel the service the songs will be pulled from your library on the web then whenever the app refreshes those songs will be removed as well.

        Who wants to test? Sign up for free, download a few albums, pin to phone, then delete the account. let us know what happens! I am enjoying it too much to bother!

        • jfr69

          That’s how Rhapsody works.. I can download them to my device, but if I cancel,and then try to play them it will tell me my subscription is expired.

        • Vincent de Paul

          This is a C&P from Google’s FAQ:

          Please note that if you download music from All Access to your device during the 30 day trial period, those downloads will no longer be available offline once you’ve ended your trial.

          Even though this refers to the trial, I assume it applies to full subs as well.

      • Felix

        Is there a way to download your albums from the web interface?

    • If you are on an artist’s page it has my albums then a few rows down it has “albums” which. Also the album art has a border for albums that are not yours

    • Chris

      I created a playlist called “New Music” and the description was “Music found on Google Play Music”. So whenever I add a new song or album to my library, I put it in the playlist. Just a suggestion for you!

  • Warwick

    I really like it, I cannot find any Outkast though

    • stevethecat

      I like it better now

    • brkshr

      I found it…

      • Warwick

        Oh, I just looked it up again. They werent on their yesterday : /

        • brkshr

          That’s good though. I wonder if they are checking searches & updating their catalog on most popular searches…

  • Gob

    Wait so you’re telling me you can stream music from a cellular telephone device? Wow what’s next watching movies?

    • EC8CH

      Or maybe a filter to make you sound like less of an a$$ when posting comments.

      Pretty sure the point was to highlight some of the new features of the Play Music app and how to connects and navigates with All Access.

    • PhoenixPath

      Troll filters. Definitely. Please let that be what’s next…

      • Gob

        I actually like it. I was being sarcastic but thanks a$$holes for your opinion.

        • PhoenixPath

          Dude. You got offended on the internet.

          …over misinterpreted sarcasm….

          You new here?

    • MichaelSammler

      The sarcasm/troll boundary is a bit blurry when you can only see text. Kind of like the boundary between music on your device and what you are streaming from Google Play Music…

  • EC8CH

    Swiping the currently playing banner on the bottom is pretty trick.

    • I’ve been switching songs just for the sake of switching songs at first. Definitely like this.

      • EC8CH

        you can also swipe back and forth on the album art and it does the same thing when you’re on the currently playing screen.

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          Agreed I was never a huge fan of the old UI but the new one makes the app a joy to use.

        • This is all ripped from Spotify or whoever did it before them, but not new stuff for sure. I’ve been enjoying this feature in Spotify and have been surprised that less people actually pay for Spotify than I thought.

          • Seth Schorr

            Google Music has always been a better service than Spotify and now, with the All Access part being active it will be even better. Mixing what I downloaded and what I have bought with what I can get for a few dollars a month may just put the other services out of business.

          • How so? I’ve never used spotify but I want to make the right choice.

          • Seth Schorr

            Spotify doesn’t let you add your own songs (CD’s or mp3’s) that you can upload to your library and mix in with the songs like you can now add with what is on All Access.

    • PhoenixPath


      Uh, thanks. 🙂

    • Didn’t see that until now! Super Cool!

    • Well, well, well…. I leaned something new. Very nice.

  • Surprised you didn’t mention how slow the offline downloading is.

    I mean it’s really, really slow over wifi, and LTE ( I’m on a 50mb download connection)

    • Geoff Johnson

      After the initial download it’s not a big deal keeping it updated.

    • Eric

      Dang I haven’t tried that yet. Spotify has a relatively fast offline download. It could be the initial rush people have been putting on the service so I’m sure it will get better in the near future.

  • droidrazredge

    What are people’s thoughts about the 8$ price tag for early adopters and 10$ price tag for all other adopters after June 30th compared to Pandora or Spotify?

    • stevethecat

      it is on par with other services as far as pricing. Integration is awesome.

    • brkshr

      I think they are using us as beta testers right now. We get a discounted price for being early adopters. They’ll work out any bugs, update & charge the normal price.

    • TheOgler

      I think my $10 Rhapsody subscription still beats the hell out of Spotify, All Access, or Pandora.

    • Seth Schorr

      Seems fair to me. They need to show record labels big numbers/users to make deals for more tracks to offer. Early adopters get an advantage.

  • r0lct

    I’m running Beans on my Note 2 and have had no problems with it. Have you tried wiping phone or at least the music files?

    • Jon

      Yeah I wiped on all 3 Roms I tried. Still having issues. Really weird. But I’m not going to delete my music from SD card.

    • Geoff Johnson

      +1 for running on Beans 16, no issues at all.

      • Same, on Beans 16 – no issues. And then on Beans’ 4.2.2 AOSP ROM, no problems.

  • Brad Tarpley

    On mobile: Click the “Songs” tab in “My Library.” “Shuffle All” should be at the top!

    Desktop: Click the “Songs” tab in “My Library.” Start a song and the shuffle option should be to the right of the “forward skip” button on the bottom bar.

  • JWellington

    Yea I’m not yet convinced that this is better than spotify yet. The interface is all over the place.

    • Well, personally, I don’t think there’s any question that Google Music’s app in general is way better than Spotify’s Android app. Their Android app is awful in my opinion. It doesn’t even have a tablet UI. It just forces a tablet to portrait mode and shows the whole app stretched out.

    • Geoff Johnson

      I like it because it’s Google 🙂

    • TSY87

      im with you on this. Google music does have a good library of music though.. Both have their strengths, hopefully this will get spotify to make their app even better and hopefully get more music selection.

    • Dash Speeds

      Gonna have to disagree with you there. The lack of landscape for tablets and missing expanded notifications for 4.1+ are annoying with Spotify. I can’t believe that even after all this time you STILL can’t skip tracks from the notification bar.

    • It’s like the netflix of music + pandora all wrapped into one mixed with YOUR already owned music.

    • Brent Cooper

      The interface is a little scattered. Ill agree…but im sure it will be better in a future update. Or after I learn to use it well

      • Seth Schorr

        The UI is pretty easy to get used to. Just give it a little time and you will be flying around the menu like it has always been there.

  • JWellington

    You have to go to My Library -> Songs ->Shuffle All

    • Prime7

      Thanks for the help, everyone. I’m replying to JWellington because he had the top reply, but this post is really meant for everyone. Thanks!

    • Han Zhang

      I went to My Library > Songs, but I don’t see the “shuffle all” option you mentioned. Could you please explain where to find the button/link? Thanks!

      • JWellington

        It should be at the top of the song list. it should say “Shuffe” with two instersecting squiggly lines.

  • sirmeili

    My biggest concern is that I can’t use it at more than one place at a time. So basically I have to have more than 1 account if I want to use it on my phone or my GF use it in the living room. Even Netflix and Hulu allow you to use multiple devices at the same time. Maybe it’s a music industry thing where they don’t want to license it like that.

    I signed up for the free trial and I’m super excited about it, but I think that might be the deal breaker for me. It’s what keeps me from using Google Music 100% as is and I keep a local copy of all my music.

    • brkshr

      I’m using it on my Nexus 4 & my laptop right now. I’m not sure why you can’t.

      Edit: Scratch that! It just paused my laptop stream & said only one device at a time. That sucks!

      • This. I haven’t tried 2 devices, but desktop and 1 device works.

        • brkshr

          See my edit ^ 🙁


          • EC8CH

            Listening to music on multiple devices

            Your Google Play Music account allows you to listen to music on up to ten devices through your account. Music from your Google Play account cannot be played simultaneously on more than one device at a time.

            To ensure uninterrupted playback when using Google Play Music on multiple devices, please make sure music is only playing on one device at a time. If multiple devices attempt to play music simultaneously using the same account, playback will be paused so you can choose which device you’d like to use.

            If you’ve reached the ten device limit on your account, you can change the devices associated with your account by visiting Google Play Music through your web browser, selecting the gear icon and visiting Music Settings. Under Manage my devices, you can select the ten devices that you’d like to be associated with your account.

            A subscription to Google Play Music All Access account allows you to listen to unlimited music on up to four devices, but music cannot be played simultaneously on more than one device at a time.


          • sirmeili

            This makes no sense to me at all. As long as I’m not streaming the same exact song to multiple places I don’t see the issue. For instance, I can easily stream to multiple devices using Hulu and Netflix That is all I’m asking for. I could even see them limiting it to only music you actually upload (multiple device streaming). How is it breaking any licensing issues if I stream music that I bought on multiple devices. I can already do this with CDs and even MP3s.

            I’d even be willing to pay a bit extra for this feature, but it’s a bit much to ask for more than the video services are asking, but limiting to only 1 device.

            As I said before, I will soon have 5 people in my familiy. that is $50/month if we all want to access it. If I only limit to one of us at a time I still have to share my account with everyone in the family, something that’s not really that great of a solution. They should find a way to offer some kind of “family plan” of “multi-device” plan.

          • EC8CH

            Yeah, they have to draw the line somewhere and it seems like they’ve drawn it stricter than the movie streaming services you’ve mentioned.

          • They do that to prevent people giving out their account details to other people to listen for free.

          • brkshr

            Thanks! I appreciate having a clear cut understanding. Personally, I’m not worried about it though. I only use one device at a time, so having the pause feature would actually benefit me.

          • nice!

            JUST NOW:
            5 minutes, multiple skips and still going. Strange.

        • sirmeili

          I’ve never gotten desktop and 1 device to work. as soon as I start one, the other stops soon after telling me I can only use it in one place at a time.

    • Geoff Johnson

      Well personally I only want to listen to one song at a time, not listen on two devices simultaneously.

      • sirmeili

        I could understand not listening to the same song on 2 devices at the same time, but not 2 different songs on 2 different devices at the same time. I can’t even do this with the music I upload. If I owned 2 CDs, I could play them in completely different places at the same time.

        For the cost of $8 (eventually $10) per month, I would think that I could use it in more than one location at a time. Like I said, video services allow this, and I could completely understand the limitation of not listening to the same exact song in multiple paces at the same time.

  • brkshr

    All Access is freaking bad ass!!! I’m loving it so far. I use it on my N4 & laptop everyday, damn near all day.

    Edit: Also, check out the Music Lab under settings on Chrome. You can have desktop notifications, 5-star rating instead of thumbs up/down & html5 instead of flash based player