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Galaxy S4 Pre-Orders on Verizon Are Beginning to be Processed

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According to some of our readers, their Galaxy S4 pre-orders on Verizon are starting to be processed, and some even say they’re being shipped. Verizon previously listed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would launch on May 30, but then bumped it up a full week to May 23.

Naturally, it makes sense that orders would start being processed as inventory fills up, but to see that they might begin shipping too is a great sign for customers waiting by their door.

Let us know if you receive your shipping info from Verizon.

Update: Β They are now shipping!

Cheers Jonathan!

  • prospectinghunter

    Ok, here is my update. I just called Verizon Customer Service to ask how to switch my number to ATT and the gentleman told me how and the time it took and proceeded to ask me why. I explained that I was not happy about the S4 32GB not being available and that you are not going to carry it and he tells me quote” let me check on that for you, one moment.” He then comes back and says” I can tell you that we are going to be carrying the S4 32GB in both black and white and it is on our release schedule for next month.” I asked for a exact date and he said there was only mention of July release.
    Try calling for yourselves, but I am still hoping with what I was told today.

  • Exurius

    Yet Google owns Motorola now.

  • S4fangirling

    The phone was to be shipped on friday 5/17 so I called sunday morning to check up on my order status (myverizon was disabled and online checking was shaky). Come to find out, My order was in process but due to “technical errors”, the order was put on hold/suspended (payment was not taken). Well I spent about 15 minutes on the phone with a very sweet sounding customer service rep and all the kinks in my order were worked out and she put my GS4 in for immediate shipping πŸ™‚ All in all, Im getting the beast by tuesday, latest wednesday so I cant be any more ecstatic that I pre-ordered.

  • Tare

    So my Verizon account says my phone shipped on the 17th and gave me a tracking #, but when I search the # in FedEx it says the # doesn’t exist??? What’s that all about?

  • Galaxy24

    Just got my shipment notification. Will be delivered 5/22.

    • Galaxy24

      May be sooner. Only coming from memphis to Cincinnati.

  • Someone

    Mine got shipped. But Fedex says ‘Future delivery requested’ ad it gives an estimated delivery date of 5/22. Does this mean they will hold the package and only deliver on or after 5/22?

  • DanSan

    mine shipped, got sent an email with tracking number. will be here tuesday but im thinking monday as its shipping from west chester PA and i only live 3 hours away in new york

    • cransauce

      Wish mine shipped from West Chester. I live 10 minutes away but mine shipped from Memphis.

  • just got my ship notification! Should have phone in hand on monday πŸ™‚

  • Matt4542

    Mine shipped.

  • Landon Clements

    Sweet!! Verizons pre order page says my black galaxy s4 is expected to arrive 5-20-13! Finally!!!

    • Someone

      Great! When did you place your order?

  • Got my shipping notice this morning. Estimated arrival of Tuesday May 21.

  • cransauce

    Just got my order shipment notice. And I only ordered on May 15th, Wednesday. Shipping Fedex 2nd Day so it is expected Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

  • I did a chat online with verizon and pretended I preordered mine through them and asked if it was true I will have it by the 20th, and the woman said yes they are starting to ship them out!

  • Jane

    I received an email from Verizon on 5/16 saying my S4 preorder was shipping on May 23!

  • Dan

    So preorders will be delivered before the 23rd because the 23rd is the latest it will be shipped out

  • master94

    Once again VZW late to the party. If it wasnt for its great coverage no one would bother.

  • Danny J

    I was told by customer service I would receive mine by the 23rd. My debit card was charged also. I wouldn’t be surprised if it arrived sooner…

  • jeffn

    When I try to check my status, Verizon’s preorder/order confirmation page says they are having technical difficulties. Anyone else seeing this? I ordered mine through a “premium retailer” here locally.

  • They charged my debit card also

  • jetski

    My two orders were process and shipped for Monday delivery.

  • Eduardo

    Mine says that it’s already shipped and I should get it by Monday

  • christopher burress

    Oh man Verizon has officially taken my payment. Ill have to check for shipping info in the morning. Getting excited. I ordered on the first day I could if anyone is wondering

  • private_investor

    anyone know if non-vzw sites (staples, wirefly etc) the same in terms of shipping timing?

    • Bionic

      No but Best Buy will have their new Samsung stores getting them BEFORE verizon stores.

      • chris125

        False, best buy will have them same time as verizon stores.

        • Bionic

          My neighbor who works at best buy claims differently. But he’s only 18 so who knows.

          • chris125

            sometimes they slip and sell them before verizon does but that usually gets them in trouble. Verizon has a tendency to sit on devices in warehouses waiting to sell them

          • Tim242

            Is he cute?

          • You like em young and legal, haha

          • Tim242

            Haha shhhhh.

          • Bionic

            uhhhhhhhh, i dont look at guys that way so i wouldnt know

  • Bionic

    This may shock many of you but I am actually considering the S4 if motorola cant get its act together.

    • Someone


    • Tim242

      Welcome to the dark side!

      • XphoneTroll

        How’s the S4 so far…? I think you said you canceled your Verizon account and went to another carrier…. Can’t wait to get mines … Woohoo

      • Bionic

        LOL, late June or so ill decide

    • hkklife

      Whoa!! Bionic,have you heard or been told something the rest of us are not aware of? Should I stop saving my pennies for a full retail XPhone 32Gb purchase for VZW later this year?

      • nvitone23

        he may have πŸ˜‰

      • Bionic

        I wouldnt jump ship yet but if motorola cant get something at least leaked information wise by the end of June or july im done and getting an S4.

        • KleenDroid

          I made my decision based on track record. Motorola has been nothing but disappointment and half hearted effort for some time now. Samsung has shown they want to sell phones and are more developer friendly. I am not willing to wait and bet on Motorola to do a 180 and produce something decent. It is very unlikely.

          I am betting on a sure thing…….. S4 here I come!

          • Bionic

            At this point i honestly cant blame you. If i were planning my purchase this month id probably follow you. However I was planning on buying in June or July anyway.

            Certainly cant blame ya one bit at this point

    • mjmedstarved

      I was going to wait also.. but then I figured that the SIV will still have a great resale value.. so I said phuck it; preordered in black.

    • XphoneTroll

      Someone hacked your name there πŸ˜‰

  • droi_d

    Same here, I chatted with a verizon wireless rep and was told it would ship 5-21 to arrive 5-23 this is what my order status says:

    Status: 05/23/2013 Your order will ship by 05/23/2013

    • zaggs

      I have the same order status after having my card charged.

  • Al

    I pre-ordered it 4/28, it still hasn’t charged me yet…

  • zaggs

    Mine has been charged. Got the email notifying me of the large charge at 9:30pm

    • CodeWarrior

      When did you place your order?

      • zaggs

        Officially Sunday (5/12) afternoon from the local Verizon store.

      • zaggs

        Sunday (5/12) afternoon. Also it is now in shipping with an arrival date of the 21st.

  • Steve Trevino

    I just pre-ordered, or pretend to pre-order just to see what the amount would be with their new plans they have now (im still on the old plan with unlimited internet) and as I was doing the process it said “you are no longer eligible for unlimited data” . It still said the same thing when I went back and started all over again but saying I wanted to keep original plan. crazy.

    • CodeWarrior

      They no longer let you keep the unlimited plan if you opt for the subsidized phone. You will be forced to pick the new share everything plan. But, if you pay full price, you should be able to keep the existing unlimited plan.

      • Tim242

        You are mostly right. You don’t have to choose share everything. They still let you choose individual 2GB plans

  • RaptorOO7

    So is Verizon actually going to offer a 32GB version or will they follow AT&T’s move and say nothing about the date then voila it appears weeks after the inital orders.

    • hkklife

      VZW released a 32Gb GNex in 2011 then a 32Gb S3 and RAZR HD Maxx in 2012. They ended up EOLing the 32Gb GNex and replacing it with a 16Gb model and doing the same for the S3 (phased out 32Gb SKU and kept the 16). RIght now I don’t forsee VZW doing anything in large internal storage capacities other than iPhone and the existing stock of HD Maxxs. Minimal internal storage is the name of the game so they can try to force you to use up your data allowance. For further proof, look at how they forced HTC to gimp the DNA, took a pass on the 32Gb S4, and were content to release only a 1Gb Note 2.
      In fact, the Optimus G Pro & S4 (both on AT&T, ironically) are the only notable releases I can think of this year that have 32Gb internal + a microSD slot.

  • Bionic

    X phone pre orders processing in August……… Maybe……… Hopefully…….. If Motorola gets it’s head out of its assss

  • mcdonsco

    Anyone have any idea if white or black gets higher resale? Ordering my s4 on Verizon now and I’ve always had black (usually just the only color available) and I’m thinking about trying out white for the first time…but I only keep my phones for 6+ months on average so resale is important too…

    …? Thanks!

    • Anon

      Only thing I know is that white shows dirt a lot easier, especially if there are seams or areas where it can collect.

    • Bionic

      once you go black, you smoke crack

  • Who cares. I’m sick of Verizon’s BS. They need the extra time to install bloatware, slap a bunch of Verizon logos in stupid places and lockdown the bootloader and whatever else they can think of locking. When can I order the GSM GS4 Nexus edition?

    • chris125

      Uum this was detailed the other day. So quit your bitching and go read that article where it says when you can get the gs4 google edition.

    • Your completely wrong and i hope you know that. People who actually believe that the reason why Verizon waited the extra time, because of bloatware and logos is a complete idiot. Unlike most carriers, Verizon actually does tests to make sure that when the phone is released there is no problems. Right now at&t and sprint are having a lot of S4 returned, because of network problems. Also, Those companies can’t even keep them in stock, because they were in a rush to put it out. Verizon has a healthy stock and is in a good position for a successful launch.

      • michael arazan

        Verizon, they also believe the unlocking, rooting, and romming your phone will bring down their entire network too

      • Intellectua1

        I don’t know how true that comment is..

  • Cory Larson

    Just checked my pre-order status and I’m seeing “Your order has been sent for processing,” which is different from the original status about having received my order. If anybody else pre-ordered and didn’t know you could check the status, you can do so here (the reference number is a 16-digit number): https://preorder.verizonwireless.com/iconic/iconic/screens/IconicSearchInit.do

  • GalaxyMC

    Bank was also charged for mine a few hours ago. On the site my order is still in processing. Pre-ordered phone on May 7th.

  • Mudokon83

    Once S4 is out, do you think us S3’s will get 4.2.2 update?

    • Ian


      • Justin

        I received notification of my s4 being shipped. Tracking information via FedEx says it will be delivered may 20th πŸ™‚

        • pic?

        • Really? What state do you live in?

          • he’s not lying. PROOF!

          • Got mine today…!!!!! Even the verizon employees were suprised when I went to get a screen protector

        • Bob

          I call FACKWORS you silly troll.

    • PrDawg

      Will get it but when is the question. It will be carrier and leak dependent. Those of us rooted will see it first. We may even port it once we have access to a system dump on release.

      • Mudokon83

        i rooted my s3 awhile back with 4.2.2 but various apps would crash like google music and stability was an issue, now im stuck with 4.1.2 touchwiz with nova launcher slapped over it to get rid of the ugliness.

        just hoping with s4 the s3 will get a STABLE solid 4.2.2 legit version

        • Cory

          I’ve been seeing very positive feedback on CyanogenMod 10.1 RC2 for the d2vzw (your S3). I’d give it another try once the stable release drops.

          • Mudokon83

            yeah i had issues with that, when i installed it before, and the gapps the gapps didnt show up (gmail etc).

          • Cory

            You have to install the gapps separately.

          • Mudokon83

            yes im aware, but i would install cm10.1 then install gapps and boot up a fresh install and see gmail and whatnot weren’t showing up.

            it happened occasionally on my galaxy nexus phone as well with some roms.

          • Mudokon83

            yes i know but even after rebooting after a fresh install of the rom and gapps, some roms just dont install gapps properly.

            this is for verizon galaxy nexus as well as S3 ive found.

  • PrDawg

    This is no different from any other Nexus or AOSP release. To work on CDMA carrier specific devices a kernel and RIL will have to be built from scratch. It will have the same problems as any other AOSP, AOKP or CM based rom.

    • Ian

      ?? ….ya sounds good

    • What does this have to do with anything?

      • JetBlue

        With how many people keep saying developers will take the source from the unlocked S4 and make it work on CDMA

  • teerex

    Just to for warn you guys and gals, make sure you are careful that they are not charging you the full price. I was told via my local VZW store that any phone over 250 or 275 I can’t recall which one, will be on a payment plan over a 12 month period. They tried to charge me the full 685.74 today but I purposely didn’t have that on my paypal debit card to see what the total would be. So I called a local store and they told me to cancel the online order and order it through them so I’m not paying the full full price πŸ™‚

    • coolsilver

      Question on the payment plan.. Can I buy a phone no contract on a payment plan so I can keep unlimited data?

      • Ricardo Rodriguez

        Yes. That’s the way around it.

        • coolsilver

          Thanks! Tempting but I’ll wait to see how exploitable they are first.

          • Just remember there is a $24 Payment Plan charge.

          • Cody Clackler

            Wait, Wait so how do you keep unlimited and get the new phone? Just the payment plan for 12 Months?

          • tomn1ce


          • KleenDroid

            Yes or simply walk in and pay for it. Full price. Don’t feel too bad, I am buying two of them at full price in a couple days. Since I knew I had to pay full price I saved up for it for a week.

          • Is it just me or does buying at full price seem a little crazy? I mean $300-400 for a phone wouldn’t be bad but $649 for the S4 is kinda out there! It seems verizon really needs to work on their pricing models for no contract users (start giving sales and discounts).

      • DAN

        Yes, since it doesn’t use a subsidy you will keep unlimited data.

        • coolsilver


    • JetBlue

      So wait if you pay the whole 12 months are you able to upgrade to a new device or no?

      • kg215

        Yes you can upgrade after you pay the phone off in 12 months because you are not getting a subsidy discount, you are paying the full price of the phone on top of your plan.

    • They only let accounts in good standing do this and then its still hit or miss. They just don’t let everyone make monthly payments for the device.

  • Caleb Martin

    Verizon charged my credit card for the pre-order this morning. I found out because my bank immediately put a temporary block on my card and called to confirm it due to it being a suspicious-looking charge. πŸ˜›

    The pre-order status still just says, “Your order will ship by 05/23/2013”.

    • mjmedstarved

      Let us know when you see shipping conf!!!

      PS – when did you order?

      • Caleb Martin

        Will do.

        I ordered on April 25th.

      • Caleb Martin

        Received shipping notification. Updated my original comment.

    • Tony Fortunato

      Same with me. I got an email that a large amount had been charged to my credit card. My confirmation still states as above “…ship by 5/23”. I ordered 5/9.

      I was told, when I ordered it, that whenever I saw the charge it denoted that the device was being shipped.

      • That’s why it’s much easier to walk in and walk out. Get it hours before people get it from the FedEx driver.

      • Caleb Martin

        Interesting. I hope that’s true; I haven’t got any shipping notification yet.

  • The Verizon GNex gets dev updates to the GSM builds pretty quickly. They’re not the raw builds, since Verizon radio layers and services need to be built from existing code, but they’re still very fast and usually pretty reliable. I’m hopeful the S4 “Nexus” allows AOSP builds to be super stable, and I expect them to be.

    • T Hall

      If it does work I will take a strong look at the S4. I have a Galaxy Nexus now, and I do not want all that crap on my phone that Samsung loves to do.

      • That’s what makes a phone good. Unless of course you don’t use a camera. Then at that point. Buy a flip camera.

  • Well, the VZW S4 is CDMA. I believe the Google Experience S4 was only announced as GSM. It may be possible, but you can’t just download the stock ROM from the GE S4 and flash it to your VZW S4 and have everything work right away.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I think many are waiting for this answer and we probably need to wait till the bootloader exploit is released to find out. I’m sure Cyanogenmod or something of that nature will be released for it.

    • Eric

      Here’s hoping to Dan Rosenberg’s exploit works for the VZW S4 too.