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Video: Entire Google I/O 2013 Keynote Replay Available


Did you miss the entire 3-hour Google I/O keynote from yesterday? Since Google decided not to do a day 2 keynote, they packed everything into day 1, with topics ranging from Google+ to Chrome to Android (barely) and even Google Maps. The entire thing ended with a 30-40 minute crowd Q&A with Larry Page that is at least worth a watch in and of itself. Overall, though, it was long…really long.

To see all of our coverage from Google I/O 2013, hit up this link.

  • tenaxitsolutions

    If only they would have added sms to hangouts. tenax it

  • Eric White

    someone actually took the time to video this….damn!

  • Normalvisit

    If only they would have added sms to hangouts..

  • Tim242

    Does this play better than the live stream did? That was atrocious.

    • It was streamed by one million people. Sorry if it wasn’t perfect 😛

  • T4rd
    • Warwick

      That awkward silence hahaha

  • Joe Fischer

    Why would I want to re-watch the biggest let down of the year?

    • Tim242

      If you call that even just a let down, you are crazy. This is a developer conference. They announced a ton of new tools for Deva to make better apps, with more features.

    • Royal Assassin

      What are people on about?! What were all of you whiners expecting, The Google Swiss Army Knife? Can turn into the biggest smartphone with the newest hardware, can hack any server, can make you millions of dollars in ad revenue oh and also it makes the best french bread pizza ever. That conference was great, a lot of new, exciting additions to Google in general.

      • Joe Fischer

        Might wanna brush up on your English, and I never said I expected anything way above and beyond today’s standards, simply saying I wanted to see a new nexus phone.

    • Joe Fischer

      I was being sarcastic. I was just hoping for a little more action on the device front. Easy there guys.

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        There’s a reason it’s called a “developer” conference.

        • mx

          Yes, but Google has been announcing hardware at this conference for a few years now. I don’t think Joe’s expectations were completely out of line.

    • michael arazan

      Google is separating the Developer’s conference from the Hardware Launches from now on, if that was what was disappointing you.

  • David Marzluf

    So can anyone tell me if a new moto phone is coming out for verizon.
    I need a new phone and have an upgrade available.
    I really dont want the sgs4 but if that is it then i guess i dont have a choice

    • EC8CH

      ask a dude named “Bionic” 😛

    • coolsilver

      That’s Verizon. “Our Network, Our Choice. Consumers Love Us, Profit”