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Google Updates Developer Console – Beta Tests, Analytics and More

revenue tracking

Today’s keynote at Google I/O was an overwhelming amount of product and feature announcements. Amongst the barrage of information was some updates to the Android Developer Console. This is the interface that developers use to deliver apps to devices. Google has made some key improvements which should translate to aiding developers with providing better experiences for users. 

Google is adding optimization tips for developers, in a way to guide them towards better app experiences. The two tips they are offering right now are related to tablet support and translations. Translations is a professional service which will, for a fee, take all the text from an app and translate it to the desired language for the developer. This streamlined service should enable more apps to provide localized strings as they’ve made the process easy for developers to take advantage of. The tablet optimization tips are aimed to make the apps more compatible with Android big screen devices.

optimization tips

They’ve also added a new way for developers to visualize their revenue stream, including in-app purchases. This should allow developers to understand how users are using their apps and tailor the experience. Additionally, Google has added a new method for developers to test out new features. They’ve added the ability for developers to create a beta test utilizing G+ communities. Once they are ready to release an app to production, developers can now roll it out to a percentage of users and adjust that over time. This is some really cool stuff.

beta testing

Another HUGE improvement is going to be the addition of Analytics. As it stands, developers have no idea about app usage unless they’ve included the Analytics API into their apps. And even if they have, it still requires them to leave the Developer Console and use Analytics Console. Google will now be including analytics for all developers, coming this summer, allowing them to see what devices are being used or even what countries are a large percentage of their users. This added knowledge should allow developers to improve upon their apps with new features and/or localization specific changes.

app analytics overview

All of these features and enhancements are developer facing, but as consumers we’re sure to see the benefits of developers having access to all of these new tools.

  • feztheforeigner

    Love these changes!

  • Who the heck is dave?

  • They merged Google Checkout with Google Wallet (yesterday) and that took away a lot things. No timestamp, no buyer name, no archive button, no “Total number of sale”. Thankfully email id search still works. I’m hating the new look.

    • That merger is occurring as a rollout over time. One of my accounts switched two weeks ago, but another account is still on the old checkout.

      • Yes, that part I’m clear about.

        If you are on the Wallet, did you understand the “Payouts” > Transactions tab? Instead of a single row for each day, it shows 3 rows now. What’s the debit column for? I calculated and that’s not the 30% commission of Google. Any idea what that is?

        • It should be Google’s percentage. Numbers might be fuzzy due to exchange rates.

          • I thought so too first. But that can’t be. Both debit and credit are in $. Exchange rate isn’t involved in this. And what the heck is “Service Adjustment” credit? Until I get clarification about this from Google, it looks like Google is skimming money from developers. (kidding. am I?)

  • this rule are useful when the user has left

  • What they changed their lending

  • reggie1225

    This seems pretty valuable. Can’t wait to start using this when I eventually get a couple of apps going.