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[Deal] Verizon Handing Out Free DROID DNA Coupon Codes

free droid dna

The HTC DROID DNA, which could easily be considered Verizon’s best available phone (our review), can be had for free thanks to a new coupon code and referral program that Big Red is running through May 21. All you have to do, is click through on the source link below, type in your email address, and wait for your coupon code to arrive (should take only a couple of minutes). Once you have it, you can print out the code and redeem it inside a Verizon or store, or use it during checkout through their online shop. 

Verizon is currently charging $199 on new 2-year contract for the DNA, so this promo will save you almost $200. In order to receive the phone for free you do need to sign a new contract.

The promo also allows you to refer friends who are not currently Verizon customers. Should you refer them, Verizon will give you $25 per.

Keep in mind that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available starting May 23 and that there is still a chance that Verizon carries a version of the HTC One down the road.

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Albert!

  • buss14

    Went to the verizon store and they said I needed to have a HTC phone on my account to use the upgrade. So, I go back to work and try to do the deal online and what do you know it works. I call back the store and they said that I am an idiot ,not in those words but basically, and they cannot because they don’t have a coupon button on their sales system like the coupon says. This has to be my clue not to do the deal, right? I have to use Verizon because the rural part of the world I travel in. This store in EP, MN is terrible has no one that wants to think for themselves and try to help the customer.

  • Red10056

    When you click the link to the Verizon site for the DNA deal – “The page you are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable or the page may no longer exist.”

  • Kurt Yaminski

    Is it possible to use the coupon to get the dna, then turn around and return it for say a note 2?

  • jwalkingdead

    anyone have an extra promo code theyre not gona use?

  • jwalkingdead

    Where do i put my email for the link

  • melissab

    can you use this is you are already a customer and new to renew your contract? my store isn’t sure what to do with this…..HELP

  • I just did this yesterday! So awesome. Got it completely for free. Verizon lady said she’s never heard of it, but the barcode/coupon went through. This phone is awesome, and battery is very good.

  • @VZWSupport: @canoy07 Thanks! The offer is available to both new and existing customers with upgrade eligibility! #FreeHTCDNA


  • Verizon wouldn’t kill the DNA unless they had another HTC phone waiting in the wings… Maybe…?

  • umbrellacorp

    Really better than the SGIII?

  • Bob

    I have this phone and its the best android device I have ever had and the best hands down in the Verizon line up. Its flawless except for its limited memory capacity. For all of you babies whining about your unlimited data, grow up and find out how much you actually use. Most of you out there hardly use 2 GB and dont even utilize the unlimited data. I see this since I am a Verizon employee. Capitalize on this deal if you dont plan on getting the S4 on the 23rd. What a steal!

    • Joe Bivlec

      Funny, I see the opposite. Most of my co-workers that changed plans are always trying to find wireless when we’re on the road because they are struggling to stay within limits, and I would consider some to be quite tech non savvy. Likewise, we are constantly being hammered about data overuse on our company phones. I’ll be blissfully ignorant of the benefits of a tiered data plan and keep my unlimited service as long as possible.

      • bob

        Not everybody has your kind of situation. Most Verizon users dont need unlimited data.

  • Q

    Best available phone… for free?

    The Note 2 is amused.

    DL needs to get off this HTC kick.

  • victor bolin

    Paid full price for note 2 after reading all the posts on this cite. I kept my unlimited data.
    like it but kind of miss my nexus.

  • NOTHING IS FREE! You get this phone. Sign a NEW 2 year contract and loose unlimited data. UNLESS you buy it on a line with a feature phone, then port it to your line.

  • jscerullo

    Figures that a month after I buy two of these, they make them free…

  • So, if I do this and then cancel my contract and pay the early termination fee, will that essentially get me a $350/$400 DROID DNA?

    • Bob

      Yes, people have done this! It would be a $350 DNA

  • will this work for those trying to keep unlimited since they have that new payment plan set up?

    • No, the payment plan is for customers who pay full price. This phone for free is the subsidized price.

  • Syraz

    Still happy with the free Razr HD I got from verizon on sunday (mothers day sale + FIFTYRMN code) I debated the DNA, but I just have had time trusting HTC with devices due to past experiences

    • otacon

      Unlock the bootloader and ROM it up!

      • Syraz

        It comes tomorrow, and that is first thing I am going to do..well decided between XenonHD or elemental x still

  • John

    “Verizon’s best available phone”? Gee I wonder why then there’s no free coupons availablefor the Note 2?

    • Bob

      Specs wise, the Note 2 isnt the best phone. Not even a full HD screen!

      • flosserelli

        Aye, but you don’t see VZW handing out free Note 2s. Hmmm…

  • rodney11ride

    lol Verizons best phone…. dont have either butwould consider the maxx hd their best available.. IMO

    • gp126904

      I would agree but for my wife (coming from an OG Droid) and my mom (thunderbolt…) it was a good deal, and they are happy with the phones. They dont care about specs and whatnot like we do.

  • Anon

    Yeah, after seeing how well the HTC Rezound was supported on Verizon software-wise, I’m gonna say, ummmm…No.

    Which is too bad, as it looks really nice.

    • I went from a Rezound to a S3, best decision I made, I loved HTC build quality, but their software is complete garbage.

  • Well since they are about to release the GS4 on the 23rd they are trying to clear out space off the shelves by the 21st.

  • coolsilver

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You couldn’t give me a HTC phone for free without me smashing it and shipping it back XD

  • Bionic

    Clearing inventory for x phone and HTC one

    • flosserelli

      I hope you are right about both.

    • atan420

      If only there really were an xphone…

  • stabone

    So this will not work if I’m just upgrading?

    • I don’t see why it wouldn’t. do it and see what they tell you.

    • Ccrash

      It will work with new contract and upgrades but will not work if you are not ready for an upgrade ~ per verizon service rep

  • skinja

    Dear HTC,
    I would have bought this phone months ago if it had more memory or an SD slot. There is only ~11GB available to the user on the DNA.

    I suspect many people feel the same way and would have bought this phone by now if it had more memory.

    The phone itself feels awesome. It is just the right size. The screen is amazing and the screen edges sort of wrap around. But there is just not enough storage on it.

    • Big EZ

      Small battery and lack of microSD slot is why I got the Note 2 instead.

      • steven sullivan

        The note 2 rocks!

      • booked

        I have no problem with the “small” battery. last the entire day with constant music streaming.

        • Big EZ

          Good for you, but it would last me 4-5 hours. My Note 2 last 8-9 hours of constant use, and up to 36 hours if all I do is talk text and stream music. My screen stays on a lot, therefore I need more battery life than the average user.

          • drparty

            I’m with you, I apparently don’t use my phone like a normal person because I’ve gone through a lot of phones and the Note II is the only phone I’ve ever owned that makes me question if I’ll upgrade as soon as I’m able. This thing is such a champ.
            I was on the fence between the N2 and the DNA and I’m so very glad I picked the N2 b/c my usage is very similar to Big EZ, 8 hrs of very heavy use or ridiculous amounts of normal use. This is the way phones where meant to be.

          • I use alot of on device storage as well as alot of battery life because of my phones heavy usage which is why at the time of my upgrade instead of going with the HTC DROID incredible LTE I went with the S3, and it’s the same reason I’m going to get an S4. Besides HTC never updates their devices.

      • Syraz

        Battery isn’t the issue, from most user experience it last the day which is good enough, its the fact the lack of storage and well its made by HTC which is the problem

    • DJyoSNOW

      At least its not nearly 9gigs used like some new phones being released. #newTrend??

      • kg215

        Yeah because 11 gigs with no sd card is so much better than 9 gigs with an sd card, oh wait 11 gigs with no sd card is garbage.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Ah I will pass…still waiting to see if the Nexus 4 LTE rumors are true. If not waiting to see what the next Google Nexus will be on Verizon or some sort of great Google/Motorola device comes out. Not a fan of HTC anyways.

    • If an LTE version of the Nexus 4 is released on Google Play, I’m ordering two on launch day. If it’s through Verizon’s retail outlet and will cause me to move to shared data and therefore pay more per month for less data, I’ll wait for the Nexus 5.

      • Jeremy Martin

        Depends on the price from Verizon if its only sold on VZW retail outlets. If its the same price as Google would sell it then I will buy it. I too hope though its sold on Google Play. Either way I will pay full price if its the same price in both places to keep my unlimited data plan.

  • Maybe if this wasn’t a last year phone

    • LionStone

      Yeeaa…a last year phone that competitors are still trying to best with it’s 5″, 1080p, quadcore S4Pro…Verizon still doesn’t have one to compete with the DNA for at least another week!

      • They bested that a long time ago. It will be irrelevant in a week.

        Take off the sunglasses and see.

        • LionStone

          Haha, ok! The S4 will just be joining the party 6 months later… doesn’t bring anything game changing.

  • Alum

    Can I get $200 off of full retail with this code, or is it contract only?

  • Chris

    Actually, it’s not free. ($30 Upgrade Fee)

    • Marsg

      + the longer upgrade cycle, and the most expensive wireless plan in the fricken world. No wonder they are giving it away for free, the only way they can attract customers now is by free merchandise. There’s no way I’m giving up my unlimited data, hoping Google releases a LTE Nexus.

      • gregmr

        While I agree it’s to keep you on a contract, AT&T is equally, if not more expensive. My contract is coming due next month with VZW and I went to ATT for options. Unlimited Talk + Text and 4GB data (and taxes) is roughly $110/month with the Death Star. Yikes!

        At least AT&T has an appealing Android selection though.

        • Marsg

          it really depends on ow many smartphones/ data consumption devices you have on your plan, if you have 4 smartphones and a tablet on your plan, on AT&T it ends up costing less, but if you have 3 or less smartphones its around the same. I also think its a bit weird that Verizon allows the option to use a non subsidized device but at the same time doesn’t remove the small sub.. fee from the plan, in other words your basically still paying for a subed device without any reduction in plan cost and the full retain smartphone. Wheres on Tmobile if you buy a non subsidized device they reduce the monthly cost of your wireless plan since your aren’t paying the sub fee. Its also a plus to be on At&t since they have a 18 month upgrade cycle while on Verizon its been pushed to 24 months, that’s half a year difference. They claim its to allow them a greater amount of time to pay off the sub.. device but than a week later they introduced a plan where the user would have to pay monthly fees on top of their 2 year plan for any new device upgraded previous to the upgrade cycle, in other words its only because they want more money. If they try to take away my unlimited data im just going to jump ship to At&t, and im pretty sure that’s going to happen sooner or later, they always offer awesome deals like this to bait customers into giving up older plans as they did with that 4g deal last year where you got a free smartphone and a 100 dollar reduction on the second by switching to a 4g LTE device.

  • Famouz Starz

    FREE with a locked boot loader FAIL!

    • JoshGroff

      Mine’s unlocked and S-off, wouldn’t have it any other way.

      • hackthis02

        You can easily unlock it from HTCs devsite.

        • Frank Fiorta

          You used to be able to. Can’t anymore.

  • yet another attempt to move people off of their unlimited data

    • Marsg

      Ha not gonna happen

    • It would be really nice if all these promos and discounts would apply for users buying at retail price!

  • Damian

    My girlfriend got one yesterday, hopefully we can use this to get her a refund on her money

    • gp126904

      I went to a bigger store in my area and got three of them for free. If you are looking to pick it up try going to a store, they just might honor it.

  • bakdroid

    Still too expensive…

  • Trueblue711

    What’s the real reason this is going on? Is this going to be discontinued soon? This is Verizon we’re talking about, where no meal is free (anymore).

    • gokusimpson

      Possible DLX Plus coming out. (HTC One?)

      • flosserelli

        HTC One More.

  • Finire

    So… does this mean we’ll be getting rid of the DNA and maybe getting something worthwhile like.. I don’t know… the HTC One?

  • EC8CH

    “Keep in mind”…


  • dj

    So this doeant work for upgrades? Technically your agreeing to a new 2 years

    • XIII

      Nope. You have to sign a new contract, and switch to shared data plan. I just tried negotiating it with a Verizon rep over the phone, and no dice.

      • XIII

        Clarification – you can use it to upgrade, but you cannot keep an unlimited data plan. I was going to use it to upgrade my wife’s phone, and then switch it and give her mine (which the rep said was allowed), but that would force her to go to a new data plan (she would lose her unlimited), but I could then keep my unlimited.

  • The date ends before what Verizon announcement?

  • Frank Fiorta

    If you enjoy root, don’t buy it. Unless you plan on spending the bit of money for JTAG.

    • Kyle Miller

      I did. Waiting on my phone to be shipped back as we speak.

    • JoshGroff

      What was it $65 with shipping? That’s not bad if you’re getting the phone for free.

      • Frank Fiorta

        Actually $45

  • Andy Stetson

    Hmmm… funny how the deal expires the day before their announcement.

  • Best phone over a galaxy s4?

    • Geoff Johnson

      That’s not out yet

    • Marsg

      Galaxy note 3 ?

  • George

    Isn’t it weird that this ends right before Verizon’s announcement?

    • Blue Sun

      No it’s not weird at all. It’s business as usual. Get rid of inventory before the next big thing comes in the door.

      • Uhm its not even about a phone. Most likely VoLTE

        • They currently don’t have any devices that support VoLTE, so it is certainly possible that they will be introducing an HTC One variant as their first VoLTE device. After that, an off-contract unlocked-SIM LTE device that works on Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile’s network is possible. That would be insane.

          • middlehead

            Most of Verizon’s LTE phones can do VoLTE, I’d be surprised if they were selling any right now that didn’t, it’s just turned off until they’re ready to support the function on the network.

            One of the big selling points of the LG Revolution that they didn’t trumpet enough was that it was the phone Verizon was using for internal VoLTE testing, and that was two years ago.

    • JoshGroff

      2 week return policy, nuff said.

  • Mike

    new 2 year activation required.

  • Hopefully this means that they are clearing out remaining DNAs for the upcoming HTC phone.

    • EC8CH

      HTC Droid DNA 2?


      • Big EZ

        “The Other One,” by HTC. Soon to be followed up with their new mid range phone “That One”

        • Steven02

          That is so funny… and at the same time sad b/c it is true.

        • BobButtons

          I’m personally waiting for The Last One.

          • Hoping there’s no HTC First One (DNA/DOA hybrid)

        • Warwick

          LOL! made me think maybe HTC The Chosen One.

          • Sirx

            Well, it IS Verizon, so definitely the Droid One You’re Looking For by HTC–Big Red’s first phone to end with a preposition!

          • tomn1ce

            They can always call it the HTC One Droid… -_-

          • Zach Tanksley

            not to be a downer… but I think that “one” was taken by Droid Incredible 4G LTE by HTC…OMG…BBQ…BBM….GeeBEEs!!!

        • And the HTC There Can Be Only One One…

        • ja7lewis

          Lets go for the Highlander edition, There can only be one.

      • Christopher Grame

        This is not the droid I am looking for =(

    • On2Vegas


    • That’s exactly the thought that came to my head.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I like my DNA its what a phone should be with out all the bells & whistles I can’t fathom using….or be worried will drain my battery!

    • Geoff Johnson

      Don’t worry, HTC put a small battery in there so you can still worry about battery life.

      • You have obviously not used a DNA my friend… I get the same..if not better battery than my old S3….so jump off your “hate HTC band wagon” and dont blab out sh*t you don’t know.

        • Blue Sun

          I’ll just stay away because I don’t care for Sense.

        • Geoff Johnson

          Actually, I had the DNA for 2 weeks before returning it. Battery life when idle was great, but I killed the battery in a matter of hours with just lots of web browsing in a moderate signal area.

      • JoshGroff

        I find no problem getting through the day with it, it’s fairly battery efficient considering all the high end tech it’s packing. (Still hate the storage capacity)

    • flosserelli

      Don’t need “bells & whistles”? No one is forcing you to use them. If you are afraid of something leeching battery, freeze it in TiBu or Rom Toolbox and problem solved.

  • Geoff Johnson

    $200 off retail too please!

  • regkilla

    This is great