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Blackberry Goes Cross Platform With BBM, Coming to Android This Summer


After years of requests, Blackberry is finally bringing BBM – their one-time incredibly popular messaging app – to multiple platforms. Yes, BBM is coming to Android this summer. And…yeah. Isn’t it too late, Blackberry? There are dozens of high-quality messaging apps on the planet that have already consumed people’s lives. Plus, Google is about to release Hangouts (formerly Babel) as a unified messaging service to the masses that will gobble up all sorts of the messaging pie.

Announced this morning at Blackberry Live, BBM for Android (and iOS) will have groups and voice chat and screen share and all that jazz at some point, plus it should work on anything Android 4.0 and above, but come on, it doesn’t matter anymore. Just like with their hardware, it took Blackberry 3 years too long to capitalize on something good.

Via:  Blackberry

  • People that are commenting about how BBM is useless must have never used BBM. I tried finding a chat program that can compare to BBM and it doesnt exist.

  • I have never used a BB in life, also most of my colleagues have left blackberry too. In BB 10 – even BIS is not required… So, it appears BB is becoming a very very very poor cousing of Android ;). As it won’t have any of its USPs… 😛

  • Steven

    this would have been great!….about 4 years ago

  • this is about 5 years too late

  • theterrorwrist
  • John Burke

    I don’t see how BlackBerry benefits from this being a free service … but I’ll gladly use it. BBM is currently the only reason I even keep my Z10 powered on. Being able to BBM on my N4 will eliminate that need, thanks BlackBerry.

    This also likely bad news for WhatsApp & whatever Babel will be (assuming it doesn’t integrate Voice & SMS)…but only time will tell.

  • Mike

    BBM is excellent. If they’d pair it with BIS to cover your other email addresses (vs the pathetic email app we have) it would be perfect.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Don’t think anyone in the entire Universe even cares. I gave up on BB after my pathetic dumbphone the BlackBerry Storm.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    BB10 for the the Playbook is coming when? If you go back on your word and this device won’t get the BB10 update than your company is complete crap.

  • man.. that boat sailed .. aaaaaaa llloooonnngggg tttiiiimmmeee ago!

  • flosserelli

    The one feature BB had to draw buyers from other platforms, and now they are making it available to the masses. /smh

  • tvstreamjm

    Blackberry 10 is very exciting

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  • go home blackberry, you’re drunk

  • TheKockyRooster

    I read about this BlackBerry in my social studies class.

  • DanWazz

    I used a Blackberry once…once.

    • Chris Feragotti

      You get an upvote for a Joe Piscopo reference; at least I hope it was….

    • joe montana

      I am still using corporate BB. It is a brick with calling & sms capabilities.
      As much as I hate this brick, I have to use it for my work.

      • michael arazan

        After years of request, One BlackBerry troll spamming message boards gets his wish

  • Blue Sun

    Blackberry’s are quickly fading in the US corporate market. The iPhone has been filling that void. Blackberry & BBM are both in their death throws here in the US. I’m sure that the Z10 sales reports will start coming out shortly & it won’t look good. Maybe they will do better in Canada, eh?

  • RaptorOO7

    Too little too late, just like BB 10 OS. If they had fired those Co-CEO’s years ago and got with the program they might actually be in a place to compete. BBM is out of step with so many other social media apps and may gain a big # of downloads, BUT, will it actually be used on a cross platform basis? I doubt it.

  • TheKockyRooster

    I read abut this BlackBerry in my social studies class.

  • Jimneezy

    Eff that, I’ll stick with GroupMe thank you very much

  • @sb_81st

    Very Late… but interesting to see

  • I’m excited to see BBM coming to android, I wasn’t going to buy the new Blackberry and like a commenter below, BBM is also used at my job. Now i can keep my amazing Htc One and do work crap as well. Anything new is good , Look at Facebook messenger, It now wants to merge it self with your sms. It would be sick if we could just bring them all together into one platform.

  • Intellectua1

    I don’t know about everybody else but to me this is the best news I’ve read all year next to the S4 release.. I can’t wait to have this, I miss BBM, If I’m allowed to have a PIN and get on Crackberry and give it out and talk to random people all over the world again this will be awesome. I’ve talked to people from all over the world (Saudi Arabia, Japan, S. Korea to name a few) on BBM and honestly no other service (What’s app etc) can compare to BBM. Plus I believe BBM was an encrypted highly secure messaging platform. You can not say the same for other messaging clients. This will be amazing I’m excited (Only if I can have a PIN though and it’s exactly the same as BBM on Blackberry)

  • Artune

    I have to say I still miss BBM. My first andy was a Moto Droid OG leaving a Storm 2 and I was on BBM every day, my GNEX is going to love that cross platform sweetness.

  • Johnny Volare

    Wow, groups and photo sharing and everything. Very nice. I managed a BBM group for 2+ years that was VERY chatty, and it broke my heart to watch people leave one by one for other platforms and our group size got down to 5 or so people. This would have been incredible 2 years ago like people are saying. I’m all for choices, and if it lets me speak with those 5 die-hard BBM users who are keeping the group going, this is good news… wife still carries a BB, so it’ll be way better than text (she hates WhatsApp on BB)

  • Detonation

    There are still a ton of Blackberry users in the business sector. The majority of my company uses BB’s and I know that the couple of people who switched to Android phones will be looking forward to getting this back.

  • Heartless12

    A little to late

  • PeteinPA

    Wait, you mean they’re still not completely dead?? sigh … well by the end of this year …

  • FrankBoston

    2 yrs too late…

  • Bender B. Rodriquez

    On the contrary I think that DL isn’t looking at the other side of the coin here. For a lot of folks, a BlackBerry was the first “smartphone” we owned and everyone remembers BBM and missed it jumping ship to Android/iOS. This may just end up having a huge adoption and I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens. ESPECIALLY for Android users if Babel doesn’t have SMS support.

    So it may be 3-5 years late but that doesn’t mean the opportunity has been missed altogether. I’ll be trying it out for sure and if everyone’s friends and family adopt it then it may just become that one messaging app for everyone again.

    • Big EZ

      I think it’s to late, but the one thing going for it is all the non tech people would recognize this over other other services like gtalk and possibly bable

    • Dan

      I will soon know a bunch of people using or that have access to Babel / Hangouts. People start using a chat app because they know others using it. Today, I don’t know 1 person that has a blackberry.

  • T4rd

    Just in time for Babel (or whatever it’s going to be called now) to launch!
    I might have used it otherwise, mostly for picture and file sharing since there’s no attach feature in Gtalk.

  • Steven Gonz


  • paul darts

    Des Per Ate

  • jamie stevens

    can bb survive on bbm? NO so go away.

    • Ian

      Whoa whoa, competition is why we are where we are. Calm down a bit.

  • Drummer62

    R.I.P Blackberry!

  • John

    Can’t wait to never use this!

  • Too late, done need it. No one has a BB anyway, and every droid has GTalk.

    • moelsen8

      android, not droid. it makes you sound ignorant otherwise.

  • Sometimes DL has no idea what they’re talking about. So many people are excited for this. Twitter is blowing up about it.

    • Blue Sun

      I’m sure they are all in Canada.

      • joe montana

        maybe north pole

    • Justin Kos

      Kellen knows his readers

    • Lambo_21

      actually I AM excited for this

  • May 14, 2010, this would’ve been a big deal. Today, it’s a joke. RIM’s track record of bad decisions and “timely” execution gets yet another addition with this “news”.

  • Nope. Not way too late. In fact it’s still a brilliant move. BBM is the choice messaging platform for many businesses, including mine which is the buying and selling of cell phones between distributors, importers, carriers, and retailers. This is something I’ve been waiting for a long time and am very happy to see it come to fruition. Just because you don’t see a need for it, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

  • You are 1000% right. This would have been the most amazing thing since sliced bread a few years ago. Now it’s hardly worth mentioning. Especially since tomorrow we should get to see bable. Lol but I would have been shouting from the rooftops had this announcement came even 2 years ago

  • thomwithah

    Is it really better late than never? We will see. ..

    • Desmund Lighten

      yeah but never late is better

      • 4n1m4L

        Better late than pregnant

        • T4rd

          Better pregnant than…AIDS..?

          • JoshGroff

            Better AIDS than torture?

          • TheKockyRooster

            Better torture then mutilation

          • Rafa Sandoval

            Better mutilation than Blackberry

          • TheKockyRooster

            …and the circle is complete. Well done.

  • sc4fpse

    Blackberry is like an annoying fly. The only attention I am going to give it is when I am knocking it away from me and out of my sight.