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Friday Poll: What’s One Feature Update You Would Like to See Most on the Nexus 7?

nexus 7

With Google I/O taking place in just a few days, it’s time we talk shop about the Nexus 7. It was introduced last year during the developer conference and was met with high praise among the Android community and consumer market. It’s a perfect little tablet, isn’t it?

Although, just like all other things, something can be made better. While it does sport an already impressive 720p display, perfect for gaming on the go, maybe a 1080p would be better in your opinion? Maybe that Tegra 3 chip should be replaced by a Snapdragon? You tell us!

It is quite possible we see a Nexus 7 refresh next week at I/O, so let us know what you would like to see updated the most.

Name one feature you'd like to see updated the most on the Nexus 7

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  • JMonkeYJ

    i think the bezel on the top and bottom could be shrunk a little, but i really hope the side bezel doesn’t shrink. it’s already the minimum size i’d be comfortable with.

    front-facing speakers are my biggest want. other than that, the generational improvements in processor, resolution, thinness should do the trick for me.

  • Steve Benson

    What would make me sell my current Nexus 7 and buy the newer version?

    Must haves:
    1. 1080p display
    2. Notification Light
    3. Vibration
    4. Better battery life
    5. Minimum 16gb > 32gb+ preferred
    6. Better outdoor visibility

    Not needed, but would be a bonus:
    1. Slimmer bezel, larger screen in the same form factor
    2. Rear camera
    3. Better accessories (give us a high end case from Asus)
    4. Front facing speakers (the difference this makes while using the Nexus 10 and HTC One needs to be experienced to understand how great this is)

  • Christian Chew

    I knew “Less bezel” would be one of the top choices, but I find myself glad to be able to hold the nexus the way I can without touching the screen because of the size of the bezel.

  • Front facing speakers that don’t suck balls.

  • TwoFirstNames

    Rumble Pak!!!!!

    So many people use it as a gaming device.
    and notifications suck with out it!!!

  • Tim

    Needs a SuperAMOLED HD display rather than LCD crap.

    • NYCHitman1

      SuperLCD3 > SAMOLED HD, imo.

  • Casey Artner

    A smaller bezel would be good. And something I didn’t expect to want, a rear camera: not to take pictures but because it allows for some cool augmented reality apps to work with the bigger-than-phone screen.

  • Mike

    As the owner of a Nexus 7, it needs a better processor. Badly. Tegra 3 blows. My dual core snapdragon S3 even blows the T3 out of the water. 1GB of RAM probably doesn’t help though.

    HDMI out would be great.

  • ezpotato

    Infrared and HDMI out

  • chdir

    HDMI out, Shatterproof glass, and more storage

  • askdfj


  • Fattie McDoogles

    Better speakers, an IR blaster, and more storage

  • Needs a Micro SD Card Slot and HDMI OUT!!!!!!

  • sd card, hdmi

  • IMO the N7 was perfect in every way except for the lack of HDMI out. I understand the Nexus Q was meant to fill that void, but seeing as how it was never released and would have been too expensive anyway, Google should have pushed a software update and righted that.

  • Matthew Manne

    Gorilla Glass … I broke two of them.

    • Brandon Golway

      I sold my 8 GB to my buddy and he destroyed the screen (looked like he smashed it with a hammer) by just tossing it into a pile of clothes (he missed obviously). I haven’t had a problem with my 32 GB and I lightly toss it a bunch of places, usually on a sofa/bed/something like that.

      • JMonkeYJ

        haha i do too. i toss it all the time onto the bed or couch. there’s something about its shape and heft that make it imminently tossable. mine has held up well πŸ™‚

      • TheMadOne

        your friend needs some accuracy skills…

  • Mike Kilar

    I want to see a notification light.

    • Kevin McDole


  • i am pretty happy with the rumored specs….the S4 Pro is a big jump up from the tegra 3 IMO (wasn’t the dual core S4 processor on par with Tegra 3 in benchmarks between international and US GS3?) i know they don’t say anything about RAM, but we can all assume 2GB will be on board. give us 16/32/64GB versions, the screen should be great. battery life should be on par with the current N7 being that the 4,000 mah battery is only slightly smaller, but the more efficient processor should remedy that.
    also, since the battery is smaller, i have a feeling the entire device will be smaller…smaller bezels all around, and thinner.

    • brkshr

      The International S3 version has a quad-core Exynos processor. The US variants have a dual-core Qualcomm. You are right that the Qualcomm was on par with the Exynos version.

    • You’re thinking One X. And yes the American version was on par with it’s Tegra 3 counterpart

      • ah thats right. thanks. the S4 Pro is a BIG upgrade to the T3…..but the 600 would be a HUGE upgrade…i just dont know how much more it is than the S4 Pro.

        • I would have loved the 600 as well. But it’s still quad core Krait architecture. I don’t need fastest in the business, just no lag and quick app switching. Heck the N7 was plenty fast with an underpowered, budget Tegra 3. So even though it isn’t the 600, this new version will absolutely fly

  • mmoreimi

    MHL or HDMI – some kind of video out would be fantastic.
    Excited about the new specs…. definitely a step up while leaving the price where it is.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I really like that the Nexus 7 does not have a back camera. One less thing to worry about getting scratched plus it looks more solid to me.

  • LionStone

    Would love some better battery life, so, bigger battery I guess. My N7 was way more efficient before the last updates to 4.2.2…I’m sure the Snapdragon will help with that.

  • Knlegend1

    Higher resolution???? Who cares lol.

  • wookaru


  • smartguy05

    Front facing speakers!

  • Geoff Johnson

    Why can’t you allow us to select more than one reason? πŸ™

  • NYAvsFan

    More storage. Also personally have had issues with the speaker, sound works fin with earphones though.

  • Justin Kos

    Storage or software enhancements

  • I’m selling mine on eBay. Is it ok to post a link to it here?

    • Bionic


  • GarnetandBlack

    Larger storage. The better processor and screen are great and I could care less about a camera, but the one thing really holding me back on the OG N7 is me having to decide what I want to install because of the limited storage.

  • Bionic

    A fellatio port

    • Bacon

      Wouldn’t want to put you or sarge out of a job now.

  • more ram. 1gb aint cutting it.

    • Jonathan Isenberg

      Amen to that. The original Nexus 7 needed this, and nothing else.

  • MichaelFranz

    Would of rather seen a Snapdragon 600 or 800 in it. Front facing speakers, and maytbe make a 7 and 8 inch display

    • LionStone

      Yea probably a little bigger screen would be good…especially in landscape mode on Droid Life that pink banner takes up some valuable screen space!

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    I love my n7 but the ipad mini just feels and looks so much better

    • John

      That’s because it costs $200 more

      • Avery Dejuan Herron

        Buts its not worth more if you really look at it.

  • RGiskard

    Waterproof! Would help my argument for giving one to my daughter…

  • cashclay

    HDMI OUT! C Mon DL… that’s not even an option?

    • Alan Paone


  • Video out. How was that not included?

    • Raven

      One reason, one letter: Q

      • Nah, I meant included in the poll. People have been asking for that since day one. As far as the original specs, it was more to cut down on cost, since it needs an extra chip.

  • SD slot, front facing speaker(s), and case that doesnt cause the softkeys to be covered up or unresponsive.

  • ConCal

    More cow bell.

    • Notch

      oh my gosh, that would be so much cow bell!

  • my votes would go to sd card support and/or front-facing speakers, but for something different, i’d add wacom pen digitizer

  • Kane Stapler

    I always felt the N7 was a little sluggish.. Not sure this one will be any different with the S4 Pro.

    • Bionic

      it will be, and for the record, mine isnt very sluggish

  • everything that the x phone would have πŸ˜›

    • Bionic


  • Am I the only person who wishes the speaker placement was different on the N7?

    • I wish every device had dual front-facing speakers

      • This.

      • FknTwizted

        Been complaining about this for years, could never figure out why they put it on the back didn’t make sense

  • AnotherAndroidKid


    • Fattie McDoogles

      You do know you’re never gonna see that in a Nexus device right?

      • jamie stevens

        why is this? Did google say this? Is there a reason?

        • John

          Yes, they said they’re moving away from that option. Most consumers don’t care according to their research.

          • Sal33n

            Yes… We don’t care when there is sufficient memory already on board! Duh!

        • T4rd

          Yes, when the Nexus 4 launched and The Verge did an interview at Google about it, they pretty much said that they don’t like the added complications that external storage brings to the platform. It broke too many things when people did it in 2.3 and below apparently and didn’t allow for a consistent/reliable experience across all devices.

          Yes, it’s BS, but they pretty much skirted the issue from what I recall.

          • jamie stevens

            so the top selling manufacture, sammy has them…LG has them, i know htc doesnt in the american market but do elsewhere in the world, ZTE, Hauwie (sp) do? SO WHY NOT GOOGLE! WE LOVE YOU BUT COME ON! I know cost keeps internal storage down but please release the next n series with min 64gb.

          • brkshr

            Google is trying to set a standard with it’s Nexus phones for other manufacturers to follow (for the most part). They are trying to show manufacturers that no SD card is good. That’s also why the Nexus S was the first phone with NFC & Google got that ball rolling for other manufacturers. That’s why not Google.
            Edit: I do agree that 64GBs would be nice.

        • brkshr

          Google has said this. They say it’s confusing for consumers & can hurt their Android experience. If someone (tech-illiterate person) puts a Class 2 SD card in their phone/tablet, they are going to wonder why their device is slow. When really it’s because they put a slow card in there. With manufacturers providing the only Solid State storage, the device/memory will be fast & there will not be multiple storage locations for the non-tech savvy to figure out where stuff is. I would prefer an SD card myself, but I do get why Google has it’s reasons.

          • steve0617

            Would simply the addition of a slow SD card slow down the entire user experience even when not accessing the SD card?

          • brkshr

            No, not the entire user experience. Just apps that are stored on the SD card, or data that apps have stored on the SD card. Photo’s, video, whatever else, would run slower if they were stored on the SD. So the non-tech savvy, would think that Android or their device is slow, if it can’t bring pictures up fast enough. I know we understand this stuff, but I know my Mom sure as heck wouldn’t (along with most other people I know).

          • steve0617

            Got it. Was afraid my phone wasn’t the spiffiest because of the SD card I had laying around that I’ve got in there for the hell of it. Thanks

          • brkshr

            No problem! Class 6 or higher would be best (i.e. matches the data throughput that your device can physically read/write). Class 4 you really wouldn’t notice too much speed difference. Anything lower than 4 & you want to upgrade. They’re pretty cheap now. For those that don’t know, the SD card usually has a 2, 4, 6, or 10 with a circle around it on the front & stands for 2MB/s, 4MB/s etc… Class 10 is overkill at this point in time. Class 10 really only hits it’s max read/write ability if you have it in a computer.

          • DoctorJB

            Class is only a component of SD card speed. When I was booting android off of an SD card on a Nook Color the best cards were Sandisk (of any class) because the important “speed” was random access which is fastest on the Sandisk (as compared to any of the other cards tested). Anything other than Sandisk and the device became quite laggy. I would recommened class 10 Sandisk if you want the best experience (because it will have the fastest random access as well as data transfer).

          • brkshr

            I completely agree that SanDisk is the best!

        • Ian Winchell

          They say its hard to manage, and i guess for non-tech users i can see the argument. Me personally i like have the SD slot, but i get there reasoning, if things can be moved around, they will be, and how that affects backup and application management what gets wiped and what doesn’t, what if your pictures end up somewhere you didn’t expect them, then get wiped out in and update or something. I don’t know, i use to be very adamant about sd cards, but after having a n7 for a year almost i find that i don’t really miss it, i haven’t run out of space on my 16 gig yet, i manage my music through google play, if i want some music on my device i pin it too my device, then remove it later so its not taking up space. Again, i understand why people want it though, and i have no issue managing it, but i’m an IT guy and i have to manage things much more complicated than that on a daily basis, so its easy for me, but my dad or grandma, i don’t think they would as easily understand.

          • I love the irony here. Google says its hard to manage an SD card, meanwhile my N7 has four identical home folders because of the lack of a card, and when I place data in one of them it never carries over to the other.

          • Ian Winchell

            hmm, identical home folders, is that for multiple users(profiles)? because i only have one.

          • I know the 0, 1, 2, etc. thing is for user profiles. I’m the only user on my N7 though. There’s an “sdcard” folder, which is strange for obvious reasons. And then there’s an “emulated” folder, which sits inside another folder labeled “storage,” and contains duplicates of everything in “sdcard.”

            Why there can’t be just one home folder labeled “internal storage” is beyond me.

          • DoctorJB

            Why doesn’t Google find a way to get Android to intelligently manage our storage for us?

            “I see you have inserted an SD card, would you like to use this for additional application/media storage or are you just accessing files”
            “This will now be added to your total available drive space, please remember to “unmount” in settings to prevent data loss/corruption”

      • T4rd

        Let him dream!

        They could at least natively support USB OTG though.

        • Bionic

          Cuz they want you to use google drive and google music, that is the motivation behind it.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        Oh i know this. But it is the one feature I’d most like to see in a new one.

        As T4rd says, OTG would be a start.

  • Ryan Powell

    Front facing speakers would be nice.

    • it could be a problem if you are holding the tablet in landscape
      thumbs could come in between

      • Ryan Powell

        Same already happens with my fingers wrapped around the back when holding it in landscape. I’m just tired of cupping the speaker when holding my phone or N7 so that the sound travels towards me instead of off into the empty space behind the device.

      • Brian P.

        This wouldn’t be an issue at at with a design similar to that of the Nexus 10. It features elongated front facing speakers that if covered at the bottom, sound is forced out the top and vice verse.

  • much bigger battery and miracast support

  • Better build quality should be an option….

    • EC8CH

      Feels pretty good to me for the price. I don’t want some heavy metal slab just for the sake of “build quality”. The N7 is an excellent example of of an economical and very ergonomic design for a 7″ tablet IMHO.

      • I agree that it is nice for the price, but it wouldn’t hurt to be a little better. Out of the five people I know that have had them(including me) there’s only one that hasn’t broken. I know it’s supposed to be a cheap device, but still.

        • I don’t know if that is build quality so much as people not being as careful with a 200 dollar tablet. I still have my original N7 from Launch and no problems with it, but my friend is on his 3rd because he doesn’t take care of it nearly as much as he does his Asus Transformer. (IE: He tosses the N7 into his bag vs. gently places his Transformer in the bag). I think the build quality was great (especially for the price), but people are more worried with being careful with a 400-500 dollar tablet than with a 200 dollar tablet.

          • I took really good care of mine. And even the original one I ordered had problems with the bezel the day I got it. I had to have it replaced before I could even use it, and I know a lot of people had problems with it before they got the chance to “mistreat it”. Like I said it is a cheap tablet, so they DID cut some corners to keep the price low.

          • Ian

            I had heard that there were some questionable batches manufactured, perhaps you got a few from there. To contrast, we have about 8 N7’s at work, that get used and abused excessively all are still in fantastic cosmetic and functional shape as is my personal N7. FWIW

  • Daniel

    A screen that does not lift off the unit due to improperly being glued down. Almost all Nexus 7’s suffer from the bezel and screen lifting up from the unit over time, a quality issue that prevented me from caring at all about the nice specs and price point.

    • Asus has it’s problems. There was still a huge chunk of customers that had perfect devices.

      • JoshGroff

        Mine was perfect, then the screen cracked for no apparent reason.

        • I had the same problem I kid you not I dropped an ozarka water bottle LID on my N7 and it broke.

          • Bigwavedave25

            Wow, that is some tension there!

            Knock on wood… mine is still smooth and in one piece.

          • Ya jinxed it! It’s gonna break tomorrow!

          • Bigwavedave25

            Dangit, I know! Wife and daughter are taking a bus to ATL tonight and they are bringing it for entertainmant… NOOO!!!

          • JoshGroff

            I had it sitting in my pocket, screen cracked in the middle of me doing paperwork at my desk. But I literally did that since I bought it which was the week after it came out, and it broke in like January. At first I thought maybe the temperature was a factor, but the office is pretty much the same 60-70-ish degrees year round.

    • Ian

      Almost all N7’s? How about just the first few manufacturing runs. This problem was quickly remedied.

      • Eh.. kinda. I bought mine on release, and another in October for my mom, still had the lift. However, it never affected anything nor was it noticeable unless you actually make yourself find it.

    • Sal33n

      Got mine in the second wave of release last July. Never any issues with the screen and is still awesome.

  • Definitely doesn’t need a rear camera.

    • Justin Kos

      Agree, mines mainly used as an alarm clock / Netflix / web browser

    • ßen Murphy

      I agree. The battery life isn’t too shabby either. I would say maybe 32/64 GB options with native OTG support. The bezel is fine, less wouldn’t hurt but the same wouldn’t be a deal breaker. It’s already a great device so any bump in specs would be well received.

  • Josh Ingram


  • jamie stevens

    just give us more storage or preferably microsd support

    • SD cards aren’t going to be on a nexus device….been that way since the beginning.

    • FknTwizted

      SD isn’t the problem its the small on board that needs to be addressed with these games and apps are getting bigger and bigger 16g or less isn’t really cutting it any longer. I would have to say more HD and more Ram and you have a solid product.

      • jamie stevens

        agree. games are now 500mb plus. and w/ HD Camera’s shooting video and photos take up more space!