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Friday Poll: What’s One Feature Update You Would Like to See Most on the Nexus 7?

nexus 7

With Google I/O taking place in just a few days, it’s time we talk shop about the Nexus 7. It was introduced last year during the developer conference and was met with high praise among the Android community and consumer market. It’s a perfect little tablet, isn’t it?

Although, just like all other things, something can be made better. While it does sport an already impressive 720p display, perfect for gaming on the go, maybe a 1080p would be better in your opinion? Maybe that Tegra 3 chip should be replaced by a Snapdragon? You tell us!

It is quite possible we see a Nexus 7 refresh next week at I/O, so let us know what you would like to see updated the most.

Name one feature you'd like to see updated the most on the Nexus 7

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  • TylerChappell

    My choices would be in this order:
    1. Display
    2. Processor (to keep up with the higher res display)
    3. Rear camera. Why? Because even though most people look silly taking pics with a tablet, this is still a Nexus, and Nexuses should be able to take advantage of all the latest features of Android, and that includes Photospheres. Also, many old people still use flip phones, and yet they have a tablet. Having a camera on their tablet may serve as their primary camera, and it doesn’t have to be an amazing camera, but it would still be substantially better than the one on their phone, and being able to flip through photos they have just taken on a somewhat large display would be a cool feature to them.
    4. Battery
    5. Less bezel

    For tablets, I prefer function over form. But for phones, I like them to look sexy while retaining most functionality.

  • dgarra

    7.9″ screen in 4:3 (Just once I want a damn 4:3 android tablet.)

  • Qi!

  • bitpimpin

    ummm where r the options for 2 gb of ram, native usb otg, notification led, and video out (either via MHL, HMDI, or a Miracast compatible WIFI chip)?

  • Snapdragon 800 and 1080p display

  • xenu

    SD card, rear camera, thinner bezel, no more software buttons (that monstrous bezel should be used for something)

  • knightracer

    Better build quality

  • richrecruiter

    Thinner, lighter, less bezel, faster processor

  • Sean Bello

    I’ll expand since everyone else did. I’m fine with the device being 7″, but I’d like less bezel and 1080p. standard processor/ram bump (2gb at least, 3 would be better since phones have 2 gb now. I’d like my tablet to be more powerful than my phone), hdmi out, and native bluetooth controller support in AOSP and IR so you can use it as a remote.

  • Sean Bello

    hdmi out definitely should’ve been an option

  • skinja

    The new Nexus 7 would be the perfect device if it had video out support.

    SD slot couldn’t hurt either.

  • jer85008

    I would like to see the display upped to about 8″ while only having a minor effect on the size of the bezel. 7″ is just a bit too small IMHO (Insert “that’s what she said” joke here). Otherwise, the standard bump in specs for the display/processor/memory would be fine.

  • Nicktrance

    all of them apart from rear camera, I’d rather they don’t bother with it and save some money. also I think 8″ would be slightly better than 7″ (inser TWSS joke here)

  • Trevor

    I just want less lag in general. My Nexus 7 was wonderful until the 4.2 update. I did a factory reset and it got a little better for a week or two, but has slowed down again. No strange apps installed or anything. Kinda blows

  • DanWazz

    Nothing. i don’t want mine to feel out dated.

    Seriously, a higher res screen and less bezel are the only things I can thing of. A back camera would be nice, but I keep mine in a case that looks like a book and I wouldn’t be able to use it easily anyway.

  • MicroSD slot

  • anzensepp1987

    Just 2GB of RAM.

  • carlisimo

    Probably front-facing speakers.

    But I’d also like a rear camera. Not for photo-taking as a tourist, but because it makes for a convenient document ‘scanner’.

  • Alan Paone

    Less bezel, better speakers and more storage. I just got a 64GB ipod, but if they announce a 64gb N7, I’ll return the thing.

  • Multi window!

  • NorCalGuy

    Ir sensor, would love to control my TV with my nexus 7. It can run just about every other electronic in my house

  • saltyzip

    Disk performance is very poor compared to Nexus 4, also the 7 needs 2GB memory. Asus tablets seems to suffer with poor disk throughput even the transformer had issues if I remember correctly.

    • p0k3y

      All the Transformer tablets (I have owned everyone from 101 to 700) had disk performance problems. However, my kids’ N7s have been great. I think Google forces them to do it properly. I would never buy another Asus tablet again, except for Nexus.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Apps that don’t suck, but that isn’t 100% on Google to deliver. There are a FEW compelling apps out there, but not enough to make the experience of an Android tablet worthwhile to me.

    While I love android, I HATE the tablet experience on it.

  • Raven65

    I don’t get all the clamoring for a smaller bezel. I like it just the way it is – because it gives you plenty of room to grab it/handle it/pass it to other people, etc. without accidentally touching something on the screen. It’s perfect! I guess a smaller bezel would be OK if you have it in a case, but I love the way it feels without a case… so slim and svelte – and I love the texture & feel of the back. The designers spent a LOT of time on making it feel good and easy to handle. Why ruin that experience with an ugly, bulky case?

    Honestly, the whole tablet is still perfect for me… needs nothing – except maybe an HDMI out port, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be offered. A faster processor would be nice I guess, but isn’t really NEEDED (yet)… it’s very smooth now and handles every app I throw at it just fine. I don’t WANT a camera on back (and they could ditch the one on front too for all I care… I never use it). The battery already lasts much longer than I need in a typical day, so it’s fine. The screen resolution is already better than my 47-yr-old eyes can see, so no real need to upgrade that either. I guess front-facing speakers could be nice, but the current rear-facing one works great – and I usually use ear buds with mine when I’m watching a movie/ videos or listening to music anyway.

    So basically, I’m not seeing ANYTHING that will make me want to buy the new one… and that’s great! It just means they produced a fantastic product to start with. Nothing wrong with that!

  • S2556

    Things I need for me to buy: updated screen, better SOC.

    Things that would make me giddy like a little girl: back camera, mini HDMI out/MHL, notification led, front facing speakers, fat ass battery, bluetooth, sex.

    • Sean Bello

      it has bluetooth. get giddy

  • Raven

    What it really needs is not more memory, but faster memory. It has been frequently noted that the internal I/O speeds are atrocious. This has long been a problem with all ASUS made Android devices.

  • front facing speakers, this should now be standard on all tablets and phones.

  • TimXer

    just needs to be sexier

  • I think more RAM would be nice. I have a Transformer Pad which also has one gigabyte of RAM and it seems like it could use more.

  • Ahku Droid

    microSD slot and HDMI out.

  • How about an app store that works?

    In my opinion the whole ecosystem is broken:


    • cobjones

      I read your article.. Could youtry a pphone that doesn’t suck when reviewing the whole os?

      Did you try reading stars and reviews when looking for apps?

      • Sean Bello

        or maybe a phone that runs the most current version of the OS

      • Nope. I made the naive assumption that I was safe installing apps from the Google Play Store. As you can imagine, I was in for a frightening wakeup call!

        • Similar thing happened to me with Apple. I had the naive belief that they made the best products

          • Best is subjective. But you’ll surely agree I was a fool to just start downloading apps from google play. One must be careful of malware. Live & learn.

          • Can’t say I do. Haven’t had any malware issue in the nearly 4 months I’ve had the Nexus 4. I have lookout security, trendmicro, and norton all ofwhich scan the apps prior to being installed to ensure they are safe, and so far no issues. I use pretty much the same set of apps that I used on my iPhone, less the Apple specific like Pages. Pages is really the only Apple/iOS aspect that I miss as it was my most used app and I feel it beats any of the Android word processors, although I’ve found one almost as good.

        • cobjones

          I fed the troll…

    • I moved from iPhone and iPad to nexus 4 and nexus 10 earlier this year and haven’t had any problems with the devices (aside from a rebooting issue on n10 that was patched with 4.2.2), the apps, or the play store. Stock android is the most stable version of android since it is the version right from Google without the device makers bloatware or changes.

      • What is this bloatware you speak of?

  • A micro SD Slot I don’t trust cloud services

  • C-Law

    Dual front speakers!