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Verizon Hosting “Red Hot Deal Days” – RAZR MAXX HD for $150, RAZR M for Free, Galaxy S3 for $99 and More

razr maxx deal

Verizon is currently hosting a “Red Hot Deal Days” event from today through May 12 (this Sunday), so if you were in the market for a new Big Red smartphone, now wouldn’t be a bad time to look. Well, assuming you aren’t interested in the Galaxy S4, since that won’t be out until May 30. But if the GS4 isn’t on your radar, you’ll find deals on the RAZR MAXX HD and regular RAZR HD, RAZR M, Incredible 4G LTE, Blackberry Z10 (hah!), and more.

The DROID line is headlining this show, with the RAZR MAXX HD at $149 on contract, RAZR HD at $49, and RAZR M and Incredible 4G LTE for free. The Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB model) is also there for $99 on new 2-year contract.

Keep in mind that Amazon will beat almost all of these prices, starting with the RAZR MAXX HD at $99 on contract.

Via:  Verizon

Cheers Adam!

  • Syraz

    FYI use fiftyrmn code at check out get Razr HD for free, maxx for 99$

  • Syraz/Azilla

    Thought about getting the Razr Maxx via amazon, add a line then switch my old x2 for it, but keep reading mix things about amazon charging you 250$ if you do so

  • Alan Burnstine

    Although it hasn’t dropped at Verizon, but Amazon also dropped the price of the DNA to $49 for an upgrade on a family share plan (was $99 two weeks ago). Still $49 for a new account, which hasn’t changed, and oddly still $99 as an upgrade on an individual line. Thinking about it, but going to wait until after the Verizon press even later this month before I do any phone upgrades (because either something cool will be announced that I want, or something cool will be announced that will drop the price of the DNA).

  • Yeah hoping this means the X phone will be here sooner vs. later.

  • waleed300

    meh.. Why would anyone want to buy their phones directly through the carrier?? Best Buy Mobile has the best prices on phones. GS3 is 49.99 at Best Buy Mobile. The Razr M has been free for months!! The Galaxy Note 3 which is $300 at Verizon is $250 at BBYM. Again why would you buy at a carrier store? Plus other perks such as using their reward zone, not to mention 6 month no interest financing, and their geek squad protection (unlimited claims, no deductibles) which is a hellova lot better than ausrion insurance. I will never buy a phone directly through a carrier store ever again!

    • Trueblue711

      Agreed. I never thought I would say buying the phone from Best Buy is better, but all the perks you mentioned is why I’m going to buy my next phone there. They also have a lot of promos where if you do an “upgrade check” and get added to their reminder when your upgrade is done, you’ll get an extra $50 off the phone.

  • Damian

    Perfect timing, taking the girlfriend to get a new phone today

  • Justin Kos

    Doesn’t interest me one bit, I’m seriously considering getting a N4 and going to atnt or T-Mobile
    Edit: anyone in the north jersey area have those carriers and could tell me how the service is?

    • mustbepbs

      Just look at their coverage maps on their websites.

      • Justin Kos

        Just looking for a actual subscribers point of view rather than a coverage map but I appreciate the input

  • how about some discounts on the full retail price on phones…not just discounts for people looking to lose there unlimited data

    • Detonation

      The vast majority of customers don’t buy phones full retail and Verizon makes a lot more money on contracts than they do on full price phones.

      • Tim242

        Whaaaat? Ummm they make more money on full price phones. They are getting the full price of the phone, and the same subsidy in the plan. Contract, or no contract…the plans are the same price.

        • Detonation

          Sorry, I’ll better explain what I meant. It’s a lot better for Verizon to have people locking themselves into 2 year contracts. People buying phones full retail are likely near the end or out of their contract, so Verizon gets the small profit on the phone and that’s it…the person could leave at any time. When they sign a new contract, Verizon takes a loss on the phone but makes up way more than that over the course of the contract, including any other sales or fees they could hit them with. And if the person does leave, they pay the ETF and the person has basically bought the phone full retail anyways.

          • Tim242

            If someone just bought a phone full retail from Verizon, it was mostlikely to keep unlimited . I don’t think they are going anywhere. They will get paid twice for the phone.

    • sirmipsalot

      Verizon is the worst about this. Full-retail phones for the Verizon network don’t get cheaper over time, even though the subsidized prices do get cheaper. Don’t expect it to change. They’ve publicly said that they’re doing everything they can to get people out of old, unlimited plans.

      • michael arazan

        Full price till eol doesn’t make sense if they want to liquidate phones out of inventory. They will sell them off at a loss anyways to other outlets afterwards, why not sell them full price discounts to get money for themselves?

  • mustbepbs

    With the S4 on the cusp of release on Verizon, it only makes sense for them to slash the price of the S3..

    But the RAZR HD/MAXX HD? That can only mean one thing:


    • Tim242

      It could also mean they aren’t selling.

    • sirmipsalot

      I’m not sure it means that… those phones are now nearly 6 months past release, and they compete directly with the upcoming S4. Why would someone pay as much for 6-month-old technology as a new one? (Enthusiasts aside, just general market segmentation – it doesn’t make sense).

  • Geoff Johnson

    Hopefully a sign that more new phones are coming