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NOOK HD Tablets On Sale For Mother’s Day, Actually Useful Now with Google Play

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Up until recently, the Nook HD tablet from Barnes & Noble was not very attractive to the Android crowd. Sure it ran Android underneath, but the heavily skinned version of it didn’t offer much other than reading. However, now that the Nook supports Google Play, it becomes much more useful and these sales become much more enticing. 

If you are looking for a last minute gift to grab for your dear old Mother, Barnes & Nobles has sales on these tablets going on now. If you are looking for a 7″ tablet like the Nexus 7, prices start at $149 for the 8GB and go up from there. The 9″ Nook HD+ starts at $179 for the 16GB and go up from there.

Anyone interested in these sales now that you can access Google Play?

Buy: Nook HD | Nook HD+

  • brsingr

    Picked this up at my local target for $215 after taxes for the 32gb version….SO WORTH IT….now to get a screen protector, Cover/stand, and hdmi out adapter. Leapinlar from Xda was really useful for help for all nook related questions.

  • I just bough the 9 inch HD plus. I also own a brand new nexus 7 and a mini i pad. I LOVE IT!!!! Absolutely worth the money. What I really love about it is the fact I can plug it in and still use it when the battery runs low and that is something you can’t do on Nexus 7. The battery life is twice as long as Nexus 7 which only lasts 3 to 4 hours and feels hot. The movies look great, so do the games. Besides no matter how much you pay for a tablet they all get dated, things on them wear out and you won’t be out much money on this device. I love the interactive books for kids and the use of it as an e reader is outstanding. My grandson passed his I pad mini up for this so I am off to buy another one.

    • dragonflyr

      Ageed. I’ve been using mine for 2 days now and can’t really say anything bad about it. For the money it is an awesome deal.

  • I purchased yesterday and took it back after 2 hours. Wasn’t happy with the lack of camera and it not being compatible with some of my favorite apps

  • itsgonnalast

    I didn’t realize it was so easy to “flip a switch” and add Google Play to a device.

    Does anyone know how it’s decided which tablets get the Play store and which don’t?

    • S2556

      I always thought you had to be part of the open handset alliance (OHA) but I don’t think bn is so i am no longer sure about anything anymore. What is alphabet? :S

  • Kyle Cordiano

    Great screen on either one especially the 7 inch model, but ICS installed instead of JB (4.1.1 would even be good) and the lack of an ambient light sensor is straying me away from it.

  • Warwick

    $179. Real tempting.

  • dragonflyr

    Just placed an order for local pickup .. will have it in a couple hours. I’ve got the previous gen nook color (rooted/rommed) and it has been an excellent cheap tablet. This looks to be the same thing .. an average (maybe slightly above average ..imo) tablet. With the display (very niiice display), sd slot, hdmi compat, and now all apps available … pfft, for $179 it covers a lot of bases. Also happy about the size and weight. Keeping fingers crossed . . . .

  • mustbepbs

    If only they looked like an actual grown up tablet instead of a goofy kids toy..

  • For the power user, it’s not a good fit. But for someone who wants a 9″ HD tablet with access to Google Play, well, you can’t beat it. I’ve had one with N2A running on a 32 GB SD card, and it’s great. Not that I have Play on the regular Nook OS, though, I haven’t bothered putting the card back in. It’s a great backup tablet.

  • dan0matic

    These devices don’t have a camera. Not a deal breaker for me, but just so you know. I’m seriously considering getting one. I looked at one Sunday at Best Buy and they will match the price (I have some BB gift cards). Might pick one up while they are on sale and see what comes out next week at I/O.

  • dragonflyr

    reading reviews and checking it out now. for $179 .. nice screen, microSD, hdmi?!!, etc .. pretty nice. are there any roms for it?

    • http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=2038

      I’m contemplating the HD+ myself. just not sure about the overall form, that bottom bezel with the n button bothers me.

      • droidrazredge

        Yea with the current price of 179$ and the new update I’m contemplating getting this too, but there are some drawbacks like you had brought up earlier. I know the Nexus 7+ is coming, but with this price this would be a steal. I’ll most likely just give this to my mom also.

        • michael arazan

          I have no idea what to get my mom, already got her the nexus 7 for x mas

          • dragonflyr

            For anyone interested … I picked one up the other night. Been putting it through the paces for 2 days …. this is a nice tablet. It’s not the “best” tablet, but for $179 it is VERY hard to beat. Put whatever launcher you want on it, plug it into a pc and browse the whole file system, throw any epub at it and it goes, netflix, youtube all look good. Very nice display. HD pics look amazing, reading is very nice. SD slot ..etc..etc. I don’t have a need for onboard cameras or light sensing. Seriously, bang for your buck is very high at this price point. I know it’s not the beefiest tablet going, but what you get for $179 is amazing. These things should be FLYING off the shelves .. but, as we know, the kindle will get all the attention… pfft. Anyway, if you’re tempted, you really, really should test drive one.

      • James

        If you root it and throw a JB rom on there you can ignore the n button entirely. It is a little strange if you leave it stock however.

    • ddh819

      i read there’s a cyanogen rom for it

    • dragonflyr

      I’ve got the previous gen of bn color tablet. Rooted it and slapped a rom on it. Everybody is always amazed at what it can do for an “E_Reader” tablet”..lol. But, this HD+ looks pretty amazing for $179. If it can handle hd video well (which I assume it SHOULD), full Play store, access of entire file system, and .. even better root and rom-able .. I’m sold. Gonna hit a few more reivews ….

  • droidrazredge

    Are there any noticeable advantages in buying the HD+ vs the Nexus 7 with addition of Google Play Store to the device now ?

    • The HD+ is managed by B&N, with a heavily skinned version of ICS running on a fantastic screen and a mediocre SoC. Essentially, it works well for its intended use, books, movies, and Angry Birds, but its decidedly not for high end mobile gaming, navigation, or video chats. So, you’re trading a great screen for somewhat limited functionality. That said, its a significantly larger screen with a microSD slot, which is important to many.

    • ddh819

      just read some other reviews, bigger, maybe better screen, micro sd slot, built in key ring! no camera though, i believe.

    • William Christopher

      Another Deal is the 7″ Android 4.2 – Novo 7 Venus tablet for $139 – HD display & Quad Core processor & available at a site called T a b l e t S p r i n t

      • William Christopher

        This tablet also has a Front Webcam & 2 Megapixel back camera, Plus MicroSD card slot & HDMI to connect to a TV to stream movies.

    • The noticeable advantage is the price the HD + is cheaper. The other one is the fact that the battery on the HD + lasts longer, and you can use it while the battery is charging. It has a better screen and makes an excellent E reader. The noticeable advantage of Nexus 7 is it runs on Jelly Bean and has a faster processor so gaming on it is superior to HD+. It also has a front facing camera (which I never use).

      • droidrazredge

        Thanks I really appreciate the information! I decided to wait for the Google I/O Keynote today in hopes that Google would debut their Nexus 7 2nd generation tablet and to no prevail was it announced. This was actually a gift for my mom for mothers day and she wants a rear facing camera like on the Ipad. I still have time to wait and see if they debut it this fall.

  • Damian


  • I’d get the HD+ but knowing the Nexus 7 with 1080p is coming in a few weeks, I’ll wait.

    • How did I miss the 1080p rumor? I’d imagine that’s the next logical step, but I’m more hoping for a Nexus 8 w/ 1080p myself.

      • Nexus 8? /s?

        • Say Simon

          New Nexus doesn’t come out until July —