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Huawei P6-UO6 Possibly Pictured, Looks Extremely Thin at Just 6.18mm

Hauwei P6

Recently, snapshots were taken of a mystery device and according to their source, it is of an upcoming Huawei device titled the P6-UO6. No fancy specs were listed, but what has some folks abuzz is the phone’s measurements, coming in at just 6.18mm thin. For reference, the iPhone 5 is listed at 7.6mm thick. So yeah, Huawei looks to be trying to snatch away Apple’s “world’s thinnest smartphone” title. 

As interesting as this phone may look, it is hard to get too interested since seeing it here in the States on one of our four major carriers is most likely not happening. But who knows, maybe we will at least see it at next year’s CES and they can have another humorous press event.

Huawei P6 2Huawei P6 3

Via: Engadget | NoWhereElse

  • Ben

    It’s time to realize that phones don’t need to be any thinner or lighter, and it’s time to make them battery-er. Just using as much empty space as possible to make the battery as large as possible. Lots of people put bigger RAZR MAXX HD batteries in their Atrix HD’s with minimal effort.

  • kane

    I propose we make a poll with the an option for this “spec” never again get posted ever talked about ever again. Also ban the word phablet

  • paul_cus

    Always trying to heat on the Huawei press conferences, Tim.

  • enigmaco

    I don’t like these thin phones, i want something thicker to hold, and with the thickness would come added protection one would think. They should be figuring out how to increase battery life instead of how thin to make the phone.


    1000 mah battery

  • ricer2130

    Here we go again with the ANOREXIC phones again…

  • Paradisimo

    Speaking of ultra-thin, uber-sexy phones that will never make it to the states, I was in Hong Kong recently and was sitting next to a guy using the TCLS850. Good Lord that thing was gorgeous in person!


    And here I can’t even get the Galaxy S4 on Verizon yet…

  • Damian


  • Radgatt

    iPhone 6 anyone??

  • Sirx

    Who gives a sh*t how thin it is! You’re gonna end up slapping a case of some kind on it, anyway. When are manufacturers gonna stop trying to improve the SINGLE MOST USELESS/INANE/MEANINGLESS/INCONSEQUENTIAL/ETC. “spec” on their upcoming phones.

    Decent battery + Good battery life or seriously GTFO!!!

    • duke69111

      I give a sh*t how thin it is. After slapping a case on it, I don’t want it to be a brick. I’m not saying it has to be paper thin, but the thinner the better if applying a case.

      • Ian

        because that microscopic increase in thinness is going to matter. Or you could put a thinner case on.

        • or you could just not put a case on and take care of your gadgets

      • Zzzzt!!! Thanks for beating Ohio State in the tourney lol

        • duke69111

          No problem. 🙂

  • The only reason I’d personally care for a phone that thin is so I could put a big extended battery on it and still have a slim device. Of course, it probably doesn’t have a removable battery.

  • Jordan Debow

    Sometimes thin isn’t the answer, I’m looking for a phone that is comfortable in my hands, I think the Gnex nailed it

    • EC8CH


    • I also don’t want an iFoney….there’s a reason I don’t have an iphone!!


        cant afford one?

        • trumpet444

          High end android phones retail just as expensive as the iphone, so try and think of a better “insult”. This is mainly the kind of crap that gives iphone owners a bad image, because some of them have an elitist, snobby attitude towards anyone not in their “club”.

        • Sorry I couldn’t hear you over my $200 Beats blaring the music I bought from Google on my $600 Droid Razr!
          -Troll Somewhere Else Please!!


            Hahaha you use beats?

          • Diablo81588

            Why is that funny?…

          • regkilla

            hear? he wrote something idiot.

    • michael arazan

      My D1 was literally a brick, and still had excellent form function

  • KleenDroid