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Action Launcher Pro Updated, Ability to Drag and Drop App-Widget Combos Added


Today, an update was pushed out for Action Launcher, one of the newer names in 3rd party Android launcher apps. Inside, users can now quickly add app/widget combos straight to a homescreen from the drawer. Once an app is added, simply slide up on the icon and the widget populates the display. On top of that, users can now lock and unlock the desktop for editing giving you some added security. 

Along with new features, there is a list of bug fixes about one mile long which can be viewed here.

What’s New:

  • Drag apps & widgets from the quickdrawer directly to a Home screen. This massively improves your customization workflow.
  • Lock/unlock desktop.
  • Shutters, a groundbreaking new feature that automatically puts widgets just a swipe away. (Note that due to Android API limitations, shutters require Android 4.1 or later)
  • Full tablet support.

Play Link ($3.99)

  • Does this launcher allow you to resize the grid yet? I bought this the when it was released but had to drop it because it lacked this feature.

    • Hothfox

      Not yet. I asked him if he was planning on including that, and he said he was mulling it over. It is not built in yet, though.

  • Jordan Marrie

    How about the ability to use themes/icon packs?

    • Justin Barrett

      Exactly what I’m saying. If I could use the icon packs I have, this would be my daily launcher. My home screen just looks terrible without that feature.

      • The dev is prepping that feature or the next update, according to his Twitter feed.

    • Paradisimo

      My #1 request!

      • michael arazan

        Will Kovdev’s plethora of pack apps work on it?

  • oaxican509

    The title of this article threw me off my chair, I was mistaking it for “Launcher Pro”