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So…Umm…Google Now was Released to iOS Today…Yep.


Our inbox indicates that many of you are aware that Google released Google Now to iOS this morning. This comes as no surprise, nor does it interest us one bit. Good for iOS users. Welcome to the fun that is Google Now! Well, sort of. The Google Now for iOS will never be as powerful as the version on Android because Apple won’t allow it to be.

For now though, you can open up the iOS Google Search app and find some cards for flights or restaurants or routes home from work and even track packages and flight info from Gmail. But from what we can tell, it may not be able to update in the background at full capacity like the Android version does, which means no ongoing notifications for card updates. You’ll have to consciously open up the app to get Now goodies rather than have it dictate your life for you. You also can’t access Google Now through a shortcut like swiping up or long-pressing navigation buttons. You’ll have to open the Search app and then swipe up the Now cards to view them.

It’s really just an add-on to Google Search, not really the semi-stand-alone, ultra-powerful service that it is on Android. Well, until Google makes it that way – take the iOS Gmail app for example.

But again, enjoy, iOS users.

  • Christopher Elliott

    Soo…if “nor does it interest us one bit.” is the case then why waste time writing about it and keep writing about more Android stuff? Slow day on the news beat and needed something to bash on? Going back to playing Dead Trigger on my Atrix 4G…WOOT!!! BBRRRAAAAAAIIINNSSSS!!!!

  • cancerous_it

    This is very smart of Google. To Google, Android is just a means to an end which is to increase revenue for Google services. Although they would prefer it, Google doesn’t care if you use Android over IOS. All they care is that you use Google services. This is their hedging.

  • MKader17

    As someone who has an iPad I’m excited. However, the way iOS handles apps, Google Now will not be able to open the chrome Browser (or even the Safari browser for that matter) outside of the program so Google Now is just an app and not part of the device experience.

    It’s getting time to jailbreak the iPad or sell it.

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  • Russell Tanner

    I was surprised to see this today (yes, I have an iPad and a G-Nex living in harmony, so sue me). Not gonna lie, I’m a little excited to have the tablet be a little more Googley, and at the prospect of using Now even more since I’m doing a lot of work and browsing on the tablet and not the phone now. It will be interesting to see if I find myself actually using the Google Search app instead of just searching in Chrome.

  • Nathan Corachea

    Sometimes I feel like Google introduces us to like a new girlfriend, but then gives iOS users the hotter sister.

  • Resident_Psycho

    Isn’t that kinda like Honda giving Kia their engines to try to make a better car for Kia? Why doesn’t Google NOT give iO BS any of their goodies…Aplle would NEVER share anything to Google phones. If you drink the cool-aid you die the slow death……

  • Hunter Hambrick

    Thank you droid life really appreciate showing true facts rather then the apple dominated media. Keep up the good work love this tech site.

  • R

    cutting edge apple tech lacking google features. why not just buy an android?

  • huskerkate

    no real surprises. in fact, it probably benefits both “sides.” Google has a tool to generate more search traffic. and, by not allowing the full functionality of GNow (a move not surprising in the least), Apple can claim that it’s packages (i.e., Siri) are better, and thus potentially keep any on-the-fence users who might have been contemplating a switch to Andy. Apple can claim, “look how open we are – we’re even letting Google stuff on the iP(maps, gmail, Now). but, it’s just not as good as our stuff”; without ever mentioning the handcuffs and limitations Apple has placed on them.

  • Bailers77

    Meanwhile, as someone who made the mistake of buying a Rezound, I’ll never get to see Google Now. Even on my Nexus 7, being offline 75% of the time kinda hobbles it.

  • Austin

    So, they can just put it on iOS but no love for Gingerbread. I feel like a loner here guys, I thought the Xperia Play was gonna be a good phone…I forgot to read the reviews.

  • tobie azeez

    Google is shooting themselves in the foot by giving iOS all their services

    • kevinc

      you obviously have no idea how google makes money.

      • tobie azeez

        shooting themselves because they’re becoming too money hungry. Clearly they will make money from this, but this service along with all the other Google services that keep android user loyal could push them towards buying an iPhone because they aren’t losing much getting an iPhone.

    • Bailers77

      Why? Google makes their money off ad sales. Not android devices. Makes perfect sense to me.

  • Still waiting on a Gmail app that looks 1/2 as good as the iOS Gmail app. I understand Google, like all companies, is a money first organization but c’mon. You bought Android for $50 million. At least pretend like it’s your bread and butter…

  • Why can’t Google release it on Android as a separate app or part f Google search app? You know, for these without JB.

    • kevinc

      it’s because google now requires operating system level changes to support it.

      • And it doesn’t require these on iOS?
        Google Now is a very simple application. All magic is happening on Google servers, client part is really simple. And it was ported to ICS by XDA anyway.

        • kevinc

          no, because the iOS version is limited. in order to access google now on iOS you have to open the app.

          on android, you swipe up from the navigation buttons on the phone.

    • Droidzilla

      Because only iOS deserves a sub-par Google Now experience.

  • I have a sinking feeling that Google will announce an updated Google Music app for Android and iOS at I/O. With this trend of taking many of Android features over to iOS, I feel like Google Music would be an obvious next step to help try to grow the service.

    • JasonIvers

      Unless they roll out subscription (i.e. Spotify/Rdio/etc.) music, I’m not sure what the point would be. iPhone users already have to use iTunes, why would a significant number use a different service?

      • Even if they roll out a subscription service, I feel like it’ll eventually be on iOS as well. If Google’s stance is to get more people using Google Play for content, porting over services like Google Music, Google Magazines, Movies, etc (Google Books is already available) is just a logical next step. Whether or not Apple allows it to happen is a different story.

        • Google Music has been on iOS for a long time now via third-party clients. Same for gChat. The web app version of Google Music for iOS has went downhill.

      • iPhone users don’t have to use iTunes. I never connected any iDevice to iTunes since iOS 5 except the non-iOS 80GB iPod for my cousin. If you want to be iTunes free, you can be. I use a Mix of Google Music, Streaming from my NAS server. I only got iTunes Match so I could match my music Library of pirated music to iTunes version so I would get HQ ones. I cancelled after the first year.

  • hoyce1212

    I have a GS3, I can not swipe up or double tap to open google now either. I have to long hold the home button and then select it. It is faster for me to leave the google search icon on my home screen and click on it. Just like iphone user will have to do. So unless I have a notification in my pull down menu, then I have to access it just like iphone users. Which sucks.

    • NastyEmu

      Here’s what I do on my GS3. Use a different launcher that allows gestures (I use ADW) and use the swipe up gesture to launch Google Now. Also, you can use the Home2Shortcut app to change the behavior of your home button. I use a double-tap to open to Google Voice Search. I leave the single-press and long-press as the default (Home screen and recent apps).

      Hope that helps!

  • it is annoying cuz i just tried it on my partner’s iphone 5, i found out it has more cards and it is better and smoother than on my Nexus 4

  • There shouldn’t be any shock that Google Now wouldn’t go deeper. Why would Apple let another company (especially its rival) hijack the core experience?

    Heck, while Android may technically allow Facebook Home to run, you know Google isn’t happy with its existence.

  • EvanTheGamer

    So…who cares?

    Moving on…

  • bogy25

    I hate iphones and hate that they now have a part of my Android –

    • Ian

      We must infiltrate them, to destroy them! Muwhahaha

      • bogy25

        Awesome man….great visual …pissed myself

    • EvanTheGamer

      It’s not the best part though. It’s like installing iOS on an Android phone somehow…it would be completely below par. Not meant for Android phones, only iPhones, so in other words, they only get a piece of the pie, and us Android users get the entire damn thing.

      Android FTW!

  • ceejw

    And now Apple makes the only phones released in 2009 and 2010 (excluding the Nexus S) that can run Google Now officially.

  • fartbubbler

    I’ll trade them Google Now for an Android version of Vine.

  • bakdroid

    Meh….Siri and Google Now are a passing fad that is already past its prime…

    • Ian

      Disagree, I find myself using google now, more and more. Also as they continue to add features I find more uses. Plus with the advent of new google hardware (currently glass, someday watch or more) Google Now is finding itself the centerpiece of those workflows.

    • TylerChappell

      Siri, yes. Siri is a joke. Google Now, not so much, because it’s actually, useful, you know?

    • mechapathy

      Siri was definitely a fad. It’s gimmicky and poorly implemented. Google Now displays relevant, useful information before I ask for it. Listening to a friend say “Siri, what’s the weather today? No. The Weather–Siri, what’s the weather?” When my notification tray says that’s it’s 63 and overcast is pretty great.

  • I think what annoys me most about this is that iPhone people are gonna be like OH MY GOD. LOOK WHAT MY IPHONE CAN DO. I BET YOURS CANT. And I’m just going to sit here and talk about how I’ve had it for months but they’ll be like WELL MINES BETTER.

    Whatever. I showed off Facebook chatheads to you when I got it and you were like “I find no use for this” ok.

  • iOS users are used to not having information at their fingertips. They are used to having to open up each and every app they want to interact with. Having to open Google Now to do anything with it is not a big deal to them. iOS is a stoneage OS and its users are used to being in the stoneage.

  • Damn Son

    Wow. If google keeps supplying Apple with all these Android features I may jump ship soon 🙁

    • randy

      That’s why some people say the best Google phone you can get is the iPhone 5

    • i would rather abandon both and think about wp8 or blackberry

      • New_Guy

        Whoa, whoa, whoooooa….let’s just take it easy…no need in doing anything rash now.

        Just put down the knife…

  • Sooo… can my Android phone get Google Now in any official capacity? Pleeeeeeeeease?

  • RoadsterHD1

    Bye Bye Siri

    • randy

      Siri does things that Google Now cannot so I highly doubt it

      • Yes, like telling jokes

        • Ian

          Google Now has jokes….it now runs on an iPhone 🙂

      • huskerhog

        Like what?

        • Making appointments, setting timers, alarms. That is about as Useful as Siri is. Google Now is not that useful to me either tho, since Google has really no history of data on me to provide info to me. So to some of us both can be pretty gimmicky. Apple needs to get those deals in place SIR had in place because, back as an App, Siri was more useful with more services and data sources providing information.

          • huskerhog

            I find it very easy to make appointments, set alarms and timers using Google Now. I also use it to send text, e-mail and place calls. I’m not sure why you think Google Now doesn’t do these things.

          • My intention wasn’t to imply Google Now doesn’t do those things. I know some of those editions were added in 4.2. I was simply addressing your question in regards to Siri. I don’t use Gmail, Google Cal, or Google contacts tho. So, I really have very little use for Google Now on my Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. I don’t get the best benefits of Google Now is all and so to some of us they can both come off as gimmicky. Just like countless other services and editions to smartphones.

  • New_Guy

    So, it’s really just Google search with cards. It’s Google Now without the Now…


    • EvanTheGamer

      Hilariously hilarious.

      • New_Guy


    • Alexander Anteneh

      google soon

      • JasonIvers

        That’s awesome.

      • New_Guy

        Pffffff ha! Oh yeah, +1 on that one.

      • Justin Winker

        You forgot the ™

  • schoat333

    Only problem I found is my locations services stayed on constantly. Not sure if that’s a bug, or the way it supposed to be.

  • flosserelli

    That’s right iOS users…enjoy your sloppy seconds!

    • Nex

      LOL… now thats funny


      Well what is the percentage of android users who actually have the latest updates to be able to use Google Now? The crazy thing is all IOS users can get it immediately!

      • Elliot Kotis

        Well um….Nexus, plus 30% of android users use jellybean. But in all seriousness, if you want android, get Nexus, or a custom ROM. But also, WTF GOOGLE, I felt like you just cheated on me.

        • michael arazan

          Google needs to make an Android Launcher for iOS, a skin to put on to iOS and let them see what they can really do with android and then load all the Google apps in the launcher along with some widgets and lWP’s

          • Elliot Kotis

            HAHAHA iOS users don’t get launchers or widgets.

      • That’s what makes me upset about this. I have an HTC Rezound, a really good phone; still no jellybean. And can’t afford to just buy an awesome cool Nexus full price for the hell of it. Guess I’ll be waiting until my extended upgrade in February of 2014 :/

        • I rooted my Rezound this weekend. Just go for it. You don’t need S-Off, just roo and then install the INFECTION 2.4 CM10.1 rom that was mentioned on a different post here sometime last week. It makes the Rezound a totally different (read: better) phone.

  • jerflash

    I told my buddy who is an iphone user to download it and its actually pretty nice for iphone. the package tracking IS working. I rather google expand all there services to everyone…makes it better for all of us

  • Ahku Droid

    They put it on iOS before older editions of Android…yeah…super… This is like Apple releasing Siri on Android. Just doesn’t feel right.

    I have Jellybean, but I think Google should show some love for the Android faithful first. When I was still on ICS with my RAZR MAXX, I was jealous of my friends that had it.

    • Steve Benson

      Screw older versions of Android. Buy a new phone with JB on it.

      • Not everyone has the money or the option to jump ship just like that. I know where you’e coming from but that is a lil too utopian to put it.

        • Ian

          Then one goes without. Its silly to think that with sub-par hardware/software one should get all of the latest and greatest features.

        • possomcrast

          However, to me, older versions of Android are unusable in comparison to the 4.2.

    • anezarati

      i think people forget that google uses android to push their core google apps and get people to use their search engine. google expanding into iOS is the logical strategy for google to gain users.

      • Ahku Droid

        I understand the business side of it and how it makes sense to generate more search traffic for more data-mining. However, under that perception, isn’t there a higher number of those on ICS and older than all iPhones combined worldwide? So, more numbers would be funneled into its newer services that way. Putting iOS in the fold makes sense, but so does extending service to the faithful locked into older lower end phones by contracts.

        Although, you have to admit, the Android/iOS culture is just another rivalry like colleges, sports teams, etc. This just feels like our best player was traded to our biggest rival.

        • Ian

          There are no-where near close the amount of ICS and older users compared to all iPhone users.

          Also it was a technical limitation. Google Now could not be integrated into the older versions of Android the same way it was in JB. Google didn’t want to bastardize the user experience.

          • Ahku Droid

            If you are referencing last quarter 2012 domestic sales, then you would be somewhat correct, however from a global overall perspective, your numbers are off. Global market share of Android is around 70% where iPhone has dropped from 23% last year to 18%. Only about 25% of those Android devices run versions of Jellybean (up to date via developer metrics from Google). In other words, devices using ICS or older more than double the numbers of iPhones.

            As far as technical limitations, Google Now only being on JB is a coding resource decision by Google and a way of enticing users to newer devices. Google Now has been hacked to work on older editions by the modder community. It isn’t perfect, but it could be if the Android Team focused on it instead of a subculture of teens and weekend tinkerers. Android typically has more horsepower than iPhones and can handle it, even much older ones.

        • anezarati

          I think you have to blame oems and carriers for the lack of updates and not Google

    • Feed Jake

      I get the sentiment. But I think of it like this, Android phones come out almost daily. iOS users get one a year. So it’s easy to develop apps for ONE device. What they get in universal development, we get in hardware options. But I feel for those on GB.

    • Brian Barcus

      Google has shown love for the Android faithful, they made the Nexus 4 a fantastic, high powered phone and retail it for a price that is not much higher than the subsidized contract laden prices of competitive phones.

  • Mustang5Oh

    Dang, butt hurt about this at all are we? Who cares.

  • Futbolrunner

    Love the title. Hate how iOS shares some of our glory.

  • Guest

    Package tracking and flights (along with other Gmail based cards) do work in the iOS app.

  • Nathan D

    After the latest update, it takes like 30 seconds to search up a definition of a word. They need to focus on their Android app, then move to iOS once the bugs are fixed.

    • EvanTheGamer

      They shouldn’t have moved to the less than stellar mobile operating system in the first place.

      • Ian

        Android is Google. Google is not Android.

    • kevinc

      this is a dumb statement. the apps are developed by different teams.

    • rslh

      Yeah, my GN got noticeably slow after the latest update. I uninstalled the update and will wait for the next iteration.

  • Shane Redman

    Well ok…but will they use it?

  • Cards based on Gmail (tracking packages, flights, etc.) do show up in the iOS app…

    • Really? Not showcased in the video or mentioned anywhere that I could tell.

      • Yep

        • Well, that’s good to know. Thanks for the screenie. Updated post.

        • Ahku Droid

          Don’t forget to call Comcast later. 😉

      • jnt

        It mentioned, in the Verge article I read, that it could tell you your next appointment, but based on your Google calendar, not your Calendar app in iOS. No reason it couldn’t do the same for Gmail.

  • anezarati

    wait, so google now on iOS won’t search your gmail account? i looked at a friends iphone and “gmail” was an option that could be turned on or off.

  • meh. iPhone users tend not to be power users and are boomers..

    • schoat333

      Generally, you are correct. There is a community dedicated to customizing the iphone tho.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Like changing a wallpaper? WOW, that’s very customizable-like! Also very revolutionary.

        • randy

          No like jailbreaking and changing icons or making it look like OS X. Don’t be such a douche noozle

          • EvanTheGamer

            lol…that’s it though? Wow, that’s still…revolutionary! Man, if it was the end of the world right now, I’d totally get an iLame device! Really I would! But thankfully it isn’t so I don’t have to worry about such non-sense.

          • schoat333

            wow way to be a tool. typical fanboism. Have fun being simple minded.

          • EvanTheGamer

            I’m not being a fan boy(although I am a huge fan of the Android platform), I’m just trying to explain to you that Android is far superior in pretty much every way. You can argue all you want, but it’s just the way it is. You can do SO MUCH MORE with Android that you can only dream of doing with iOS. This is just an obvious fact. But it must not be as obvious to someone as trollish and idiotic as you. 🙂

          • mechapathy

            I’m a fanboy, and you’re kinda being a fanboy.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Exactly. They only like simple things and can only handle simple things. That’s how it is for iSheep users.

    • JoshGroff

      Most android users aren’t power users either, we are in the minority on almost any platform aside from maybe desktop linux, but that’s only because most non power users probably have no clue what linux is, or even that you can install a secondary OS on a computer.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Don’t stick up for those iN00Bs! What you think you’re doing d00d?


        • Azn_Android

          As a supporter of both platforms, I must say that you are one of the most obnoxious commenters on this website. Just your comments on this post show that you have no capacity for logical reasoning.

        • JoshGroff

          *grabs pitchfork and torch* You’re right, let’s hunt them down like the noobs they are!

          • EvanTheGamer


  • Dillon Brown

    The only issues I have are that I know a couple iphone friends of mine who I’ve told all about it when it came out (they wouldn’t listen) will now discover it and tell me its the greatest thing ever, and the iphone is just so cool. Second, I feel that development for ios slows down work done to Android apps. Where’s the gmail update? play music anyone?

    • I’m pretty sure they’re completely separate teams but I get your frustration. I’d say (and hope) that the reason you’re not seeing a lot of major Android updates is because they want to reveal them as a package at IO. With iOS, Google doesn’t really have or likely want an event to show off their iOS software, so they drop these cool things at random.

      • Dillon Brown

        you are probably right, gmail usually sees major updates with a new version of android and follows the same number scheme, but why didn’t the visual overhaul come with 4.2? gmail is honestly fine, but there are plenty of google apps in need of some TLC that follow their own schedule and it seems like every other day new ios apps developed from scratch pop up, while many android apps continue to be neglected even with some relatively minor things. I’m not really sure how development inside google works, but I doubt the android developers are being lazy, so if not helping develop for ios what are they doing? well, I hope its some mind-blowing improvements we’ll soon!

        • I think part of it also has to do with legacy code and what not. With iOS, Google is starting from scratch and can pretty much go wherever they want as far as design language. You also have to remember that most of Google’s Android apps have been around long before style guidelines and Google’s overall corporate shift to a more design focused company, whereas everything they’ve been doing that’s nice for iOS has been done during Google’s “design revolution.”

    • [email protected]

      Internal Google teams competing with each other for the same app… Take note apple, this is why Google makes better apps than you, They value competition.

      • trophynuts

        have you ever used any IOS apps in comparison to it’s android app counterpart? you’re sull of fhit if you think Google makes better apps than Ios.

        • monkey082506

          I’m just going to leave this here…Google maps/navigation

        • cancerous_it

          i love all the android apps apple made for android….oh wait.

      • Elliot Kotis

        WOW REALLY?

    • kevinc

      they are developed by different teams. to think that multi billion dollar company can’t do multiple things at once is crazy.

    • cryosx

      Hopefully they’ll start relying on Google more for all of their services. Eventually they’ll realize Google is better on Android and make the switch.

    • codemonkey85

      I don’t see anything wrong with the Gmail experience on Android. Do you?

      If you ask me, some of the Google apps are prettier on iOS because they have to make up for the lack of “extra functionality” that just isn’t possible outside of Android.

      • Dillon Brown

        While I agree, the gmail experience is better on Android than ios and I have no problems with it, it’s more that it is now the “old look” (I think the look is fine) but now it seems that ios apps are representing the new Google design philosophy which they said is company wide and not just for ios, so it just “feels” like android is being neglected. Not really a big deal, but google android apps for the most part already work fine, they should be able to get out the new shiny coat too.

        • codemonkey85

          I see your point, although I’m not as big a fan of the slide-out side menu, and I could honestly do without all the extra colors. I guess that’s just personal preference though.

          Then again, the reason I’ve always leaned toward Android over iOS is that, in my opinion, functionality beats form any day.

          The fact is, Google’s need to unify their look is quite universal. I can think of many apps that need to be updated on iOS, Android, and the web (Google Voice comes to mind). Hopefully they get there soon.

    • Elliot Kotis


  • KleenDroid

    Frickin Aye

  • Warwick

    Now my iPhone friends can add another reason why they wont need to move to Android.

    • KleenDroid

      Because it’s not as powerful as ours they will all be saying it sucks compared to Siri.

      • New_Guy


      • Except it’s genuinely better than Siri… I have faith people will realize that!

        • flosserelli

          You give the typical iOS user too much credit.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Troll. Also get new friends. Immediately.

      • Warwick

        I dont get how I am a troll

        • EvanTheGamer

          Because you are like almost saying that “Good, now my iPhone friends don’t need to go over to bloody Android! Haha!” Or something like that.

          • Warwick

            Oh, no what i was thinking I wish they all jump shipped to Android already. Every now and then they’ll bring up some “feature” they think is new that we had for years lol

          • EvanTheGamer

            Ah, okay, yeah…sorry, jumped the gun on that one then. But yeah, I agree…they need to jump over to the better side that is Android. Everything is just better over here.

        • New_Guy

          you’re not a troll at all…but you DO need new friends :)…

      • kevinc

        pretty dumb assumption and statement to make. you’re no worse the the iOS fanatics.