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HTC Employee: “Sorry About the Thunderbolt in General”

htc thunderbolt

The HTC Thunderbolt is largely thought to be one of the most disappointing, frustrating, and disastrous smartphones of all time. It was released as Verizon’s first 4G LTE device, so you can imagine how much attention it grabbed from the tech universe leading up to and after its arrival two years ago. In fact, we hypebeasted the Thunderbolt for months after it was first unveiled at CES in January of 2011, followed by non-stop coverage of it for a lengthy period of time after release. Unfortunately for HTC and those who bought the phone, the phone struggled to become anything but a nuisance as software delays and poor performance tarnished any sort of positive life it once attempted to live. 

But this isn’t news to any of us. The horror stories of life with the Thunderbolt are well-documented throughout this site and others. The Thunderbolt experience was so bad, that some readers have admitted time and time again that they will never buy another HTC device, no matter how good the reviews on them are. Strong words, very strong words. What if HTC was willing to sympathize with you? Would that change anything?

According to an HTC employee who has been on the prowl over at reddit for the last few days answering questions and providing support, his company feels your pain. Reddit user “Erick_HTC” who very well could be Erick Nielsen, because he introduced himself as someone who works at writing up troubleshooting guides of devices and supporting users who report issues, wants to say “sorry about the Thunderbolt in general.” He admits that the Tbolt was a “difficult project” and that he understands why you feel the way you do, but wishes “we didn’t destroy your trust.”

Erick hopes that you will give them another chance because they are doing “much better” now, though, something we can attest to.

Refreshing to see someone from a tech company express their true feelings, even if they aren’t a part of their PR or social media teams. I can imagine that plenty of their company workers feel similarly, yet aren’t in a position to share those thoughts. Reddit to the rescue!

So what do you think, Thunderbolt owners – will you ever give HTC another chance?

Via:  reddit

  • dspman

    I guess my question, after more than two years with a thunderbolt, is whether or not the problem is hardware or software?
    The newest load of ICS has rendered my phone nearly unusable. I barely missed a call the other day, so, as one would expect, I went to the recent call list and touched the name/number of the missed called to return it. I exaggerate not one bit when I say that I counted to 57 before the call was actually made.
    I can’t speak for others, but my device is still – most importantly – a phone for my purposes. It is completely unacceptable for it to take nearly a minute to place a phone call. What if I had been in some sort of serious danger and really needed help quickly. I’d be dead now.

    If I root my phone can I actually get some real functionality back, or is the hardware just not up to the task?

    • JC

      My wife’s TB started randomly Rebooting/battery draining after the “minor” ICS patch update. It only happens when she’s connected to a 3G network. 4G or WiFi is fine. phone can last all day, even using facebook and internet. get to a 3g area with 100% battery life. hit FB app, batery is at 15%. go figure.

      I have a TB but using a Debloted Stock ICS ROM on my rooted phone. I don’t have any issues

  • SirLancelotTheBrave

    I was thinking of the Droid DNA when I was up for my upgrade, but after this? The first and last HTC phone I will ever own. This phone was a nightmare from day one…constant reboots. 2nd update? Reboots more. 3rd update? Not as many reboots, but still there. 4th update(Gingerbread)? Voicemail notification broken. Battery life was god-awful(when I first got the phone, I got maybe 6 hours of battery life, withOUT using the phone). I dumped this phone as fast as I could. Got a Moto RAZR HD(which got Jelly bean as promised).

    Let’s see HTC apologize for this Charlie Foxtrot of a phone. We paid good money for it!

  • stratplayer

    Absolutely I will give HTC another chance. It’s refreshing, albeit late, to get a (semi) official apology from HTC for the Blunderdolt. But the ONE looks really great, if only stupid Verizon would get it. No way I’m leaving my unlimited data for T-Mobile.

  • Lloydsboy

    The “Thunderbucket” was the worst phone experience ever. Best day was when I got rid of it. Switched to Moto and have never been happier.

  • spursrchamps2007

    I had a tbolt, am now no longer with Verizon as of a few weeks ago (that and price) and will personally never buy a HTC phone again. My wife had a samsung continuum, which was also a colossal failure, but that phone looked remarkable compared to the Tbolt.

  • Elliot

    the Tbolt was my first smartphone and when it continually restarted and had connection issues I swore off HTC forever. sure the HTC One looks nice and is getting good reviews, but I still have a bad taste in my mouth toward the company as a whole. Motorola is my go to company now, unless Samsung decides to use something other than plastic