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HTC Rezound Receiving Update to Build 4.05.605.14 – Adds Global Roaming Support, is Not Jelly Bean

rezound update

An update for the HTC Rezound has been approved by Verizon this morning as build 4.05.605.14. This is not Jelly Bean, I repeat, this is not Jelly Bean. It does add global roaming support, though, a feature I thought should have been added, oh, a year ago. But hey, it’s there now!

The update also includes updates and improvements to bloatware, along with improvements to Skype video calling, device stability, and data connectivity. And that’s about it.

Since Big Red has approved the update, one would assume that it will start to rollout in a matter of days. The update is 207MB in size.

More info.

  • jaccus58

    I no longer am on Verizon with this phone but would love to use it with AT&T is there a way to load this file without being on Verizon’s network?

  • One has to wonder why HTC has been so mum on JB for their 2011 dual core devices. It’s not just the Rezound; The Sensation, Evo 3D, Amaze, and a couple of others have been stuck on ICS for quite some time. The Ville C2 (Asian & EU One S) runs the same Snapdragon S3 SoC as those and received JB a couple of months ago. The only excuse HTC has is purely monetary, because these phones are more than capable of running JB and I dare say Sense 5.

  • Eddie

    Rezound has been abandoned, its still on ICS and HTC won’t say if it will be upgraded or not to JB. All HTC cares about is their new ONE. I’m not buying HTC anymore.

  • cool, now i can change my craigslist listing to “world phone” and maybe get a little more money for it!

  • Fireal

    I don’t understand all the hate for this phone. I’m currently on my second rezound running the latest cm 10.1 nightlies (wildstang) with hiro kernel by iHateWebOS and it runs like a dream with great battery life. The developer support for this phone is great, and I would much rather hold on to this phone rather then upgrade and lose my unlimited data plan or pay full price for a phone.

  • RudiXeno

    It’s not likely. From here on out avoid “Verizon only” HTC devices. Not enough handsets are sold to make it cost effective to provide more than minimum updates.

    • Thats one reason I didn’t get it, but this is just sad.

    • LionStone

      You mean like the 2 major OS updates the HTC Thunderbolt received?

  • mustbepbs

    The best decision I ever made was returning my HTC Rezound the day after I bought it.

  • T4rd

    I got this phone for my wife just over a year ago for her B-Day and am disappointed in it. She has to keep it on a charger all day long and it’s pretty slow/unresponsive a lot of times. It’s retarded that it hasn’t received JB yet either even though it has specs that can more than support it. I’m not buying HTC products anymore because of this phone if this is the type of support I can expect. This is a good example of why carrier exclusives are bad ideas. I’ll bet you DNA owners can expect the same type of support.

    • JoshGroff

      Sitting with a Sense 5 ROM on mine right now, I literally couldn’t care less when it comes to stock, so I’m perfectly fine with HTC. I always unlocked and root my devices as soon as I take them out of the box.

      I’m not partial to HTC, but spec wise, the DNA is the best phone on VZW at the moment, aside from the storage, but I can manage.

      • T4rd

        You mean aside from storage (which is a pretty big con in its case), battery life and camera.

        I do the same thing though; unlock/root/ROM my phone as soon as I get it. But for my wife, I want her to have the most stable phone possible, so I don’t mess with her phone at all in that respect.

        • JoshGroff

          Battery life isn’t bad in my experience, especially not for a 1080p display, and the camera is good. (seemed on par with the Note 2+S3 at least) Storage isn’t horrible if you manage it right and stream videos instead of downloading them. (However, I would much rather pop in my 16GB SD and be able to have the extra space, but it’s not a major deal breaker.) I have about 1-1.2k songs taking up about 8GB of storage, the rest is left open for apps and what not.

          • T4rd

            I didn’t mean to say battery life was bad, just not the best compared to the Razr HD, HD Maxx and Note 2.

            I know it’s a good phone and hardware is decent. It just sucks that HTC chooses to keep releasing these carrier exclusive phones that they have no intention of supporting past one major update. They would be much better off if they had skipped the Rezound, Incredible LTE and DNA and released the One X and One on Verizon. Not having those phones on Verizon makes them lose out on a lot of potential customers and it would have made it much easier to support (for both first and third party in both hardware and software) their devices across all carriers.

          • JoshGroff

            That’s definitely true, although it is packing quite a bit more in the performance and graphics departments though, so the extra battery drain makes sense. (Not to mention the extra drain from who knows what sense is doing in the background)

            Yeah, they had an awful lot of carrier exclusive devices (in fact most of their devices seemed to be just rebranded exclusive copies of each other,) and it’s been taking a toll. I figured they had something going with the One, but then Verizon passed it up. (IMO it’s still decent enough of a step up from the DNA and wouldn’t be the first time VZW launched a marginally upgraded phone a few months after another)

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      I too bought this phone for my wife as it was what she wanted of the options then. Still have until april for an upgrade though.

      Question for anyone reading, can we now put a local sim in this? or is this just the “oh so cool overpay VZ for intl roaming”

      • xczy

        It’s unlocked. I’ve stuck an AT&T SIM in mine when the global/GSM feature were just being discovered a year ago. However, you’re not going to get a 3G connection.

  • WalkerNA

    Let’s Golf 2 was updated!!! Woot!

  • Tony Byatt

    The Rezound is actually a pretty good phone, it just wasn’t pushed very strongly. I had it a year ago before going to the S3, then the Nexus 4…

  • bogy25

    The Rezound is a great phone – even today, almost two years after its release, the specs are still impressive and competitive. The camera is just great – HTC makes great cameras for their phones. Even my Thunderbolt will destroy my Razr MAXX HD camera. Sad but true.

    • i replaced my rezound with nexus 4 but dare i say the rezound took better photos hands down, and the nexus 4 has a good camera

    • Still rocking the Rezound. It’s been the most stable Android phone I’ve owned so far. Typical internet tough guys just talking crap with no firsthand experience.

    • Tyler Cameron

      But the battery life is just as bad, if not worse than the Thunderbolt’s. I loved the camera, screen, and the reception was the best on ANY phone I’ve ever seen; including Motorola phones! But I don’t know why HTC only put in a 1600mAh battery in it, you take off the battery cover, look how thick it is, look at all the wasted space behind the battery cover, they couldn’ve EASILY put in a 2800+mAh battery. But HTC chose not to. And that is why I couldn’t stand the phone. The battery life is unacceptable.

  • DanWazz

    I feel bad for all the people that bought this. I know a lot of Incredible owners opted for this, as it was seen as the next version of that phone. Glad I bought the GNex instead.

    • Jay

      I don’t feel bad. Although the GNex is a solid phone, the Rezound had the best display for almost (at least) a full year. Also the camera is incredible.

      Especially after rooting/rom the device is just crazy solid.

      Nothing will ever be as solid as the OG Incredible, but this was definitely close.

      • Tirionfive

        Hell no. The screen had light leakage like a motherf*er and the camera was terrible in low light. Laggy and bad battery life, Heavy as a brick and thicker than any other phone. (even the 3GS)

        I honestly can’t say anything good about this phone. The developer support might have gotten better after I got rid of it, but the GNEX is so much better.

        • JoshGroff

          Brighter higher res screen, camera was much better than the G-Nex, dev support was meh, but there was a solid CM10.1 port. Certainly not laggy outside of stock software.

          I do agree with you on weight and thickness though, that thing was a brick.

          • Tirionfive

            Same resolution (720p) the Gnex just has Pentile. Camera was better in low light than the Gnex, but still trash compared to the S3 or other phones. I never got the privlege of messing with stock android, as this device was way late to the AOSP game.

            I hate to be that person, but I had CM10.1 on my Gnex. Never again. CM is just way laggy compared to shiny.

          • JoshGroff

            I meant pixel density, always get it confused with resolution. (Screen was also much more crisp, but I believe that was due to the SLCD screen as opposed to the pentile Amoled) Also, comparing a phone to a phone from the next generation, of course the camera’s going to be sub par, usually. (It sure beat the RAZR HD, but Motorola’s never been one to include even remotely decent cameras) I’ve never had problems with CM personally, to each his own I guess, then again I don’t usually do any heavy multitasking, usually just streaming Netflix.

      • Diablo81588

        The Gnex is far from a solid phone.

        • Jay

          I would agree maybe “out of the box” it’s not, but you have to root it and load up some better ROM with a solid Kernel to get solid performance.

  • J Davis

    This phone will be lucky to get Jelly Bean by next Easter..

  • Sadface

    Yeah, pathetic handling by VZ and HTC. Big mistake to have purchased it…

  • The Rezound started on Gingerbread, actually. It got the official ICS not long ago.

  • hkklife

    Don’t worry, it probably won’t. Droid Inc2 and the Rhyme still are awaiting ICS that’s likely to never appear and the Rezound deserves JB that it’ll likely never get. i have zero reason to believe the DNA will do any better, especially considering its short lifespan.

    • JoshGroff

      I don’t mind, I ROM my devices and sell them well before they’re even officially abandoned. Sitting on a DNA atm, contemplating an S4, but think I’d rather wait for I/O and hop off Verizon with the next nexus.

  • Illinipoke

    Holly crap, the Bionic got JB before the rezound?

    • JoshGroff

      I’m not even remotely surprised for two reasons.

      1) Google owns Motorola

      2) Blur is much closer to stock than sense

    • MicroNix

      Does anyone still have questions as to why HTC is in the dumper and Sammy eating their lunch? Lack of support will get you slaughtered in this biz and HTC is becoming the poster child. That is why the HTC One would never be on my radar. I could care less about perceived “build quality”.

      • sc4fpse

        Saw support and child in the same sentence. I imagined Peter Chou not paying child support to the mother of the Rezound. I giggled a little.

  • Tim242

    Why would they add global roaming at this point???

    • T4rd

      Well Rezound owners don’t have much longer left in their contract, so now they can take their phone to a GSM carrier! (not really since it’s not really unlocked, but I’m trying to make a joke here =p, you can easily unlock this phone though if you want).

      • Tyler Cameron

        Yes it is unlocked. I don’t know where you get the silly idea that it isn’t. But it doesn’t have US 3G band support. I believe it’s dualband eruo 3G.

  • ceejw

    The rezound didn’t already have global roaming?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Yes but not officially… the leak that enabled global roaming came out long ago — this is the official Verizon update.

  • BTLS

    It’s hard to believe that I actually considered this phone before the Gnex release…

    • hkklife

      yup. i was *this* close to selling my Bionic in favor of a Rezound or GNex. Glad I didn’t, as the Bionic has fared the best of VZW’s first three big LTE dual-vore devices. Rezound has seemingly been abandoned, GNex has various hardware issues so the Bionic’s stable JB build is greatly appreciated. A shame about the Rezound , as I know a lot of people who got one when it came out (due to the bundled earbuds) or when VZW briefly dropped it to $50.

      • Tirionfive

        It’s hard to believe I actually owned this phone instead of the Gnex….

        (I now have a Gnex, thanks to Verizon’s rock solid customer support)

        • Diablo81588

          I feel sorry for you. Besides the screen, the Bionic is a much better phone. Glad I didn’t wait for that Galaxy Nexus trash.

          • Tirionfive

            Hah! the Gnex is solid. Only week point is battery life. Gnex is still one of the best looking phones out there.

          • Too bad looks only get you so far. Gnex may be a fanboy’s wetdream, but in the real world where people need phones that work, it’s a pile of feces. Battery life sucks, reception sucks, the camera sucks…

  • Jeff Tycz

    The Rezound is looking like the next Thunderbolt in terms of being upgraded

    • Edwin M

      Is looking like? I own the Rezound, it is the Thunderbolt in their eyes. My next device will not be HTC I can tell you that much.

      • Sobr0801

        Sold it and never looked back. How frustrating.

      • JoshGroff

        I buy phones for the hardware, I do not bother with stock software. Devs always have a more stable/newer build out way before HTC anyway, so it’s never been a big deal for me.

        • wetzilla

          The development community for the Rezound is pretty weak, JB roms still don’t run well on it.

          • JoshGroff

            Sure it isn’t the best, but there are plenty of great devs, like iamtheonetheycallneo, who had a solid CM10.1 port out. I was running it until I decided to upgrade to the DNA. (Grabbed one used for 330, couldn’t pass it up.) The dev scene on any carrier exclusive device is going to be pretty weak, but I’d rather have top notch hardware and be a version or two behind than to have the latest software on outdated hardware. (I’m pretty sure there’s an iPhone joke that could fit there.)

    • LionStone

      That’s great news if it is, then it should get another major OS upgrade, since the TB got 2.

      • Jeff Tycz

        well if you feel like waiting another 6 months i guess its great

        • LionStone

          I’ve moved on from the TB personally…but if people like their Rezound and they end up getting JB, awesome. If they get fed up and can’t wait, they’ll move on too.

  • Finire

    I’d love to see the Rezound get a JB… one of these days… soon.

    • Jay

      I have Jellybean on mine. Root/ROM/Win!

      • Finire

        I was going to, but I can’t find a decent CM 10.1 build for the phone.

        • Jay

          Here ya go:


          This was created by Neo off of the CM10.1 build. It’s fast, smooth, damn stable (I get a few “system ui stopped” messages, but it doesn’t affect anything).

          Neo is a very active developer. I donated to him a while ago because he’s just incredible. He was one of the first to do a truly stock/stripped version of ICS for the Rezound and really does everything possible to make it incredibly fast. BT/WIFI/GPS all that stuff works, as does hotspot.

          • Finire

            Well now I’ve got something to do while I’m pretending to work today… Thank you!

          • Jay


            Also, he’s very good with responding to any problems you might have.

          • JoshGroff

            I second that. I was running the same ROM up until I sold My Rezound, and it was nothing short of amazing.