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Nokia Wins Preliminary Injunction Against HTC One Over Duplicated Microphones

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As if the HTC One hasn’t seen enough setbacks already before its launch, a new court ruling against HTC in the Netherlands looks to make it even worse. Nokia has been awarded a preliminary injunction against the HTC One centering around high-amplitude microphones that are found in the phone. The microphones found inside the One are the exact same as the mics found in the Lumia 720, and that is no good for HTC. 


The same company makes the microphones for HTC and Nokia, but Nokia says that the components of these mics in particular were made specifically for Nokia. While this could be a mistake on HTC’s part, it could have been the fault of the microphone manufacturer in this case. In the meantime the One is facing more setbacks.

HTC says they are “disappointed” in the decision from the court and that they will “explore alternate solutions immediately.”

Via: Engadget

  • Stoli89

    My prediction: HTC’s soon-to-be out-going CEO will write a book called HNTC…How Not to Copy.

  • blame apple for all this misery

  • Cuco

    HTC One is better. It is perfect to use HTC One with this to add extenal storage!!!

    • Manny Subia

      Why someone would Down-Vote this comment is beyond me LOL

      • Cuco


  • Tech Pro

    Saw another report, the injunction was against ST. Because ST signed an year-long exclusive deal with Nokia. ST need to pay Nokia and stop shipping this part to HTC. This is probably re-package of same hardware. ST should have changed key parameter a bit before they sell it to HTC. HTC probably need need firmware sound shaping filter redesign if a new mic is required.

  • Dillon Brown

    I guess when you both are on the down the only thing left is to kick at each other…

  • MrBlonde04

    god dammit! I really want the HTC One to sell really well, because they really do deserve it with this phone! They’ve done really well with it. I would pick this up before any other phone right now, even the G4. To bad I’m on Verizon =/

  • Jack

    Nokia is being greedy its the new apple whats up with this all cell phone manufacturers are sacred of HTC ONE

    • Adamania

      They’re very sacred.

  • Jack

    Why should HTC have to pay for this? from the article it seems that ST
    Electronics should be paying up due to them breaking their NDA

    • They’re not having to pay, they’re having to halt sales of the product. They pretty much have two options at this point, pay Nokia for a license to include the tech in their phones or pick a new part that doesn’t infringe and scrap all the already made devices. I suppose there is a third option, fight the injunction and hope to win.

      • Stoli89

        I highly doubt Nokia is going to license the tech as hardware differentiation remains a key pillar within its business strategy. Clearly Rich Recording is part of this differentiation strategy.

  • libitum

    HTC advertises those chips as their own technology: dual-membrane High Sensitivity Microphones.

    who would have told that those dual membrane tech was only a rebranded name for the 2 years old HAAC Microphones from Nokia Pureview 808, Lumia 920 and Lumia 720.

    • Naquadria

      Looks like they’re advertising the tech. No where does it say, built from the ground up by HTC engineers. Pretty big stretch to assume they’re claiming it as their own. Plus “our built-in “dual-membrane” microphones”, could just mean the ones they’re using, not the ones they developed.

  • hashtagtroll


  • OMFG, over microphones……seriously????? Next thing you know they’re gonna bitch about how big a phone is or the color or whatever. I wish all these companies would just keep to themselves and make their products and be on their merry way.

    • Bob G

      Color already is a subject of lawsuits, FYI.
      Just look at Tiffany Blue if you want to see the most well known protected color.

  • Austin Warren

    BOOM! Pun intended

    • Bob G

      That is a very SOUND usage of a pun.

      • William_Morris

        I see what you did there.


    Looks like everyone is following Apple’s lead: litigate, not innovate.

    • foodbutapple

      Except dual HAAC microphones are the only cellphone mics capable of cd quality recording in a phone. They were developed by Nokia and were the headline feature of many Nokia phones such as the 808 (rich recording) and are critically acclaimed (808 pureview rich recording). HTC has practically taken this invention put it in their device and bragged about it as a headlining feature.

      They even have a page lauding themselves for nokia’s tech.


  • geeze HTC just can’t catch a break.

  • Shane Redman

    But they’re obviously different….Nokia has the 307 and the One has the 302 😛

    • foodbutapple

      That’s just the number in reference to the date the components were made. The vd-14 is nokia’s number.

      • michael arazan

        Manufacturer’s passing off the same parts to save money instead of building a different component. This is stupid, unless Nokia has that specific type of mic patented or some type of exclusive licensing agreement with the manufacturer, I can’t see HTC really getting into trouble over it. I think HTC would know better and hopefully its an honest mistake they really don’t need to fork over more money to another company over something this ridiculous

        • Stoli89

          Nokia’s requested injunction does not prevent it from defending related patents in a different venue. It likely went to the Dutch court because it has jurisdiction over the same venue as STM’s holding company. Therefore, the injunction will have influence over STM’s actions (as the exclusive manufacturer of these components) on a global basis, with immediate effect. I suspect any other Nokia IP related to RichRecording will take more time to defend in the courts. Clearly, it was to Nokia’s advantage as design owner to defend in this manner. IMO.

  • htowngtr

    So ridiculous. These companies employ people that their sole job is to look into new phones to see if anything, no matter how small, infringes on what they have.

    • Bob G

      Don’t blame the companies, blame the system.

    • Harley22x

      720 is a great phone. And any company that isn’t thouroughly looking into what others are doing is going to fail. I garantee every competing company knows the ins and outs of their competitions devices in the smartphone market.

  • gokusimpson

    I can’t see how it’s HTC’s fault. The microphone company sold them the parts. HTC probably didn’t know anything about the Nokia mics

    • Exactly. That’s like GM suing Ford because Ford released a vehicle with the exact same tires that a competing GM vehicle had.

      • foodbutapple

        Not even close. Its like ford making a fuel injection system and having it as headliner for there vehicle and then GM purchasing that part from the supplier and using it in there engine while coining a new marketing term and bragging about it.

        • Manthas

          And even in your example, it’s the supplier who is at fault.

          • JorbotheBorb

            It’s on the manufacturer to make sure that the supplier isn’t double dipping. Supplier is a douche, but the manufacturer isn’t covering its ass. No sympathy here.

          • Assigning blame really isn’t that black and white. HTC has some responsibility of ensuring that they source parts properly and do their due diligence. I feel like analogies are never really applicable and always a source of contention so will skip one.

          • All of this depends. If that specific microphone model is owned by Nokia and built by the supplier, or they have an exclusivity contract with Nokia for that particular model, the onus would be on the supplier for selling outside of the contract. If HTC knew about that contract prior to production, or found out and took no action to correct it prior to the court case, then Nokia has a legitimate case against both of them.

      • My point is, it’s mainly the supplier’s fault. HTC isnt totally innocent, Im sure…but the supplier could have just said no…or developed something specific for them with similar properties.

    • Austin Warren


    • libitum

      HTC advertises those chips as their own technology: dual-membrane High Sensitivity Microphones.

      who would have told that those dual membrane tech was only a rebranded name for the 2 years old HAAC Microphones from Nokia Pureview 808, Lumia 920 and Lumia 720.

    • Harley22x

      Your telling me thay HTC had no idea that they were Nokia’s microphones? What your saying is HTC is buying mics from a supplier and have the right to think it was theirs?

  • as if the launch of the One couldn’t be any worse in Europe this happens…