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Friday App Sales: Real Boxing, Perfectly Clear, Redneck Revenge, and More

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With the weekend coming up, it’s time to start prepping and get some new games and apps on your device to keep you busy. If a new game is what you are looking for, check out the epic title, Real Boxing. With extremely detailed graphics and sound clips that would make anyone squint, it’s certainly worth the dollar. As for utility apps, Perfectly Clear is a good choice if you enjoy tweaking with your on-device photos, an easily justifiable $1.50. 

App Sales:

If you spot any other noteworthy sales, feel free to drop them down below in the comments section.

Go get ’em!

  • Reisen Udongein

    Yep, I’ve just bought EDGE after watching the trailer, looks like a brilliant time buster.

  • Too bad Real boxing is still not compatible with most phones.

  • Aaron


  • JamesU513


    • Josh Flowers


  • JamesU513

    I just bought Edge and Real Boxing…now I have 102 games I don’t play…i have no control over the way my mind works when I see a $1 price tag

  • Granted

    I’m so sick of retards today, over-using the word “Epic”. It is so inappropriately used, that it has basically lost any meaning that it once had. Everything today is so unbelievably EPIC! ” Did you like those waffles that I cooked for you?” ” Yes, they were like totally EPIC!”. ” How do you like that piece of paper that I just gave you?” ” It is friggin EPIC!”.

    • Wazzifer

      try “swag”, “clean”, “fresh”, “ill”, “dope”, and “I must cop that.” I’d take “epic” any day over those words.

    • Your comment is EPIC!

    • Trevor

      I’m sick of people that use “retard” as a derogatory term. Grow up.

  • Thomas


    • Phenomenal

      • The. Great. Cornholio!


        • valapsp

          Enough is enough!!!

        • Thomas


        • Fantastic

      • stupendous

    • KRS_Won


  • CasperTFG

    Boxing: not compatible with N10. Great times.

    • Josh Flowers

      went to buy it. was rejected with the same message. took my dollar and bought myself a pack of Starburst as consolation.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Any suggestions from anyone who owns these games? Also what is the best game folks are playing on their N7?

    • George L

      Definitely get the Edge and Edge Extended games. Beyond fun! I got them on Windows when they first came out and eventually through the Humble Bundle for Android, but going to pick up both so they’ll be tied to my Google Play account. For $1.98 you can’t get any better games (at least not from those listed).

      EDIT: Both are even better on my N7, but as far as fun games for that the Need For Speed Most Wanted, Cubes vs Spheres and Dead Trigger are the ones I really enjoy. Osmos too. (Which I purchased along with the Edge ones through the Humble Bundle.)

  • TheCheapGamer

    Just wondering since it’s already happened.
    I assume an.droid-life is dead and droid-life is no longer droid (verizon) exclusive?

    • Tim242

      Where have you been?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Lol kind of crept up on you huh? Its all one site now.

    • Thomas

      Hi I’m earth, have we met.

      • Granted

        Hello Earth, suck my man meat.

        • Thomas

          Call me 😉

    • will bartlett

      not enough droid only news anyways…so why keep them separate?

  • Stefan

    Played the EDGE games quite a while ago, but enjoyed them a lot. $1,98 well spent on those, if you pick them up from this deal.

  • Shane Redman

    oh boy, real boxing! gee golly I can’t wait…..it’s gonna be swell