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Microsoft Surface Estimated to Be Selling Better Than the Nexus 10

Nexus 10 Display

When the Nexus 7 launched with a combination of low price and decent specs, it was just what Google needed to give Android tablets a good name. When the Nexus 10 launched with one of the best displays in the industry and stock Jelly Bean, it made a good follow up to the Nexus 7, but sales so far haven’t done the same. 

Industry analyst Benedict Evans has done some snooping around the Google Play store and came to the conclusion that only 680,000 Nexus 10s are out in customers’ hands. When compared with the almost 7 million Nexus 7s reportedly sold, that number is disappointing. When you consider that Microsoft has pushed more Surface devices than that, the number becomes even worse.

What we’re curious to know, is what Google could have done to push Nexus 10 sales? Why is it that the N10 isn’t selling as well as the Nexus 7 or other tablets?

Via: BGR

  • hkklife

    As said earlier by others, iPad rules the $500+ roost simply by sheer clout, branding, name recognition and the lemming mentality . Nexus 10 is arguably the best tablet on the hardware but Google ruined it with 3 biggies:

    1. Nexus 7 is a “comparable” experience but a FAR better value for the $
    2. Asking consumers to pay $100 more for a pitiful 16Gb of extra storage is insane. Totally Apple-style there, Google.
    3. Very few Android apps are optimized for 1080P, so even fewer are N10-ready.
    4. Nexus 10 has had next to ZERO retail availability and no in-store demos or signage.
    5. Lack of 1st party accessories has also not helped matters.
    6. Few outlets in general offer the N10 compared to the N7. N7 “deals’ have been widespread since last Nov or Dec. Yet I’ve seen one or two lousy e-bay refurb deals on the N10. The Play Store sucks for ordering hardware—slow, lousy CS, charging sales tax + shipping magically inflates everyone’s expected price. We simply need greater supply and more competition between sellers to really light a fire and create some buzz for the N10.

    It’s not too late to save the N10 but I do NOT think Google has the patience to try and see it through. It’s almost like they designed to the N10 to intentionally flop. If I were Google, I would immediately strike a deal to get the N10 into more retail stores–Costco, Target, and BB would all be ideal candidates. I find it bizarre how Office Depot carries the N7 but not the N10. Secondly, EOL the 16Gb version and slash its price down to $350 or $325 or so. Drop the existing 32Gb model to $399 and include a POGO charging cable in the box for future shipments or as a mail-in freebie. Then throw out a few Play Store credits or freebie apps or films to current N10 owners to thank them for being early adopters. Finally, work with Samsung to rush out a juiced-up version around $450 with 64Gb storage. Basically Google and Samsung MUST undercut Apple more in price while trouncing them in features and specs. A 32Gb $499 N10 is going to gather dust on store shelves next to a $499 16Gb iPad 4. People bought a N7 not because of its OS but because it was a nicely-spec’d device at an attractive size and pricepoint that was widely available. That N10 has none of that going for it.

    When the N10 was first announced last year I said it was too much $, too much (specs), and too soon. Google needed something like the Asus MemoPad 10 in 2012 as a $299 10″ big brother to the N7. Or, ideally, address the underserved screen size range of 8″ to 9”. Look how hot the iPad Mini is.

    Heck, even now I’d be totally content with a $299-$350 32Gb 1080P 9″ or 10″ Nexus tablet based on one of the existing Asus models. At 10.1″, 1920×1080 is PLENTY of resolution for the current SoCs, especially when gaming.

  • jer85008

    At it’s current pricing, nothing really makes it stand out from a consumer perspective over and above an iPad or Kindle Fire HD/Nook HD. Once people see 10″ tablets in the $400-500 range, they just say F-it and start looking at the iPad. If you just want a big tablet, the Kindle or Nook is really a much better deal. Like someone else said below, the Nexus 10 is only advantageous for an Android enthusiast. If they were $100-$150 cheaper, I would have one already though….

  • Was faced with this decision for my workplace. I opted for the MS Lenovo tablet 2. My decision was heavily influenced by the fact that the MS tablets are really an extension of the desktop making it a perfect fit for using “real” MS office tools including “real” Outlook.

    I think as more and more businesses buy into the fact that tablets can be used in so many productive ways that they will want something that is closely compatible with their “desktop” environment. With this philosophy you may see a pretty big uptick in MS tablet sales.

  • Keith

    I don’t think Google really intended to market the N10 aggressively or market it at all. Considering the absence of marketing, selling 1 million units isn’t a bad deal. I love my Nexus 10.

  • Curt29

    I love my nexus 10. I wish it had the surface cover. If it did, my post might be longer!

  • mldi

    It seems pretty obvious that the severe lack of presence in brick and mortars really hurts sales. Also, their commercials are nice, but volume speaks, and actually saying the name of the product helps it stick with people. Google needs to get their head out of their ass and make a solid effort to put these things in more major retail stores. The Surface has this combined with a huge advertising budget, which demonstrates my point all by itself.

  • T_Dizzle

    I got my wife one for a baby present, while she’s still pregnant, and this thing is impressive. It could use a good ad campaign though.

  • Mike Johnson

    having had a couple of tablets of each size from different vendors, my opinion is the 7″ is a better size. easier to hold while reading, fits in large pockets, easier to thumb type in either orientation. maybe other people are coming to the same conclusion

    • Curt29

      I’m a big fan of the 10 inch size. My girlfriend has the nexus 7, and I have the 10. I have used both and like the 10. However, I don’t carry my tablet around much so I have never needed to put it in my pocket. Also, I am addicted to swipe which means I don’t thumb type.

  • RaptorOO7

    What is Google going to announce for tablets at I/O? Will we see something better, GSM/LTE for AT&T or T-Mo something that is compelling enough to change out my other tablet.

  • RaptorOO7

    If Google would design, advertise and offer something worth a damn then it would do better.

    Its time they made Motorola the Nexus Division and stopped all this playing patty cake. Put out real hardware someone wants to buy. Make the tablets with LTE, put 64GB & 128GB microSD slots, make them compelling.

    Offer accessories at launch and not 6 months later. Find better partners.

  • poeddroiduser

    1) Price 399 vs 199 for why N7 over N10

    1a)I really wanted an N10 but the extra $100 for 32GB vs 16 was a real deal killer

  • BrianCherry

    Well if anyone deciding that they don’t want their Nexus 10 after reading this, I have a iPad 4 for trade

  • Shaggy723

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Google and I think Nexus products rock (I own two of them), but I would much rather have a surface pro than a nexus 10. The surface pro is an actual computer with no limitations.
    Now if they mean the gimped surface that runs on an arm processor, then I would take the nexus 10 any day over it.

    • Curt29

      I would to, but the surface cost twice as much!

  • I’m thinking more people in the Google market want a 7″ tablet instead of a 10″?

  • I’m kinda in the market for a N10, but I’m expecting an update soon, so I don’t want to buy the current generation.

    I already have an N7 and intend to upgrade it if the hi-res version is announced at IO

    • ostensibly


    • i duuno the n10 hardware is very current..by update u mean a cellular radio then ya that should be in the works!

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    I have one.

    That’s all that matters. 😉

  • shooter50

    Make it less ugly. Quad core. 2G ram. Sd slot. Sell it locally. This thing was set up for failure from the start

    • A15 dual core > A9 quad. It has 2gb ram.

    • Curt29

      I love the look. I an more than proud to show of my nexus 10.

  • Gary Rogers

    I wanted to purchase the Nexus 10 the problem is other than the Google Play store or Walmart you don’t really have any choices I like to hold something in my hands before I buy it the Nexus 7 is available at Kmart Walmart staples office max QVC HSN it’s a lot easier to purchase and its cheaper.I think they should have made the Nexus 10 more readily available

  • Well besides the price the Surface is a great tablet from what ive heard, plus Microsoft has put a lot of money into advertising it along with windows 8. Ive only seen one nexus 10 commercial and it wasn’t very good.

  • ScoobySnack

    Samsung is not cool anymore, that’s why they’re not selling.

  • The nexus 10 isn’t available in brick and mortar sites like the nexus 7 is. That immediately will stop the amount of units did cause it’s not as easy to get it. When I worked for staples at the launch of the nexus 7, we could barely keep it in stock because of the low price point. If the same business model was followed for the nexus 10, it would’ve made a huge difference, but this longer after launch, I doubt there is much they can do now.

  • Alexander Anteneh

    the surface is advertised as a laptop essentially. If the N10 had sold more units that would be more of a shock. Windows needs those sales, google is seeking to build their ecosystem.

  • bigdaddyellison

    No SD slot, only a dual core proc. I can get quad core 10″ tablets for the same price. Asus and Samsung both have tablets with great screens that have more horsepower and SD support. I keep movies and music on SD cards so I can move them between phone and tablet.

    • edude03

      While you’re correct about the lack of SD card, you’ve been misinformed about the CPU. The Dualcore A15 is around 50% faster than the quadcore A9s due to architectural changes. Furthermore, as a computer engineer I can promise you that More cores != More performance because most software is designed to run on a single core since writing multicore software is inherently difficult. Therefore a single fast core will beat two slower cores in most tests. Likewise, two fast A15 cores will out perform four slow A9 cores for the same reason.

      • Curt29

        I’m learning concurrent programming at the moment and agree.

  • rodney11ride

    simply put we live in a world were presentation matters. Apple owned presentation before the SG3. In my house you see a N10 commercial then you see a fancy commercial with fancy detachable keyboards and people dancing…. ummm yeah my kids, who dont know crap about tech, like the Surface… duh.

  • icedrop

    Thought about getting a nexus 10, bought the Surface Pro (which is awesome) instead. Honestly the Nexus 10 just didn’t have enough horsepower under the hood. Knew I would have to upgrade way to soon.

    • Shaggy723

      Plus, why would you want a tablet with a limited phone/mobile OS over a full-fledged no limitations computer?

  • ApplesNAndroids

    We’ve got an iPad (third generation) and we also have three nexus 7 tablets. The nexus tablets go with us everywhere we go with the kids. The kids love to use them, and I like to tinker with them as well. I think the N7 is a fantastic tablet for it’s low cost. I never had much interest in purchasing a N10 however. I’m just excited to see the new N7. It’s going to be amazing

  • There are plenty of droid tabs out there to pick from. I have the Asus Infinity which is far superior to the nex10 imo. On the other hand, if you want a microsoft device, there is only one. If google wants a nexus to sell, they need to come off some points – like no sd card slot. Then maybe folks will come around

    • Steve Benson

      Please don’t ever refer to it as a “droid” tab. Makes you sound like an idiot.

  • Steve Benson

    1. Lower the price.
    2. Actually market the goddamn thing.

    • rodney11ride


    • GawkerRedesignSucks

      The price is already very competitive. How cheap do you expect a high spec’d, 10″ tablet to be!?

      • DoctorJB

        The N7 sells well because it is cheaper AND better than the competition. The N10 is excellent hardware but initial reviews showed serious lag and the price is similar to other 10″ tablets.

        • and n10 crashes & resets all the time..im kinda disapointed.. l still love my n7

      • kg215

        I agree the price is very reasonable for super high res and dual core A15, but the nexus 7 strategy is better. Cheaper than the competition while having better hardware. They could have done s4 pro+1080p screen and made it like 300ish or even a little lower.

        • hkklife

          Agreed. The N10 was too many pixels and too much $ at launch and even more so today. What Google needed was a Nexus 10 based on Asus ‘ MemoPad 10 to act as a big brother to the Nexus 7 last year. $299 /16Gb and $350/32Gb for a 1280×800 Nexus 10.1″ tablet would have dominated the market last Christmas. Or even a $349/$399 1080P version powered by S4 Pro or a higher-clocked Tegra3. Someone at Google should be flogged for the Q and the N10.

  • skinja

    It is the price obviously.

    People who had no interest in a tablet saw the $200 price point of the Nexus 7 and would not have otherwise bought a tablet.

  • jimmyz

    Well this news along with MS posting a really good first quarter profit shows that this company is not anywhere near dead and I’m sure the fanboys from Android hate that..

  • SecurityNick

    Problems: 1. Very limited retail release (I think Staples is it?), no reason Google couldn’t sell through Best Buy, they currently sell the Chromebooks. 2. No where near as big of a marketing campaign that the Nexus 7 had, let alone the Surface tabs. 3. Lack of accessories. The 1st 2 are way more important than the 3rd, but it’s certainly a factor. It’s a shame because the Nexus 10 is a DAMN good tablet. I really enjoy mine. It’s priced well, has great specs/features. Maybe the problem is that Google doesn’t want to spend the marketing dollars that’s needed and maybe the OEMs don’t feel they should pony up since the “Nexus” brand is being more branded as “Google” than the “OEM” (Samsung in this case).

    • jimmyz

      Love how all this works for Android when their sales are way to low. Lol but when MS or any windows partner has below average sales its because the product is garbage. You guys are hilarious excuse after excuse maybe people just choose something other than Android wow there is an amazing realization.

      • SecurityNick

        I’m not saying it’s a better or worse product than Surface, just saying that a product without hardly any marketing that is available in a very select # of retail outlets is not going to sell as well as one with a gigantic marketing campaign sold in every retail chain.

      • PhoenixPath

        If MS has below average sales it is *not* because it wasn’t available through retail channels or that no-one heard of it due to poor marketing.

        Amazing how much sense the world makes if you stop to think for more than the 2 seconds it took you to post what amounts to nothing more than an insult…

        • jimmyz

          Then we can say that Android does so well because of the huge marketing push that VZW have it a while back nothing else. Make sense.

          • PhoenixPath

            “nothing else”

            …and here I thought that kind of ignorant thinking went the way of white-walls and the dodo.

            FWIW: The VZW marketing push and the droid branding helped launch Android immensely. One need only look at the name of the site you are trolling to see that. The current success has far more to do with various other factors (including but not limited to) current marketing.

          • jimmyz

            Well here we go, now first of all you original post goes the Disqus mobile platform so no I am not trolling, but whatever. And you post went to a MS website lol FYI. Now I say that to say this think Android has the best hardware on the market no one can really compete, and I say this as a loyal WP user, ex Android. I think they need to work on their OS I like WP better personal preference. What I am tired of is the excuses people make and the bashing on the others. Did anyone think that maybe the box stores don’t want more android products? Maybe the market is saturated and they are actually trying to do something called fair market. I love when people defend their OS of choice we are ignorant or trolling but when an Android guy wants to do it they are packed full of knowledge. The most ignorant thing that was said was by you thinking you knew what I was trying to convey. Grow up and play nice Android is not the end all to be all lol Could have I have worded my response better in the beginning most likely yes so for that I apologize just remember a person who thinks that they can’t learn from other people or have a closed mind is really the definition of ignorant. Have a great day.

          • PhoenixPath

            You came here to piss and moan. Ex android?

            Truly… I am shocked.

          • jimmyz

            Again as i said your post came to a windows site i didn’t go anywhere and honestly you sound like the one who is whinning. I tried to be nice didn’t even try to insult you even threw in an apology and yet your comments show your maturity and ignorance. And yes ex Android i was using android when it first came out. Last handset SG3 just like Windows better as i said before personal preference not bashing on Android at all but i guess you just can’t seem to understand that. So again you have a great day. Hope you find some kind of peace instead if being so angry.

          • PhoenixPath


            Sure… if that makes it easier for ya. I couldn’t care less what you use. You made an idiotic statement suggesting we’re all a bunch of hypocrites. I merely pointed out how your comparison was flawed. You responded with sarcasm. If it was reasonable discussion you wanted… you would have worded it differently from the beginning. You initiated this.

            Sorry you are having trouble understanding that.

            FWIW: I welcome all competition in the mobile space. It breeds innovation. I could very easily, however, do without the ‘aren’t you all a bunch of hypocrites’ in-fighting. You may notice, if you so choose, that I have said nothing against MS or any of rest. Think on it or not.

          • jimmyz

            I guess you have to have the last word so i will say this and then be done if you had read my previous comments i even stated “could i have worded my comment better yes and i apologize” apparently you are only reading certain parts so actually if you welcome all people then you should really read and pay attention to the whole post. And you say sarcasm really, with words that you use like idiotic hmm i wonder who is the sarcastic one.

          • PhoenixPath

            Must be nice to call us all hypocrites and when called on it apologize and take the high road.

            …nice.. or idiotic.

            That, by the way, was sarcasm. Cheers.

          • jimmyz

            Cheers lol

  • matt_helm

    Maybe because the N10 isn’t worth the asking price? No SD for one…

  • LucasMonroe

    Google sucks at marketing. They didn’t market the N10 whatsoever.

    • Tim242

      They did, they just waited 6 months to start.

      • PhoenixPath

        …and let’s not forget the whole bit about it being out of stock on Play forever… (not sure it’s even available now…bought mine from Walmart…)

  • Not surprised. Nexus 10 is ugly and very cheap looking. That’s why I haven’t bought. Better options at that price too

    • You’ve clearly never held one then…the only tab that even compares is the Ipad in terms of quality

    • SecurityNick

      Agree with Mike, it’s an awesome tablet. When you hold it in your hand and see it in front of you, it definitely doesn’t look or feel cheap. In fact, it “feels” great because the back has a stickiness to it that doesn’t let you think it’s going to fly out of your hands. And as far as pricing goes, $399 for 16GB is pretty darn good for a 10″ tablet

      • shooter50

        Sorry, I dont want anything sticky in my hands!

      • carlisimo

        I’ve held one and it felt fine, but hardly premium. More importantly, it seemed to be really long, and I felt it was relatively difficult to hold with one hand from the side (long lever arm). I guess I prefer 4:3 for 10″ tablets. Oh, and you have to be able to hold it with one hand, because the home button is so far away from your thumbs. I’m not sure there were any stands available for it at the time.

        I loved the front-facing speakers though, and of course the screen. Just couldn’t get comfortable with the device itself.

        • What do you consider premium then. There isnt an android tab out with finer materials on it. It’s light enough to hold with one hand, and Poetic makes a stand/case for it.

          • carlisimo

            I was thinking of the Asus TF700.

          • The materials are arguably no better, weights are similar..I’ve held both. Although Asus has them beat with the keyboard/accessories, hands down the 10 destroys it in every other way.

          • carlisimo

            Sure the Nexus 10 is better in almost every way, but I thought the TF700’s aluminum body was nice, and the Nexus 10’s plastic body wasn’t.

    • matt

      Not sure what you are talking about. The N10 is great looking and is a wonderful device. I love mine!

  • chris125

    Well seeing how they didn’t advertise the nexus 10 and it was only sold mainly through google play what do they expect?

  • Kyle Cordiano

    It is all about Marketing and the time of release. Nexus 7 was the perfect timing for a release of a new tablet. Mid summer so there is time for reviews of the products to surface before the holidays so customers can get a sense of how the tablet will be. The Nexus 10 getting released that close to the holidays not so good. Marketing is also a huge part. If there is no marketing, then how will people know about the product?

  • Tony Allen

    It’s all about advertising on this one.. I can’t remember the last time I watched TV and didn’t see a surface commercial. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Nexus 10 commercial.

  • zaggs

    I own a Nexus 10. That being said, I’ve always thought that Windows 8 was perfect for tablets. Not phones or PC’s, but tablets.

  • Because the Surface has the N10 beat in the 3 B’s

    Business (True Microsoft Office)
    Brand Recognition (self explanatory)
    Break Dancing (those commercials are AWESOME)

  • Andrew

    Which Surface?

    I have the Pro and it is fantastic. I wouldn’t touch the RT though.

  • They don’t even sell Nexus 10’s in store, do they?

  • ToddAwesome

    99% of the time I want to handle a product before I purchase it. With the N7 price point what it was, a lot of people around me bought one, which allowed me to check it out. The N10 is another animal price wise, preventing me from seeing it in the wild, hence I have no desire to purchase.

  • I’ve never even seen a nexus 10 IRL

    • Raven

      The only one that I have ever seen was in my local Sam’s Club on the back side of the tablet island from the i*ads and it was not even plugged in so it was completely dead. Who (that doesn’t already know better) is ever going to buy one of them over one of the other tablets there already powered on and loaded with fun apps to try out?

  • Rodeojones000

    Better availability at actual stores and more marketing would have helped. I’ve owned a Nexus 10 since Christmas and I’ve seen exactly one commmercial for the device.

  • Rodney A.

    Seems like a good place to ask…how come when you go into Best Buy they have the Google Chromebooks on an endcap “close but no where near” they other laptops? It’s like, “Oh yeah, we do have these ‘other two’ laptops down here…” Wish they were front and center in the mix with all the other laptops.

  • Bionic

    I love my nexus 7, couldnt care less what microsoft is doing.

  • Mark Curtis

    Android Developers are lazy and don’t make tablet apps, let alone ones that take advantage of the resolution of the Nexus 10. They’ll just have their phone app scale up to the Nexus 7 and call it a day.

  • Well I wanted the Nexus 10 and a few reasons that changed my mind for the time being is theres very little if not any official accessories to choose from. Theres always 3rd party cases and whatnot but wheres the variety? It took how long for them to just recently release 2 choices in color covers? Another thing that could steer people away is its double in price apart from the nexus 7. If your not very tech savvy you dont know the difference between tegra 3 or exynos 5 processors, an extra gig of ram or higher resolutions so all they see is they pay double for an extra 3 inches and a back camera and slightly better specs which which isnt a huge selling point to someone who doesnt know what they mean. I definitely like the way the Nexus 10 looks and is built but with talk of a new nexus 7 in the works I might just wait til talk of a new nexus 10 comes around before I make my decision.

    • DoctorJB

      I know there’s a huge performance difference between the Tegra 3 and Exynos 5 but the Tegra 3 has been smooth as butter for me and it’s hard to justify spending twice as much for the larger, high res screen. Does the Nexus 10 still have the lag that plagued all the initial reviews?

    • I actually got pretty damn luck…..found a 32gig on CL still sealed and paid the dude 340 for it. Was going to give him 300 but the dude actually delivered it to where i work across town from him.

  • sonicemerald

    yeah, to be honest, i kind of forgot about the 10 also… (maybe because I own a Xoom and a Nexus 7?)

  • combination of no advertising and online sales only. people want to hold these devices before they buy them. take my wife for instance. i had her 100% convinced to buy the Nexus 7….but she still wouldn’t buy one until she saw/held one with her own hands….and i dont blame her. she instantly fell in love with it and bought it on the spot. she just can’t do that with the nexus 10….i dont even think she knows about the nexus 10 for that matter.

    • Exact opposite for my wife… we went to the store planning on buying the N7 but it seemed smaller than i imagined. Waited and got her the N10 for Xmas. Now she refers to the N10 as her “husband”. lol

  • normmcgarry

    That Nexus 10 bezel drives my crazy.

    • PhoenixPath

      Bad or good? I have one and can’t really imagine it being much smaller than it is the way I carry it around. Gotta have room for the thumb somewhere…Screen is still plenty large and beautiful to behold

  • Austin Warren

    They are two totally different products……….

    • Ian

      Software-wise sure. But they both share the premium title in their respective user spaces and so it makes sense to compare and contrast based on that similarity.

      My money is on the non-existent marketing for the N10.

  • ghopp07

    they’re not direct competitors. If we’re speaking Surface RT, that would merit a comparison, however Surface Pro competes more with chromebooks than it does with android.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    That isn’t surprising at all. Average consumers look at 10″ tablets as replacement for computers. So they want a suite of applications that does everything their computer offers them and that works well with their actual computer. They buy Surfaces because everyone knows Windows. They know what comes with Windows and they know how to use it. Google has not do enough to promote Drive as an alternative to MS Office or to use with it. The average consumer doesn’t know enough about Androids productivity suite to make them use it.

  • i still have not bought a tablet yet.. i want to .. but i dont know what to get.. i love android for my phone.. but i hate the google store.. and there are still not a lot of worthy apps.. ipod has great apps but i hate the apple IO’s .. i have 2 windows 8 machines at home and a iMAC.. now surface pro sounds cool because it will run all my pc apps and google apps in google chrome..

  • jnt

    I personally found the Nexus 10 a bit awkward for my usage of a larger screen. The N7 was the first of its kind in the 7″ market and gained a lot of early traction because of that, word of mouth, and finally some TV marketing by Google. I don’t believe I’ve seen a single commercial for the 10, and honestly, I don’t see any reason ANYbody but the hardcore Android users would switch to it over the iPad, or now a Surface which integrates nicely with Office, Windows, etc.

    I also felt the N10 was kind of weak in the hardware arena – the screen was awesome, but it just felt like crap compared to an iPad or Surface. Again, just my opinions…

  • Bauce40

    I may be wrong with this, but can’t you only buy the Nexus 10 online? I’ve never seen it in any stores. I’ve seen the Nexus 7 in stores and advertised in stores, but not the the Nexus 10. The 7 also seems to be sold in more retailers than the Nexus 10. Also doesn’t seem like Nexus 10 had the “hype” that the Nexus 7 had (plus the low price of the Nexus 7 helps a lot).

  • It’s interesting, because to me neither product is all that compelling. Microsoft is doing a slightly better job in terms of marketing, but then again Google clearly isn’t trying. The Nexus 7 is a more attractive device in about every way, so I can understand the lack of enthusiasm for the 10

  • daveloft

    This is not news. It never had a chance to sell well and there’s no way Google or Samsung expected it too. Its barely marketed and availability has been minimal especially during the holidays. Very few stores carry it in the US and none outside of the US, in Canada my only option is to order directly from Google.

    For it to sell well they would have had to produce substantially more. Spend Millions on marketing, get into all major retail outlets around the world and get Google experts in store to educate customers and help sell.

    This is a halo Android device for developers and enthusiasts. If your actually surprised it didn’t sell more I question your understanding of the market.

  • Brent Cooper

    Advertising campaign for the Nexus 10? Like with the Nexus 7. If there has been one for the 10 I havent seen it. I have for the 7 though

  • TheWenger

    Nexus 7 is more appealing to most people because of the price and probably cannibalizing Nexus 10 sales to some extent.

    • PhoenixPath

      This is pretty much it. Much closer to the ever coveted $200 sweet-spot.

  • JohnPA2006

    Very simple, PRICE….. drop those prices, and they will sell.
    Stop with the $500 standard price points. and no micro SD card slots. (i know OTG, but still sticking the card right in would be nice)

    • ddevito

      you do know the Nexus 10 starts at $399, right?

      • whoops! To be fair, the $100 upgrade for the 32GB version drives me nuts. Almost every other device charges $50 for the 16GB jump, which is already too much.

      • JohnPA2006

        Yes I do know that. 16gb is ok, but 32gb is the sweet spot, you wont have to worry about space later on, as much as you will with a 16gb. I filled 16gb quicker than I thought I would and thats with just 1 MP4 movie on it.

  • MSFT employees are required to support their own products. that’s why windows phones are still “selling.”

  • tu3218

    Make the product available everywhere! Walmart and Staples carry these Nexus devices? If there is more, its not many that’s for sure. It’s not much of a surprise. People like to play with devices before they buy them. I do see the Nexus 7 at these stores but I have never seen a 10. Most people will go after another device they can play with beforehand, and actually experience what they’re spending good money on.

  • the nexus 10 just isnt being sold at that crazy pricepoint like the 7 and 4 are. to the average consumer, the only diffrence they see between the 7 and 10 are the screen size and the price. Which makes the 7 seem like a much better tablet for the money.

  • DroidFTW

    N10 was never going to sell for $400. People go with the proven ipad for just a $100 more. N7 was a hit because the closest ipad was the more than double the price. Even when the ipad mini was released it was still over 50% more expensive. Android tablets are not subsidized and therefore will never be a threat to the iPads dominance.

    By the way does anyone own a N7? There have been reports that the batteries are not holding a charge like they did new. Can anyone confirm that?

    • I do, and I’ve had somewhat inconsistent battery usage. Got it about two months ago, and I was getting solid life out of it, it would carry me at least a couple of days. Now, for some reason, Android system has replaced the display as the #1 thing that’s eating away at my battery and it has a fraction of the life it used to.

    • Respen

      It seems like my wife’s N7 is dead more often than not, whereas before she could leave it unplugged and just pick it up whenever. But take that anecdotal evidence however you want.

    • Andrew

      My battery seems the same, but it is running AOKP

      • mine does too..i think its background apps eating peeps batteries..ive noticed when i restart my n7 the battery keeps much longer

    • Androidfan 4 life

      Your on drugs Android is getting Apple’s ass and iPads rule is over iPads r garbage

      • DroidFTW

        Awwww cute. I remember when i was 12 years old.

    • funkylovemonkey

      Weirdly about a month ago both my N7 and Galaxy Nexus had weird battery problems that cropped up, where they would both only last a few hours even with no use. It felt like banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what it was, downloading all sorts of battery monitors and still not finding the culprit except for a strange increase in google services. Then, after three or four days it just stopped and is back to normal. I’ve had my N7 for probably six months now, and aside from that blip the battery is running strong again.

    • joe23521

      I have an N7. You’re right that the battery has trouble holding charge when in standby.

  • I think one of the main reasons that the Surface sold more is simply because user have a lot more options when it comes to Android devices in that size, where as the Surface is one of the few Windows Tablets i have actually seen advertisements for…

    • Fattie McDoogles

      You have a lot of options for Windows tablets as well. It looks like every other laptop that has come out with W8 turns into a tablet as well.

  • 1. Nexus 7 has been out longer.
    2. Google doesn’t do a good job marketing their products. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Nexus 10 commercial on TV.
    3. Microsoft is doing a great job marketing the Surface.
    4. Microsoft is more known name in the technology department that Nexus. (what’s written on the box)

    • Point #2 exactly. Enthusiasts know about the 10…not many others do. Truly a shame

      • ApplesNAndroids

        I sold one of my Nexus 7 tablets on Craigslist. An older gentlman came to my house explaining he once had a Nexus 7, but sold it in favor for a 10. He then changed his mind and had liked the 7 better. The android community reaches everywhere. awesome

      • New_Guy

        I can’t even find the 10 anywhere but online here in El Cajon (San Diego area).

        Not seen one device in anyone’s store. Even in stores that carry the Nexus 7. Would love to get my hands on it, but hey…

        • You think that’s bad? We don’t even have it on the Google Play Store in NZ. The only way you can get your hands on an N10 is via Mobicity, or a couple of other parallel importers. Combine that with no advertising and it’s no wonder it hasn’t sold well…Even the N7 is available in retail stores here.

        • jer85008

          Not in Staples? The one in Carmel Mountain near my house has them.

        • mailboxhead

          El Cajon! Only places I could find the 7 when it was out was 1 of the GameStops in town. Even then I had to basically wait for a truck to arrive. Haven’t looked for a 10 yet.

        • I have seen it in just about every WalMart & Office Depot I have been in, at least in many of the southern & southwestern states.

    • JetBlue

      Only N10 commercial I’ve seen is that baby commercial between the couple and they switch accounts on the N10

      • an admittedly awesome commercial lol

      • New_Guy

        Yeah, and the commercials for the 10 usually end with all Nexus devices floating in from the top of the screen and landing on each other. Nice picture of the Nexus family but not much room for differentiation there.

    • Xavier Spruill

      Despite all these, the nexus 10 is remarkable at emulating other screen sizes and has the processing power and can be a very efficient development platform for those two reasons alone. Google should have pushed this. Maybe the quality of android app ui’s and quality control testing would sky rocket if dev teams knew this.

    • cns2007

      You could have just stopped at number two. The marketing of the Nexus 10, or any nexus product, doesn’t come remotely close to what MS is doing for Surface. For example, Samsung and the Galaxy S have basically become household names because of their massive marketing campaign, not necessarily because they produce a superior product.

      • kg215

        They do market really well but Samsung produces a relatively superior product, atleast in smartphones (their tablets need work). HTC and Motorola it was almost like they didn’t want people to buy their phones with their bad design/bad features/outdated tech/bad marketing. LG and Sony weren’t even big enough to “fail” in the first place, they were worthless from the start and have not improved enough. The Galaxy phones certainly aren’t perfect but they have the least amount of things that piss people off, sometimes least amount of mistakes wins it and Samsung is winning big time.


      You forgot to add Google’s sad excuse for Nexus accessories.

      • Benjamin P

        Since when is Google a hardware manufacturer, or an accessories maker for that matter?

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Google sells all the Nexus devices and Nexus accessories directly, in case you were not aware.

          • Benjamin P

            still doesn’t answer my question….They make software….and in case your not aware, all the accessories you need to use their products are included in the box. If you want a pink case to match your underwear, is that Googles problem? As I mentioned in another post…Nexus is for developers…not annonwannabes!

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Nexus is sold as a consumer device. In case you didn’t know.

    • C-Law

      Yeah. My friend was about to buy a new Apple iPad 2! I had to tell him all about the nexus 10 for the same price with a better display than the new iPad and much better processor and ram than the ipad2, and separate user accounts. Luckily he got it over the iPad 2

    • michael arazan

      For every Nexus 7 commercial I have seen, I have seen at least 50 surface commercials of people dancing with a surface tablet on every commercial during prime time, and I hate that commercial. I have yet to see a surface tablet in the wild

    • Benjamin P

      Not to start a slinging match here but I don’t think you understand the idea of the Nexus branding…. It is made with developers in mind. The N7 (and later the N10) was originally release as a tool for developers, in order to push them into developing tablet styled apps for Android. The N10 then came along to close up the larger 10” consumer space. It wasn’t until recently that it really turned into consumer product. Which makes complete sense. Before the N7 was released Google saw that android tablets just weren’t cutting it and the fundamental issue being that there were no apps…..I could go on, but the point i’m trying to make is success lies completely in the hands of the developers that support it… It is the advantage that Apple has, and Google is making its ground up… Sorry to disappoint you but throwing money at TV Commercials of dancers with surfaces in their hands may be good marketing, but it doesn’t mean squat if their shiny new device has no apps on it… The Marketing budget and R&D for Surface RT costs (which is the most stupid product ever) would have been better spent in subsidizing the final price and going towards developers for porting their apps over….

  • Phil Nolan

    Surface or Surface Pro?

    • Asmodai

      According to the source article it’s COMBINED, they say Surface in total has sold just over a million and then later that Surface Pro is about 400,000 so that means the Nexus 10 is outselling both of them individually, just not combined.

  • William Pomeroy

    It may just be me. But at my best buy they have none of the Google nexus products. At all. Except the galaxy nexus. They have everything but those. Surface RT, Pro and of course iPads. But no Nexus 10’s or 7’s.

    • Mike

      Yeah, it’s a pretty massive fail on Google’s part to not get the N7 or N10 in Best Buy. Staples isn’t the first place people go to look for tablets

      • will bartlett

        walmart has nexus tablets.

        • PhoenixPath

          That’s where I got my Nexus 10 a month ago. Love it.

      • stabone

        I used to work for Staples and we were the place that people went to when Best Buy was out of something. Lol.

        • New_Guy

          They were one of (if not the) first big boxes to have working units available at launch of the 7.

    • Nicketmaster

      I was told yesterday by a BB employee that BB signed an agreement with Amazon that prevents them from selling any Nexus devices.

      • Kane Stapler

        Thats not true

        • RaptorOO7

          You are right, that is not illegal its a business agreement, and I am sure BB got something out of it.

      • Cowboydroid

        That would be illegal.

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Nexus 4 & 7 are on Best Buy’s website… you were sold a story.

    • New_Guy

      It’s not just you. It’s same at Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples. I actually see the Nexus 7 in these places with no Nexus 10 in sight. Definitely a correlation there.

    • RaptorOO7

      People want to hold a tablet before they buy them, who is going to spend $500 on something they haven’t held. It needs to be in retail and more than 1 retailer.

  • thecharrr

    The 7″ tablet craze overtook the 10″ one, thus leaving the Nexus 10 behind while the Nexus 7 gets the fame and glory.

  • sc4fpse

    Not too surprising. If you want a Windows tablet, you don’t really have many options. If you want an Android tablet… I don’t think we could possibly count the number of options you currently have. Plus, comparing the Surface Pro and an Android tablet is like comparing a professional baseball player with a college athlete. The Surface Pro runs full-blown Windows. An Android tablet… well, it’s a mobile OS. While I own a Nexus 7, I find I don’t ever use it. I have my mobile device, and I have my laptop. I don’t really need anything in between. If I was going to fork over money for a tablet again, I would certainly want a tablet with a full-blown OS, and not a mobile-OS. Too much room for too few features.

    • I agree. This was a big reason I went with the Lenovo tablet 2. I needed the tablet to help me be more productive at work. With real MS office tools, it allows me to do that.

  • gumption to go

    Never understood the point of a phone without the phone function and just a larger screen. MS makes a semi-computer in the RT and a full-on one in the Pro. I use an Android phone and a Windows computer. Google has a long ways to go in large-screen devices.

    • Adam92Wilkins

      I think google does decent with larger screen devices. However that active stylus just makes me wet all over.

      Though I’ll wait till the next gen comes out and maybe they will fix the heat issues and battery life. (like 4 hours is gonna be even close to enough)

      • I’ve been so close to buying a Note 10.1 for that s-pen, but in the end I don’t really use the tablet I have that much.

  • ddevito

    That’s not hard to believe. MSFT has a huge following, particularly in the enterprise. With that said, the Nexus 10 isn’t nearly as popular as the Nexus 7.

    So I can totally believe this.