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The Traveler for Android May be Your Ultimate Trip Documenting Companion


Should you have a trip planned in the near future and are looking for new ways to document your every move with a smartphone or tablet, I suggest you give The Traveler a look. The app was originally developed by the fine folks at Ball State University as a field trip or journal app for students who studied abroad, but with positive feedback and an ever-growing list of features, it could easily be a trip journal for us all. 

The app was recently redesigned to fit all sorts of Android design guidelines on both tablets and phones. To put it simply, this app is beautiful and buttery smooth. It has built-in Google Maps, uses code based off of Google My Tracks to record paths and excursions, allows you to snap photos of your adventures, place markers on maps and attach items to them, draw out sketches (with a Note 2), and replay entire trips later on through Google Earth. It’s feature-rich, but we’re told that there is “still a lot more” the developer wants to do with it.

Right now, it works on Ice Cream Sandwich devices and above. It’s 100% free.

Features include:
* Capture photos, videos and audio on your trip and a marker will be added to the map
* Record your path and replay using Google Earth
* Send your paths to Google using Google Docs, Maps or Spreadsheets
* Share media with friends and family using your favorite social media apps
* Work offline to record your trips no matter where your travels take you
* Sketch and draw using a variety of brushes, tools and colors using the S Pen

Recent updates include new features such as:
* Google Maps v2, featuring tilt, panning, rotating and 3D buildings
* New path options – merging multiple paths, path detail, share with friends and family.
* Quick camera option – take photos right from the action bar
* Settings option – default canvas orientation, backup database (restore functionality coming in future updates)
* Google Account integration for profiles
* Add markers to quickly and easily mark a location on the map

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Cheers Kyle!

  • ksat

    Ball U! Go Cards!

  • Looks nice. Will be trying it out with my week long road trip coming up at the end of this week

    • aadiman

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  • Gregor

    Since it uses Google Maps, I would assume that it uses a lot of data as well, meaning that international trips won’t be able to take advantage of this app unless they want a “butt load” of overcharges.

    • Ryuuie

      Maps doesn’t use that much data. I’ve used Maps to help me get to multiple places with my Nexus 4 on Straight Talk. It barely made a dent in a day.

    • Ozyman666

      I wonder if you could preload the maps data for offline use.

    • CharlesVT

      You have a point. I plan on just using this on my wifi tablet to test it out and make some sort of presentable item for my friends during our trip to hawaii

    • Guest

      Thanks everyone for trying it out! This is the developer… It actually doesn’t use that much data, and for traveling, it can cache a good portion of the map so you don’t need any at all. The university has had 20 students traveling the world (Europe, Asia and North Africa) for the past 15 weeks and they’ve had the Galaxy Note 10.1, WiFi version. In the morning they connect using the hotel’s wifi (or Internet cafe, McDonalds or whatever they find), fire up the maps and they’re good to go for the day. While it’s not officially caching the map tiles, it does a really good job of storing a large portion on the device (without taking up much space).

      • Särah S

        This is true. It is a dream app – low dat cnsumption & stays live most part fo the journey – I was out in the desert & it worked. NOw the bummer – how do I uoload the images/media that I tracked/pinned on the map? Thx!

    • Guest

      Thanks everyone for trying out the app! This is the developer… I wanted to just offer some info on the data usage for the maps. While the Google Maps API doesn’t technically support offline maps or caching, it does a really good job of a “local” cache based on the area you are in. For the past 15 weeks, the university has had 20 students touring Europe, Asia and North Africa using the Galaxy Note 10.1 WiFi tablet. No data plans or anything – in the morning the students connect to the hotel WiFi (or Internet cafe, McDonalds, etc) and get the maps for the local area they are going to be touring. From then, they are connection-free and it just uses whatever was cached. So, it doesn’t use much data at all… Tried to be considerate of that and not run through the data plan!

    • Alexander H

      note that the high res maps of an entire 20+ mile region fit in 19-60MB depending on the region. Vector graphics keep it nice and small.