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Contest: Win a Bugdroid Circuit Case for Your Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, or Nexus 4 From Cruzerlite (Update: Winners Picked)

cruzerlite androidified

Who is ready for a contest? Thanks to our friends at Cruzerlite, we have 10 of their Bugdroid Circuit TPU cases to hand out to 10 lucky DL readers. They supplied us with a handful for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 (cult!), and even the Nexus 4, so this contest should cover the majority of you.

For those not familiar with Cruzerlite cases, they tend to be made of TPU (a pliable plastic), are easy to get on or off of your device (still offer a snug fit), provide ample protection from drops, and contain all of the cutouts needed for your phone to continue to function.

Cruzerlite has pumped out some of the more Android-friendly cases over the last couple of years, with this design being the perfect example. Be sure to check out the rest of their lineup in case the Circuit isn’t meeting your needs. They also offer up Android accessories, like plushies, beanies, and more – a one-stop shop for enthusiasts.

Fanboys, let’s do this!

cruzerlite bugdroidcruzerlite


Update:  We have our 10 winners. Go check those inboxes!

Prizes:  10 Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit cases total (so 10 winners)

  • Three (3) Galaxy Note 2 Bugdroid Circuit cases
  • Four (4) Galaxy S3 Bugdroid Circuit cases
  • Three (3) Nexus 4 Bugdroid Circuit cases

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, create a new nickname for Bugdroid.
2.  Also, be sure to tell us what kind of device you have so we can get you the correct case.


We’ll choose winners randomly tomorrow morning at 10:00AM Pacific.

*U.S. entries only.

  • Seth Schorr

    Alvin. He looks like an Alvin. Oh and I would like one for my Note 2. Thank you.
    Seth Schorr (card carrying Note 2 cult member. Tim we can’t wait for you to return to the fold).

  • apb09

    Droicase – Note 2

  • Buggo! Gs3

  • duke69111


    Note II

  • He is no bugdroid he’s a FeatureDroid
    Nexus 4

  • Aubrey Quatre

    Droid haven
    Galaxy s3

  • Iron_Catastrofe

    Bug Frag / GS3

  • Lightening Bug – Note 2

  • Cristi Istrate


  • Sam Katz

    Sam the man – galaxy s 3

  • Austin Warren


    note 2 🙂

  • lilcledix

    Awesomest bugdroid- note.2

  • geekadroid-GalaxyS3

  • JoshGroff


  • valapsp

    Ruggedroid Note 2 please.

  • DeeBug s3

  • Jerry M

    Galaxy s3

  • Tim Mandt

    Note 2

  • Landon

    BUGGABOO! – Galaxy S3!

  • DemoManMLS

    Bugzroid – Note 2

  • TylerChappell

    Anty [the bugdroid]! Because Ants are kinda like Android’s marketshare, huge in number, and they can do amazing things! They are masters of production! And enjoy eating away at rotten apples at picnics.

  • alexjdm

    Galaxy note 2

  • Kyle Stambler

    Note 2

  • DugDROID

    Note 2

  • Bug’d as in. I Bug’d my Galaxy S3 (hopefully)

    Galaxy S3

  • jvrcb17


    Nex 4

  • Brent Cooper

    Cool Max. Note II

  • Arachni-Droid
    note 2

  • antwonw



  • Bugoid Nexus 4

  • Firefly. Note 2

  • Andy Robin in his final form.

    From my Nexus 4 (the device I would like a car for).

  • Aphidcovers. And id like a note 2 one

  • Broid!

  • Kristian Sandoval

    Anders because Workaholics.


  • TheCheapGamer

    Sheila (Tank lady from RvB)
    Galaxy S3

  • JetsFan316

    The Hornet- Galaxy S3

  • crazysamz

    insectroid – galaxy note 2

  • will

    Droidbot s3

  • Travis Stanley

    BugFreeDroid -Nexus 4

  • Lester Washington

    The Beast

  • Dchairez75

    Galaxy s3 with out a case

  • Droidsect. Galaxys3

  • abhele

    dat droid bug
    nexus 4

  • jsmooth7

    Bugzrfy – Nexus 4

  • the protector- note 2 case

  • Dilson Silva


    Galaxy S3

  • Andropod! Galaxy S III

  • brock350

    DroidJacket – N4

  • matt