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Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 Specs Supposedly Leaked, Dual-Core Exynos Processor and qHD Display

samsung galaxy note 2

Remember that story about Samsung’s Galaxy Mega phones? Well, it would appear that specs concerning one of the upcoming devices have been “confirmed.” According to SamMobile, the Galaxy Mega 5.8 device, set for release some time in Q2-Q3, will sport a 5.8″ (960×540) qHD TFT display, a dual-core Exynos processor clocked at 1.4GHz, 1.5GB of RAM, 8MP back-facing camera, 2MP front-facing shooter, 2,600mAh battery, and run Android 4.2.2 at time of launch. 

While the specs sound decent enough for last year’s standards, I will remain hesitant about that qHD display at 5.8″. Nothing here is screaming next-gen, so we could be seeing Samsung bring larger devices to the public, but at a more attractive price to budget-conscience buyers.


Via: SamMobile

  • creative

    GPU ??

  • Dafuq? Mega… dog turd?

  • tonkotsu

    if pricing is right, it’s a great smartphone for older people or people that want the big screen without the big price

    not everything needs to be 720 or 1080 when you’re watching a video on a screen this small

    it’ll do fine, and i’m sure it will rob the note 2 of some sames…. assuming pricing is reasonable

  • flosserelli

    They should call it the Galaxy Minecraft because that is what everything will look like on it.

  • The hell.. that isn’t even an upgrade from my Note II. That’s a downgrade. I call fake. Definitely.

  • Robert Goddard

    Still better than my current phone, a VZW GNex :-/

    • n900mixalot

      My VZW Gnex is pretty awesome, actually … hmmm.

      • Robert Goddard

        My GNex is nice too, got the latest CM10.1 nightly on it…. It’s just lacking in the RAM department. Hard to play Ingress and look at the intel map with the Ingress app closing due to lack of RAM.

        • n900mixalot

          I’m going with the Note 2 in a few days. I’m going to frame my GNex though. Love this phone.

  • Derrick

    Apple has the retina display. Samsung is going with the rectum display

    • flosserelli

      Best comment I have read all day 🙂

    • FErnanintendo

      Uh, Samsung manufactured the retina displays for Apple.
      Even for awhile after the lawsuits, but they eventually left Apple on its own.
      Apple had to settle for Sony to make the displays.
      Apple is a square’s phone from now on, a status symbol that people have no idea why they purchased it to begin with. They don’t know any better or cling to social influences because every one of their friends has one.

  • KG

    Well… that DE-escalated quickly

  • Jon

    Leftover April fools?

  • VoiceofSky

    pos phone ..no thanks..That display is eye bleeding lol..

  • Nicketmaster

    this won’t sell so I don’t think this is real. Samsung like their big devices to be flagships.

  • Must be for emerging markets because I can’t imagine it would sell here in the US.

  • So basically this is a budget GNote2.

  • Kevin Hill

    Dear Samsung,

    Stop making your phone sizes bigger. They become too “emasculating”.

  • Budget TV. At 6ft away you can’t even see the pixels.

  • hardly mega

  • Daniel

    STOP MAKING EVERYTHING BIGGER, my 4″ screen is the same res as this POS

  • Daniel Aceves

    nah this is false

  • whats MEGA about this… :-/

    • KOBALT

      MEGA Ripoff

  • Sirx

    Not interested–Bring on the Samsung Galaxy Pillow!!! I want to be able to whisper sweet nothings to my beloved until I fall asleep, and I need a “phone” that’s big enough to cradle my fat head like a pillow B-)

    • Warwick

      What about the iMat? lol

      • Nick S

        No! Apple bad!! Rabble rabble rabble!!!

  • Jared Tau

    Wow, 190ppi? On a screen that size, the display is going to be terrible!

    • hactorrose

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    • Yeah? Flat screen TV’s have lower ppi than that. Hell, jumbotrons have horrible ppi. Why? Because we don’t normally sit a foot away from the TV or jumbotron. The naked eye does not see the pixels at that specific sitting distance. Samsung is being smart here. The larger display will force the user to distance the phone farther away from their eyes therefore you still won’t see pixels at 190ppi. Same rule applied for the Note 2.

  • William Ku

    uh, NOPE.

  • FAL_Fan

    A waste honestly.

  • Tyler

    They better be giving these things away, because with specs like that who the hell would want one. Current Note 2 has better specs.

    • YummyTommy

      it’s DIFFERENT price segments and device classes DESPITE size similarities!
      Galaxy NOTE = premium.

      • Tyler

        While I agree that the Note is a premium phone, I feel that jumping back to qHD while increasing the size is a horrible idea in an era where we are continually increasing pixel density to not maintain that density is outrageous. If you compare the pixel density of any phone that has came out years ago the density is terrible. To put it into perspective the first iPhone has 165 PPI, the 2009 Motorola Droid has a density of 265, Nexus One has 254, Galaxy Note has 285, and the Galaxy Note 2 has 267 This phone has a 190PPI and will be 4 years newer than the Moto Droid. How does that even make sense. I would be fine with the phone’s specs if the screen wasn’t such a step back. 720p is the standard for anything that big.

  • eli

    I feel like i’m reading a post from last year…..wut

    • cb2000a

      More like two years ago….

      • michael arazan

        Maybe they have a [email protected] of extra out-dated parts and thought they could get some money for it by selling them off

  • rich

    The screen reso makes NO SENSE.

  • Whats next??? Samsung Galaxy Giga Phone with 7.8″ screen and Galaxy TERA Phone with 9.9″ screen AND QVGA resolution????

    • You had me at QVGA.

    • cb2000a

      Samsung mega-enormous phone at 26 inches (your strap it to your back when not in use).

  • Please for the love of god be fake, this is getting way out of hand.

  • Finire

    This screen is just way too big now…

  • T4rd

    By the time this thing comes out (if it does as it’s listed here), unless it’s < $100/ or free on contract, I have no idea why anyone would pick it over the Note 2 or just wait for the Note 3 a couple months later.

    Also, having a screen that large without an S-Pen or something to make use of it seems like a waste after having my Note 2.

    • cb2000a

      They will sell for around $250 off contract.

  • RaptorOO7

    The specs seem to be meh, to me. Not as exciting if it doesn’t have the full 2GB of RAM, 1080p diplay and a bigger battery.

  • Trash lol, I dont need anything this big, I have my Ipad.. plus whats with the terrible Resolution”? I mean its not that bad, but compared to the last few years…

    • Austin Warren

      My nexus 10 beats your iPad

      • PhoenixPath

        You should probably look into finding ways for your tablet to control it’s anger so that it no longer feels the need to lash out at those poor iPads… 😉

        That said, I love my nX. It’s just so darned fast. Makes my Galaxy Nexus look like it’s powered by hamsters…over-weight hamsters that smoke too much and watch soaps all day.

      • angermeans

        My nexus 10 doesn’t beat my iPad. Hell, it doesn’t even beat my iPad mini. Until we get some apps mine just sits around and my wife uses it and my nexus 7 is pretty much just a dev device I use to test apps when I’m fooling around with learning java. The hardware on the Nexus 10 is pretty nice but it is completely gimped by the software and lack of 3rd party apps.

  • just… why???

    Did they have a bunch of leftover components at the factory and decide to throw them on a PCB and come up with this sh…

  • Marcus Schoen

    The pixel density on that thing is going to be awful.

  • I have a hard time understanding the 5.8 inch qHD display…

  • Austin Warren

    Doubt it

  • Kevin

    That’s underwhelming…

  • Thomas

    “confirmed” means confirmed, right ? 😉

    • Confirmed means completely unconfirmed and bordering insanity. jk

      • Guest

        “jk” but not really, you really meant jk, i hope lol