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Minus for Android, Another Chat App for the Younger Generations


I enjoy conversations with people and I find myself to be rather outgoing. I have zero problems chatting with strangers in public and things of that nature. However, some people might find it easier to find friends through services such as social networks and things of that nature. One that can be based entirely on your Android phone is called, Minus.

Once you sign up and give Minus your location, you are shown fellow Minus users by you, as well as images that they upload. Some people are looking for friends, while others are there looking for certain activity partners. What you decide to look for is up to you. 

Interesting features:

Chat with people nearby and make new friends. At an airport, café, anywhere
Find and meet new friends nearby with common interests
Share fun pictures to everyone near you right now

If you feel like being a part of this, go grab it off Google Play. And please, be safe out there.

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  • Calvin

    You know, it goes the same with all social networks. Anyone can put on a mask and pretend they aren’t sick, deranged bastard pedophiles. It’s wrong, but its really really hard to work around.

    Let me give you an example. I can post myself as a 14 year old girl, find some pictures on google image and pull it off. Because there is no real authentication, one cannot determine if I’m actually the 14 year old girl or not.

    But then you would say “why not have a serious authentication through real identifications like drivers license?” The problem then becomes one of distribution. By tacking on that step, you’ve just reduced your user base by a huge number. Getting people to know about your product is expensive (marketing and distribution). It simply isn’t feasible.

    That being said, although all the point brought here are valid (pedos, chris hanson, dickpics), it is currently almost impossible to work around them. I’m sure the developer has teams constantly curating images and other non-invasive things to help sort out the sickos.

    tl;dr Pedobear is a problem all social media faces.

    • KimJongBoom

      This is too true. How would you stop people like that from getting on your site? Do you set an age limit on signup? Thats not honestly going to stop anyone. I know the team here curates because I’ve seen accounts that were questionable get taken down pretty quickly.

  • BurnedbyMinus

    Why is this app on here? Minus used to be a dropbox wannabe that allowed developers to store tons of content on their site to link via forums, etc. All of a sudden, they decided to switch focus and many a dev got screwed. That should have been enough to blacklist the developer on any Android blog. They’ve gone through various iterations before landing on this chat thing. Most people who know of them from before are unhappy or have left. Droid-life really should not support this crappy developer.

    • KimJongBoom

      so let me get this straight. You were using a FREE file hosting service and you’re now getting mad because they don’t give you unlimited free sh*t anymore? With no ads I might point out.

      Nut up and pay $10 a month for dropbox or stop complaining. Servers dont pay for themselves, what did you expect?

  • Spider210

    great app for sick people…

    • michael arazan

      You think this is bad, don’t go to chatroulette

  • Kyle Cordiano

    New way to hit on 14 year olds. Great -__-

  • Anon

    All you sexters, A/S/L n00bs, and FBI agents posing as little girls, this app’s for you!


    bathroom seft-portrait = WIN

  • TheCheapGamer

    “certain activity partners”
    If you know what I mean…

  • KRS_Won

    Screenshots of 16 year old girls and 20 something guys…. :-/
    Yea, I don’t see Chris Hanson showing up at all. Lol

    • Austin Warren

      “Please, have a seat over here. So what are you here for tonight?”

  • Isaiah PEz

    Hey i know that Girl with the Red phone

    • eli

      oh yeah me too! thats april!

      • twitch


  • Same people as the file sharing platform?


    I take that back. For sure the same people. I wonder what caused them to change directions…

    • orion11

      yeah i thought the same thing.

  • eli

    yay, another AOL for tweens! how fun…..

  • t3chi3

    A pedophiles dream!

    • brennansarkar

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    • Austin Warren

      It’s sad that pedophiles are allowed to use social networking sites.

      • KimJongBoom

        You know pedophiles use Facebook too right? And twitter? And Instagram? How do you prevent people like that from using social networks. I’m sure Minus doesnt want those people on their system as much as anybody else

    • hactorrose

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