Minus for Android, Another Chat App for the Younger Generations


I enjoy conversations with people and I find myself to be rather outgoing. I have zero problems chatting with strangers in public and things of that nature. However, some people might find it easier to find friends through services such as social networks and things of that nature. One that can be based entirely on your Android phone is called, Minus.

Once you sign up and give Minus your location, you are shown fellow Minus users by you, as well as images that they upload. Some people are looking for friends, while others are there looking for certain activity partners. What you decide to look for is up to you.  (more…)

Thursday Poll: Your Cloud Storage Service of Choice is?

The cloud storage space is on the verge of becoming a cluttered one. With each of the major players doing their best to grab your attention by tossing out free space, you may have trouble deciding. Or do you even have to? Box, Dropbox and Minus are the three that most Android enthusiasts use as they have the best apps and also hand out the most storage space. Is there one in particular that you use more often than the next? If so, why?

Your Cloud Storage Service of Choice is?

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