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Verizon CEO Open to Eliminating Mobile Contracts, if Customers Ask For it

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam

During a recent event, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, said that he likes it when something different is tried in the industry. Just last week,T-Mobile looked to shake up the mobile world by ridding of contracts and making customers now pay for a larger portion of a device upfront, while paying a somewhat lower monthly bill. Interestingly enough, McAdam says he is all for this idea, if customers actually ask for it. 

From what he states, changing to this platform would be easy, all it takes is people wanting it. He mentioned that he will be monitoring customer feedback about T-mo’s new plans and rates, then go from there. So, while T-Mobile spends who-knows-how-much to educate their potential customers on the new rate plans, Verizon will just sit back and wait to see what happens.

You want Verizon to make the switch?


Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Raven65

    If he is open to it, that just means they’ve figured out a way to charge us even more by switching to it.

  • Mike Robertson

    I’m still unlimited on vzw, and I’m going to continue to be. Just buy the phones outright

  • Screw asking. We’re DEMANDING. {{-_-}}

  • zachjen

    Verizon would just make it more expensive and not worth changing like they do with anything they change. Always in their favor. Greedy bastards!

  • Dear money grabbing CEO,

    Yes, I want a no contract plan.


    All of your users.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam I’ve been a verizon customer for about 15 years and ask you please do away with contracts so we can upgrade with discounts and not worry about losing our plans (unlimited) Your customer WILL remain loyal.

  • I’d totally be down for no contracts if it would bring the cost down and they have an unlimited everything plan. I still have unlimited data right now and I’m off contract. It’s a shame the people not on contract don’t get small discounts since they aren’t paying Verizon back for their phone anymore.

  • I asked @vzwsupport. Everyone else should join in. If T-mo can afford to offer unlimited data, verizon can to, so let’s ask for that as well.

  • Dear Lowell McAdam as a Verizon customer of several years I humbly ask of you this….

    Sincerely a victim of of your greedy companies red rocket….


    How about google come out with there own service and we will all switch

  • Jaron1226

    We also asked to get unlimited data back but did he listen? Heck no! -___-

  • How do I ask for it? By switching to T-Mobile?

  • kev

    How do u ask yes i want

  • jisaac16

    I am gonna keep grabbing my ankles and hold onto my bottle of lube just in case Mr. McAdam

  • PopeFrancis

    Give me an equivalent to T-Mobiles $30 plan for say $50 and I’ll be all over it.. I’d pay an extra $20 for Verizons coverage.. Their coverage is *NOT* worth the extra $100 I would pay otherwise.

    • JoshGroff

      I’m with you on that one, that plan is perfection.

  • I want to keep my unlimited data….if I upgrade….small price to pay when you can still get my business….I’m just saying though….and yes I’m asking for you guys to also let us pay more for phones in exchange for lower bills

  • hyperbolee

    By saying “if customers ask for it” he’s saying, “if customers leave Verizon and go to T-Mobile we will do the same thing to stop attrition and that is the only reason k thanks”.

  • EJ McCarty

    This is dumb. We all know he doesn’t want this. Because its costing them money if it happens. I just switched from Verizon to the T-Mobile $30 prepaid plan and couldn’t be happier .

    • EJ McCarty

      Also this nexus 4 beats the crap out of my previous I*hone 5;)

      • JoshGroff

        Such a great phone, but I’m paranoid so it’s in a case.

        • EJ McCarty

          I just put the bumper on it with an invisible shield so I’m fine for now. That is until I drop it and wait for otter box commuter haha. But yes. It is a rock solid phone I have AOKP on it now, but I’m considering liquid smooth or bamf. Any suggestions. I had the nexus on Verizon so I know all about ROMs and stuff. I also had og Droid

          • JoshGroff

            I’m running CM10.1’s monthly snapshot on it, just got the phone last week so haven’t tried anything but it and AOKP.

  • coolsilver

    I want my unlimited data to stay as well but you asshats at Verizon “listened” to that too.

  • PopeFrancis

    Since when does Verizon listen to their customers when they ask for something? lol

    • JoshGroff

      When it costs them money.

  • hannaro

    I don’t understand why people are asking for it. We have the option to buy full retail phones now and not sign up for a contract. So what’s the big deal?

    • Jared Tau

      Lower monthly service charge because Verizon’s cost of the subsidized device would not be included in the consumer’s service.

  • TBolt

    I will send a letter into Verizon. My requirements have changed — I no longer want to accept carrier interference with software updates, and I AM willing to pay full price for the phone as long as UNLIMITED data is included in my package.

    If I leave Verizon, I will be taking all 3 lines with me.

    At this point, I’m just waiting for T-Mo to launch LTE in my county (Los Angeles/Orange County).

    • gokusimpson

      T-mobile reception is still pretty spotty in a lot of OC. They’re making a new t-mo antenna next to my house, but I doubt I’ll get strong coverage anywhere close to Verizons.

  • Scott Martin

    sure, they’ll get rid of the contracts but still no offer an unlimited pay as you go version and probably make it cost more and not subsidize a phone. how about instead of blindly asking for the switch, let’s see what the other option is first?

  • We don’t want contracts – but we ALSO don’t want to pay full price for a new phone!

    As it currently stands, whether you’re on contract or not, you pay the same amount per month. So that means you either pay $200 for a phone on a 2 year contract or like $700 for a phone NOT on a contract – but you pay the same $x/month regardless. Not getting a contract is like…. throwing away $500! Even with the early termination fee, it’s still dumb not to take a contract.

    Contracts are not required! People don’t seem to realize this. There’s nothing stopping you from signing up for a cell phone plan and buying your own (unsubsidized) phone and not having a contract. The contract is basically “promise to stick with us for 2 years, and we’ll cut $500 off the price of your new phone”. If they get rid of contracts, that $500 bonus is going away, too, because you can be sure as hell that they aren’t going to see this as an opportunity to lower the monthly rates!

    • PopeFrancis

      Umm… Cost of the phone is built into the contract. If you go past your two years, you are still paying for that phone even though you’ve basically paid it off.

  • Finire

    Verizon – We’ve decided to eliminate contracts and have customers pay for their devices upfront. We will only charge you an extra $20 a month for this privilege.

  • Alexander H

    Wonder if “we ask” will be the same result as “asking” for shared data…..more money out of our pockets. ….

  • J Dub

    This will only make sense ifwhen Verizon’s phones will be compatible with other service providers. As of now you can’t just shuffle between carriers with the same phone.

    • TBolt

      Buy another phone – unlocked device or one that is compatible with the new network of your choice.

  • jnt

    It would be great to simply have the option.

  • Sanders

    How about instead of posting a reply here, do what I just did and fire off an e-mail telling them when your contract is up so they know when to expect a possible loss of customer if they don’t do this.


  • Well Verizon, you have until February of next year (last of my lines is outta contract) to do so and be competitively priced. I’m heading to Straight Talk so if you want a chance to keep me as a customer, DO IT.

  • TheWenger

    American customers don’t know they want it. The vast majority of Verizon’s customers are used to the typically American way of carriers bending you over without you even knowing (or caring) the rest of the world is drastically different.

  • Bionic

    If and when Google wireless starts up, that’ll put even more pressure on Verizon

  • RaptorOO7

    T-Mobile is offering an ambitious option and I hope it works for them, they need more and better coverage areas with LTE, they are truly behind the times given their parent companies lack of support in the US.

    I would be fine paying 50% of the device retail price up front and the balance over 12 month and then having a reduced price on my bill after that, or pay full retail and get the cheaper voice/data plans period.

    Of course we heard similar BS from Time Warner saying their customers don’t want Gigabit to the home internet speeds, yeah because they would charge $500-1000 a month for it. The telecom’s and ISP’s got Billions in subsidies with no strings attached to make them invest in the infrastructure they were supposed to.

    The US is an economic power only in terms of how greedy our companies are and how little they actually invest into their infrastructure. I do say though Verizon has the network and they invest and invest, and invest but our costs should not go up, its the cost of doing business.

  • I’m asking.

  • Bionic

    What’s his E mail? I’ll “ask for it” right this second.

  • Flat_Stanley

    The only problem with this, is that, knowing Verizon, they WILL eliminate contracts and phone subsidies, but the prices will go UP, not down. Somehow they’ll reason that eliminating phone subsidies won’t mean that contract prices should go down. So we’ll end up paying more for the same thing – just like with the data sharing plans.

  • chris125

    So if we ask for unlimited data back they will bring it back??

  • TomStieger

    “What we’ve found is that Verizon customer really like paying more money for less data. That’s why we are now pleased to announce the 5 year less is more contract. You get 5GB of data to use however you want (over the course of 5 years). After that time you are free to have any upgrade phone at a discount!”
    -Verizon CEO 🙂

  • Bill Bishop

    Yes I want this. I am not really interested in switching to TMobile but I am going to look into it.

    • Bionic

      after doing a ton of research i have decided to stay with Verizon, there are many places I go that verizon is the only signal

  • Brian Sargent

    I won’t be buying another subsidized phone from Verizon because I don’t want to lose my unlimited data. Verizon, if you want to keep the data and then lose the contracts, then we have a point worth discussing. If not, I couldn’t care less what you do with the contracts because I won’t be entering into another one with you.

  • Joey

    Lets do this

  • mikeparv

    I’m in!

  • Sure they will give you no contract, just pay $600 for the phone like they do in the UK.
    People in the US are not used to that. and even though the math ends up being close, they would rather stay with $75 to $250 for the phone with a 1 or 2 year contract.

  • Gregg

    To the Twitter machine!

  • steven janowski

    verizon is just doing the math and looking to screw you another way.

    Lots of people have asked for Google Wallet…where is Verizon on that one?

  • Kevin Hill

    If he does that, I’ll stay with Verizon. Their coverage is amazing. Too bad it probably won’t. Therefore I’ll move over to t-mobile once the x-phone releases.

  • lgreg64

    the only thing there going to do is stop contracts. i don’t care about contracts i want better pricing. that all people really want.

  • joejoe5709

    I can’t help but feel like we’re still going to be the loser in all this. T-Mobile is already within spitting distance of Verizon’s monthly prices so if Verizon makes a similar change, I guarantee we’ll end up paying a lot more in the end. With cell phone companies, change is rarely ever a good thing.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Verizon is all big on “If our customers ask for it”. They also said that customers asked for tiered data plans as well. I would like to know where they get this feedback from and how do you give it to them? You have no confirmation that the feedback you give to the phone rep actually goes anywhere important.

  • Why not have both options? People who want “contract free” phones or “unlocked bootloaders” or whatever, are those read websites like this, love to upgrade their phones constantly, and do a lot of carrier hopping. However, the everyday person doesn’t really are about these issues. As long as they’re smart phone works, they could care less about upgrades and carriers and wouldn’t mind paying less for a subsidized phone.