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Verizon CEO Open to Eliminating Mobile Contracts, if Customers Ask For it

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam

During a recent event, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, said that he likes it when something different is tried in the industry. Just last week,T-Mobile looked to shake up the mobile world by ridding of contracts and making customers now pay for a larger portion of a device upfront, while paying a somewhat lower monthly bill. Interestingly enough, McAdam says he is all for this idea, if customers actually ask for it. 

From what he states, changing to this platform would be easy, all it takes is people wanting it. He mentioned that he will be monitoring customer feedback about T-mo’s new plans and rates, then go from there. So, while T-Mobile spends who-knows-how-much to educate their potential customers on the new rate plans, Verizon will just sit back and wait to see what happens.

You want Verizon to make the switch?


Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Bruce Purvis

    “If customers actually ask for it” yeah like Verizon really listens to their customers just like they did when they said “their customers” asked for tiered data plans.

    • Dominick_7

      They asked people they put on acid, it counts too meng.

    • ozo012

      Well I look at this way, people asked for tiered (at something cheaper than $30 for unlimited), they just didn’t ask for it to be 2 GB for the same $30 that unlimited folks were paying.

  • Austin Warren

    Was about to switch to T mobile. Do this and make the retail price cheaper. And I’m in!

  • Guess you got to be a politician to be a CEO.
    I don’t think any body ask for limited data.

  • Sqube

    Please. PLEASE. PLEASE.

  • Buying a phone for their network is a contract in and of itself; you can’t go elsewhere with it, you’ve committed.

  • James P.

    We’ve asked for MANY changes, some that would even benefit VZW itself, and they have NEVER listened before. Why would they start now?

  • Havoc70

    We are asking…So GET RID of IT!…

    Yea right, i will believe it when i see it

  • Ted

    I’m asking…..Trust me, those phony baloney full-prices will drop like a rock and cost the same or less than a Google Nexus phone. Competition will take over and people will be able buy a good phone for $300 or $400 NOT $650 or $700 which total non-sense. Verizon will not do this because they know they are really not providing hardly any (if any) subsidy for the phones.

  • Ted

    I’m asking…..Trust me, those phony baloney full-prices will drop like a rock and cost the same or less than a Google Nexus phone or less. Competition will take over and people will be able but a good phone for $300 or $400 NOT $650 or $700 which total non-sense. Verizon will not do this because they know they are really not providing hardly any (if any) subsidy for the phones.

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    Things I want Verizon to do:

    Eliminate contracts
    Bring back unlimited data
    Stop locking down devices
    Update devices in a timely manner
    Continue improving upon their awesome network
    Offer more high-end devices
    Give us a proper Nexus

    • BobButtons

      Are you familiar with the term pipe dream? 😛

      • Tirionfive

        Dumb Pipes would be nice.

      • Kizaru Hiruko

        Hey, a guy can dream, right?

    • TBolt

      I want all wireless carriers to get out of the phones business entirely. They should provide only wireless NETWORK capability. We, as consumers, should be able to bring our own devices onto the wireless network — just like we do with computers.

      Cable Internet providers don’t tell us what PC’s to buy.

      • Kizaru Hiruko

        I agree with you. Hopefully, with LTE becoming the standard among all wireless carriers globally, we can have a bring-your-own-device program at Verizon. This is one of the few things I miss by switching from GSM to CDMA.

      • chris125

        They do this in other places outside the US, but the carriers like having too much control here in the states and don’t want to actually have to compete on price points

      • while it works in theory, and I’m for it, lets see how many folks fork over 800 bucks for that shiney new S4

    • T4rd

      Verizon: Lol no.

  • James Lewis

    Sounds like its petition time

  • Ryan

    T-mobiles un carrier plans are a contract without actually using the word contract. I do like that you can pay the phone off and upgrade early but if you cant pay the balance off you cant cancel or leave. so think of Verizon and early termination fees, every month it drops lower to the end of your contract so pay that remainder off and your free to go. both different ways to say the same thing.

    • after your contract is over dont you pay the same phone bill on verizon??? there is a big difference

    • JakeS41

      Its a much better system than what is currently in place. people can bring their own GSM phones and go no-contract – or buy them up front. If they are unhappy with T-Mo, they can leave at will. Also, for those that don’t pay up front and don’t change phones often – having your plan price drop after payment is complete is pretty awesome. I think they’ve done a pretty good thing here.

  • MichaelFranz

    If they would compete with T-Mobile on the unlimited everything i would do it. Even if they throttle allow you to pick a GB package before throttling. So say you pay $70 for unlimited everything with 2GB before throttle. and then maybe 80 for 3GB, etc etc. that would work out well. I bet they see more new subscriptions and returning customers

  • DigitalDK


  • Customers ask for unlimited data too, and we all see how far that got us.

  • ScottyByrd

    They will probably raise the rates for those that want to subsidize a device but lower back to current rates if you bring your own phone that way they do not loose any money and actually gain some in the process

    • fauxshizzl


  • Kenny Larson

    You know he’s going to come back in 3 months and say that their customers aren’t asking for it. Also, they’ve got their network key in their pockets. They can say they don’t have contract but if you have to buy a phone from them to use their network AND the phone doesn’t work on any other network what good is no contract? Your still playing essentially the same game.

    This is a PR stunt. Don’t read any more into it than that.

    • Once they switch on VoLTE, that CDMA key is pretty much useless, since they are waiting until their full CDMA coverage area is converted before doing so.

      • Kenny Larson

        I hope so. However, I wouldn’t put it past Verizon to figure out a way to lock it down.

    • Tyler Cameron

      Most of their 4G phones are GSM/HSPA capable/

  • John

    What’s the point? All Verizon will do is charge accordingly. You’ll still have the same exact overpriced plans, only now they’ll be sticking it to you for the full price of the device. If you think they’ll adjust their plan prices down accordingly and function as a dumb pipe (like they should be), you’re out of your mind. This Greedy company will not willingly just become less greedy.

  • Luis Sanchez

    The only reason Verizon would consider this move is because it will drive them away with dealing with phones. Verizon takes hits when it comes with returning and exchanging phones. How about bringing back unlimited data you greedy phucks!

  • Who’s leg do we have to hump to eliminate mobile contracts?

    JUST DO IT!!!

  • bakdroid

    Smart business move for Verizon. Allow another company to take on all the risks with only minimal risk that people will leave for the competitor’s service. It is a win win situation for Verizon.

  • Triplec76

    I’m sure Verizon would love to change the billing process in a way that is monetarily beneficial to them.

  • MichaelFranz

    Maybe a petition to do it. It would be nice to see them do a trial run on some basis with a certain number of customers. They used to do that a while ago for cell plans. I got into one of them and never left it since its where my unlimited data resides. I am sure even with no contract they would make you get rid of unlimited data though.

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    Do it NAO!!

  • Matt

    What’s the catch? How will Verizon make it a bad thing for customers?


  • I’m asking for it!!! Can you hear me now?

  • J. Gilbertson

    You can drop contracts as long as you lower your monthly cost since I won’t be subsidising my phone in my non contract plan.

  • mtaylor924

    something tells me Verizon’s version of this is to make you pay for the device up front but keep the high monthly fees anyway.

    • dragonflyr

      very, very true. they’ll pitch it as “you’ll have the freedom to change your device at ANY time .. no penalties.”

  • imns

    YES! But only if they bring back unlimited data/let me retain my unlimited plan.

  • dukenilnil

    They’ve already eliminated contracts for me as that’s the only way I get to keep unlimited data. I am holding onto that baby as long as I can.

    • But that means that you’re either 1) paying full price for the device and paying for the built in subsidy charge or 2) paying for the built in subsidy charge long after you’ve paid off the amount that the device costs.

      • JoYu

        or 3) Using one of your other lines to upgrade then transfering to the unlimited line keeping the best of both worlds (Although still paying to much IMHO)

        • Still paying for subsidies on two lines but only getting one.

          • JoYu

            No you can use a dumb phone to upgrade, when you transfer back to the smart phone line it will return to the dumb phone price

          • Well, every plan has a subsidy built in. It may be less for dumb phones.

            For this situation to work, you need to have a family member that only wants a dumb phone and never wants a new one (or is willing to pay full price for a new one). And then you’re still paying for a dumb phone subsidy you’ll never use.

            This is probably not worth arguing over. 🙂

          • DanKemple

            Can’t do that either, in order to use another upgrade on your plan that phone has to be purchased, and activated on the line that has the upgrade. Then quickly deactivated (old one reactivated) and that new phone can then be activated on your account. This is straight from the VZW salesman 2 weeks ago. He stated corporate patched the computers to not allow direct upgrades from another line onto yours anymore. This means if someone doesn’t have a smartphone in order to upgrade you have to then purchase data for that line, activate it, then deactivate and you can’t remove that data as far as I can tell it’s part of the new 2 yr contract for buying that phone.

          • JoYu

            Oh that sucks! Too bad they fixed it, we are attempting something like this in the next couple weeks. Guess I will find out if the rep knows what they are talking about or not.

            Makes sense they do it that way, I always assumed it was like that until someone corrected me on here a while back.

            It is worth arguing over so we can save some money! 😛

          • ostensibly

            You can remove the data from the new line, provided you have a feature phone to activate on it. You could probably do it in the store if you felt like it.

          • notyou

            Dummys. Just dont tell the vzw salesman what u are doing. Just do it. Add aline or upgrade one of your lines, not the main line with unlimited data and just switch sim cards. Remember dont tell the vzw salesman, who lie about the computer update, its a ploy they say because they will get in trouble for doing it, their bosses tell they they have to switch us and get customers off unlimited data and over to the share everything crap.
            I have unlimited data on two lines. Note 2, and dna. The 3rd line is a non data phone I used the upgrade on and then swapped sims and turned off data on it. Only charged 10 bucks for non data phone compared to 30 on the crap everything plan.

          • TSY87

            You are missing the point… I am doing the same thing to keep my unlimited data, but that means my price per month is covering a subsidy that I am unable to use on my line. Even though I use my family members upgrades, MY line is still being charged a subsidy that is not being used.

      • dukenilnil

        True, except when I upgrade I plan to buy second hand or see what the price is for the Moto X phone or future Nexus phone which tend to be not much more than the newest subsidized phones. I can’t change that Verizon is charging everyone a subsidized phone price on the contract, but I still save money in the long run. My unlimited data is $30 a month. Verizon doesn’t even offer a plan with capped data at that price. $50 is the cheapest they offer for only 1Gb. That means an extra $480 in data charges alone over the 24 month contract, already more than the subsidy I’d be getting. Plus, I can’t imagine the cost if I went over the 1gb one month. It’s a no brainer to pay full price for a phone or get one on a discount second hand. Add in that we are on a loyalty plan that gives us sufficient minutes at an unadvertised price. I am by no means a data hog, but will use 4-7GB a month on occassion and not having to worry if I accidentally turned off wifi and run up my data is worth a lot of piece of mind.

    • I still have unlimited data and before they turned off the upgrade option I hardly used any data (less then 1 GB) and I seriously looked into going to a tiered plan. The problem was that the cheapest plan for two phones would be more expensive then my current plan and involved me splitting data with my wife’s phone.
      So I kept unlimited instead and now use as much data as I feel like, while I may be a small fry compared to some my usage went from less then 1GB to typically over 4GB as I won’t even connect to wifi now.
      Basically I’m in the same boat as you and when they eliminate unlimited data I will switch to another company.

  • Julian Monroy

    Yes, I agree if they lower their rates. I am not going to let them take my subsidized phones and still keep the rates the same.

  • R

    Yes. And while they’re at it, lower their rates!

  • fallenshell

    A million times yes, but only if they also get rid of their dumb data tierscosts as well.

  • I am asking for it now, please give

  • YES. NOW.

  • I would love it if Verizon would eliminate contracts, but at the same time their phones are mediocre and they should feel bad.

  • Ken Bosse

    we’re open to unlock bootloaders..how about that

    • There are rumors that Verizon’s going to start doing that. For only 15 bucks a month. HOWBOUTNO.

  • Eliminate Mobile Contracts!!!!

  • AKA “If we start losing enough customers/money we might think about it”

    • New_Guy


    • Dominick_7

      Exactly. Hes saying hes losing customers to TMobile. Screw Verizon. Unless they bring back unlimited, lower monthly rate it’s not worth being with them.

      • Or unless it’s the only provider that has service in your town

  • schoat333

    This will work for T-Mobile becasue they will do it right VZW won’t they will force you to buy the phone from them, so they can lock it down and put bloat apps all over it. Then they will jack the price up an extra $100.00 or make you pay a monthly fee that ends up being more than if you bought the phone outright.

    • KleenDroid

      At $299 you are almost paying for it anyway.

  • JetBlue

    Probably their way of getting people off of unlimited data or something that they aren’t telling us.

  • Sounds nice in theory, but it’s irrelevant if I can’t use unlimited data.

  • Siege

    For the love of all things holy, YES!

  • Nexus_FrEak

    We’re asking

    • zepfloyd

      Yeah, and he’s listening…about as hard as everyone wanting unlimited data…

      • BobButtons

        But… but… “people are switching from unlimited data at an alarming rate!” Maybe because it’s no longer an option to sign up for it. Plus I can still see them forcing off the grandfathered customers even though according to VZW people couldn’t be leaving it voluntarily any quicker.

        • Tyler Cameron

          I left Verizon for T-Mobile because I figured they’d find some way to kill my unlimited data. Like I was on a family plan with my sister and when the time would come to make it a single line, I’m positive they’d force me off my unlimited data plan. I don’t miss Verizon especially since I have LTE on T-Mobile

          • BobButtons

            Yeah, I’m in southeastern Wisconsin where Verizon’s the only one with decent coverage (at least specifically where I live), especially with LTE. Milwaukee was actually rated one of the worst covered cities for T-Mobile’s service.

          • Twiztid Chaos

            I live up in Green Bay and Verizon does better then Cellcom. I don’t have issues with my service even when I go further north. But looking at the map from T-Mobile, you are somewhat fine as long as you don’t wonder away from the Fox River by more then 5 miles. They have an extremely long way to go if they want to have more customers.

          • auraseale

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          • Clayton Johnson

            T Mobile actually has HSPA+ and since the average customer cant tell the difference, they market it as 4G LTE when it really isnt

        • michael arazan

          If Verizon did get rid of grandfathered unlimited, there would be a mass exodus of customers. The polls here showed that vzw subscribers on here were 70% or more on unlimited still, including myself. So I’m sure a good 30-40% have unlimited still and I doubt they could stand to lose more than 10% of the customers they have to other carriers and they definitely see it in the quarterlies which would piss off stock investors.

          • Benjamin Mackie

            Im gonna leave if they try to force me out

    • Austin Warren

      We should make a petition on Whitehouse.gov ha

      • Warwick

        Im all in!

      • zepfloyd

        …Why? What exactly does an act of Congress (ultimately) have to do with people signing contracts with a private company?! No one’s forcing you… No laws are being broken. Vote with your wallet.

        • TBolt

          The .gov petition system is not just a dumping ground for legal gripes. Various matters can be addressed through the system — including issues related to all aspects of commerce.

          • zepfloyd

            Yes, all LEGAL matters of commerce of as it relates to executing the Constitution of the United States and federal law, not an extension of Verizon’s customer service because you happen to not like their business model. You actually don’t even need a contract on Verizon. Not only are there pre-paid plans, you can go month to month at full price if you want to. Granted you would be overpaying, but then again…no one’s forcing you. Vote with your wallets and use proper channels. I know one of my lines is going in June.

          • Austin Warren

            The sarcasm went flying right by your head, i see.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            It’s a false sense of accomplishment.

          • TBolt

            Not true; that’s a defeatist attitude. I’m busy, and won’t bother googling examples for you, but it can work (and has) with enough support.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            Oh you mean how there’s a threshold requirement of 100,000 for a response, yet there are a half dozen petitions that have met the requirement, and have not been responded to? How’s that working out for you? You put too much trust in this capitalist government.

          • lrohenaz

            I was with you until you blamed capitalism. The problems you see are from abandoning true capitalism and letting the gov control every aspect of commerce and our lives for that matter. We do not have capitalism, we have a capitalist fascist hybrid, or crony capitalism. We haven’t had true capitalism in this country since the early 1900s

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            The crooked US stock market is not capitalist? The bailouts with taxpayers money (without taxpayer permission) is not capitalist? The profit driven healthcare system? Wake up man…..

          • lrohenaz

            oh I’m wide awake my friend. These things are not a result of capitalism at all. They are a result of manipulated markets – not free markets.

            Computers get cheaper, faster, easier to obtain etc. healthcare gets more expensive, harder to get, and riddled with tedious paperwork etc.. why? tech industry has true competition, and open standards instead of heavy regulation. Sure there are problems but I can buy a mouse for $7. I can’t get my temperature taken for that cost. The healthcare industry is a gross perversion of capitalism. we’re forced into insurance programs, restricted to which doctors we can see, third parties take money by middling every transaction, and the government decides what treatments can be used (and the process is directly financed by big pharma). every tool, treatment, and even the education doctors receive are regulated by the government to protect big interests – i.e. crony capitalism. Meanwhile, cheaper natural alternatives are “regulated” out of popular medical practice. Medicine is a manipulated market, NOT a free one. Lasik and cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance, and so the prices are surprisingly low compared to other procedures that require comparable effort / equipment. Bailout are ABSOLUTELY not capitalist, they are fascist. If you think this society is truly capitalist you have not been paying attention.

            All this happens because the gov – who is supposed to protect us from these abuses – causes and embraces them. So lets give them more authority right?

            If you want “collectivism” move to cypress (who also claims to be capitalist while confiscating 25% of citizens savings).

            Capitalism is being villainized to convince people to embrace socialism, collectivism, communism, etc. Meanwhile, Germany (the most capitalist country in the EU), is the only thing keeping the euro alive.

            go to youtube and watch a little cartoon called “the philosophy of liberty” – does a good job of explaining the root principles I’m advocating.

          • Yep

            The fact that I’m the first person to +1 you, 7 hours after the fact, is just sad. Great post.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            The thing is, when you have a free market, that’s when manipulation happens.
            Cyprus guarantees deposits up to $100,000 euros, which is standard practice. Here in the USA, it’s now $200,000. Anyone who deposits more than the guaranteed amount, takes on risk of losing some, if not all of it. Also, the majority of deposits in Cyprus are from foreigners, not citizens. So your example of Cyprus is not relevant here.

          • ObsidianGT

            +1 Fantastic post, Irohenaz!

            Ever since I was first introduced to the concept of Keynesian vs. Austrian school of economics (Rep. Dr. Ron Paul (RTX)) a few years ago I became intrigued with politics to a limited degree, but enough to get me active. When I discovered the approach of our US gov’t I was a bit distraught and become more-so each passing year as I witness its actions.

            Ever since then, whenever I see people advocate gov’t intervention, even in a light-hearted or sarcastic way such as Austin Warren’s post, I grimace to say the least. I’m so grateful you posted such a great comment, and others who also posted great follow-ups explaining the detriment of “big gov’t.”

          • Granted

            The last thing any intelligent human wants, is another reason for our ever encroaching current administration, to impose more stupid laws and further diminish our liberty. Government has one job, and it sur as hell has no place in the matters of private businesses.

      • Charles Hobbs

        We really should start a petition somewhere…

    • Warwick

      Where do we sign up?! lol

    • HerbieDerb

      At least bring back the 1 year contracts so we can keep up with phone technology.

      • Absolutely! I’d pay an extra bill if I could switch to a new device the following year without penalty

    • That guy is full of chet. It’s a PR campaign. In a few weeks he’ll come back and say the customers “don’t want it”…just like “we wanted” the shared and tiered data. This guy can go pound sand.

    • Since when does Verizon listens to their customers LOL

      • Verizon customers don’t want $30 upgrade fee are you listening or wait you guys don’t care because it’s all about the shareholders LOL

  • As they should! If everybody moved to this, Plan prices dropped in general, and Phones became more interoperable then the USA wireless landscape would be a whole lot Brighter. Yes I’m aware that’s a big “IF”. I can dream now, can’t I?

  • SkepticOfBusinessTactics

    What’s the catch?!

  • Verizon customer here:

    How do I “ask” for it?

    • fallenshell

      What if we all email him…

      • Austin Warren

        As if anybody could get his email lol

        • Anon

          lowell.c.mcadam “AT” verizon “DOT” com

          • Austin Warren

            Probably doesn’t go straight to him.

          • Sure it does! It’s all printed out and delivered to the circular filing cabinet!

          • LOL @ the people who think they can directly email a top executive. I’m sure they get sorted into a separate bucket, which then get reviewed by an intern who’s in charge of copying/pasting canned responses.

          • Tyler Cameron

            But if enough people emailed him, they’d notice a trend.
            My sister has emailed the Verizon CEO plenty and usually gets what she wants.
            I remember way back she emailed them regarding a POS BB Curve she had. They sent her a BB Storm (which was brand new at the time) for no charge. But my sister is just good like that lol

          • Austin Warren

            Bet she sent some extra with that email.

      • Granted

        Then the program that sends automated, scripted responses will get paid overtime.

    • TheOiulkj

      You have to ask with your money. Verizon doesn’t speak regular English.

  • steve0617

    IF, and ONLY if, they also then drop the monthly price if you’re off contract/brought your own device.

    • Random

      Too bad that’s not going to happen though. What he’s really saying is ‘We’d love to have you pay for the full price of the phone at our current phone/data rates’

      • And we’ll go ahead and keep your device locked to us as well.

      • snowblind64

        I could see Verizon doing that. Funny thing is, I was just looking at T-Mobile’s phones and you actually pay less up front than at Verizon (sorry Tim you were wrong about paying more up front). The difference is that you pay the phone off on a two year installment plan which is awesome because your bill actually goes down after you pay off the phone unlike Verizon.

  • If verizon will switch to GSM or at least make it possible to bring a phone not bought through them over to them, i am game. The power to choose is an amazing thing!

    • Geoff Johnson

      Verizon can’t switch to GSM without completely redesigning their network, it’s not going to happen. Most phones bought internationally or from other carriers don’t even support CDMA.

      • Justin Winker

        LTE is a GSM technology, though. Once they fully switch to LTE (and completely drop CDMA), then we’ll be able to bring other LTE-compatible phones over to them (as long as they support LTE only). I don’t think that will happen until probably 2015 or so, but it shouldn’t be too much longer now.

        • They are looking at introducing LTE-only devices by early 2014 at the latest, since they expect to finish their LTE rollout mid-2013 then switch on VoLTE at the end of the year. At which point, they can begin shutting down the CDMA network and repurposing the spectrum to LTE-Advanced, or more LTE coverage, though they already said that extra bandwidth would likely come from their recently acquired AWS bands.

          • Justin Winker

            Yeah, I should have clarified that 2015 will probably be when other carriers will have LTE only devices as well (though I’m pretty sure T-Mo and Sprint will just be filling out their network at that piont).

      • JoshGroff

        LTE is a GSM based technology, once they have full LTE rollout and VoLTE, we should be able to see true carrier freedom.