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New Nexus 4 Accessories Arrive on Google Play – Headphones With Microphone, USB Cable, and Power Adapter

nexus headphones

Moments ago, Google introduced three new accessories to the Nexus 4 family. The N4 listings include a pair of wired headphones for $19.99, standard USB cable for $9.99, and a power adapter at $15.99.

The accessories aren’t necessarily anything groundbreaking from what we can tell, but the headphones do at least include flat tangle-free cords, aluminum backing, double rubber ear pieces, and a microphone for taking calls. The USB cable and power adapter on the other hand, are exactly what you think they are. Need a spare charger combo? I guess this is an option. 

nexus 4 cablenexus 4 power

Keep in mind that headphone purchases also include a $5.99 2-day shipping charge.

Play Links:  Headphones | Power Adapter | USB Cable

  • phona

    Hmm…those are pretty much universal accessories. But I am curious about the M as well.

  • Daniel Clifford

    Won;t let me buy the head phones. Tried twice and twice Google cancels it for the following reason: Comments from Google: User Item Limit Exceeded.

  • DanSan

    would totally get on these but shipping and tax.. ugh. found the LG branded versions on ebay but only in white 🙁

    • stores.ebay.com/LGMobileAccessory

  • feztheforeigner

    I love how the headphones say they only work with the Nexus 4… I’ll never be able to figure out to use this on my Nexus 7, Galaxy S III or Droid DNA…

  • They should bundle the power adapter and USB cable together.

  • headphoneman
  • brkshr

    They should have released these on April 1st. I would have thought it was a joke for sure.

  • David Rudometkin

    That’s great — now get to work on those Nexus 10 accessories google!

  • Justin Winker

    They don’t have the specs of the headphones on the site.. I know Google isn’t the best when it comes to listing specs, but they don’t have any of the sound measurements:(

  • Harsh Karn

    What’s there on the flat side of earpiece? Nexus logo!!!

  • kkloster

    you know, even though i don’t need any of that stuff and there’s nothing really special about it either, i’m still tempted to buy it. ugh.

  • XvierX

    Why doesn’t android support headphones ability to control volume and skip tracks? I’ve been looking for a pair for months and nothing works.

    • onDroid

      Klipsch image S4a. They have amazing sound, a mic, and a button to pause, play, and skip tracks. Sadly, no volume control though. Look ’em up on Amazon

    • poiuytman

      Pretty sure it’s a hardware limitation. I read somewhere that Apple headphone jacks have a patented extra contact that allows transmission of the volume up/down controls.

      Single-click to play/pause and double-click for next track does work on Android, however.

  • Tyler

    Personally I would recommend Klipsch S4A headphones. They sound amazing for what you are paying for them. The bass is punchy, but doesnt drown out the mids or the crisp highs. They have 2 generations which you can find on amazon http://amzn.com/B008VHHYLW http://amzn.com/B005M1KO1C

    I recently retired mine which lasted me 3 years and IMO were completely worth the $100 i paid for them. Had the $350 Klipsch X10 headphones not been on sale for $90 i would have bought another pair.

  • Am I the only one interested in those headphones? They actually look quite decent.

    • EC8CH

      klipsch s4 best bang for the buck

      • JetBlue

        Definitely looking at them especially after watching MKBHD’s review of them

        • Austin Warren

          He knows his stuff. That’s for sure.

        • umbrellacorp

          Woot has the S4A’s for 39.99 today + 5 shipping. Thinking about getting a pair.

      • onDroid

        I got the S4a buds. These little things are a beast and have good controls built in. Just wish there was a button to contol the volume on them.

    • KatsumeBlisk

      My MEElectronics M9 are less than those and sound amazing. Best headphones I’ve purchased.

    • Elliot Kotis

      I need a new cable (would love the original) AND really want to try the ear phones.

  • Detonation

    Why are these coming out just now, 5 months after the phone was released?

    • Trevor

      That’s a Nexus for ya, unfortunately.

  • Austin Warren

    $20? No wonder why asurion throws these things in free

  • scammah

    I personally want to see a wireless charger for the car. I actually bought the home wireless charger and tried to set it up but the phone would not stay on during the bumpy ride.

    • Austin Warren

      Do you drive around a lot? Do you not charge it before you leave?

      • Steve Benson

        More douchy comments. Do you ever rest?

        • Austin Warren

          I was asking him a question. Do you ever shut the fuc* up?

          • Steve Benson

            Every one of your comments reek of sarcasm.

          • Austin Warren

            I make a CA joke and you get all mad and have to stalk me.

          • Joey

            California jokes….not cool man.

          • andrew galvin

            can confirm all of austin’s comments on every thread are sarcastic and push his galaxy s4 loving.agenda

          • Austin Warren

            The fact that I didn’t even mention Samsung proves that you are a complete idiot. Thanks for clarifying that.

          • Austin Warren’s mom

            The fact that your posts have so many thumbs down clarify that YOU ARE THE IDIOT

          • Joque


          • Austin Warren

            Freedom of speech.

          • Brando

            Where’d the F-bomb go? Edit much?

    • Do a YouTube search for Owl CarPad wireless charging mount. I purchased it a couple weeks ago and it’s a decent solution until more wireless chargers come out.

  • Artune

    I’m in love with my sony Piiq headphones (7-9 bucks) but i’m interested in these headphones for my GNex. Please let me know how they sound.

  • Romanz

    Unable to order the items, it gives out an error stating that I have exceeded user item limit.

    • Pdiddy187

      I had the same problem and received zero help from customer service. They really are horrible at selling physical products.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I wish they would lower the price of the wireless charger. Good to see official accessories coming to the phone.

  • The phone is a loss leader.

  • George L

    Tangle free headphones with built in mic for under $50?! While being an “official Nexus 4 accessory”?! Shut up and take my money, Google! [throws wallet at monitor]

  • I know this topic has been beat on already, but I’d imagine the sale of these items/accessories might have been a lot better if they were released at the same time and most of all… all IN STOCK.

    Were they really not sure if it would sell or was there not enough manufacturing power?

  • Brian Walker

    It’s nice to see actual 1st party accessories, but there isn’t really anything there for me. That’s fine, though, I’m not every customer. I hope this is a sign of better accessory support going forward with future Google devices. I have loved each of my Nexus products (GNex, N7, N4), but accessories have always been an afterthought.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Still 10$ to ship a $20 accessory? I see the head phones are $6 to ship. They really need shipping Tiers

  • Nicktrance

    The noise isolation looks good, although still I doubt they’ll compete with a decent set of earphones.

    • I grabbed a pair, so I’ll try to report back. 🙂

      • Brian Walker

        I’ll patiently await your review. If they don’t sound good, then they’re just another pair of basic $20 headphones. I hope I’m wrong, because they at least look nice. I dig the tangle free cable.

  • David Becker

    Cheap Phone, Super expensive accessories.

  • Does the Google play store have a wishlist? i see it on my phone but can’t find it on my PC, sure would make things a little easier