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Google On a Patent Roll, Secures Designs for Cameras To Check the Local Weather


We all know that Google Now is the epitome of your phone knowing exactly where you are and giving you information based off of that, but another patent recently secured by Google is going to extend that ability to your phone’s camera. Their new patent hopes to put GPS to work to figure out three things: where you are, if you are indoors or outside and what the local weather near you is like. All of this information is then fed into your camera to make your photos look better. 

Pictures outside can fluctuate wildly depending on the amount of light and cloud cover that you’re shooting in. This new patent lets Google configure your camera’s ISO and white balance to compensate for any kind of weather that you might be taking photos in. It’s not the biggest feature in the world, but for the legion of point-and-shooters out there who don’t tinker with phone settings too much, this should make their snapshots even better.

Via: Engadget 

  • Pedro

    Dude at intersection X is talking on the phone. Hmm, maybe Google Now knows that at intersection X, it’s now raining.
    Info FROM camera sent to Google with GPS data. Bam! Everyone with a Google connection now knows where the rain is falling.
    Input, output, it’s all the same for the USPTO.

  • NorCalGuy

    Hope it works better than HDR… I feel like I am taking picture of Casper the ghost…

  • There I said it

    The GS4 is coming with Humidity and Temp sensors. That will certainly be better than simply capturing an image from the camera.

    • Explain, please.

      • There I said it

        Samsung added new sensors to the device. There is not much on their website, but they talked about it during the press conference. Here is a post from a 3rd party. There is a fair amount on the web about it and what may be possible with the addition of these new sensors.


        • I mean…I know about the sensors but I don’t see how humidity and ambient temperature have anything to do with capturing a photo.

          • There I said it

            My bad. I guess I misunderstood the intended use of the patent. Re-reading the article has clarified it for me. Originally I was under the impression the camera was to be used to determine the weather, and that’s all. The humidity and temp sensors could be used in conjunction with the camera. However, the intended purpose of the patent, as I now understand it, it for the camera to adapt to weather conditions. I suppose the humidity and temp sensors provide considerably less value to the camera’s ability to take a quality photo than they would acting as a mobile weather station. Sorry for my misunderstanding and any confusion I created.

    • Dave

      That’s a great idea. I always wonder why Samsung puts barometers in their phones now.

  • Nagini

    No…. No… No..

  • Austin Warren

    Takes picture of sky…..is it sunny outside?

  • Shane Redman

    Isn’t that on the Note2? My cousin showed me that the other day…

    • No LOL

      • Shane Redman

        Then why did it show the weather, date, and time on his pictures…

        • Yes it can show the weather date and time… but this article is different than that.

          • Shane Redman

            I see it now…had to re-read it

  • Verizon

    Show me anything that will help a phone take better pictures and I am all for it. This sounds a little odd to me, but maybe they are looking into future tech or features using this. Social weather forecasting maybe?

  • This is retarded. You don’t base your exposure metering based on what the weather forecast says. You base it on the ACTUAL light conditions, and that comes from having good quality hardware and software to calculate the proper exposure. If your camera can meter properly it doesn’t matter what the weather is.

    • Justin Winker

      I just want to point out that they will use “Current Conditions” – the conditions that are currently being reported, aka, not the forecast, the actual.

      • Still not as accurate. What if the current conditions are “partly Cloudy” and the sun keeps peeking in and out of clouds as you’re shooting? What does the white balance get set to based on the new algorithm getting beamed down to your phone in real time? Cloudy? Sunny?

      • Again, that’s what the camera’s sensors are for. Have you ever seen a weather forecast? Mine currently says cloudy. But I look out my window and I see clear blue skies. What if I’m standing under a tree through diffused sunlight? Then what? What about the kelvin temperature of the light? It’s very different in shade vs full sunlight.

        You see why this is such a stupid, useless gimmick?

        • Just set your phone’s camera to manual and completely bypass these “gimmicky” features. Problem solved. Stop complaining.

          • Now there’s an idea…a manual setting. That’s something that camera phones don’t have. Everything is automatic. You can tweak things like ISO and exposure compensation but the camera controls the basic things that make an exposure; shutter speed and aperture.

    • r0lct

      I think this will be more fine tuning. For instance if the camera is trying to determine the white balance and can rule out cloudy because you’re indoors.
      However it could just be additional tagging info applied to the photo to help in post processing.

      • I think it’s just more ways of tracking. With white balance, what happens if you do go indoors? What would the current weather conditions do then? There’s several different types of indoor lighting which vary from very orange to white to almost a green color. Even expensive DSLRs struggle with proper white balance, so I don’t see how adding weather conditions will do anything for this…

        • Abhisshack D

          you should be more careful about Google tracking you, because they already knows your child porn addiction 😉

    • JBartcaps

      It’s okay buddy, you don’t need to get worked up over a feature you’ll most likely have the ability to turn on or off, plus you won’t ever see Google advertising it.

    • Mark Mann

      wow, untwist your panties and pull them out of your nether-regions…and kindly refrain from using “retarded” in reference to something stupid…as most “retarded” people are anything but

    • KleenDroid

      Angry much? When I read this, the last thing I did was start jumping up and down screaming obscenities.