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Video: How to Set Up Pie Controls on CyanogenMod Nightlies

cm pie android

This week, the CyanogenMod team announced that their newest nightly ROM builds of CM10.1 would include Pie Controls. We have been a fan of Pie since we first saw it being used in Paranoid Android, so it made us happy to hear it was coming to the more widely-used CyanogenMod. To help show some folks how to enable Pie Controls and set them up, we put together this nice little video that you see below. 

The truth is that we spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to set it up ourselves, so we are sparing you any possible frustration down the road.

  • Guest

    thanks CyanogenMod & Android 4 is every mobile phone just another crap,in a setting I’m missing what was in version 2.3.40R2.3.6

  • shaonian


  • excellent article. thanks

  • joejoe5709

    Toro updated today. Pie not quite as responsive as PA’s. Definitely got a lot of work to do. With PA, I could practically flick my finger where I know the button will pop up and it would still do as I ask even if the animation flashed quicker than your eyes could see. With CM’s Pie, it seems you almost need to wait for the buttons to pop up in order to use them. And they’re probably not as pretty as PA’s. Still better than the stock buttons and I’m still very glad to be back on CM. I missed my notification power buttons so dearly! 🙂 Thanks CM!

  • islandak

    I was excited to see this, but after booting up CM it’s not responsive enough for me. I really like getting rid of the on-screen keys, but my phone doesn’t respond every time I swipe. I need my back (or home) key to work. I’ll check this out again in the future.

    • islandak

      AND Thank you for the video! I don’t know if I would have found the power button activation…

    • joejoe5709

      It’s not too bad. But a lot of people in forum are already complaining so hopefully they get a fix soon. For me, I don’t mind it. It’s responsive enough. It’s far far better than PA’s first attempts. They’ve slowly refined it and CM will do the same.

  • Snowdog

    Smoochie? nice

  • wm snyder

    that was a hard one to figure out

  • Dollyllama

    Tried on my Xoom running the latest CM10.1 nightly. Half the time the pie controls do not come up. I have to literally swipe 10 times for it to work. It doesn’t matter what edge of the screen it’s on. More trouble than it’s worth until it’s improved.

    • p8ntballah21

      I am having the same issue on my Xoom. The bottom never worked and my success rate with the side controls was iffy at best. Hopefully the performance will improve

      • Dollyllama

        I just turned off the cyanogen pie controls and installed LMT launcher 1.9 as someone else suggested. It works flawlessly and is more customizable by FAR.

    • Jose Nivardo Concepcion

      have the same issue, i got a galaxy Tab 2.0 7″ and pie controls never show up. i gave up.

  • TheCheapGamer

    I love how my screen goes all the way down to the bottom as well.
    You know because I don’t have the worst idea ever of screen real estate stealing buttons.

  • Josh Fisher

    Just download the LMT APK, it does the same thing and works on just about any phone that is rooted and has more control IMO.


  • MikeCiggy

    Well from the bottom 80% of the time I end up just grabbing my app drawer icon and moving it. Moved it to the side (not by menu but by dragging to one of the blue circles pictured above and it works much better. Will have to get used to it though.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Ahh, I was hoping they’d use the newer PIE look Paranoid Android offers. You might as well just use LMT Launcher if that’s how PIE on CM looks and animates.

  • MikeCiggy

    Hate you Kellex and your white gnex!

    • 4n1m4L


  • joejoe5709

    Left Paranoid Android last night for some CM Pie love. I forgot how much battery life blows on CM… might switch back if nothing changes in a day or two. I’ll let the kernel and CM duke it out for a bit. Buuuutt… thanks for the Pie, CM!

    • NexusPhan69

      Really? I switched back to CM because I found PA battery life to be terrible. Strange how that works sometimes.

      • joejoe5709

        I’m not an expert, I just like to sound smart. Lol. I kept AK Kernel which I was using with PA. Is there a better kernel combo for CM?

        • NexusPhan69

          I’m certainly no expert either. I’ve always used Tiny Kernel on whatever ROM I’m on because of the Fast charge abilities. I can’t live without it.

          • joejoe5709

            Sweet. I’ll give it a try if AK and CM don’t play nice. 🙂

  • zwade

    I wish they would allow you to access notifications and qt while status bar is off like PA.

  • Tim242

    The clock and other info are obnoxious. Not sure why that is on by default.

    • Hothfox

      Is there a way to disable it and just have the pie buttons?

      • Tim242

        Back when I tried it, it took a little digging to find the settings to disable them. But, it can be done.

      • Captain_Doug

        With 3rd party launchers it is, at least while you’re on the main pages. Once you go into an app, it usually comes back. Nova can have it be toggled by gestures. Not sure if there’s a way to have it be permanently hidden.

  • Chris

    It looks like for the moment the PIE is disabled for phones with hardware keys, like the Galaxy S3. If anyone asks.

    • Jamin Go

      Just enable software buttons! Search XDA for that. I hate the hardware buttons on our S3.

      • Huh? Enable the software buttons to enable pie control which disables software buttons?

        • Jamin Go

          Software buttons are included in every CM-Version but not activated when your device has hardware buttons. So there is a small flashable zip available which activates the software buttons with or without loosing the function of the hardware buttons (you can choose). Once you get used to software buttons you never go back. And software buttons mean pie 🙂 I can look for the link if you want.

          • Galaxy s3

            Yees pleasee !! I’ve been searching everywhere for the answer 🙁

  • Joey

    DL team should try to avoid using white phones/cases in demos due to their beautiful distracting nature 😛 …oh and go pie!

    • DanSan

      i know! wish they made that for the toro nexus..

    • joejoe5709

      Correct me if I’m wrong. That’s a white GNex in the video? I don’t think it’s got a case on it.

      • Joey

        Correct! They make white housings for the GSM GNex, which is what that is. DL has a few slim white cases on other devices from time to time which is why I went with ‘phones/cases’

        • joejoe5709

          Oh… gotcha. Didn’t read carefully. I think someone else below said cases as well. Threw me off. 🙂

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      OMG came here to say that. I wish they had made a white toro. It looks amazing.

  • DanSan

    forget the pie junk im totally jealous of that white nexus case!!!

  • woah

    Power button to enable got me