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Fieldrunners 2 Headed to Android in April, Private Beta Open for Sign-ups


Want to help make sure the developers of Fieldrunners have a successful launch for their upcoming sequel? Well then, go ahead and sign up for the private beta! Don’t forget to tell them Droid Life sent you. Fieldrunners 2, scheduled for an April launch, is the highly anticipated follow-up to the original Fieldrunners, a game that Kellex couldn’t get enough of

It is a animated tower defense game, one that took off with popularity on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. It features cartoonish military characters, at least seven different weapons, all sorts of baddies, HD visuals, and tablet support. For a tower defense type of game, this is one of the more impressive from the last couple of years.

As I mentioned, go sign up for the beta and hope that you get chosen.

Sign-up for Beta here.

Via:  Subatomic Studios

  • App8ite

    I got a beta version to play with and did a quick video review http://youtu.be/Khwfivz6R8k
    What are people thoughts on a paid vs. freemium version, in-app payments have been getting alot of criticism of late.

  • Nice Game.I am eagerly waiting..Please update me when this game will be on android.

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  • As I read from several forum-posts no one wanted to port it over there…therefore the delay on android. I will play it, IF its not just another shortcut on an iwhatever port for android (pvz e.g.)

  • Bobby Meeks


  • jb

    I need to stay away from this game. I got written up at work because I couldn’t pull my attention away from it and my work output suffered! lol

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  • Asuriyan

    I had this on iPod Touch 6 months ago. And on PC 3 months ago. Why the delay in getting it to Android? It’s so much better than the first one… I’ll buy it a 3rd time just to be able to play it on my N7.

    • yeah, i agree with the 1st part of what you said. but honestly, if they can’t get it to us at the same time as ios I’m not interested.

      • Greyhame

        How is that logical?

        • The excitement for the game is gone. It’s old news.

          • j

            So you play games based on the attention given to it by others.. makes total sense.

          • I’m not sure you read anything I wrote…

          • Just consider him a hipster of smartphone games.

  • G G G G unit