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Groupon Hosting Sale on ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, Starting at Only $350


Been looking for a pretty sweet deal on a new tablet? How about a tablet packed with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and a 1920×1200 HD display? Well, Groupon has just the thing for you. For a limited time, you can pick up refurbished ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity tablets (review here) starting at $350. You can choose between either the 32GB or 64GB storage options, plus can choose if you want the matching dock as well, for an additional $80. Considering this device was $500+ at launch, plus more for the dock, this deal is pretty tempting. 

For anyone that wanted a larger display than what the Nexus 7 offers, plus wants a super crisp display, the Infinity has always been a tablet I recommended. Follow the via link if you feel like dropping the dough.

Note:  Post was update to include actual pricing of tablet with dock.

Via: Groupon

  • Andries Menko

    Has anyone else tried to place an order? I’ve tried to order the 64gb with keyboard with two different cards and it keeps failing.

  • Droid22

    Sams club has a new 32gb with dock for $398

    • Futbolrunner

      It’s for a TF300T, not the TF700 🙁

      • Droid22

        Still a great deal.

        • Futbolrunner


  • wm snyder

    come with 1gb. ram run now dont look back and still on 4.1

  • nightscout13

    I’ts worrisome that so many Android tablets lose value so quickly. Anyone else see it that way?

    • New_Guy

      Nope. Is about 8 months old now and these units are refurbished. Try getting the same deal brand new and I’ll wish you good luck.

      • nightscout13

        UHU…. and compare that to the resale value of an 8 month old iPad

        • New_Guy

          Which one? Didn’t they release three within the last twelve months? Poor iPad 3 owners =)…

          • jb

            I grabbed a new 16gb ipad 3 wifi for $340 right after the ipad 4 dropped. It’s all about finding the right deal at the right time. I also just sold a Lenovo K1 for about the same price that I bought it for 2 years earlier ($210 vs $250).

          • New_Guy

            exactly, a sale is a sale and anythingcanbe foundon the internet at a good price if you catch it at the right time. Not sure what this deal on an old, reburbished tablet has to do with Android as a whole.

        • New_Guy

          By the way dailysteals has an iPad mini 4G version for about $150 off today, so don’t kid yourself. They’re all electronics and its all about catching the right sale:


          • nightscout13

            $110 of, also refurbished

          • New_Guy

            Whichever, it’s still a great deal for a 4G enabled unit. Has nothing to do with android and everything to do worth groupon offering up great deals like they always do…

    • someone

      Are iDevices that bad that you want to sell them after a year?

      Why would I care about resale value if it lasts me years?

    • JoshGroff

      It also has to do with how many android tablets are released, with so many choices at a similar price point, and more on the way, of course they’re going to lose value.

  • I got this tablet the day you were able to pre-order at BB. I would not recommend it. It’s very sluggish although the screen res is awesome. Get a Nexus 10 instead.

    • sirmeili

      Then you’ve never used this tablet with Jelly bean, which from what I understand really made it scream.

      I’ve also heard concerns that the Nexus 10 was lacking in the GPU department (probably due somewhat to the resolution).

      • LOL yes i have. Have you? Since you are saying “from what I understand.” I used the stock Asus 4.1. I also unlocked the bootloader and installed custom roms on it as well and it is still sluggish.

        • sirmeili

          No, I have not hence, the part of my comment that you posted, however I got the impression (now reading your comment again, I don’t know how..LOL) that you had bought it and immediately returned it in favor for a nexus 10.

          I was merely asking if you had tried it tried it onJB or not or if you were basing your opinion on the original version of Android which most people said ran like crap on the TF Infinity.

      • PhoenixPath

        “I’ve also heard concerns that the Nexus 10 was lacking in the GPU department”

        Where have you heard this? I’ve experienced quite the opposite. It has yet to stutter on anything I’ve been willing to throw at it. This thing has yet to drop the ball on anything graphic related. In fact, really the only issue I have had with it so far is that it seems to be giving me some WiFi issues (frequently slow connections).

        • sirmeili

          I think I got it from this article here on droid-life:


          Granted, I did misremember and it says that the cpu/gpu were considered a little lacking. Now, I’m not saying that doesn’t mean the UI couldn’t be smooth, but it could put limitations on what games/apps could run smoothly. I don’t own one, so I can’t be sure. I was just making the comment to the OP that the Transformer Infinity was said to be very good one JB hit and that the nexus 10 was in some circles at least, considered to be a bit underpowered.

  • feztheforeigner

    Ummm… Brand new Nexus 10 with stock Android, fast updates and better hardware for $50 less anyone??

    • nightscout13

      Accessories = WIN

      • feztheforeigner

        Stock Android = WIN
        Fast updates = WIN
        Unlocked Nexus = WIN
        Better Screen = WIN
        Better Speakers = WIN
        Better Developer Support = WIN
        Cheaper = WIN

        More for your money = WIN

        • nightscout13

          ZERO accessories from Google = FAIL

          • feztheforeigner

            Paying more for less = FAIL

          • nightscout13

            For the record, I would take the Nexus 10 over the ASUS. That being said, I’m bitter that Google lacks accessories for most Nexus devices.

          • hkklife

            For the record, I wish I could combine the best of both tablets:

            Asus Pros:
            Brighter screen
            Optional keyboard dock & good selection of 3rd party accessories
            microSD slot
            Great styling

            N10 Pros:
            2G RAM & no poor I/O performance like on the Asus tablets
            High-res screen
            Stock Android/constant updates
            Standard microUSB & microHDMI ports

            I still say the N10 is too overpriced all things considered. Google should immediately drop the 16Gb n10 to $350 and only have a $50 price premium to step up to more storage. So a new $450 64Gb N10 SKU would be just about right. I am personally not putting much faith in the rumors of a “refreshed” N10.

          • no sd card slot -_-

          • feztheforeigner

            No Nexus no Nexus -_-

    • New_Guy

      The keyboard dock alone adds 5 extra hours of battery life, a folly functioning keyboard and track pad, full usb with peripheral support, and a full SD card slot. Tablet also has a near stock experience, aluminum body, and Asus is great about getting updates out. My TF300T is running 4.2.1 right now and its unrooted.

      For the money and added functionall functionality I’d be inclined to go this rout.

  • Austin Warren

    Way too much. This was great but asus QC on this was terrible.

  • Sjschwar

    So this thing has a usb port right? Think it’s possible to play blurays with an external player?

    • will bartlett

      usb port is on the dock.

      • Sjschwar

        Right, I’m guessing DRM is probably the biggest issue. The tegra 3 could probably handle the graphics well.

        • Eye4Detail

          I play lossless MKVs on mine all the time (bless the invention of the 64GB sd card) and it plays perfectly. As was stated by Mr E, there aren’t any Bluray capable apps for Android.

    • I wouldn’t hold out too much hope. I think the main problem is finding a bluray player app and the proper drivers/codecs/whatever.

      • Sjschwar

        It looks like when ubuntu comes out for android, this might not be a problem

  • Tony Byatt

    It’s $350 for just the tablet, with the dock is a little more…

  • skinja

    these are refurbished. and cost more for the keyboard. 350$ is only for the used tablet alone.

  • camjcb

    And it’s refurbished. Not new.

    • Hailey Jack

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    • michael arazan

      I’ve never had a problem with refurbished yet, just wish the deals were at the beginning of the month so I could budget them in

  • will bartlett

    turned my transformer prime into best buy for this tablet…best decision ive ever made

    • Futbolrunner

      Is it a smooth experience? Any lagging of any kind? The 1 GB of RAM worries me a little. I want to wait for the next ASUS tablet but its too hard to pass up this deal.

      • I wanted it pretty bad at release but held off. Lots of people reported lag issues. I think Anandatech did an investigation on it and found it used a slow NAND chip that had a lot of issues with performance when it was being written to.

  • It’s $429.99 with the dock. $349.99 without.

  • Ben Jones

    With the dock it is actually $429.99.

    • Rachel Eric

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      iPad 2 is way better value.

      • Eye4Detail

        You forgot the “/S”.


          But it is? Cheaper and a way better GPU.

          • Eye4Detail

            You realize that going by that argument, everyone should just buy a $300 GPU, right? I mean, it would be cheaper AND have “a way better GPU”.

            Fortunately, a tablet is defined by a lot more than a single piece of hardware. For those of us who bought the Infinity (or any tablet in the Transformer line) the two sd slots, USB port, Full HD display, extra battery life, physical keyboard (with which I’m typing this reply) plus all the added features of Android more than justify the decision.

            Given the fact that games like Shadowgun THD, Dead Trigger and Horn play great on it, I wouldn’t say I have any need for “a way better GPU”. I think I’ll just stick with the long list of things I use every day that an iPad doesn’t provide.