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T-Mobile’s New Classic “UNcarrier” Plan Details Appear, Set For Launch on March 24

T-Mo Girl

On March 24th, T-Mobile is set to introduce their “UNcarrier Classic Plans” that will affect all of their current rate plans going forward. Once in effect, all of T-Mobile’s plans will include unlimited talk, text, and be bundled with 500MB of data. If you need more than 500MB of data per month, you can easily upgrade and throw on however much you need, with each 2GB costing $10 and up. 

Below is a screenshot of the information that is being sent out to employees, giving the basic gist of what customers should expect. As for what will happen to everyone’s current rate plans who are already signed up on T-Mobile, the answer is nothing. No one is forcibly moving you to the new rates. Once the plans go live and more information is officially announced, we will learn more about grandfathering and all of that.

These new Classic plans will only be available through third party national brick and mortar stores and online retailers. As long as you are not in a corporate store, you can grab these new rates.

T-Mo Uncarrier Plans

Via: TmoNews

  • jose padia

    LTE – Verizon is still cheaper because they offer free phones. Whatever the deal they offer add full price of the phone LOL. It’s more for a crappier network.

  • Nicole Parker

    It seems a lot of people don’t realize that these new plans all offer unlimited data at the same cost it currently is, but you get .5GB more 4G speeds than the current Classic structure, included tethering and hotspot ($15 savings) and the 500Mb of high speed is the same price that a basic phone costs right now. The add a lines are also $10 cheaper than the current plan and you can upgrade when you want. The data is NOT shared. It’s still per phone.

  • Master O’Disaster

    Wasn’t it a few months back, just after Verizon implemented their tiered plan, that an executivr of T-Mobile said that tiered plans were inherently unfair, and that T-Mobile would never implement them? Or, was that Sprint?

  • E C

    Question…My sister in law is currently on VZ. Her contract expired a few months ago and she never upgraded. She wants a new phone, has unlimited data plan atm, so does she need to buy @ full retail to keep plan, or does she buy subsidized and move to new plans?

  • RicoDelicioso

    Damn. I was hoping for a plan that would entice me to leave Verizon. But to pay $120 instead of the $80 I pay now for the same plan? Up your butt Jo-Buu!

  • duke69111

    So is T-Moble moving away from Unlimited and going to tiers?

  • Daistaar

    Is this a stupid plan? Port my number out from VZW to Google Voice, find new carrier with decent speeds in NYC and cheap unlimited, and just setup Google Voice with my vzw number? This way I keep the same number, unlimited data and don’t get raped every month with bills and a contract?

  • DieGrammatikNazi

    Sorry, but I definitely have a crush on Carly… she has a Rachel McAdams thing going on.

    • Trey Mitchell


  • regkilla

    Whoever leaked this will get fired.

  • cloverz7

    Does the change affect pre-paid customers?

  • callumshell1

    Here in the UK we get unlimited data for $18 a month.

  • Christopher Riner

    Notice the fine print at the top? Wonder which employee got fired for putting this on tmo news

  • Christopher Riner

    Dude, she made the exact face I made. Like wtf is t mobile thinking, they’re one of the unlimited holdouts. This sucks, seeing t mobile make this move really makes me think twice before I make the jump from Verizon.

    Hell, I’ve been wanting to get unlimited back for over a year now and haven’t made the jump yet. Now I’m really thinking no, which sucks BC I was looking forward to buying an unlocked phone.

  • What is TMO thinking? No contract but higher prices? My bill would go up if i was to switch from VZW…

  • PopeFrancis

    Ummm – http://www.tmonews.com/2013/03/new-one-size-fits-all-value-plan-brochures-begin-arriving-in-t-mobile-retail-stores/

    Unlimited everything is still $70 if you bring your own device or buy a device outright.. $20 month extra until your device is paid off if you decide to buy it on payments.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Guess I’m not switching to T-Mobile when my contract is up. God damnit.

  • jnt

    Is that including phone costs or not? If that’s not including their phone costs that they break out over the contract, that’s a sh***y deal.

    • jnt

      Well wait… I’m thinking of their current Value plans and how they’re structured. But I thought that’s what they were going to, or at least something similar?

  • SecurityNick

    Didn’t the TMobile CEO come out when Verizon & AT&T did their tiered data plans saying that it was ridiculous and that they’d never do that to customers?

    • S_T_R

      Look to the right of the page. They’re still selling unlimited, and the pricing is on-par with the 4GB plan with tethering. The tiers are for 1) low-data use customers and 2) hotspot users.

  • Brent Nichols

    The T-Mobile plan for $30/month with unlimited data and text (and 100 minutes of talk) is still the most enticing thing they offer for me.

  • I replied to one of the comments below, but in case no one sees it — many people talk about how it’s unfair to compare Verizon’s discontinued unlimited plan to the new T-mobile plan. But nobody seems to point out that, this new T-mobile plan sometimes actually costs more than Verizon’s current Shared Everything Plan if you have 2 lines or more.

    • Nicole Parker

      Except Verizon doesn’t offer unlimited data. All the tiers for TMO offer unlimited data. Throttling or overage charges? I’ll take slower internet for no additional cost, Alex.

  • sant0s

    here i was hoping they allowed call forwarding on pre-paid =

  • joejoe5709

    Not worth leaving VZ for. I think it’s $10 or less cheaper than VZ and they have better service. They only thing that MIGHT sway me is if the next Nexus isn’t offered on VZ which is a real possibilty. In that case, I’ll have to look at my options. DL, if that’s the case let’s do an article on best options for the droves of VZ defectors. 🙂

    • Skyla Cowan

      I can actual get behind something like that.

  • PopeFrancis

    What on earth does UNCarrier mean?

    • PopeFrancis

      NVM I think I got it.

  • Droidzilla

    And yet I can have unlimited everything on Straight Talk using T-Mobile’s towers for $45/month (less if you auto-pay). Thanks for nothing, T-Mo.

    • S_T_R

      Not…actually unlimited everything. I believe it’s a 5GB cap.

      • Droidzilla

        Maybe, but I’ve never hit the cap. 2 lines with Straight Talk and home internet is cheaper than 2 lines with Verizon and no home internet.

  • dm33

    Is this an improvement? Those prices seem very high. Similar if not the same as Verizon & AT&T. Yet you can’t compare coverage and speed with Verizon. I hope they don’t get rid of their value plans or there won’t be any reason to consider TMo at all.

  • Harsh Karn

    I’m not leaving my t-mobile $5 unlimited data 🙂

  • Tim242

    I was considering a switch to T-Mobile. But, then I woke up. I pay $120 before taxes, after discount for 2 lines with unlimited data and 700 minutes. 90+% of AR is covered with LTE. I’d be stupid to give that up for mostly EDGE and very few minutes.

  • Dave

    I pay $193 after fees and taxes for 2 smartphones and 2 feature phones on a much better Verizon network. No thanks T-Mob.

  • Okay, I’m seeing $60 for the Individual plan plus $20 for 2GB, not $10 as you mention in the article. Of course, I could be reading it wrong?

  • TheCheapGamer

    So unlimited includes 500MB of tethering?
    (According to bottom left pic)

  • I’ll stick with my 70 dollar unlimited prepaid plan, thanks.

    • You can have that same exact deal for a bit cheaper with Straight Talk. They don’t throttle / shut off T-Mobile SIM users, only AT&T ones. So, you’d be completely unlimited for $25 less. Look in to it!

  • Tim242

    This came out 3 days ago. This is for authorized retailers only.

  • Tyler

    I will tell you, being an employee myself, all of the new UNcarrier plans are non-contract

  • I’m confused. The unlimited data costs the same as the 4GB plan…or is that in addition to the base plan? If so that nuckin futz.

    • Tim242

      This is for authorized retailers only

      • Meaning?

        • Tim242

          These are contracted prices, with phone subsidy. T-Mobile will have separate plans, at lower prices directly through them.

    • Jeff Badger

      It depends on whether you want tethering (legally according the carrier). For $160 you can have either: (1) two lines with 4 GBs of data each and legal tethering or (2) two lines with unlimited data (and no legal tethering).

  • noc007

    From a couple of articles I’ve read, this is supposedly only for their authorized resellers (Amazon, BB, Walmart, that shady guy in a mall kiosk) and not their own retail stores. Supposedly prices for their Value Plans sold in their own stores and on their website will not change. I’m hoping those plans don’t change; I’m seriously considering switching with an ETF if it’ll save me $40/mo.

  • wm snyder

    ok let’s just go back in time and pay 35.00 flat fee wth 4 ext !!…..screw inflation

  • brkshr

    So the only real difference between these & pre-paid plans, is the ability to roam, right? (other than the pricing/data amount of course)

  • Just switched from chrome to firefox and lost adblock… JESUS CHRIST THE ADS ARE EVERYWHERE

    • Austin Warren

      Irrelevant .

    • PopeFrancis

      Tell me about it.

  • I don’t find these prices incentive enough to switch from Verizon. IMO, T-Mobile needs to work on breaking up family plans on the other carriers. When on a family plan, people often have different contract expiration dates and there needs to be a savings, or at least an equal, price consideration to leave. For example, one of my smartphone lines costs $60 on Verizon for 2GB of data. 2GB of data on an individual line costs $80 at TMO. So I will pay $20 more to switch and I don’t get a ‘subsidized’ phone every 2 years. That’s a terrible idea. I guess I will stick with Verizon – and then when the other lines’ contracts are up – same thing will happen. Seems like they could have a promotion where if you show your bill from Verizon and prove you are coming from a family plan, you could get better pricing.

  • branshaw09

    Kellex you should also mention the Value Plans which will be more inline for folks who are bringing their own phones or paying full retail pricing. This is the plan.


  • Unlimited data but no tethering? Nothing a nice ROM cant handle.

    • Wondering if they’ll have a way of detecting ROM-based tethering…

      • I’m sure they will. The “man” and the “rebels” are always leapfrogging each other. We’ve already seen Verizon and Google implement ROM and Root detection when it comes to app functionality, but motivated developers always seem to find a loophole. That’s why they rock.

  • RoadsterHD1

    That’s more than what I pay at VZN and I’m completely unlimited.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Let us know what your plan is after the next time you upgrade… because that’s the point… unlimited data and the ability to upgrade your phone.

      • RoadsterHD1

        NO upgrade, never never never….. Buy at full pop. or EBay….

        • If your account is old (i mean ~10 years) the loyalty dept will let you keep your unlim plan. Did mine a couple months ago.

          • RoadsterHD1

            Really. even if I upgrade? My acct is 11 years old

          • The regular customer service people wanted me to switch to a different plan but I called back again and one of the veteran customer service people was literally like “Wait, hang on. You’ve been with us forever. I can’t do it but the loyalty department can” and she transferred me. This isn’t going to help most people but my account is almost 15 years old so they let me do pretty much whatever I want.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          So you pay more for phones and tmobile customers will pay more for service.

          • Skyla Cowan

            not everyone on T-mo is getting screwed doe, idk how they claim there getting rid of contracts and yet all i saw was contract prices up there, sides there still cheaper then sprint.

    • Where are you? Here in NYC, that’s pretty damn close to what I pay at Verizon and I’m completely unlimited too. ($95 to be exact. with Insurance included)

      • RoadsterHD1

        I pay 77.00 for my Bionic and 80.00 for my wife’s D4. Includes insurance and visual voice mail. Share 1400 minutes unlimited everything else. 4 on the family plan.

        • OK FAMILY PLAN. Thanks for clarifying.

          • RoadsterHD1

            That’s a good way to go if you are able.

          • Kinda need a family first. I’m still resisting commitment lol

        • JonathonFlores

          Why pay for visual voice mail when you can have Google Voice?

      • Trueblue711

        But do you get unlimited minutes with that plan? Also, you can’t compare other carrier’s current rates to VZ’s unlimited plan given that 1.) its not offered anymore and 2.) we all know VZ is going to do everything in their power to shove the remnants off the plan over the next year or two.

        • I hear you bro. The second they take my unlimited away is the second I jump ship. I’ve been with the same number on Verizon since before it was Verizon. My original Motorola StarTAC on Bell Atlantic Mobile, and I’ve enjoyed great service for the most part, but I won’t think twice about it.

          • I hear ya, I’ve had the same number since 2000 but one of the numbers on my plan we’ve had since the CellularOne days in 1993.

          • Kyle Miller

            I’ve had the same number since 2005 on VZW, but I came over from T-Mobile lol! Plus I’m unlimited data’d out!

          • Same number on Cellular one since ’88. Love it!

          • I was originally on Cellular One before it got bought by ATT. I was there for the beta test of GSM (remember $99 unlimited everything?). Went to Nextel (which was fabulous, if you were not interested in SMS), and then to verizon once the buyout by sprint rumors started. I’ve always had unlimited plans, and I think TMO will force big red/blue to reconsider their aversion to them on single lines in the not to distant future. Esp after VoLTE comes into the fray.

          • Dean Milord

            You and me both. Might have to go to Solevi or something.

          • Ncole25

            I don’t know about your area, but Solavei went under in my neck of the woods. I’m in Utah. It’s a quickly sinking ship. People are coming in to my store to switch from it daily.

        • Mike

          $119.99 unlimited everything at verizon. TMO was supposed to be a lot cheaper…not anymore it would seem

          • zurginator

            That’s still a $30 (25%) difference!

      • Skyla Cowan

        How in the hell do you only pay $95 in NYC completely unlimited??? please help a brother out. I’m paying $147.52 a month with insurance included. what’s your secret?

        • I just try and stay fit. A healthy diet and regular exercise, as well as a balanced lifestyle. OH! You mean the savings!? I dunno lol. You might wanna have a talk with a rep. 15 minutes could save you 15… ok i’m done lol 😉

          • Skyla Cowan

            Not cool man, Trolling is never an ok thing to do to a friend lol. 15 minutes really…

          • LOL. I couldn’t resist. I honestly don’t know what the discrepancy could be. Doesn’t hurt to call and ask though. I should say that I only have 450 talk time minutes though, so yea, i’m not completely unlimited. Woops. I don’t talk as much as I data.

        • Dean Milord

          There was/is(?) a promo that would take $20 off the $29.99 data charge if your minutes were about the 1700 or 2000 plan. I have 3 lines, 2 smartphones w/ unlmted data and a feature phone, no data. And i pay about $180 after tax. I get a discount through work and $40 off both data plans.

      • New_Guy

        Yeah, In SD I pay $107 and I have an unlimited plan that they will longer grandfather and 700 minutes and 500 texts. This plan comes out way better.

    • Austin Warren

      Yeah, but you won’t have it long. Once you’re contract is up, it’s gone.

      • KleenDroid

        Why? I don’t recall them letting me know this. We just have to pay for our phones if we upgrade. Maybe this will happen in the future but it hasn’t yet.

        • Austin Warren

          Maybe i heard wrong, but I know they won’t offer it long.

          • Finire

            They just extended my contract for 2 years, and I’ve still got my unlimited.

          • Scott

            Your phone was subsidized?

          • Finire

            Yep 😀

          • You can actually get a phone subsidized and renew your contract and still keep your unlimited data. I’ve done it on two lines already. What you have to do and you gotta make sure you find someone that knows what there doing but just do an alternate upgrade. for example if i have one line eligible for upgrade say the unlimited line, and i have second line say one thats not unlimited data. i do an alternate upgrade. the second line will get the upgrade (subsidize phone) without ever touching my unlimited line. contract renews and then switch the newly purchased subsidized phone on your unlimited line. Good thing about this other than the fact you get a subsidized phone, you also get locked in another 2 year contract with unlimited data so in case verizon wants to pull it out from you, then they have to break contract. Breaking contract is enough to get out of verizon without having to pay ETFs.

          • Tim242

            You do not get locked into a new contract with unlimited. The contract extension is on the line you upgraded. Just because you switch phones, doesn’t mean the contract follows.

          • this is why i hate commenting on forums i gotta dumb it all down and explain myself again. i dont know how else i can explain this. if you have an upgrade on verizon with unlimited data and you have no concerns about the other lines. if you do an alternate upgrade on another line within the same account. it burns that upgrade and you get that phone at a subsidized price. in doing so the contract is renewed on your line. (the unlimited line) but the upgrade went to the other line affecting the other line and defaulting it to a 2gb cap. and in doing so since you didnt change anything on your unlimited line, that line is still unlimited and with a new 2 year contract. then you just do an esn swap. my sources is personal experience and because i used to work at verizon. ive done it quite a few times on my account, it works. you just have to get the right person.

          • Tim242

            You don’t have to dumb anything down. You just have to get your facts straight. When you do an upgrade on the alternate line, the contract goes on that line. You move the phone to your unlimited line, and no contract is added to the line with unlimited. Check your acct bro.

          • this is my recent upgrade. was able to get the hotspot for free with the promotion at the time and doing what i said about alternate upgrade i was able to keep unlimited and sign back into contract.

          • Tim242

            Exactly what I said. The contract is on the mifi line, not your line with unlimited.

          • look my data usage …. its unlimited! wtf. that IS my unlimited line and with a recent contract renewal,…. post unlimited data being taken away. i just upgraded that line like 3 months ago

          • Tim242

            But that is not your smartphone line. It shows the mifi being on that line.

          • smartphone or not it doesnt matter. i upgraded the line after the time verizon pulled the no unlimited anymore. i still kept unlimited data using an alternate upgrade. look at the date kid. and its just a micro sim i can pop that into a smartphone if you would like to see, it doesnt matter.

          • RoadsterHD1

            OH OK I get it NOW. LOL just kidding guys. 🙂 good plan….

          • RoadsterHD1

            Wait WHAT???

          • Fattie McDoogles

            No the way he worded it was correct. He said if the unlimited line has an upgrade and you use it to upgrade another phone (via alternate upgrade) the unlimited line is the one that gets tied into the contract for longer not the one with the new handset. @RiggsRoyena:disqus is right.

          • Yeah there is a loop hole by using an alternate upgrade via a dumbphone line and switching the phones back. You are signed into a new 2 year agreement with unlimited, so good luck for them getting everyone off unlimited if they leave this loophole open.

          • Tim242

            The contract is on the line you upgraded, not the one with your unlimited plan. That line will have no contract.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            That is not how alternate upgrades work. The contract goes to the line that has the upgrade. NOT the line that actually uses the upgrade.

          • ERIC REED

            Tim you are absolutely correct. I do this with a line I keep just for upgrades and it only cost 10 dollars a month and allows me to keep unlimited data. Not sure why people are down voting this comment.

          • pubasnacks77

            As long as you don’t renew your contract when its up, you will keep unlimited. But you do have to pay full retail for a phone to keep that.

        • wtsamatta

          Hopefully later before sooner….

        • David Coiner

          That is what I was told too. As long as you don’t get a new contract they will not take the unlimited away.

        • if you upgrade your phone, you lose it.

          • Tim242

            If you buy full price, or get it elsewhere…you keep it.

          • KleenDroid

            Incorrect. Only if you subsidize the phone. Pay full price and you keep it.

      • RoadsterHD1

        NO upgrade, never never never….. Buy at full pop. or EBay….

      • Chris King

        my contract been up for 6 months and I still have it

      • Tim242

        You are incorrect. I have 2 lines on Verizon with unlimited. Been out of contract for 5 months. As long as you buy full price, or from somewhere else, you get to keep it.

        • Austin Warren

          Ah, wish i knew that before they screwed me.

      • Fattie McDoogles

        That isn’t how that works. They will NEVER force you to change your data plan. You just can’t make any changes after so long without switching to the plan they want you on.

    • vzw all the way. I pay $182/mo. 2 unlimited data(GNexus and bionic) plus 2 basic(KinTwo and Samsung convoy 2). will probably get the GNII to replace bionic. keeping unlimited data with tether

    • Same here. Right now I pay $45/line for 1400 minutes/unlimited m2m, n&w, f&f, texting, and 4G data, so its around $220/month for my 5 lines.

      Family shareplans are such a rip off.

      • RoadsterHD1

        Yes they are that’s why i’m never upgrading my phone. My old plan with truly unlimited data suites me just fine.

        • I either go with eBay, buying out other people’s upgrades, or if the phone is cheap enough I’ll go open another line for the upgrade and then cancel it after a month and move it over. Initial cost + ETF is still cheaper than full price.

    • renGek

      You have to compare current VZN plan with current Tmo plans. What you have you were grandfathered in. You can’t get those plans nor those rates anymore. So its moot to compare such plans. My once upon a time unlimited data plan with sprint was $10/month as well. But thats long gone.

      • The point is, even if you compare to Verizon’s new “LIMITED” plan, you aren’t going to save much, or save anything at all. For example, 2 lines + shared 2 Gb will cost you $140 on Verizon. Same price as Tmo. 2 lines + shared 4 Gb? $150 on Verizon, and what, $160 on Tmo. Moving up, 2 lines + shared 6Gb: $160 on Verizon, $180 on Tmo. 2 lines + shared 10Gb: $180 on Verizon, $220 on Tmo.

        See, you will actually pay more for Tmo’s new plan than Verizon’s Shared Everything plan. What the heck is T-mobile thinking?

        • zurginator

          Tmobile’s pricing definitely seems to be targeting individuals, not group rates.

        • Nicole Parker

          TMobile is not doing shared data. That’s 2,4,6GB per phone. It’s also still “unlimited”, that’s just the throttle point.

    • michael arazan

      T-Mo getting in on the Data Ripp-Off Tier Gouging plans

      Thanks Verizon for Making Tiered Share Data Gouging an Industry Standard

  • Guest

    Somebody is getting fired for this. @T mobile that is.

  • Gi

    So are they keeping the unlimited? It looks like they might be keeping unlimited, but somehow preventing you from tethering (uhh)

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Everyone hates tethering… That’s nothing new. Everyone charges you separately to tether.

  • Austin Warren

    $90 a month……wut?

    • Gi

      Same as Verizon unlimited (grandfathered)

  • T4rd

    Looks like a surprise buttsecks face..

    • Trueblue711

      Or a guy attempting to hit on her at a bar.

      • michael arazan

        “Don’t you know fast food makes girls fart.” — Jay and Silent Bob

  • Chris King

    but why does she look like she just let 1 slip

  • didn’t take long, did it? Now Sprint is the only one left. Wonder how long they’ll offer unlimited internet for.

    • Austin Warren

      I wouldn’t touch their service even if it was free.

      • Justin Latham

        I sell phones and it drives me crazy that these people get with sprint knowing that they are the cheapest carrier in the nation that is post paid and they still have the nerve to complain about the service… I just don’t freaking get it!

        • PhillipCun

          its the way its marketed. i know… i used to sell phones too. every carrier tries to state this and that but always has some fine print. they’re never 100% truthful about it, which is like almost any business. but carriers have a ton of “hidden” stuff.

        • Tim242

          Sprint is only cheaper for single lines. Family plans actually cost more.

      • I’m in this precise situation. I can get a Sprint line through my company 100% free, whatever phone I want, fully unlimited, and yet I still prefer to pay for my own prepaid GSM plan. Sprint’s network is absolutely useless.

    • Guest

      You do understand that T-Mo is not getting rid of unlimited, right? They are just shifting their customers off Unlimited and those that need it can go right back.

      • I jumped the gun, I thought they were doing the same thing Verizon did. My bad. I still think they’re not far off getting rid of unlimited though.

      • Tyler

        This is 100% incorrect… As an employee, T-Mobile is embracing the fact that they are the only carrier to provide completely unlimited..

        • Tim242

          Sprint smartphone plans are completely unlimited.

          • Sprint’s 3G couldn’t download a 2GB file in 30 days even if you tried. It’s not hard for them to offer it. Congrats if you’re one in one of the 2 places in the country their LTE even exists (and has coverage worth a damn).

          • Tim242

            Yes, I know. I worked at a Sprint store. They ran the WiFi off of a trifi hotspot. We installed our display phone updates via my tethered Verizon LTE phone.

          • It’s even worse when they talk about how much better it’s going to get. If I had a dollar for every time our business sales rep has talked about how great their ‘network vision’ plan will be ‘very soon’…..

          • Dain Laguna

            more than 2 places on sprint have lte. granted, they arent many, but the areas i get lte , the service is pretty solid

    • Fattie McDoogles

      What are you talking about? They have had tiered data for a long time… however they do offer unlimited data… and continue too… Its the last column titled… UNLIMITED DATA..

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