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It’s Time to Submit Your Suggestions for Custom ROM Friday


It’s Thursday, which means it is time once again to submit your suggestions for tomorrow’s Custom ROM Friday. CRF is the perfect time for developers to grab the spotlight and show off what they are bringing to the community. With the number of ROMs growing, it is sometimes hard to breakthrough and have the masses find your work and unfortunately, I get lost in all of those countless forum threads.

If you want to submit a developer’s ROM or submit a ROM of your own, please provide a brief description of the ROM, which device(s) it is available for, and a link to a thread where we can check it out.

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  • OldMan_58

    BAMF Paradigm 3.1. Hands Down the best most Stable I have ever used…

  • Joey Miranda

    Rootbox for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

  • BlackT5

    BAMF Paradigm 3.1. Run it on the GNex and N7. They also released an N4 build.

  • Shane Redman
  • brad kou


  • DrewSixSix

    BAMF Paradigm!

  • Chris

    PACMAN ROM – Paranoidandroid + AOKP + Cyanogenmod !

  • whatsbeefy

    Hyperdrive RLS 9, Verizon Wireless. Umfff!

  • custom roms ruined my nexus 4 i can no longer charge it in my car. i had my nexus 4 running on 4.2.2 stock, everything was normal working i decided to go cm nightly, after one day of usage, i tried charging it in my car, it didnt charge, i came back home, i took the original cable that came with my phone and an extra one from my LUMIA to test on my usb port in the car. it wasnt charging. i came back home, i changed it to stock, went back to my car and still it doesnt charge.

    before all this i was using Paranoid and slim everything was working too.

    apart from nifty features of custom roms, i do not recommened them for this phone cuz original stock on nexus 4 is more smoother but i was stupid to change over.

  • 2crazey

    Gotta be BAMF 3.1… Just finding those easter eggs what so much fun…

  • Project Elite for the GNex has been great, it’s not an Official Release yet, but still…Buck and Greg have been great Dev’s and are really making a great ROM!

  • AK47


    Has all the speed of Vanir but has all of AOKPs features. I have yet to experience any lag of any kind, best 4.2.2 rom for battery life i have seen so far. I am using it on my VZW GalNex.

  • Orca….. Most customization in a single rom

  • Robert Butler

    BAMF paradigm 3.1

  • KleenDroid

    Atom ROM version 9 for the Gnex.


    Simply a kick butt fast ROM.

  • Gm49

    Looking for 4.2.2 with Galaxy Note 2 camera for Verizon Galaxy S3. Is such a mix possible? Can Note 2 camera be added to a 4.2.2 rom?

  • John

    RasbeanJelly by rascarlo, great rom with only essential tweaks plus it’s crazy fast and stable.

  • Pabx’s ROM Jellybean 4.2.2 for Endeavoru (HTC One X Tegra 3) AOSP Build [Kernel 3.1.10] [JDQ39] #1-19

  • Matt

    Any custom ROMs put back USB Charge Only and USB Mass Storage?

    • Justin Swanson

      Charge Only? Like Fast Charge? I think a lot of custom kernels support that.

      I don’t know about USB Mass Storage. I don’t think so? I haven’t seen one for Nexus Devices.

  • Drew Chapman

    Liquidsmooth 2.1 Stable. goo.im/devs/liquidsmooth

  • Skyla Cowan

    XenonHd Rom can’t be beat, it has pie control and has tons of features and themes all while keeping it’s stock look and on top of everything else…. it’s freaking fast, like faster than Lighting, there’s also the ability to control/tune gamma color, color multipliers and so forth. there’s alot more that I haven’t covered here so be sure and try it out. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1667418 or there main site here: http://www.xenonhd.com/ This rom is for Nexus Devices only from the Nexus S4G to the N10. currently rocking the Toro Gnex

  • Dave Maillet

    BAMF Paradigm 3.1

  • Jim McClain

    BAMF 3.1 took forever to get it, but so far its great

  • daver317

    What he said….

    Ryan Kreutzer • 16 minutes ago
    JBSourcery – The most customizable rom there is. It is also running 4.2.2. Available on all Galaxy Nexus devices. http://teamsourcery.com/phpBB3 or http://teamsourcery.com/

    They have over 3 GB’s of mods/themes/boot animations/battery icons/kernels/soft key mods/pull down mods,

  • pharmdy

    Everyone with a Verizon Galaxy S3 owes it to themselves to try the Sons of Android AOSP ROM. Only AOSP ROM for the d2vzw that is bug-free for me and has excellent performance/battery life. All usual AOKP customizations available


    • Gi

      Thank you! How would you say this compares to CyanogenMod: namely, does this ROM suffer from the double-click problem of AOKP and CM? Frequently when I press physical buttons (e.g. home), it registers as a double-click and opens up task manager instead of going to the home screen.

      • pharmdy

        I encountered the double-click problem on SOA’s 1st build (3-6-13), but it was literally my only issue with the ROM. All the other AOSP ROM’s on xda had random force closes, reboots, GPS problems, black-screen freezes when waking phone and slow-down after playing games, so this wasn’t a big deal for me. However, someone on xda mentioned that the double-click issue was fixed by the CM team for their 3-14 build. Given that SOA is now on build 3 dated 3-20, I think it’s fixed. Been running it for 2 days without it happening (and like I said, absolutely no other issues, which is insane for a AOSP ROM [others say even all BT/volume issues are fixed]).

  • As always Bamf Paradigm is the best!!!!!!!!! Loving R3.1 Android 4.2.2

  • Brandon Golway

    Rootbox (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2168084&highlight=rootbox) is what I’ve been using for the past week or so and I love it. It’s a combination of CM, AOKP and PA. It’s available for the Gnex and SGS3 (and probably more).

    • Was about to post this. Installed in on my brothers GS3 and ditching CM to switch over tonight.

  • aholland1

    BAMF Paradigm 3.1. The pinnacle of what makes a good 4.2.2 ROM on the GNex; sure to hold us over until the X phone arrives. Winner this week, hands down! http://www.teambamf.net/topic/3212-rom-bamf-paradigm-v31-422-jdq39-galaxy-nexus/

    • wh1te_mag1c

      How does it compare to CM10.1?

      • aholland1

        Well, in full disclosure I’ve never used CM10 (so I guess that makes me a bit of a fanboy, lol), but it really just has to be seen to be believed. A lot of love went into it and the amount of functionality it has while remaining close to stock is staggering. I’m always discovering something new, whether it’s lockscreen customization (including the ingenious use of swiping down on the lock ring to get a flashlight), theming (which I’m not a big user of, but nice to know it’s there), built in ad blocking, full system and UI tweaking including the quick-setting icons, etc.

        The real beauty though is in how stable it is and how well it performs overall. This team doesn’t do nightlies, but focuses on quality vs quantity so their ROMs go through rigorous testing before release. Their 4.2.2 ROM was late to the game, launching even after Verizon finally put out the official release, but was truly well worth the wait. It’s really like stock on steroids and I really don’t know a better way to put it than that.

        My advice – backup your current setup and get if a whirl; what have you got to lose?

        • wh1te_mag1c

          Yea, I might try it. I really like my current setup. CM10 is very stable. But it could probably run a little faster.

  • JBSourcery – The most customizable rom there is. It is also running 4.2.2. Available on all Galaxy Nexus devices. http://teamsourcery.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1226

    • Pedro

      Shoot. I have a Nexus 4. Shame that’s not one of the many Galaxy Nexus devices.
      Oh, wait. There is only one Galaxy Nexus device. Well, lots of devices, only one platform.

  • rebretz000

    Inflikted ROM for the Droid RAZR HD/HD MAXX. Pefect balance between speed and battery life. Has a nice mix of stock look and some ASOP icons. Built in Toggles, reboot menu. Alot of bonus features. ROM ToolBox Lite built in, CPU control.

  • Kiter86

    Liquid smooth 2.1 stable. Amazingly smooth.

  • Uncle Paul

    Touchwiz 5 – lol

  • Gōku

    EmotionMIUI Note II; MIUI Rom for international Note 2 but has every S Pen Features like S Note etc. [ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2192641 ]

    • NexusPhan69

      If they have something like this for the Verizon S4, it may change my whole opinion on the S4. That phone has so many sensors in it. It’s insane. Humidity? temperature? IR!? I just can’t deal with touchwiz.

  • ParanoidAndroid (AOSPA 3+) – hands down. The hybrid UI married with PIE and per app DPI / Color… don’t know how I would ever use anything else. On my GNEX – Toro (https://plus.google.com/107979589566958860409/posts) Available officially for all Nexus devices.

    • NexusPhan69

      Question. On their download links, some say “PIE” in the file name but the most recent ones do not. Do I need to download the older files to have PIE included?http://goo.im/devs/paranoidandroid/roms/toro

      • zwade

        Newer ones have pie as well 🙂

    • Uncle Paul

      PIE isnt practical to use day to day and lacks the simplest features such as
      “hold back to kill.” Thumbs down.
      HOWEVER! – AOKP+PA=Jizz in mah pants.

      • Brandon Golway

        With LMT you can customize the buttons and even add a second row of buttons and give each button two functions. I’d recommend using LMT instead of the integrated version of LMT (Pie).

        • tomn1ce

          That’s what I’m using on my G-Nexus running the latest PA PIE build. LMT gives you the option of having 10 buttons and 10 LP for secondary apps/actions. I just hope they do something to fix/make better how you access the notification with LMT. I’m about to go back to Carbon 1.5 just because of the notification.

      • DanWazz

        I use it day to day and don’t have any problems.

      • ryan lamb

        I’m lost as to how you think its not “practical to use day to day”. I’ve used PIE since day one and find it far more useful then always onscreen nav keys. Not to mention being able to remove the notification bar and nav keys, clears up so much screen space. You’re able to read all your notifications fine, as well as your quick toggles. The functionality all seems the same to me, just notification and nav keys are not always in your face taking up screen space. PA with PIE is the perfect ROM in my opinion and far more practical then anything else.

        • Justin Swanson

          I really like Rootbox because it gives it blends AOKP, CM and PA very well… 🙂

          However I do wish I could hold back to kill on the PIE back button.

  • wm snyder

    And he said annd she said i’m a noob personally if you ask me……AAAnd there …….OFF like a herd of Turtles …lol

  • AlphaNoble

    CleanROM ACE Verizon Note 2

  • John

    You guys don’t follow instructions very well =/

    If you want to submit a developer’s ROM or submit a ROM of your own, please provide a brief description of the ROM, which device(s) it is available for, and a link to a thread where we can check it out.

    • KleenDroid

      We all just figure everything is for the Gnex. The ROMs for many other phones are called themes.

      • BetterWithRoot

        My Droid DNA running ViperRom disagrees.

    • John F.

      Verizon Galaxy nexus [Rom] [3.14.13] [4.2.2] [Aokp] [PUB] [Aroma] [Linaro] [Lots of options] http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2106640

      Very feature packed. Title says it all. Stays fast after days of use. HIGHLY motivated developer who is open minded and answers ANY question FAST. This is where its at folks. Has LMT, better tan pie, aroma installer, navring targets, the list goes on. Apophis9283 is a GOD!

  • gimlet72


  • Greg Morgan

    Bamf Paradigm 3.1. Just released new update. It’s available for Nexus devices and i’ve heard S3 soon. You can check it out here: http://www.teambamf.net/index

  • AwwwYisss

    CyanogenMod for d2vzw

  • Shawn

    Not sure if you’ve done it yet, but JDX 13.2 for Verizon Galaxy Nexus is real smooth. http://rootzwiki.com/topic/28677-rom-jdx-v132-formerly-jelly-belly-03062013-jb-422aosp-its-all-about-the-butter/

  • topherct

    MMuzzy toro French Vanilla

    • Adam White

      It was done a couple weeks ago. Which is how I found out about it and now I’m rocking it on both my Gnex and my N7.

      • topherct

        Haha I know I just had to put it back in the mix.