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Video: NVIDIA Tegra 4 HDR Demo at GTC


While walking around the showroom here at GTC, we ran into a demo of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 developer reference model showing off the nifty new HDR software. This same software was shown off at CES in January, but since Tegra 4 is still unavailable to consumers, it’s still labeled as “new” and “cool.” 

What NVIDIA has done is make HDR on smartphones and tablets actually useful. By cutting out all of the excess time and finger crossing that goes into capturing HDR pictures on phones, NVIDIA is hoping to bring this to the public with a nice list of OEM’s.

Be sure to stick around for more interesting demos and videos from GTC.

  • Mikey Styles

    Lets be real here, until NVIDIA can get the all in one inclusive chipset for mobile use they are just gonna tread water. Its just an opinion for now as things can change as I’d love to see 3-4 SoC OEM’s battle it out as us consumers win in the end. Guess I’m just numb to Nvidia after their continual hype-beastin’ that doesn’t quite pan out as we all hope.

    • michael arazan

      Google announced that they will not be using tegra chips in the Nexus 7’s anymore or I guess the new N 7’s

      • Mikey Styles

        It’s prob gonna be a Snapdragon in the new N7’s from what’s being rumored around basically due to an all in one chip that does have LTE capability. Sux for you Nvidia, get your act together guys Lol

  • aBabyPenguin

    Anyone else notice the irony of this video? Tim, it looks like you gotta get your hands on a Tegra 4 device. This video had all sorts of lighting issues! :p Half of the time, the speaker was nothing but a silhouette. lol

    • Well, when the light is coming from the front like that, it’s not quite ideal. 😛

  • photonut

    I must have it

  • NorCalGuy

    So he never actually takes a picture… Pretty sure I could have done that demo with my GNex..

    • It’s happening in real-time, so he doesn’t have to take a picture to show what it’s doing during the demo. If that makes sense. He actually swipes back and forth from their HDR mode and older HDR mode to show the difference. It was neat.

      • noticed the swipe, that was a nice touch. I wonder if that is just there for demo purposes or if it will stay in final builds. Not sure the usefulness but having it on may increase shutter lag, so turning it of might decrease it?

      • Kane Stapler

        Wanna explain what HDR mode is? I though that stood for HD recording this whole time.

        • HDR = high dynamic range. It refers to lighting. Cameras have a limited range of light they can focus on for a picture. This is why when you focus on something bright, everything else goes dark and is not visible. Essentially, HDR combines multiple exposures to capture a larger range of light so that you can capture something in a shadow and something very bright with good detail in the same image.

      • NorCalGuy

        Still confused

  • Anon

    I’ll be interested in Tegra 4i, but Tegra 4 isn’t that exciting to me.

    • why the interest in the 4i ? because of the LTE chipset? it’s actually a lower powered version of the 4 using older cpu / gpu models.

      • Anon

        LTE chipset, and lower power may = lower battery life.

        Interest doesn’t mean it will be what I want once I see reviews, but the cellular technology means I will be interested at least until I see reviews that love or hate the device.

  • Austin Warren

    Way too confusing for me lol