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Video: Demo of 3DiVi’s Nuidroid Software at GTC


In this video, a rep from a company called 3DiVi takes us through a demo of their new Nuidroid motion tracking software. 3DiVi, coupled with the Ouya gaming console, works much like the Kinect does that partners with the Xbox. Using a special ASUS-built motion sensor, 3DiVi’s Nuidroid tracks your movements which then translates into commands for games and applications. 

In this demo, we see how 3DiVi tracks a body, which allows our demoer to control a video game. With a partnership through Ouya, they are hoping to bring this software to the market sometime this year.

To learn more about eyeSight, check out their site here.

  • It’s not eyeSight! The company is called 3DiVi! http://www.3divi.com

  • Dylan Patel

    This seems really, Alpha, it seems still very wonky.

  • Austin Warren

    I bet they have somebody sitting at a giant computer watching you.

  • EC8CH

    Is that pear a Bartlett? Looks like a Bartlett.

  • orion11

    anyone else getting redirected to a wordpress install page on their site?? im super tempted to click install.

    • ben

      Error establishing a database connection