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One Year in the Making, Super Stickman Golf 2 Now Up on Google Play

Stickman Golf

The highly-anticipated sequel to Super Stickman Golf has finally arrived. After a year’s wait, you can now go pick up Super Stickman Golf 2 in Google Play, for free. The game is an all-ages feast of custom characters, whacky courses, and friendly competition. 

The game features 20 dynamic courses, along with a full multiplayer function, giving the game some excellent replay-ability.

Pick it up and I’ll see you on the green.

Play Link

  • andrew galvin

    LOVE this game. The first was awesome and the second is even better

  • This game is the awesome. Go buy this one and the first one. Hours of fun!

  • Phil Austin

    I’ve noticed that Tim is the resident game tester/expert. 🙂

  • Scott H

    Loved the original. Downloaded, but haven’t tried this one yet.

  • Only problem is that the feature they are advertising in the trailer isn’t available in game. Or at least it doesn’t look like that

  • JamesU513

    Dope, the original was fun, maybe this is funner

    • Phil Austin

      and probably awesomer.

      • Mark Mann

        it should be more awesomer….

  • Tom Luley

    Best game on Android, coming from an actual golfer 🙂

    • hashtagtroll


  • KleenDroid