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Google Posts Fiber App to Google Play, Won’t Let You Play With It Unless You Have Fiber

google fiber app

As much as we’d all like to have Google’s Fiber internet and TV service in our homes, only the lucky few that live in the suburbs of Kansas City get to have it. However, it would seem that Google wants to tease the rest of us by releasing the Google Fiber app to Google Play. You can download it, but you can’t even toy around with the app unless you have Fiber associated with your Google account. 

If you are lucky enough to use this app, you can browse channel guides to see what’s on at the moment and you can even watch on-demand content right on your tablet or phone. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most readers of this website would seriously consider Fiber if it came to their town (if you don’t live in KC) and this kind of app to interact with the service would make it even better.

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Via: Engadget

  • Matthew Morrison

    Chicago please

  • Trevor

    This is just a huge male genitalia tease for those of us (AKA pretty much everyone ever) without Google Fiber 🙁

  • ozzysfar

    In speed i ment in MBit.

  • ozzysfar

    What is the speed limit for fiber

    • S2556

      88 mph

  • kivimaki

    I’m scheduled to get fiber in the “Summer”. It’s been a pretty slow deployment so far. I’m guessing September. I wonder if they update the Nexus 7 at I/O if we’ll get the new or old version as our remote.

  • Some of us have seriously considered moving to Kansas

  • It’s coming to my neighborhood in June! BOW BEFORE ME, PEONS!!!!

    But seriously… I hope it spreads to the rest of the country.

    • VDUB

      We got it last month( Dub’s Dread). You would not believe the picture quality.
      It is awesome!

      • al2x

        please, help me pick up my jaw that is resting on the floor in front of me

      • Oh sweet mercy!!!!! I am QUITE thrilled! I work from home doing freelance video production. This is going to help immensely for sending large HD video files back and forth with clients! Well… at least on my end 🙂

        • VDUB

          You can turn all tv’s, steam a movie from Amazon Prime and still get 920 Mbps down and up. You can’t believe how fast the internet speed is. Everything loads almost instant.

          • When they set it up is it just a heavy duty wireless router the disperses the fiber speeds throughout the house/apartment/office?

  • Tirionfive

    I hope Google announces more cities with Gfiber at I/O. We really need it in OKC.

  • Google needs a kickstarter for the rest of the cities that want it

    • gchahinian

      I would 100% be all over that shizzit

    • Austin Warren

      I Don’t think that’s how it works.

  • Josh A

    Shut up and take my money! I want fiber in NY!

    • michael arazan

      Come on St.Louis, we’re the closest city to KC MO and just small enough to not be too big for installation

  • Geoff Johnson

    100 times faster internet
    100 times the possibilities
    Only available in one city

    • john

      it is also a huge waste. There is nothing that can take advantage of that type of bandwidth. You should read the article on Slate about Google Fiber that was posted a few days ago. Even Google doesn’t know what to do with those kinds of speed. They have a “showroom” to show off Fiber in KC and the only thing they do is open 5 browser tabs of HD video and skip around to show there is no buffer wait times. Its very cool but pointless right now.

      • TheWenger

        If I can get full 1080p video to my TV without having to use a blu ray disc, I’d say that’s a pretty big deal.

        • john

          Not sure what you mean. You can already do that now on any broadband connection.

          • Eric Sachse

            1080p that is uncompressed, or at least not compressed to the max like most streaming services?
            Not likely on today’s broadband.

          • Diablo81588

            Have you ever tried vudu? You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference from bluray. Its variable bitrate from 9-20mbps.

        • Austin Warren

          My netflix on PS3 is 1080p and nice. Are you using an xbox? They only allow 720p.

      • Well, there really isn’t anything that any one service that could use the full potential of a fiber optic connection, but it’s all about using a lot of stuff at once. On my home network, I do a ton of stuff that I would like to do over the internet, but my cable connection is way too slow to handle that. Plus, having more bandwidth than you can use is never a problem. For example, doing RDP for three 1080p monitors will certainly not use all of the bandwidth of Fiber, but it is definitely not possible over a cable connection. Your argument is more akin to “there’s nothing that a mom could do to require Fiber”. However, Google has to start building that out now if they want to have a decent network several years from now.

        • john

          No my argument is there is nothing that can use that bandwidth and most devices from here on out will use Wifi which will bottleneck any fast data connection. The future is learning to transmit packets in more efficient and compact ways not having a fast tube to send it through.

          • Eric Sachse

            Which is a main reason why I wired my house with CAT-5 wiring years ago. Every room has at least one LAN jack.

          • Maybe your computers are, but mine are all on gigabit ethernet, and there are already gigabit wireless routers out there (though I am not aware of any gigabit radios). Fun fact: there is no “more compact” way of transporting a 1MB packet… it’s always going to 1MB — that’s how measurements work. It’s like saying that you are going to find a lighter way to lift a heavy object.

          • drizzy

            Really? So data compression doesn’t exist? You have went to the future and discovered there was no advances in genetic compression algorithms? Tell us more.

          • I’m sorry, you want to talk about genetic compression? That’s much farther away that fiber in the future. It was largely theoretical (and still is really) until late last year, and Hapzipper is still more or less unusable. Don’t read the hype pieces, we are not getting genetic compression for a very long time. Case in point: most websites still aren’t even gzipped.

      • feztheforeigner

        More than anything it just seems future proof. It won’t be too long before we’re trying to stream 4K 3D movies and this would certainly come in handy then.

        Even if typical cables are ‘good enough’, that doesn’t necessarily hold for the future.

      • Joey

        Not a waste. This removes a bottleneck. Sure there are still more, but this is one out of the way. Now we can find ways to utilize such power. Its all about progess. If you’ve become comfortably accustomed to the current status quo, then stay. I promise no one will force you to get moar internetz!

      • What a small view of the internet and technological possibilities you have.

      • no

        for now, probably not. but w e are using more bandwith now than back in 1994. stereaming music, video, gaming. all gotta go somehow.

  • Austin Warren

    Moving the Kansas City asap. Too bad their football team blows

    • She_Beast

      I had an interview in nearby Lenexa, and the first thing I’ll do is sign up for Google Fiber if I end up moving down there. In fact, I’ll specifically move to a neighborhood that *does* have G-Fiber…

      • I was just in Lenexa an hour ago for a video shoot! It’s nice over there 🙂

  • Screw you Google Fiber users. 🙁