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Giveaway: Win One of Twenty kovdev Versicolor Icon Packs


Our friends over at kovdev recently launched their newest work, Versicolor to Google Play. Kovdev is responsible for great work like Lustre and Tersus, that we have featured countless times in our screenshots here on the site.

Versicolor brings that same clean, minimal-feel, but with a touch of color surrounding the borders of each icon. There are different color packs to choose from and some are even free (like DL Pink), so finding one that fits your tastes is easier than ever. As a bonus, each different color pack comes with matching wallpapers.

They have offered up 20 of their new icon packs for our readers, so let’s skip the nonsense and get right to it. 


Prizes:  Twenty (20) people will win a single Versicolor icon pack of their choice. Winner can select from Orange, Purple, Blue, Ash, Green, Red, Orange, and Original.

How to Enter:

  • In the comments below, tell us how you’re celebrating St. Patty’s Day!

Winners: On Monday (3/18) at 10AM, we will choose twenty winners randomly from the comments below and email them.

To see the whole selection of Versicolor packs on Google Play, click here.

  • CodeToJoy

    Working, doing my midterm exam for grad school. Fun huh?

  • Richie Sullivan

    East Nashville Pub Crawl all day!

  • Shaun Heckman

    Bar Crawl downtown with friends.

  • At home with the fam

  • ArrowCool

    Heading into Southie for the parade and festiviteis

  • im going to a hockey game 🙂

  • With good friends, and plenty of Jameson and Magners on hand! It’ll be legendary

  • c2the3

    Chasing around a 2 year old wearing all green.

  • Michael Pachmayer

    I’ll be celebrating by working from 3:30PM EST to 11:30EST. :’-( <- Did I make a good sad face there?

  • Im celebrating by going to ShamrockFest in Washington DC!! wooohoo!

    • Futbolrunner

      I got free VIP tickets from DC101 yesterday. Sold 2 and made some change

  • Celebrating by driving from cedar Rapids Iowa to Akron Ohio… At least I bought a note 2 to play with…

  • Kevin Taber

    sitting at home recovering from a cold 🙁

  • akazerotime

    Probably start with some steak and eggs. Wash that down with a bloody caesar. Head over to my sisters house around noon while listening to house of pain blaring from my car. Have some corned beef and a few Guinnesses. Then call it an evening with some Walking Dead.
    Then try to function at work the next day..

  • chucklehead322

    Unfortunately I’ll be celebrating at work! 11am to 10 pm!
    I’ll have time after but by then I’m really not gonna feel like having a drink.

  • KleenDroid

    Like my old Irish pappy told me:

    Swing it too, swing it fro
    Watch the little b astard grow
    And when it’s hard, on with the hunt
    Back to the bar to find some c unt.

    🙂 I’m very sorry if this is offensive. You know how pappy’s are.

    • Antoine Colson

      i sure hope you win the contest!

  • Will be celebrating with a bar crawl starting in the next 45 minutes!

  • maratu

    I’m actually going to the shooting range with an Air Force friend to learn how to properly shoot clay pigeons!… Without being drunk, don’t worry.

  • Celebrating with copious amounts of Guinness, of course!

  • Chris Badalucco

    Celebrating with some Kegs and Eggs! Then off to the city parade. This weekend everyone is Irish.

  • JL2075

    Unfortunately I have to work (EMS). Those of you that are celebrating, please be safe.

  • MSlab

    I will start the day with a pint and copious amounts of Irish pub tunes. There will likely be corned beef, cabbage, and dehydration.

  • Eric Palmero

    I’m celebrating by hitting up the Guinness Believer event here in Southern California. Shamrocks and clovers galore!

  • Don’t celebrate, so will be going along with business as usual..

  • Umm…getting drunk. What else is there to do?

  • BAoxymoron

    sleep in because I don’t have class or work…

  • Work all day, then celebrating by relaxing at home co-op gaming with my love.

  • I won’t!

  • michael arazan

    I’m Irish, Every Day Is St.Patrick’s Day

    St.Patrick’s Prayer

    May the Strength of God pilot us.
    May the Power of God preserve us.
    May the Wisdom of God instruct us.
    May the Hand of God protect us.
    May the Way of God direct us.
    May the Shield of God defend us.
    May the Host of God guard us.
    Against the snares of the evil ones.
    Against temptations of the world

    May Christ be with us!
    May Christ be before us!
    May Christ be in us,
    Christ be over all!
    May Thy Salvation, Lord,
    Always be ours,
    This day, O Lord, and evermore. Amen.

  • Nick

    Going to a rock festival!

  • Hopefully with a green beer overlooking the Jumeirah Beach in Dubai!!

  • jdomann

    St. Patty’s Day is coming up? Oh crap. Guess I’m wearing something green to work tomorrow.

  • Lee Earley

    Drink Beer! Drink Beer! Drink Beer!

  • Jason James

    hard liquor and no regrets!

  • martyh

    As long as ole Patty is wearing something green, all will be right with the world.

  • I got tickets to Engadget Expand I bought 3 months ago, been looking forward to it since. Blue

  • Eye wheel bee working 🙁

  • Conan


  • CoryDobak

    Celebrating by not getting plastered. Damn adult hood and responsibilities that come with having 3 kiddos.

  • Benjamin Choi

    i will be in philadelphia… the best city in the world

  • Matt Olson

    My wife will be cooking something amazing. Take our boys out to the park and after they are asleep for the night have a few pints.

  • Kevin Kintner

    I’m celebrating by staying on pain killers and laying in the bed since I just got out of the hospital.

  • Hang out with friends and drink. What else could I ask for?

  • kash521

    I’m celebrating St. Patty’s Day by being green with envy of all the people who don’t have to study for Pharmacy school..

  • jmasterj

    Sleeping and eating Irish soda bread.

  • Andres V.

    I’ll be celebrating by watching all the leprechaun movies..especially leprechaun in da hood lol

  • Greg Abbate

    Getting drunk and eating corned beef hash

  • I’m celebrating with my son’s first birthday!

  • Going to enjoy some Irish stew.

  • Jpm7714

    Irish car bombs all day

  • Gonna be celebrating with a ton of green beer and drunken fun in NYC. Hopefully not getting arrested or doing anything stupid.