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DROID RAZR HD Receiving New Update to Build 9.16.6 – Improves Camera, Connectivity, and More


A new update has been approved by Verizon for the Motorola DROID RAZR HD. Once updated, the phone will be running build 9.16.6. The update introduces a security fix (be careful rooted users), but improves WiFi connectivity, camera, in-call audio, video streaming, and media sync. 

It’s not Android 4.2.2 or anything, but it should make your overall experience that much better.

The update is 96MB in size and also applies to the RAZR MAXX HD.

Typically when we see approvals from Verizon, the update will roll out within a week or two. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as that happens.

More info.

  • I don’t have my update yet come on ?!

  • eric

    I got the update I lost my texting delivery reports on stock app….

  • bionicwaffle

    I got the update this morning before I left for work. My Maxx HD has been working great all day. In fact, it could just be I want it to be faster, but the UI seems faster and smoother.

  • Josh Ellis

    I wish I had the HD. I just have the RAZR and battery life sucks. Updates always help the phones.

  • Leshia

    New update just loaded on my phone, now my phone will not send or receive emails. Grrr

  • Dave

    The update got rid of the gradual increase in the alarm which sucks because it just blares out whatever music or sound is attached to it. It also got rid of all my pictures that were connected to Facebook on the quick reference app. How do I go back to the previous update? It was better! or fix the problem!

  • Jam3s

    Update not working on rooted phone.

    • RoomTenONine

      You have to use Voodoo to protect root, un-root and thaw any frozen apps in TiBU. Then OTA, reboot, and re-root in Voodoo. No issues.

  • RoomTenONine

    Pulled the update today with no issues. I kept root using the standard procedure of unfreezing any bloat (TiBU), protecting root with Voodoo Root Keeper, temp un-root, OTA, restore root with Voodoo, freeze bloat again.

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  • Buckoman

    Is it illegal for Verizon to be preventing PdaNet+ on this phone, but not on the Galaxy SIII? I really hope this update undoes the block.

  • He Hate Me

    Got the push notification somewhere between 1-6 AM PST (Orange County). Upon first start-up it definitely has a nice new looking lock screen, thin lettering and the new notification bar and screen has improved with it’s “sleek” new look.

    Will continue to play around and let you know how it is.

    Also this applies to the normal Droid Razr as well, as this is what I have.

    • bluebanzai

      Razr got it’s first taste of Jellybean last week. This is the first update to Jellybean for the Razr HD and Razr HD Maxx

  • RAZR M?

  • Tom Z

    What does “Data roaming fix has been implemented”? I hope this isn’t something bad…

  • XvierX

    I hope I can keep HDR mode on all the time, instead of having to toggle it on manually every time I open the camera app.

  • Ooh, cool. Was getting ready to start complaining about the lack of 4.2.x, guess I can kick down the curb a few more weeks.

  • kixofmyg0t

    Camera improvements? But….I’m already running the 4.2 camera and gallery with the media profiles tweaks…..

    I can’t even accept this update.

  • Ayyy

    Same here, Nova launcher really made this phone faster. No lag for me at all. Not sure if it was the stock launcher or the circle widget. It looks basically like stock android now. No quick settings, stock icons, etc.

    The only bug that annoys me sometimes is when I’m talking on the phone and the screen will not come on to push buttons. If you change the angle of the phone sometimes it comes on for a split second and same with the lock button. Really aggravating when I’m trying to play on my phone while some chick rambles haha.

    Bug fixer is always good news! =)

    • I think 3 homescreens is the perfect amount. Sure it’s not much but if you use folders and widgets effectively than there’s no need for all those screens. Also Nova has so many gesture inputs that you could access every aspect of your phone without ever using the app draw.

      • Ayyy

        Yessir, I’ve got 3 home screens also. If you change the Nova settings to zero delay between switching home screens, it is blazing fast.

        Still love this phone, I just now started charging it every other night. There is no point charging it at night with 70%. It just won’t die. Plus I’ve dropped it a few times with a TPU case and you would never even know it! Perfect phone for me =)

  • bull3964

    A soak test invite for this update went out earlier this week and I was surprised to see no sites pick up on it. As far as I know though, the test hasn’t started yet. Apparently it’s going to be a quick one. I bet it will roll out to the invites early next week and by the weekend it will be rolling out to everyone.

    • Narf

      Wow yeah that’s the first I’ve heard of an soak test for it. Maybe they only invited 5 or 6 people to it.

  • bogy25

    Really? Will this roll out for MAXX HD when? I hope soon cause the camera SUCKS

    • RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD are the same phone with a different battery. They get updates simultaneously.

    • Grumpy Granny

      The worst camera EVER! But other than that; unbeatable.

  • I don’t know why people hate on the Razr HD, battery’s great and sure it’s not the beefiest phone but I rarely have a problem with lag. Then again, I use Nova launcher with three homescreens, but a bunch of widgets and Widgetlocker and Glovebox running in the background. Haven’t gotten my update either. Hope it makes the camera more bearable.

    • Using Nova helps this phone IMMENSELY. I had not even thought about it because of how lean moto’s launcher appears to be, but wow.. makes it lots better. Hope this update makes the phone do what it is supposed to do though, no reason my Galaxy nexus should be smoother.

      • I find the two best things to do is, one get Nova launcher and use as few homescreens as possible, and disable as many pointless applications as you can. Also it helps to have at least a 1.5GB of free space.

    • Billyt

      Best phone I have owned to date. That list includes OG, DInc, Tbolt (lol), Bionic (lol), and Nexus.

      • max

        agree and my list includes: OG Droid, Droid Eris, Droid2, Inc2 and Gnex.

  • reyalP

    Verizon should sell stickers with their logo on them for non-Verizon customers. I would love to pizzazz my phone up with a Verizon log on the front and 4GLTE sticker on the back.

    • Geoff Johnson

      You can buy the Verizon button on my Note 2, lol

    • I just go out and buy $10 skins for now on, I don’t mind the Kevlar style, but I hate the Verizon branding. I recommend decalgirl.com, I bought the Assassin’s Creed Glitch skin myself. My other phone’s a Tardis.

  • Yeah ok. Where’s the download link because I’m “up to date” according to my device 😛

  • Austin Warren

    Maybe their software updates will be known as X software.

  • Derin Richardson

    I don’t even use my Razr HD anymore, as I use my Nexus 4 now, but at the very least I hope they fixed that god-awful lag on the home screen!

    • bobukcat

      The home screen only lags if you use the Circles Widget but even then it’s not that bad compared to plenty of other devices I’ve used.

      • but its also not nearly as smooth as my older, less powerful galaxy nexus when it was on 4.1.1. My wife has the MAXX HD so this is good news for her. hopefully it fixes some of her issues.

    • Austin Warren

      Glad they are going towards stock. It was horrendous a few months ago.

  • KleenDroid


    • Diablo81588


      • Dorian Brooks