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Video: Quick Look at Samsung’s Bluetooth Gaming Controller

Samsung Bluetooth Controller

One of the surprises out of today’s Galaxy S4 festivities had to be the amount of accessories that Samsung announced. They are fully entering the health movement, wireless charging (which we got a couple of different answers about), and Bluetooth gaming controllers. 

We spent a quick minute with the Bluetooth controller, which well, is just a Bluetooth controller. It pairs to the device via Bluetooth, which then allows you to play your favorite games. The build quality is on par with any other controller in the market, it expands enough to hold a Galaxy Note 2, and should be a welcomed addition to the ever-expanding Galaxy accessory lineup.

Unfortunately, it may only work with games purchased from the Samsung app store. TechCrunch is also reporting that it isn’t backwards compatible with the Galaxy S3 or other Samsung phones.

We weren’t told a price or availability.



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  • bananatroll

    Samsung: Microsoft called…

    They want their 360 controller back.

    PS: someone tell me why again the south Koreans think its OK to blatantly rip off american tech companies with original designs and innovative ideas?

  • john s

    Yea too bad accessories you want are always on back order. I’ve been waiting 2 months for my docking hub for my note 2.

  • That looks like a reaaaaaaly bad copy of the Xbox 360 controller. Really bad. Can’t believe it tossed out all ergonomics and real sticks.

  • Guess 1 billion dollars is spare change. Now it’s Microsoft turn

  • Chris

    That looks ridiculous.

  • I’m glad to see more attention being paid to physical gaming controls, but personally, for me I’ll stick with my used PS3 controller that I picked up for a song + Sixaxis and/or the Moga. In any case, I kind of hope to see a revival of Xperia Play-style hardware.

    • Joel Gautraud


      Restore to life or consciousness: “both men collapsed, but were revived”.
      Regain life, consciousness, or strength.Synonyms
      resuscitate – resurrect – quicken

      To revive Xperia Play-style hardware would suggest that at one point it was alive and well, instead of DOA 🙂

  • Anon

    If there’s a car dock and a bedside dock, I’ll be very tempted.

  • JBartcaps

    That’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, worst shape ever.

  • Xbox 360.. :)… same controller..

  • moe6

    The lack of compatibility is okay guys, this thing will probably only really come out 9 months later with spurts of 100units now and again before quickly being forgotten about.


    • michael arazan

      Seriously, build a controller that won’t work in major points of the android universe, no one wants a device that’s not going to work with apps they have already invested in the play market

  • NoBullet

    Its using the exact same look and button names as a xbox 360 controller.


    • JoshGroff

      The DS has ABXY as well. I must however point out they took the color on the buttons right from Microsoft.

      • zurginator

        So does the SNES/SuperFamicom (which even has the same colors).

        • JoshGroff

          Why yes it does, damn, not the same color order, but still. Nice catch.

          • zurginator

            Color/layout of those buttons I don’t have an issue with Samsung using though. Colors are the primaries (RGB or RYB), with A for accept (go, green), B for decline (stop, red), cool colors on bottom (blue, green) and warm colors up top (yellow, red). Makes sense to me.

            When you look at the D pad though, there is no excuse. Sony/Nintendo/MS all have unique d-pads, and this copy’s MS’s exactly. They also copied Nintendo’s new thumb sticks (also no excuse).

  • “…only work with games purchased from the Samsung app store” Why? I never understood this from a business standpoint. You basically saying lets make a product and limit the amount of money we can make on it

    • kidtronic

      They don’t care about making money off of the controller. They want to incentivize people to purchase apps from their apps store. They’re trying to bolster their own ecosystem.

      • Austin Warren

        They are the same apps as play store.

        • kidtronic

          Yeah, I know. There just aren’t nearly as many.

        • imns

          I’m a bit ignorant here, I know Amazon’s app store & purchased apps can be installed on multiple devices. Can you do this with samsung’s store and say, my Nexus 7? If yes, then maaaybe I’ll be interested. If not, then eff that.

          • joannesmacky54ff

            I’m a bit ignorant here, I know Amazon’s app store & purchased apps
            can be installed on multiple devices. Can you do this with samsung’s
            store and say, my Nexus 7? If yes, then maaaybe I’ll be interested. If
            not, then eff that.

  • Butters619

    Reminds me of a Dreamcast controller. Actually more Xbox 360 controller, but that reminds me of a dreamcast controller.

  • i was just wondering does this come with wireless charging?

  • Austin Warren

    That’s pretty nifty

    • StockAndy

      Omg you’re everywhere…

      • Austin Warren

        That’s what insomnia does to a person.

        Glad you made an account just to say that.

  • Calvin Williams

    No gameplay??

    • nothing is compatible.

  • snowblind64

    Looks like a 360 controller and a Wii controller had a lovechild.

    Edit: Boo the lack of compatibility!