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Samsung Releases 4-Minute Galaxy S4 Feature Overview


While you wait patiently for our multiple video looks at the new Samsung Galaxy S4, feel free to take a look at this 4-minute clip from the maker themselves. You’ll see everything from an explanation of the new display tech, how to use the phone with gloves on, group gameplay, S Translator, S Health, and more.

  • Justin Barrett

    I find myself extremely conflicted. On one hand, they have some great ideas and some decent features, and from a GNex owner, these specs are amazing (esp the screen). On the other hand, I love vanilla Android and Samsung is clearly creating their own brand and could care less about Google integration and are likely going to move these features to their Tizen OS later this year. Not a fan of that. I’ll wait for I/O and make some decisions then.

  • Tim Buchanan

    I gotta say, this all reeks of bloatware to an Android fan like myself. Just sayin’.

  • Kevin Niven

    Very cool phone

  • It seems like the software is becoming more and more bloated with features that are mildly interesting but will rarely be used. I think that adding a few features that drastically improve the experience per upgrade would be better. I just don’t see the average consumer being able to wrap their head around all this…I can only imagine how overwhelming the software will be when even more is packed in with the S5.

    • Richard Yarrell

      I won’t take anything away from the HTC ONE it’s clearly a wonderfully constructed handset definitely a looker and personally i like that blinkfeed feature it’s a wonderful idea. That will make some purchase the handset based on that aspect alone. But honestly people have grown much more than that over the years and in today’s 2013 market place functionality as well as user enhancements is the name of the daily game. That’s what Samsung products offer they have TOP OF THE LINE software development and implementation of features that are industry leading nobody can take that away from Samsung. They provide and cater to their customers needs by providing removable batteries and sdcard expansion that is still so valuable to people REGARDLESS of what Google thinks with it’s Nexus line devices. The funny part is haters will hate and regardless of that hate people who purchase Samsung products know every year they will see an industry leading feature that later on everyone would be trying to copy. In today’s market like it or not the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 are the GOLD STANDARD of the industry and now you can add the Galaxy S4 to that list of GOLD STANDARD devices. My only question which i asked HTC on it’s twitter page was if you we’re actually the top dogs in this industry why release a product with version 4.1.2 jellybean when 4.2.2 was clearly the better choice. Never got any response from that question. Bottom line the Galaxy S4 might not look like the Htc One but the software and features as well as the overall fluidity and user experience is far better that’s for sure. The time has come for people to realize that fashion statements in technology land means nothing in today’s world. When you purchase a handset you want to know what experience will you get from that purchase. That device must have industry leading capabilities and must perform accordingly Samsung products do exactly that. They should look forward to an increase to 250 million smartphones sold in 2013 REGARDLESS of any Nexus 5, Motorola Xphone, Lg Optimus G pro, Iphone 5s/6 or any other launched handset. Samsung has brought innovative products and solutions to the market for the last three years especially the last 2yrs and based on that they are the manufacturer that everyone is chasing and copying for that matter. You can rest assured that the overall sales of the HTC One won’t be anything near the Galaxy S4 or the past sales of the Galaxy S3 in 2012 for that matter. But Htc will sell handsets at a better clip in 2013 than they did in 2012. Based on that they should be happy. It’s the consumer who drives this market and based that the consumers have spoken Samsung clearly owns this space.

      • Justin Barrett

        ^^ Samsung employee 🙂

  • jeans13

    which color do yall think looks better?

  • It says my life is going to be more convenient, I will have more fun, my relationships will grow closer and my wellbeing will be cared for. Sounds like a tall order.

    • Ryan Milton

      well, I did feel like my life was a bit…empty…especially with the GS3 that I have…but this will make it better…I CAN BE SOMEBODY with the S4!

  • S2556

    Skipped the announcement and watched this instead. Did I miss anything good or just a terrible show apparently? lol

    • All i can say is, you did the right thing by only watching this and not the announcement

  • Jorge

    That was… cute.

  • 5 inch, remember when they were calling the dell stream a tablet, now this is considered a normal phone (im still calling this a phablet) and i like the the smaller size of 4.5

  • Zoloft_User

    It looks like a great phone; really it does…selling nearly 40 million of them previously really doesn’t lie. My only issue if the cheap plastic body, Touchwiz and the dedicated home button…

    • Dave

      Forbes Inc. showed 46 million Galaxy phones sold in Q4 of 2012 alone. Anyway, no offense, just saw it recently.

      • Zoloft_User

        +1 for source checking

        • Calvin Williams

          Most analysts believe the Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung shipped more than 60 million smartphones, including the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, during the three months ending in December, which would put the year’s smartphone sales at more than 200 million.


          • Calvin Williams

            But that’s shipped

    • Indydi

      Don’t you put a cover on your phone anyway? I’d much rather have a “cheap,” removable plastic back so I can change the battery.

  • EvanTheGamer

    If they had JUST played this 4-minute video instead of turning their entire so-called presentation into a cracker jack box Broadway show, everyone would have been MUCH, MUCH happier!

  • I can see why Google would be getting Jelly – Those are some super sweet features

  • Bigsike

    I wish their whole presentation was only 4 minutes. 😛

  • aNYthing6

    See, Samsung. These types of videos are nice. Simple and to the point. Not the clusterfuck the announcement was.

  • makers1071

    gorilla glass 3?

  • This made my wallet happy.

  • Bionic

    its as if millions of apple fan voices cried out and were suddenly silenced

    • michael arazan

      Now if we could stop apple’s jedi mind trick on those poor poor weak minded people

      • prestone1

        that could use another poor in there. poor poor poor weak minded people