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Samsung Officially Announces the Galaxy S4

GALAXY S4 Product Image (1)

Finally. No more leaks. No more rumors. No more questions. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is official. After months of anticipation, the “next big thing” has been announced at a live press event in New York City. In years past, Samsung waited until the early summer or late spring to push out their newest Galaxy, but in 2013, March was the right time. 

The Galaxy S4 has a laundry list of specs and features packed into the device to separate it from its predecessor.


  • Processor: 1.9GHz Quad-core processor or 1.6GHz Octa-core processor
  • Memory: 2GB of RAM and 16/ 32/ 64 GB User memory expandable through SDcard slot
  • Display: 5″ full-HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) display, 441 ppi
  • Connections: Hexaband LTE, HSPA+, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, IR controller
  • Battery: 2,600mAh
  • Android 4.2.2

A 13MP camera on the back is complimented with a 2MP shooter on the front and both utilize Samsung’s Dual Camera technology that allows you to take photos and videos with both cameras at the same time. Samsung also threw in other camera software tweaks like the ability to capture sound to go with your photos and the ability to take a series of photos and edit out photobombers in the background. Story Album makes automatic albums of your photos when you travel and gathers them for you, even letting you order a physical copy through Samsung’s partnership with Blurb.

TouchWiz looks more or less the same with a few tweaks here and there to look a bit more simplified. The additions of Smart Pause and and Smart Scroll were not lies either. Smart Pause allows the phone to pause a video when you look away from the screen and Smart Scroll does what it says and scrolls with your eye movements. Air View and Air Gesture we’ve also heard of before, allowing you to scroll and do gestures on the S4 just by hovering your finger over the screen.

No official launch date was announced at the event, but Samsung says that we should expect to get our hands on it sometime within Q2 of this year.


GALAXY S4 Product Image (12)GALAXY S4 Product Image (11)GALAXY S4 Product Image (10)GALAXY S4 Product Image (9)

GALAXY S4 Product Image (8)GALAXY S4 Product Image (7)GALAXY S4 Product Image (6)GALAXY S4 Product Image (4)GALAXY S4 Product Image (3)GALAXY S4 Product Image (2)GALAXY S4 Product Image (1)GALAXY S4 Product Image (5)

  • Kerry Davies

    Are people really asking for 5′ phones? Or are they just intrested in these bigger phones because of specs. I really wanted a GS4 but I have zero intrest in a huge ass phone. 4.7 was already big.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Hmm… rounded screen corners? This will be interesting to see in real life how this is executed. Could be fail.
    Edit: N/m you can see it in the earlier videos. Not bad. It won’t look like the press shots, still sharp.

  • Ramon Blake Guthrie

    Any news on Samsungs ‘Orb’ mode or Photosphere on the camera?

  • JetBlue

    Did they ever mention a front facing speaker?

  • Ray T

    I will not buy another Samsung smartphone after owning an S3 for several months. The bluetooth performance is totally unacceptable when compared to my previous MOTO Droids — a feature that is very important in my world. What happened to the “phone” part of “smartphone”.

  • Bionic

    Say hello to my “S-penis”

  • zbx

    I’ll wait for nexus 5

  • bombhills

    Hmmm.. Oppo Find 5 or wait for Nexus…

  • Tyler

    So since you dont need a pen for the sPen features does that mean it has sFinger?

    • Bionic

      im gonna use my dickk and see how that goes

      • Tyler

        dont you mean cock or is that too offensive around here?

        • Bionic

          dickk, cockk, penus, falus, member, one eyed pirate

  • callumshell1

    Camera protrudes 0/10 would not buy.

  • moto

    that one lady had a bog ol booty. good lawd.

  • Bionic

    I will say this much. Motorola/Google better acknowledge the X phone’s existence very soon and start teasing it. If not, they are going to lose a lot of potential customers to Samsung.

    • Futbolrunner


    • It doesn’t really matter because only an extremely small amount of smartphone owners actually check/read all these blogs and rumors. And plus this is a “Galaxy” which is one reason the average Joe would just get it.

      • Bionic

        The problem you are forgetting is word of mouth advertising. A person who reads the blogs and stuff starts hyping the S4 to his friends. Then in April they all purchase the S4. Meanwhile, motorola hasnt even teased the x phone yet, and has lost those customers who might have hung on and waited.

        • That is partially true, but how many times I have said that there is going to be something better, they already KNOW that lol. “There will always be something better” so they just get the new phone and that’s it.

          • Bionic

            i think your argument is valid for about 60% of all Android phone customers. The other 40% read about what is coming and hold out for what they believe is best.

          • You may be in a different situation but the majority of smartphone owners I know have Android phones, and not a single one of them read any of these blogs. Or tech news at all.

          • Bionic

            Oh i agree, my friends rely on me to suggest what is best to them. I cant tell you how many times per year my friends ask me “dude i need a new phone, whats the hot thing right now that would suit my needs”

          • Oh well that definitely happens to me too, since they know I’m into all this news. Just saying they don’t check this news themselves ever lol

        • hkklife

          Same exact thing happened last year. Moto did NOTHING while the S3 came out and clobbered the market. The RAZR HDs arrived late to the market and with worse “hype” specs than the S3 (screen, camera & RAM). Had the RAZR HDs arrived in the May-July timeframe, Moto could have stolen a LOT of Sammy’s thunder.

          • Bionic

            True, but dont forget that was the old moto, still being run the old regime.

  • Bionicman

    yea the presentation was a little cheesy but the features are awesome. This is my next fo sho. love the new camera features, air view, upgraded specs, glove support, temperature, shealth, etc. here is the thing, all you haters cant deny that they are making features that is beneficial for a lot of people. the best part, you can turn them all off if you dont feel like using them.

    i laugh at any suggestion that this is a “GS3S” or a minor upgrade.

    • Agree completely! While it may not be completely reinventing the way we use smart device it si still reinventing the way we interact with smart devices!

  • Mathematician2012

    Galaxy S4 Outshines anything that is out and that is going to come out this year.

  • Benito Wood

    I don’t know what everyone expected. Specs are top of the line. TouchWiz isn’t going away, no matter how ugly we think it is. Not surprised the home button remains. Did anyone really believe samsung would go away from the plastic? really? haha.

  • billy routh

    I cant help but laugh at all you guys hating on it. I guarantee this phone will outsell any other android phone out there and the reason samsung does not use onscreen buttons is because onscreen buttons suck and do nothing but take up screen real estate.

    • Futbolrunner

      Just because it’ll sell more doesn’t make it better. i.e. iPhone

  • Captain Ron 80

    This is business people. You find a successful formula and you stick with it. That’s a respectably sized battery though! 😉

  • David Escalera

    GS 4 Jumped the Shark tonight

    • Caveman

      The Fonz. You must be old! I agree.

  • jbdan

    Really wanted to see something aesthetically different than the S3. Underwhelmed…They’ll sell indeed, but not like the S3 did/does. C’mon googarola I’m lookin’ at you! 🙂

  • eddy

    Not impressed…. that was painful to watch!

  • Kerry Fath

    and begin the countdown to the X phone!

  • BradT

    I swear the screen said “late April” for the release date early in the event. Anyone else see that?

    • C-Law

      yeah i did too

  • bananatroll

    More mass produced, plastastic, south Korean crap.

  • Kerry Fath

    And what in the wild wild world of sports was that all about……seriously wtf?

  • troy studnicka

    You guys are a bunch of whinners, the phone is dynamic. Already tops the S3 which topped every other smart phone out there. Ur loss but I’m sure getting one 🙂

    • rrosotho

      I agree im surprised at how many of you are bashing the Galaxy S4. Its a nice phone with the top of the line specs and people are still complaining. I wasnt expecting a change in design until the S5 comes out.

      • troy studnicka

        Exactly, look at the video phonearena has on it. It’s a pretty sweet looking device. I’d say it’s even more attractive than my S3. I’m happy and I’m getting one.

  • Radgatt

    So how is this phone better than the Note 2?

    • that’s where I’m at…. Wait until June, or upgrade now to note 2….hmmm….that and those “DLXPLUS” sightings on Verizon could be the one… or a new DNA…hmmm…

  • carlisimo

    “A 13MP camera on the back is complimented with a 2MP shooter on the front…”

    Complemented by?

    The phone’s not my cup of tea, but I don’t see any negative changes here so it should do just fine. The Galaxy S and iPhone will probably each outsell each other for half the year now that their release dates are about six months apart, and everyone else will fight for scraps.

  • blake

    happy with my straight from google nexus 4.. No regrets whatsoever 😉

  • Well I’m done. Never again will I buy a Samsung phone. To HTC I go.

  • wireless charging???