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Contest: Win 1 of 4 DODOcases for the Nexus 7 (Updated: Winners Picked!)

dodocase contest

Last week, I had a chance to take a look at some of the Nexus 7 case offerings from DODOcase, a San Francisco bookcase style electronics accessory designer. The cases, as I pointed out in my quick reviews, are nothing short of the highest quality. They are hand-made with eco-friendly materials in the U.S., offer all sorts of protection thanks to solid outer designs, and might be some of the prettiest cases we have seen to date. With textures like Moroccan cloth and colored canvases wrapping the outside, they feel great in hand while holding the potential to look better with age.

So as we typically do when accessories show up for our review, we’d like to give them all away to you, the fabulous Droid Life reader. We have two HardCover cases along with two of the Solid and Classic cases. The HardCover is the thinner profile case without the wood tray, so that it ends up being much slimmer while using an industrial grade adhesive to secure your tablet. The Classic and Solid both have the tray, but one uses the soft black Moroccan cloth while the other uses a slightly rougher and likely more durable, canvas. The cases range in price from $35 to $70.

Who wants one? 


Prizes:  2 (two) DODOcase HardCovers (1 black and 1 blue), 2 (two) DODOcase Solid (1 black and 1 “Fog”).

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll choose our four winners tomorrow morning at 9:00AM Pacific.

  • MikeCiggy

    Thanks Droid Life my girlfriend will be happy!

  • Robert Cox

    Many thanks, cant wait to slap it on mah tablet 😀

  • Sad I missed this one. I’ve been shopping around for a folio/book case for my N7. Congrats to the winners though!

  • Congrats to the winners!

  • Sara Rosensteel

    I want one of those so hard; I’m probably going to buy one if I don’t win. You win, Dodo!

  • damej

    Just bought a nexus 7. Replaced my iPad with it. Had a dodo case on it and I loved it. How to win this one!

  • Sebastian Encina

    All I have now is a felt homemade slip made by my wife.

  • Gritchu

    I’d like one!

  • PudgyPanda

    I need a case my nexus 7 is unprotected and it breaks my heart

  • Grant

    got nothin

  • HecToLope

    I’m naked when it comes to my N7…..hoping for something better though

  • Danielle

    Currently have a silicone skin for my nexus 7. But I would love a DODOcase to protect my precious commodity while on the go :0)

  • Had a decent folio case with the magnets but it made bringing down the notification bar a pain so now it’s just in a sleeve with a screen protector. Would love a quality case.

  • Matthew Hochheiser

    sure – wouldn’t mind another case!

  • Butters619

    The case would be for my girlfriend. She has a little plastic case on it, but isn’t too happy with it.

  • Bweiand

    a targus case. Pretty boring.

  • can’t find one that i like until now..

  • if i win then i will use it.

  • tweebee

    I’ve never had a Dodo case. Hoping to win!

  • Back in January I bought the MEElectronics Leatherette Stand Case through Google Offers for $14. While the stand is nice, the case is way too bulky. Also, I see I can get it on Amazon for 9 bucks (+$0.99 shipping).
    That’s twice already this year I’ve been burned buying something somewhere other than Amazon. Ahh well, live and learn.

  • I have nothing that currently fits the bill for my Nexus 7

  • Phil

    I don’t have a case for my Nexus 7 yet

  • YinzerRob

    have the rubber nexus cover, works well but it’s always nice to change things up!

  • Joey

    Must. Protect. Nexus. 7!

  • I’ve been living dangerously for 6 months; it’s time I landed a case.

  • MSlab

    I have the dark grey Asus case which is rather bland.

  • Damon Lauder

    I currently have 2 cases, one black slim case and one pink one for the wife (and for support of Droid Life)

  • jsngrvn

    My Nexus 7 is running around naked, please help before he is arrested and taken away!

  • I currently don’t have a case with my n7 please help change that

  • I have the light greyish-green cover that was originally sold for the Nexus 7 by Google when it first came out. I was an early adopter and wanted to make sure the device was safe. I have attached a magnet to the front to trigger the sleep/wake sensor. It works well for what it is, but I don’t like that it doesn’t have a way to keep itself shut.

  • David Peterson

    Currently using an amazon $9 case, does the job but far from elegant.

  • I’m using a nilikin flip cover for my nexus 7. Its of the red variety.

  • Jonathan Brashear

    I use my Nexus 7 for personal email, social networking, gaming. and Alarm clock 🙂
    I have rooted, unlocked an flashed cm10. Cant resist.

  • Pallav

    I used to have a cheap Chinese kickstand case until a couple of weeks ago, but I soon found out that that wasn’t one of the best decisions. Thankfully, not much damage done.

  • kaufkin

    Case? No case at this point. I slip in the padding on my laptop bag and pray. 🙁

  • I picked up the Classic as soon as it came out. I have not been disappointed in the product or the customer service.As a matter of fact DODOcase’s customer service has been some of the best I have experienced.

  • Dustin Jordan

    I need a protective cover

  • Alonzo Davalos

    I sure could use one

  • Ben Modica

    I do not use a case for my Nexus 7 right now.

  • This case could have prevent prevented me from breaking my nexus7 screen!

  • DanSan

    i run naked!!! my nexus 7 that is! was my birthday yesterday, come on droid life!

  • Greg

    I NEED A CASE. Got a nexus 7 for xmas and still havent found a case i like very much.

  • chey023

    I need one, going without one right now.

  • Joe

    I currently switch between the official asus nexus case and bare

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    Currently in need of a case. I gave mine up for my daughter’s Nexus and I am looking for a new one.

  • I could use one of these for my Nexus 7

  • I do not have a case for my nexus 7 but I would love to have one!

  • I currently have a screen protector on, and I have a safe spot when I carry it to and from work. I have been wanting a case, and I’ve recently been looking at them. Unfortunately for my case situation, my birthday is in just over a month so I’m in the ‘no buying things for myself’ window. lol

  • My 7 is naked!

  • William Wells

    I got a Nexus from the Mrs. For Christmas and I have yet to find a case that I love. After looking at the review, I would love to have one of these.

  • KCHusker

    Wife just picked up her first Nex 7 and this would be perfect for her.

  • tomlichaj

    I need a case for my new Nexus 7.

  • Not using a cover right now…

  • omgspence

    Currently using a zip sleeve for my nexus 7 ._.

  • jbegs

    I have a flip case with magnet. The wrap around the case makes it hard to press the power and volume buttons. Some navigation on the screen is affected by the wrap.

  • I could use a new case badly… my poeticslim is starting to how its wear

  • Michael Kelly

    I would love to replace my cheap case from amazon with one of these awesome cases from Dodo

  • I have a case, but i hate it. got it from the guy i bought my N7 from and it is terrible.

  • TB

    Use the Blurex Ultra Slim

  • I have always wanted a book type case for my Nexus 7.

  • Paul Pottle

    I am using the Bluerex Ultra-Slim case right now. Not a bad case but deffinetley not as nice as the DODOCase

  • I really could use a new case for my N7, the one I have is starting to show its age.

  • Daniel

    I Don’t have one. But I want one!!

  • cashclay

    I am presently using the Minisuit Bluetooth keyboard case, but would like something a little more flexible.

  • I dont have a case but have been looking all around for one and dont have money for a nice. This would make my month.

  • jakymiwm

    Just got a Nexus 7! Now I could use a case!

  • Gage Looney

    I have always wanted a case for my Nexus 3G model. Haven’t found one that I liked, until now!

  • Bill Slowey

    Currently using Blurex Ultra-Slim case.

  • Josh White

    I currently use a cheap ‘smart case’ similar to the ones for the iPad with the magnet, and ability to use it as a stand. Pretty sweat for around $15 from Ebay.


    I have a case for my Nexus 7 but not one I’m happy with. I’ve heard great things about the DODOcases and would love to win one.

  • RandomSF

    From no case to a resurrected species sounds mighty good.

  • I use a sleeve that I got from Etsy.

  • Dilson Silva

    Gimme Gimme

  • I have a Moko leather case I picked up from Amazon. It wasn’t expensive and it does the job.

  • I currently have some cheap case. I would like to get this one.

  • Still using the official Asus case. It is okay.

  • John

    I don’t use one, but I can tell I’m going to need one asap. It’s getting used a lot & will only start to get scratched etc if I don’t do something about it soon.

  • ben10

    Supcase for me , good leather case!!!

  • jawabba

    I need a case, these look nice………

  • Corey Foltman

    Currently I use the green Fintie case. It’s nice but it’s starting to get a little worn out. Definitely need a solid case to replace it.

  • Currently just rocking a cruzerlite tpu case. Adding some class to my N7 would be nice 🙂

  • vlad_andrici

    Nice cases, for Nexus 7 it’s even Dodo or Treegloo

  • will

    Waiting for this one

  • sam

    I need a case pick me!

  • I need a case but too Lazy to get one.

  • Darren Cassidy

    I have wanted one of these dodo cases for a long time!

  • michael arazan

    Please Help!! I don’t have any protection for my Nexus 7

    My Nexus 7 is like a Virgin on prom Night, she needs protection!!!

  • Jared

    I want this case! I’m using a kindle case right now and it does not work well at all! Hook me up kellen!

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    My N7 is nekkid, but i also use my Portenzo case every once in a while.

  • My Nexus 7 is still in the box! Nice giveaway! 🙂

  • eric roylance

    I’m currently using some sort of sad case my wife bought that wasn’t made for the N7, so it doesn’t really fit and I usually end up taking it off.

  • Rajesh Karia

    Wow, I currently use a cheap Chinese case, but this designer case from DoDo would be just the perfect case for my N7. Would love to have one of these premium elite case. A big shout out from Mumbai ;>)

  • Hexanerax

    Currently I don’t have any Nexus 7 case.

  • KRS_Won

    MiniSuit cover w/kickstand and bluetooth keyboard.

  • Oooh… Nice cases 🙂

  • Jerry

    No case so far. Been looking for the right one. This could be it!

  • monoik

    I’m using a chinese cheapest one. It does the job, but ain’t got no style.

  • Justin

    Im using a cheapo ebay special… TPU case

  • Christopher

    I currently and caseless with my nexus 7. I really hope to get one as i have a tiny scratch on the bottom right corner :[ Hopefully i win this one!

  • import96720

    I am running a Portenzo Comp Book. Pretty awesome.

  • I have an awful blurex case and want something pretty

  • My nexus 7 has very basic TPU S case it needsa nicer case

  • ewilliams1009

    my nexus 7 is naked and needs a case

  • Dc

    I’m currently using a simple gel case. I had ordered one of the Treegloo cases back in early november, but I hadn’t received it as of late January so I cancelled the order.

  • i use a poetic slim case. i love it, but could use a new and fresh case. i love my nexus 7. i take all my notes for school on it and bring it with me everywhere i go. i have all my books on google drive so i can read them wherever, whenever on my nexus 7.

  • Davros

    Dont have one and really need one. kids.

  • AntiJeff

    it’s a pink jelly type wrap that’s all stretched out – would love to have a DODO box – over

  • Scott Hartman

    Ooh, I’d definitely put one of these on my N7!

  • James Jun

    I carry around my Nexus 7 caseless, and it’s caused (whether this has been the case of not) creaking on the side of my Nexus 7. I want certainly prefer some extra protection, because otherwise, this tablet is just too awesome.

  • Brian

    Currently using my 7 without a case. 🙁

  • I need a non ebay case for mine 🙁

  • Matt Gallardo

    I do not currently use a case, but only because you haven’t given me one yet!

  • Edwin M

    My son just has a temp rubber case. He would love this one, so would I since I use it just as much as he does.

  • Tom Kircher

    My wife uses the nylon zipper case that used to contain the owners manual for my now totaled Ford Fusion beautiful Ford logo and all. Please let me win this for her N7.

  • I currently don’t use any case, I like the feel without one but would like to start using one

  • I don’t use a case right now but boy would it be nice to have one 🙂

  • Ejival Enrique


  • Patatat

    Even though it’s not extremely practical, who’s going to turn down a free case?

  • Stephen Morrow

    Blurex case. Just the right size. Cheap too.

  • Kevin

    i dont have any case for my Nexus 7, its just bare bottom right now, i could definitely use a case. =]

  • gabec7

    Yay I want one !

  • I currently use a case built for a kindle fire HD on my nexus 7. Would really like a case meant for my nexus 7 inch.

  • I currently use the slim travel case! This would definitely match the look of my messenger bag!

  • I use a black Poetic case for my Nexus 7. It has pretty good grip and magnetic closure with a two fold front.

  • Hazadriel

    Just got the Nexus 7 the other day for a business conference, could really use one of these!

  • Pete Townill

    I use the stock grey Asus Nexus 7 flip cover, and though it provides screen protection, it makes the device feel inelegant around iPad users…

  • Future8

    The Solid case looks really nice… much better than the CaseLogic sleeve I am using now.

  • I have the Bluerex case currently, but I’d love to check this out!

  • Serf33

    I could use a new case

  • no case! but i really need one!

  • Michael Apostolou

    I use a custom Portenzo case, but I would like to change it up and also get something smaller too

  • Adam Stevenson

    This case looks awesome!

  • i want to look fancy !

  • Adam Intinarelli

    My case is currently withering away..and I plan on giving my tablet to my grandmother so she will appreciate a brand new case

  • I don’t have a case

  • I don’t have a case but would like one.

  • tryptech

    I have the Poetic Slim portfolio case right now, but it’s my third one (warranty). I’ve had magnets fall out, rubber edges rip off, and on one the cover/stand got really weak and started to come undone. Portenzo would be probably be my choice for a new case but DODOcase is a close second.

  • Melanie Taylor

    I am using the free case I got from Costco when I bought my galaxy nexus.

  • Raja

    I don`t have case,but need one

  • zachjen

    i don’t use one but I would like one….I think?

  • I am using a Speck case. Excellent case, fits snugly, all ports are open and easy to access, it shuts off when you close it and it has a built in stand for better viewing.

  • im using the blurex flip one

  • I need a case! Please.

  • Seth Schorr

    I have an N7 that certainly could use a Classic or Solid case. Currently my Nexus 7 is as naked as the day it was born. It gets hassled a lot by the other tablets in the neighborhood. Please help a poor N7 who has done nothing but help me everyday since I adopted it. Thank you for your consideration.

  • brian melton

    i will draw tardis features on it so it’ll be bigger on the inside.

  • Dain Laguna

    currently using a nillkin smart cover styled case….def not a dodo!

  • I currently use the Poetic Slim Portfolio Case (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008NMCPTQ/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1), which has done well for me with light travel. I have a lot of upcoming travel for work, and have been looking for a more secure case with a panache to it.

  • totally naked

    no case, but i need one 🙂

  • Bought a DODO for my Kindle Fire, but gifted it along with the device to my niece. My 7 is jonesing for one. Sure would be nice of DroidLife to send one my way!

  • I never win anything but I will keep trying and trying lol.

  • JetsFan316

    I use some cheap case from Amazon. I WANT THE DODO!!!

  • Matthew Targarona


  • Jwhap

    I currently do not have a case for my nexus 7. I have not really found one that I like yet.

  • Currently using an iBlason food my Nexus 7. I enjoy it but I’m always looking for something better.

  • jmasterj

    I’m interested. I currently use a poetic case with a folding magnetic cover.

  • Ben

    I have yet to find a good case!

  • napes22

    My Nexus 7 is completely naked!

  • Jonathan Bond

    I have a poetic case. It’s decent but not really high quality.

  • I have the Supcase slim leather case with the stand … and the stand essentially doesn’t work. If I can get it to stand up, it has a horrible, near-vertical angle that makes it terrible for viewing.

  • NPaduch

    I have still yet to get a case for mine… Could really use one…

  • Byron Galvez


  • My cases keep falling apart,

  • Thomas Kefalas

    I use a cheapy $5 faux leather case from Amazon, works and looks ok but would love a DODOcase.

  • I don’t have a N7 so the case would go to one of my online pals who’s been really supportive of me for some time now. Thank you Droid Life!!

  • Using a blue cruzerlite androidified that I bought from you guys 🙂

  • ReginaldJay

    I never found a case I am satisfied with in stores. I always enjoyed the look of dodo cases on my friends devices.

  • I am using an I-blason case. It is good quality for what I payed, but it is starting to wear down in a couple spots.

  • Jonathan

    I have no case so give it to me

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    I currently am rocking a cheap case that I got on Amazon, not proud but it’s functional.

  • RayC

    just what i need

  • I’m using a cheap-o case that I bought off of ebay. It’s falling apart even though I’ve repaired it twice.

  • anezarati

    I use a poetic case with stand similar to the iPad smart cover

  • anezarati

    I’d love one!

  • Mahmood Ali

    I don’t use cases om my devices, i hope this is should first one 🙂

  • I only use mine at home so I never bring it out. If I had a case for it I would definitely use it outside.

  • Rockin’ a Seido!

  • Naked at the moment.

  • Yowza!

  • My Nexus 7 is…….in the NUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDEEEEEE! :O

  • Sarah L

    Not currently using a case.. which is why I’m entering this contest!

  • My 7 is currently naked so this could really come in handy!! Thanks Droid Life!

  • Yellowsnow

    I use a cheap $5 case I bought on amazon. I’m a poor medical student with no means to purchase any of the fancy goods I see posted on here regularly (except for 200 dollar tablets). Help a guy out.

  • I want one

  • Jon Picking

    I just ordered a crappy cheap case but I would be delighted to return it for one of these!

  • Me likey.

  • Adam White

    I’m really liking my Blurex case but I’m always down to try another

  • MikeD675

    These look cool. Currently using a Blurex case.

  • jdaugherty

    I am using a caseen case and would love to compare it to a DoDo

  • I currently use the Bluerex Ultra-Slim Case. Here is a link if anyone wants it http://www.amazon.com/Blurex-Ultra-Slim-Multi-Angle-Premium-Protector/dp/B008D2POAS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363053957&sr=8-1&keywords=blurex+nexus+7.

    Really high quality case, I recomend it to everyone. But those cases look much better

  • Im using a chewed on case that flips open. My 113 pound dog has chewed the bottom right corner all the way off.

  • Daniel Clifford

    Mine slowly fell apart. Could def use a new one. Currently going bare….but not too upset since I am now using the dock.

  • caleb williams

    Any of these would look great on my awesome nexus 7.

  • tdpietrini

    Could use one of these

  • NCSUgolfer01

    I’ve even seen a dodo case in person.

  • TuckandRoll84


  • I don’t have one 🙁 It’s naked

  • ljbad4life

    All cases I have for my nexus 7 are bulky and crappy.

  • Greg Abbate

    I use a crappy Amazon brand X case. I just needed something ASAP when Nexus 7 first came out.

  • boardindude

    I do have one on it right now, but its just a cheap one off EBay. Would love to have a good one like these!

  • I just got a Nexus 7 32gb! I dont have a case yet so this contest is prefect for me!!! Pick me! Woohoo!

  • I would love the case for my Nexus 7

  • My current nexus 7 case is my old kindle case. Just a plain old kindle case. it works but it blocks all the ports and really doesnt fit to well.

  • MasterEthan

    Currently I have a small sleeve that works quite well for the Nexus 7 but was actually used for an Samsung UMPC back when I had one.

  • hoboy

    Mine’s naked :<

  • Smiley Smith

    I am using a cheapy I got for 10 bucks on Amazon. It fits loosely and has no cut out for the speaker on my N7. I have been looking to get a case specifically made for the N7.

  • I have no case for my nexus right now.

  • mgamerz

    I would love to win one of these! count me in!

  • My N7 is naked and cold…I’ve been looking for the right case.

  • chdir

    No current case. I need one.

  • I’d love a new case for my N7, as attached as I am to my beautiful leather sleeve from Saddleback Leather. These look really nice and really classy.

  • moelsen8

    using one of the ipad-like folding ones with the on/off magnetic. it’s pretty nice but getting dirty.

  • Nice case for sure

  • I need a case badly. Been using a portable speaker case not designed for the N7 and its not cutting the job.

  • I love my Nexus 7, but wish i had a case less bulky then the otterbox.

  • Robert Cobbs

    I love lamp!

  • No case, just got the dock though.

  • Nik

    These cases are sweet and I need to protect my Nexus!!!!!

  • I need a new case, my current one when folded back under goes into sleep 😛

  • Jg

    Ah more free stuff……

  • I don’t currently have a case.

  • Man it would be nice to have a case that is actually for N7 instead of a Kindle fire lol

  • Scott Green

    I have a Devicewear case. Fairly slim as cases go, but not anywhere close to the Dodo for style. Sure would like one. . .

  • Naked!

  • JMonkeYJ

    one of the slim ones would be nice

  • Kevdroid

    Need one soooooo bad….Shesa nekkid

  • Michael Rango

    I use the speck cover but I really would love to have one of these. My speck cover has become worn out and and is showing signs of wear. I am in desperate need of a new cover/case and this is beautiful! Really do want one of these bad boys 🙂

  • Tony Romano

    No case for me yet. Just a matter of time before my kids drop it.

  • I’m naked right now. Err, the tablet that is!

  • Please, Please, Please.

    I have a Supcase, but it’s cheap.

  • for everyday life!

  • bodotdot

    I’m using a Poetic Slimline case right now. Please let me know if I have another option!

  • David Imel

    I don’t have a case yet! I very much need one!

  • John

    i use verus case and it does not cover the screen entirely. Hope this dodo case gives perfect fit

  • No case yet 🙁 Poor naked tech 🙂

  • EvanYeh

    I’ve been without a case for my Nexus 7..

  • Hook me up DL!

  • I use a cruzerlite case.

  • Geekzilla


  • Jimmy

    I currently use the standard nexus case from Asus/Google. Overall it is a fairly good case but the front cover won’t stay open and it doesn’t have the magnetic wake/sleep. I would really love carrying this around on campus!

  • howard

    This is awesome

  • I am using a grey cruzerlite case at the moment.

  • Using the standard grey one. Would be a nice upgrade!

  • Roderick Cross

    I have to original nexus case its a rubber dirt magnet boy did I waste twenty bucks

  • gp126904

    Those are some nice looking cases.

  • Daniel Hogan

    Would really love one of these. I have an incipio which, while nice, is not nearly as dope as a dodo!

  • Nexus Lovah

    Currently I have a grey Cruzerlite case for my Nexus 7

  • I hope the case is as good as I think it is.

  • sadcosmonaut

    I’ve got Blurex Ultra-Slim Case for Google Nexus 7 inch Tablet — With built in Multi-Angle Stand

  • Charles Braswell

    I’ve been looking for a good case for my N7

  • No case… Boo Hoo….

  • I have a nexus 7 with no case. Would love to get one of those!

  • bonanzalarry

    do not use one, just screen protector

  • jessemawhinney

    Never used a case with my nexus 7 but this one always interested me.

  • I’d love something to pick my mood up after working 33 hours in 3 days AND having my car die on me!

  • fiveHellions

    I have a cheap rubberized case from Amazon with a tire tread pattern on it. I bought it because it was cheap, but I actually really like it.

  • Dan Nguyen

    I would love one, since I dont use anything right now

  • Don’t have a case right now, but I’d love to give this one a home.

  • Sam Evertson

    I do not have a case currently, and due this my screen now has a slight scratch.

  • EvanTheGamer

    The case I’m currently using for my Nexus 7 is a $15 one I bought a Staple’s back in the day(image of it below).

    But even though I do already have one, and one that’s pretty good, I wouldn’t mind another one to switch out every now and again. Variety!

  • Matt Guinn

    I ordered a treegloo case about 3 months ago and still haven’t received it. I’ve been using a cheap case until that one came in. I would love to have time of these cases so I could finally have a real case on it.

  • The case I currently have and rarely use for my nexus was actually made for a kindle, I got it cheap at an office supply store. The case at times will push the power and/or the volume rocker, hence the rare use. I’d love to get something that’s actually made for the device.

  • I have a grey Asus Nexus 7 flip cover that at best, looks like a cheap flimsy skin. I tried to slip a magnet into the flip cover to allow it to act as a sleep on/off switch but my attempt at it was utter failure.

  • I have one of those cheap cases from amazon and it doesn’t even fit properly, when I use the camera I have to take out of the case.

  • Jones

    Love my Roocase but would also like a DODOcase 😀

  • jaybar

    I have a logitech zip case for protection while traveling, but a new permanent case would be nice!

  • Bigwavedave25

    I only have one case… Cruzerlite TPU Green Androidified Clone Army. It is pretty sweet, but looking for something with more protection when the N7 leaves the house. 🙂

  • jcorf

    My nexus 7 is naked.

  • SD js

    I run naked. Sometimes it bothers me m but my nexus stays home all day so its usually not a problem.

  • Jacob Pangburn

    Currently rockin the Nexus flip cover from the play store… I need some style!

  • I use the Nillkin cover for my N7

  • willjah

    I currently don’t have a case for my nexus 7. I recently dropped my tablet and suffered a minor scratch on the corner. I am interested in a classy looking case and think the dodo case is a great option.

  • scooter1265

    I currently am using a black Cruzerlite Androidified TPU case on my Nexus 7, and I also have a Targus leather bookstand case made for the Kindle Fire, but fits perfectly on my tablet.

    Cases are kind of like shoes, you can never have enough of them!

  • Flo

    I desperately need a case for my nexus 7. Been using an old generic tablet case thats oversized and impractical for too long. Thanks for this contest DL!

  • Sean Tye

    I love these giveaways for the nexus 7!!!! They all look like really really nice cases, I hope I win one of these bad boys 😉

  • Tim Buchanan

    I don’t use one, because I use the dock. But I wouldn’t mind one for when I travel!

  • I reaaaally need a case. A free one would be nice

  • JamesU513

    I have a white Androidified case and a black Speck case, they are both great, but I would like a sleeve like this Dodo

  • Joseph Ree

    Dodocase, please and thank you.

  • i have a Poetic case, could definitely use an upgrade

  • Chris Dugger

    Meesa be needin dat case!

  • Joseph Joffe

    I currently use the official flip cover case, but have had that since launch and would love to get somethign new to rock on my N7 …

  • Dont have one yet

  • I have a case… but this one is waaaaay better!

  • bromaier

    Broke college student so no case. My N7’s getting beat up because I bring it everywhere for textbooks. Hook me up DL, for great justice.

  • Jason Elkins

    I currently have a TPU case that is very flimsy and doesn’t stay on very well. I would love to have a case that stays on and gives me better functionality!

  • Buying a Nexus 7 this week. Would rock to win a case.

  • D L

    I want one. Mine is currently a cheapie from ebay

  • Currently not using a case, but I should – I’m a total clutz!

  • notthats

    No case, and DODOcases are my absolute favorite

  • Rp

    My case is already breaking down, I needs a new one.. 🙂

  • Neil Anderson

    I currently have the ugly original grey case for my nexus 7. I use it only if I am taking my tabletwith me somewhere.

  • dharr18

    My wife broke the case I got on Ebay. Went back to my YooMee case, unfortunately it is thicker than the one that broke.

  • Tony Le

    I want one.

  • Robert Cox

    no case and i need one that simple

  • Right now, I’m using a rooCase that you guys suggested I buy from amazon a while ago. It protects my Nexus 7 well, but I would like something more elegant like DoDocase 😀

  • I currently do not have a case except for a Blu wave Tpu blue case and I love it great quality and a great price

  • Currently I do not have a case for my N7. All of the random cases I have found on amazon just don’t seem to do the trick. I’m hoping this one will.

  • I use a leather case, would love to try this.

  • Damien

    I have a cheap blurex case, time for an upgrade if I win!

  • Dean Williamson

    Don’t have a case — like to try this one out.

  • Nic Jensen

    My nexus 7 is in danger of being scratched! It badly needs a case!

  • Sean Misa

    The case I have now is the stock case from Asus in gray that it came with when my gf bought my Nexus 7 for me. Not bad, but could be better. =)

  • Jonathan Sem

    this is great

  • raphael gray

    I use a Chinese made eBay case it sucks send help!

  • Have a flip cover case but it is tacky. These look classy!

  • Jeremy Jedwabnik

    I want

  • I need a professional looking case for work! No current case on mine.

  • jbeise

    my nexus 7 is naked i need a case!

  • Scott Willenborg

    I could use a case that’s awesome!

  • ScoobySnack

    I have the OEM gray case… can’t stand it. While it’s tough and sufficiently tacky I have to main complaints:
    1) it doesn’t shut off the screen when I close the cover
    2) it’s too difficult to take off to handle the device naked or set in the dock.

  • Just got a Nexus 7… Extremely late but loving it now! Would love a case from you guys!!!!

  • Drew Royal

    Don’t have a N7 case… But could use one though! Hint hint

  • ROBV_100

    New DODO case… nuff said!

  • Alvie


  • Christopher Mann

    right now i’m using a speck fitfollio which i find to be a good case overall but want something more distinguished

  • Victor Tokunboh

    Correctly don’t have one, I tried getting one from Treegloo but they didn’t send my custom case after 3months ridiculous

  • Hey guys, I can’t enter the raffle for some reason 😕
    It says they didn’t get my entry and I really want to enter :/

  • Barlog

    Reposting this cause it’s not registering that I posted Right now I’m using a case made by Moko, it’s a pretty nice case don’t have any complaints at all except I like the way these DoDo cases look better

  • Don’t have a case (cheap college student), my device definitely could use it though, its taken some beatings.

  • Roga

    I’m using a Portenzo case.

  • Alex Smith

    Case would be super great!

  • Patrick Lahni

    I have a cheap case I bought off Amazon that works ok. I recently just got my dock for the N7 and been going caseless to use it. I’d love to win won of these though.

  • Barlog

    Right now I’m using a case made by Moko, it’s a pretty nice case don’t have any complaints at all except I like the way these DoDo cases look better

  • comment to enter to raffle here!

  • just bought my daughter a Nexus 7 for her birthday and don’t have a case for it

  • Jacob Boswell

    😀 Sounds good to me!

  • sx1ong

    Not using one currently. Have on Zagg.

  • John Santoro

    Am I the only one having major issues entering this contest?

    • rodney11ride

      nope… me too wont take my entry

  • Cee_em_jay

    I use an Otterbox Defender case. I love it but I’d like another option.

  • jason brewster

    look much better than the plastic one I have now

  • Justin Howard

    I use my Nexus 7 all the time, I don’t have a case for it because they have been rare to find, I would love to win one 🙂

  • Brian Walker

    I currently use a Cruzerlite Clone Army for my Nexus 7. Not too much bulk, can still fit in my back pocket, and I don’t worry at all about setting it down on a table or face down.

    Also Rafflecopter keeps failing on me.

  • Larry


  • thegreatdubbinski

    I want one!!!

  • K Lai

    Pick me! Love to get a case for my N7!

  • ChuckDz3

    I do not have one currently but I’m willing to now!

  • Lewis Erbe

    I currently have a CaseCrown but it is nowhere near as sweet as the dodocases. Would love to win one. Thanks.

  • I’m using a Poetic Smart Cover Portfolio case I got from Amazon. It was nice for a while, but it starting to fall apart.

  • EC8CH

    I got one with the little claw feet on the corners.

  • Tony Byatt


  • I want one!

  • michael

    I currently use the case from Cruzerlite

  • Michael Knight

    I currently have a folio leather case on my N7 but this one definitely looks a little more professional. Would love the option of switching between it and my current case.

  • Jon Drain

    I need a case for my Nexus 7

  • knightracer

    These are impossible to take off without pulling apart your Nexus

  • Kenneth Meeks

    This would be ballin

  • glee24

    No case at this time, need one badly!

  • Errol Willoughby

    I have a somewhat unattractive grey rubber case from ASUS. It’s not bad really, and protects the screen.

  • azholio

    My Nexus 7 is NEKKID!

  • Geoff Johnson

    I would love one for my N7!

  • Goodriddance183

    I am ‘sking naked’ at the moment! Help me cover up!

  • Using the stock Asus case is a disgrace.

  • Adam Ystenes

    These cases sound great. One would look very nice on my N7.

  • Mike

    I use a Supcase for my Nexus 7, too. At $14 on Amazon, you can’t beat it. But I’ll happily replace it for the new Dodo case that I win. Thanks, Droidlife!

  • Casey Artner

    Moko thing from Amazon.

  • roswellraygun

    I have a case but it covers the bezel and am annoyed by it now.

  • I could use one of that to protect my Nexus 7.

  • Just ordered my Nexus and was about to purchase one of these when I noticed the contest. Score!

  • Michael Wilson

    Right now I’m using a cruzer lite android army tpu. While the tpu is slim and simple, this would be nice for work.

  • BestonMars

    Been looking for something solid to keep my Nexus 7 in!

  • Nice giveaway. I could realy use one.

  • ellliemaeee

    Right now I’m using a cheap-o Kindle Fire case that I found at Walmart because I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but still wanted to protect my Nexus 7.

  • I have a 16 GB that I use with no case.

  • My nexus 7 has yet to have a case or screen protector. I let my 1yr old neices play with it and got a couple scratches but nothing too serious.

  • Kevin Faaborg

    Personally I use the Red Samurai folding case from GameStop, its OK for the few bucks I spent, but next to never use the prop option and its heavy, so better than nothing.

  • Using a horribad case from Newegg that had, yes had, a keyboard until half the keys fell off.

  • They look like really great cases.

  • brarelabben

    I currently don’t have a case for my N7. I feel most cases and protectors take away from the look and feel of devices, except for the DODOcase. I mostly use my N7 for reading and the DODOcase is not only fits perfectly for this tasks but looks like it would protect it really well also.

  • dannyWHITE

    Currently I dont have a case on my N7 soooooooooo this would be PERFECT!

  • Tony Reed

    No case for the Nexus 7 yet, and I wish I had, already dropped it on the sidewalk and took a good little chunk out of the corner. I would like to avoid that happening ever again! Hook me up please.

  • I use a cheap TPU case… I like it because it’s low profile and is ‘grippier’ than the Nexus 7 alone, but fits a little loose and offers no screen protection. I’d like something like the Dodo case especially when travelling so I can put the Nexus 7 in my bag. Currently I use a Pelican case for that but it’s kind of overkill for general travel.

  • Tyler

    The case on my moms is ok but i feel she would like to this one better.

  • I really need a case for my nexus 7. I take mine with me to college everyday and I can’t afford buying a case right now!

  • I don’t currently have one but I’d like one.

  • Aram

    I don’t have a case and need one for when I travel outside the country”

  • greg

    I could use one!

  • Have the ASUS rubber case I bought when I got the Nexus 7. Would love something more functional and nicer.

  • Brandon Bias

    I’m using a Hardbook from Portenzo and have had issues with it fitting properly. Would like to try other options.

  • travisvesely

    No case….I ordered a Treegloo one almost 2 months ago though.

  • My Nexus is naked and needs protected from my almost 2 year old son.

  • chris jones

    I have a standard flip cover case on my nexus 7 but man I would love to any of these cases on my nexus 7.

  • I’ve been using my Nexus 7 carefully since last August without a case and it has very nearly suffered several times. A case of any sort would be very helpful.

  • Tom Sturdy

    I’m using a Poetic Slimline Portfolio case. The build quality isn’t that great, and I’m really not a fan of the cheap looking fake leather they used. The magnetic sleep/wake is nice though.

  • ejtsang

    I don’t use a case, but have been searching the market for one. I’m a big fan of Moleskine notebooks, and these DODO cases definitely fall in the same style.

  • Lunkman

    Currently using the Speck Fitfolio- like it, don’t love it!

  • have i-blason case but not using them. its not that great.

  • summit1986

    I have been waiting since the first week of October for a Treegloo case. They keep delaying my order, for almost 6 months now… worst. company. ever. The Nexus 7 will be obsolete by the time it arrives. A Dodo case would fill this void nicely.

  • I’m currently wrapping my Nexus 7 in a few pieces of paper, this would be a welcome upgrade.

  • I’m using a a cheap one from office max!

  • Bought a Nexus 7 — yet never bought a case..and in Dyer need of one!! This may be my perfect oportunity to get one!! yay

  • ManiDePRico

    I dont have a case but my laptop bag has a tablet pouch which is nice.

  • John

    These cases look great, I currently have an Out of Print book case from their Kickstarter campaign, and a basic Moko case, but still looking for the perfect case.

  • let me have

  • Rocco

    I don’t use a case, I kinda don’t like the extra bulk or price, but there is sometimes I’d like to use one. Like when doing physical labor

  • Greig Fields

    i could go for a new case, that sounds nice

  • Need it for my daughter

  • I don’t have a case and none of the ones I’ve looked at have intrigued me as much as this one. So hell yeah, I would like one!!!

  • barnyard

    mine’s nekkid, I really need a case

  • fred

    using a cheap $10 case i picked up from Amazon, not even sure what it is. One of these would be awesome

  • Alan Youngblood

    My wife just got a Nexus 7 and has no case for it as of yet. This would be great for her to have to protect her new toy.

  • J. Gilbertson

    Currently I’m only using a sleeve for my nexus 7. Most store bought cases just don’t feel right on a tablet. Would love to have one of these!

  • marcel bauer

    awesome stuff, hope i win

  • gsteele023

    I would love to have a DODO cases for n7. It needs a cover!

  • I’m using a Cruzerlite case

  • Will Larson

    I’m using a generic case I got at marshalls.

  • I currently have a leather case I got off Amazon for about $10. It does the magnet wake/sleep, but looks like a complete mess. This would be a huge upgrade.

  • This case looks awesome and i want one really bad but i can’t find one in my country.

  • I need a better case for mine!

  • Currently have a folding case from Supcase for my N7, which folds up from the back and acts like a stand, very similar to an iPad Smart Case. It even has the magnetic sleep/wake functionality!

    The case has gotten a bit old & worn out, however, & I’d love to have a new DODOcase for it!

  • I currently use IVSO sleep/wake case for my Nexus 7 and it is nothing but cheap plastic that has cracks in it. 🙁

  • Chris

    Sadly, I live in the middle of nowhere and online shopping is how I get the things I need. I haven’t found a case I like, so I am using a case designed for the Kindle. It worked great at first, but after a lot of use, the tabs that hold in the N7 are loosened. I now fear that my tablet will one day be missing from my case. I wouldn’t mind having one of those sweet looking DODO cases.

  • Don’t have one but want to protect mine!

  • Jonathan Hickerson

    I use a simple black case. It’s cheap and functional but would love to mix it up now and again with another…

  • Yay for being made in the US!

  • ynksbsbll2

    I’d take it

  • Comment!

    Nexus 7 ftw!

  • I have a poetic case for my nexus 7.

  • Thanks for the contest. I’d love a case since I currently do not own one for my naked N7.

  • J Lopez

    I could def use a high quality case. One that can protect this high quality device.

  • I was using the Poetic Slim case until my son got a hold of it and ended up ripping the cover apart.. now I has nothing

  • Androidstud

    Send my way..yeah

  • barnyard

    Looks awesome, I”ll take one

  • i have a poetic case, its ok, but would love to get a DODO, just short on finances =[

  • Brian

    No case at the moment, but would love one!

  • Oh, those look nice. I’ll take one, please.

  • snowblind64

    I like the cases. I like my Tucano Colore sleeve but this would be a nice change.

  • CheeseMcGee

    Don’t have one yet, but I am actively looking for a decent case. This would be perfect!

  • I could definitely use a second case.

  • I would love a case for my Nexus since its strutting around naked

  • I don’t have one right now.

  • Juan Sosa

    I need a case for my nexus 7.

  • elemeno
  • OligarchyAmbulance

    I seriously need a case for my Nexus.

  • nightscout13

    would fit perfectly in the sleeve pocket in my car seat.

  • Everyone needs more cases!


    I’d love to win this for one of the special people in my life who have a Nexus 7. 🙂

  • Josh Oberg

    I’using a poetic case with a flip cover that activates the screen and sleeps it.

  • skylog

    would love to see this in hand

  • Jared

    Cool cool cool!

  • Those look like great cases!

  • Erik Parshall

    Sadly no, I have been waiting to find the perfect one and I am hoping this contest gives me a decent one.

  • I’m rocking some generic sleeve from Amazon right now, so this is better.

  • KJ

    I don’t have a case for my nexus 7, it’s so vulnerable 🙁

  • neato!

  • Rosemanry N

    Im in desperate need of a better case for my nexus 7 i have just a cheap one on at the moment

  • J. Wolf

    I’m still using the original case from google play for the case. I need something better as I am taking a trip with my nexus at the end of the month.

  • Carlton Madden

    I currently have a moko but these things look awesome.

  • therealjbriggs

    I use one and it’s horrid! I need something much classier and functional.

  • Jalen Soper

    I use the Asus Nexus 7 travel cover. It provides a large amount of protection from my everyday travels and it doesn’t add too much size to the device itself.

  • Ryan Ball

    I would love to get 1 of these to make my nexus more secure

  • Currently i could use a little something more to help protect my nexus 7, all I have is a cheap sleeve I got for 10 bucks that doesn’t offer a whole lot of padding!

  • Benjamin Worrel

    Been looking for a good case.

  • dieringer scott

    Currently no case since I cant seem to find one that I like. SO Im terrified to bring it anywhere.

  • I’d love a new case I have the Grey Case from Google Play

  • George L

    I’m currently using the DODO Hardcover Case on my Nexus 7. The black one, since that’s my preferred color. I received it as a (late) Christmas present.

    Truth be told though, I was kind of hoping for the Solid Case in black.

    As far as my current case goes though, it’s perfect! Relatively slim and definitely not unattractive, which I can’t say about some of the other cases on the market for the Nexus 7. For me form has to meet functionality halfway at least. Yeah, I might lack a kickstand like some of the other cases, but at least there’s no unsightly bulges or flaps here or there on my case. In fact, I love it’s simplicity. People often assume I’m just carrying a hardcover book til I open it up. Which since I honestly love reading as much as I do is great. I feel like I’m carrying a book with me 24/7 (and since I’ve got Moon+ Reader Pro and a ton of books on it, I actually do!).

  • Steven Dinsdale

    Just broke my last case!

  • Actually looking for one for my son.

  • Brian Spearman

    I don’t use one, but I would love to start

  • Christian F

    i have a cheapy case at the moment and would love to have one of these high caliber ones

  • Anthony H.

    I need one of these for my Nexus 7

  • I have a Poetic case and could use this DODOcase.

  • Mark Williams

    need one to fit my windshield car mount! I-blason doesn’twork

  • Win

  • This would go great on my new device!

  • A friend is carrying one without a case…I’d love to win this and give it to him

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    I have a red (red samurai) case. It would be nice to win a nice case like this.

  • Jim Bissette

    thanks, i would take one

  • Jonathan

    using some kind of leather case i got at sears. it’s ok, but button access is kind of a pain and the border makes touching the edge of the screen a hassle.

  • I’ve been going naked since I got it. Looked at a few cases but none of them seemed to suit what I was needing.

  • sirmeili

    I have a case that I bought at officeDepot and it’s nice, but I really like the DODOcases 🙂

  • SubMatrix

    been looking for a case for my n7, this would do great!

  • mustbepbs

    A nice case for my wife would be swell!

  • dang! i could use a good case for my Nexus 7!

  • rich

    I have a case which my dog chewed up on the first day

  • I have a super cheap ebay case that mimics the i*ad folding case. Would love a better case for the bus rides to work!

  • movalpolos

    don’t use a case right now, but I think I do need one 😛

  • Been thinking about this one. Looks nice!

  • larrydon

    I have the gray OEM case its OK but its flimsy and the DODOcase would be the doodoo for me

  • I’m trying out cases at the moment

  • i have never won a raffle

  • Mark Traverso

    I use a androidified cruzerlite case

  • I love my Nexus 7 … it has replaced my Xoom as the tablet of choice. 😉

  • MikeCiggy

    Could use this for my girlfriend her birthday is next week and I haven’t found anything for her yet!!

  • Charles Guardino

    I have the Supcase. I bought it the same day as my Nexus 7.

  • I wouldn’t mind the Classic case for my Nexus 7.

  • Kerry Knopp

    I’m really wanting an N7 case so that I feel comfortable taking it with me. I’ve already cracked the screen on one…

  • I wanna win!

  • aguynamedkimmy

    these dodo cases look sweettt

  • Just bought a nexus 7 last night, would love one of these cases!

  • Have yet to find a case I like

  • JetBlue

    Currently using a leather case that doesn’t fit my Nexus 7 very good so a new case would definitely be nice.

  • Droon

    I currently have no case but would like one to protect the device. I have been searching for one that I really liked, and was intrigued by your DODO case reviews form last week.

  • Justin Barrett

    Looks nice.

  • Leeroy

    I’m using an m-Edge (p)leather folio style case that my parents got me for Hanukkah. It’s nice, but a little bulky and button access is less than perfect. Would love to replace…

  • I use a cheapo case I got from Amazon, would love one of those slimmer Dodo cases!

  • Futbolrunner

    My gf needs one..

    Chicks love protection!

    • Thomas

      Not the chicks I date 😉 Bare back all the way !!!

      • Futbolrunner

        Ohh! High five to you!

  • don’t have one. :*(

  • dhirensavalia

    I have the Supcase. I bought it the same day as my Nexus 7.

  • adam bilyeu

    I need a good case for my Nexus 7….I want one

  • HowDoIShotWeb

    I’m using a poor-fitting leather case at the moment.

  • i hope i win

  • justin

    i want he case because of the name “dodo” 😀

  • i have no case and i really need one or else im bound to scratch it up!!!!!!!

  • Crossing my fingers and toes…

  • Lenesse Berg

    Currently using a plastic case, the only one we could find….at Walmart, not a quality case.

  • Hep

    I don’t use one, but have been looking to find a nice one. These look GREAT for travel!

  • TalonDesigns

    I currently have one of the folio cases, and I do like it, however, I have been considering getting one of these for a while.

    The price is the only deterrent – not because it’s not worth it, but because I’m a cheapskate.

  • David Shaver

    Don’t have a case yet. Definitely would like one.

  • woot

    struggling to find a good case situation w/ the n7… so I’m down to try anything. hiyoo

  • antwonw

    Yeah buddy! Let’s get some!

  • i haven’t been using a case because i haven’t found a cheap enough on i like yet

  • Marco Pedrazzoli


  • I don’t have a case yet, need one badly!

  • will bartlett

    crappy pleather case with a crappy usb keyboard attached to it. would love a nice case

  • Takumi

    Let’s go!

  • Ryan

    currently have a decent case from blurex

  • Nexus_FrEak

    Sweet… Just got one last week…. Bring on the cases 🙂

  • Chris Batson

    I currently don’t use a case for my nexus 7! I would like to though!

  • Using a generic unbranded nexus 7 case which spins around , pretty cool – im sure these are better though!

  • I had a Nexus 7 and didn’t use a case, then dropped it and broke the screen. I now have a new Nexus 7 and I’m super paranoid because I haven’t gotten a case yet.

  • Russell Saisho

    Using a crappy silicone case I got on Amazon….doesn’t fit well….definitely need to replace it!

  • Kevin Bojarski

    Ill take one.

  • muffnman

    Let’s do this!

  • I use the YooMee case on my Nexus 7. It’s nice enough, but it’s a little bulky, and it feels somewhat cheap.

  • Eldorath

    WOOT! I’ve actually been contemplating getting a different case (from the el’cheapo one I have) for my Nexus 7.. PERFECT TIMING 🙂

  • Comment.

  • micklu109

    I have a terrible case, have been meaning to buy a new one