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Download: Official DROID RAZR Jelly Bean Update 98.72.16 for Those on Ice Cream Sandwich 6.16.211

razr jb update

With the official Jelly Bean update for the original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX hitting testers, we have already seen the update file for those that were running the accidental X-mas build. To make sure that everyone is covered, here is the update file for those still running official Ice Cream Sandwich (6.16.211). This update will bring you to 98.72.16 and Android 4.1.2.

Here is the full changelog.

The file is big at 338MB, but that’s expected when you see an update of this size. 


*For those running official Ice Cream Sandwich 6.16.211. 100% stock.

*If you are running the X-mas build, your instructions are here.

1.  Download and place this file on your external storage (SD card):

Blur_Version.6.16.211.XT912.Verizon.en.US.zip [mirror]

2.  Turn your phone off and boot into recovery.

*With phone off, hold down both Volume Down and Up plus Power until you get to the boot menu. Press Volume Down to highlight “Recovery.” Press Volume Up to select it.

*Once you see the Android and exclamation point, press both Volume Up and Down at the same time.

3.  In recovery, choose “apply update from external storage.”

*Highlight using Volume Down, select using Power.

4.  Find the 6.16.211 file that you downloaded above and select it.
5.  Watch the update install!

Via:  DroidRzr

Cheers darkmiasma!

  • Sway

    I can’t download it. Not even from the mirror site. Just keeps saying authorize download. Help!

    • Daniel Parnell

      I had to try three times. It failed on my phone, wouldn’t download at first on my computer, and then trying a second time on my computer, worked.

    • droidmngr

      same here just close it. go back to the website then keep taping authorize download. soon it will say downlad now.

  • JamesLim

    Hi guys, does this build work on the global version of Razr maxx?

  • Hélio

    Can anyone help me? My razr maxx is from brasil, (i live here), and my system build is 672.180.311 or 6.7.2. I dont really know, but i would like to get the 6.16.211 for me to update it to JB. Help?

  • Eileen T. Balcom

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  • Anyone else having problems downloading from “mirror” site keep getting error message page has been suspended…very frustrating 🙁

  • roxsiiCZek

    is work THX 😉

  • Lee Woods

    If I somehow have 6.16.215 how do I get back to .211? Can I do it without wiping my phone?

  • andyguy00

    During the “Verifying current system…” I get the error asert failed: apply_patch_check(“system/app/SlackerRadio.apk”
    e:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip (status 7).

    Any suggestions?

    • Lee Woods

      I have the same problem. I’m pretty sure mine is because I have 6.16.215 not .211. Trying to find out how to get back to .211.

    • Rodney Bolden

      I get the same thing, I have no clue on how to fix it.

    • Cheno

      You must have the app disabled in the system apps settings. Enable the app so the update can patch that file.

  • Rodney Bolden

    Ugh I put the zip file on my SD card but I keep getting an error and then it aborts.

  • andrewmga

    my phone seems hung up at “Install from sdcard complete.”
    Do I reboot it or is it still working?

  • Gerald Mauser

    Worked great & was able to keep root thanks to Voodoo Rootkeeper!

  • scaner

    Im download to my phone ..but how can I move to root sd..I see on download folder but can’t move..did I need a computer to move file?! Any help!!

    • Gerald Mauser

      You can use a pc or download a file manager app to move it..

      • scaner

        What app is good? Too move file

        • Gerald Mauser

          Give Astro File Manager a shot…

          • scaner

            OK.got it..and how I move.

  • Just completed update. Took few times for download to complete due to server load on mirror site.

  • Gerald Mauser

    Applying for official ICS now, so far so good…..

  • tmm09

    When I’m in Recovery mode, a picture of Android with a red triangle appear on my screen. I don’t get to choose the external storage option. What is going on with my download? I have downloaded the file to my SD Card.

    • Gerald Mauser

      You have to hit volume up & down at the same time.

      • tmm09

        Oh read the instructions. Thanks!

  • James McInnis

    Is this for just the Razr or Razr Maxx as well?

    • Jeff Creemer

      The Razr and Razr Maxx run the same software, so it’s for both.

      • James McInnis


  • Sean Carey

    mirror site not letting me download…anyone else have that issue?

  • Aaron

    Hey is anyone else having an issue where the Smart Actions still crash when you try to modify them in anyway from the “suggestions” default?

  • David

    I’m running the leak but all my Moto apps are still present. Even the Android Browser is still on here.

  • Andres

    What about the leaked 6.16.215 (not .211)?

    • can’t be on .215. Gotta be on .211

      • Andres

        K, thanks. With the Droid Razr Utility 1.82, does reverting back to .211 wipe user data?

      • Lee Woods

        Does anyone know how I can revert back to .211 from .215? I can’t find a valid download link for .211

  • Josh White

    Anyone know if I would be OK running stock 4.04 and SS3.11 installed?

  • Sean Carey

    says “e:signature verification failed” and the installation was aborted. advise……..

    • 1. bad download, try it again.

      2. you have a stock app frozen or missing. you must be completely 100% working stock for the update to take.
      3. you are actually on the Jelly Bean leak. If Software Version in About Phone under Settings is 98.72.8, you need to download the other update file.
      4. if all else fails and you are NOT on 98.72.8, you can FXZ back to pure stock and that should fix it.

      • how do you go back to stock?

      • gdroid

        I’ve downloaded twice from the mirror, have stock everything (this is a replacement phone already), am not on the Jellybean leak, and factory reset twice. Still getting “E:/ signature verification failed”


        now what?

    • zwieblekopf

      I could only get the version from the mirror at the top of the article to work correctly, tried the original link and another listed here in the comments and only the mirror worked.

  • nukeum

    do I unzip it? or leave it as a zip file?

    • Aaron

      Leave as the zipped file and place it on the SD card

      • nukeum

        Thank Yoi

    • nukeum

      I figured it out, leave it zipped

  • Josh White

    Anyone know if this will work if you are on Stock but with SS 3.11 installed?

  • Lucky Armpit

    Gah! Downloading now!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Mark Fonseca

    what if i dont have an sd card how do i do this?

  • James

    Thanks for the link! The installation was flawless!

  • idabu

    I cant download the file. Interrupted 3 times. anyone got a better download location?

  • noc007

    Hopefully the Droid4 isn’t too far behind. It’s not 4.2, but at least it’s JB.

  • JA

    Anyone receiving “signature verification failed?

    • Sjschwar

      the mirror site worked for me

    • Sean Carey

      yes, whats up with that?

  • nathan baker

    Can’t find the file. How do i move it to sd card?

  • nate

    Can’t find the file 🙁 how do i put it on sd card after the dl??

  • There is now both files available on Droidrzr.com. So whether you’re coming from the Christmas JB leak or if you’re coming from Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s 2 different updates. Go get em!

  • NAM37

    Does anyone have a faster mirror?

    • http://d-h.st/4ta coming from ICS and http://d-h.st/iPZ coming from the Christmas JB Leak

      • NAM37

        Thanks.. much faster.

        • Between the members on our site (droidrzr) and all these news stories linking back to my files, our server is getting hammered. So yeah, mirrors ftw.

  • John Jenness

    Oh, and a big fyi. It un-roots you…but the Dan Rosenberg exploit still works! Smart Actions was one of the few remaining Moto apps thankfully.

    • You may need to un install updates to the smart actions app for the root exploit to work.

    • Gerald Mauser

      Use voodoo root keeper before applying the update and your root will be maintained..

  • jeff

    Mine won’t show up for me to install. It says its downloading to the card but I don’t see it.

  • nick rigsby

    one issue i’ve already found that i didn’t have on ICS. when listening to music via bluetooth, and a phone call starts coming in, the bluetooth drops, and the music starts coming through speakerphone while the phone is ringing.

  • Nice. Will be enjoying my Motorola “Nexus” Razr tonight.. 😉

  • Sjschwar

    mine said signature failed, what did i do wrong?

    • bad download, bad SD card, corrupt file.

      • Sjschwar

        trying the mirror site. sd card works fine.

    • Sjschwar

      Mirror worked fine. updating now

  • Kyle Gustafson

    Has anyone had success with this method?

    • nick rigsby

      yes. a lot of people have, mine took about 20 minutes

    • Kyle Gustafson

      Indeed. Much improved!

    • Oliver

      worked fine for me. Stock ICS on RAZR MAXX. Did FDR before running the update. worked perfectly, took 15-20 minutes. no issues so far. Just be sure you put it on the root of your SD card (not in a folder) and don’t unzip it, the phone will handle that.

  • YES! It’s real! Downloading now on a rooted Droid RAZR. i had already the christmass leaked version,but i hope this will have more goodies 😀
    i don’t know if i lose the root,but it’s ok. a fix will be ready soon

    • Dustin B.

      If you have the xmas leak, you need to use the other update, not this one. This one is for people who are running ICS.

  • CJ

    Will this delete pictures and/or other files or downloads on the phone?

    • nick rigsby

      no just updated, all pictures/music still there

  • DanSan

    i assume using voodoo root keeper will still work and this shouldnt wipe anything out as its done through stock recovery right?

  • javier rodriguez

    Is it wrong that I miss the gallery’s picasa sync and the timer?

    • Doug Wing

      Google is killing off Picasa for Google+ Photos. While I won’t be installing my OTA until I get home, I would hope that Google’s Gallery will eventually sync with Google+ Photos.

  • zwieblekopf

    downloading now! thank you for the step by step directions for those of us that are new to this type of thing

  • AlexM1910

    Hello, I´m from Germany. Can I install this update too – without any problems?

    • drewbie_al

      Not likely. This is for the CDMA Verizon-specific Droid Razr, not for the international GSM Razr.

    • jonj95835

      No Alex This is only for Verizon USA

      • AlexM1910

        Thank you – then I have to wait 🙁

  • Does anyone know if this will improve AOSP rom’s for Razr, Bionic, Droid 4, etc.? While the AOSP jelly bean roms on my bionic are pretty good, they still have flaws that make me want to stick to Blur based ROMs

  • Ian

    Do I need to be rooted/unlocked? And is there any risk in doing this? I’m new to tinkering

    • Sean Carey

      no, it sounds like it is for us running stock ICS. my question though is, if this is NOT the final build, will VZW still push me the update if i have done the upgrade this way???


      • jonj95835

        yes they should because if its not all the soak testers will need the final build

    • T4rd

      No, this is the official build and will be pushed OTA to your phone. My friend/coworker just got his OTA this morning, but he volunteered for the soak test.

      • Ian

        so then do i download to my phones sd card or to my computer and move it over? thanks guys

        • duke69111

          either way. If you download it from your phone, make sure you move it from the download folder to the root of the sd card.

  • brkshr

    I think that’s a rather small update file compared to TouchWiz’s 700+MB. Stock Android is somewhere around 270MB if I remember correctly. So I would say Moto is not too far off Stock Android. Glad to see Moto get rid of the crap!

    • Blur is probably the closest of all the skins to AOSP. Touchwiz is a bloated whore

  • ApplesNAndroids

    ah, yes… my girlfriend hates when I tinker with her phone. She’ll have to deal with it tonight.

    • Hedson Ralston

      Same here i had to use her phone to pull the update files. At least its updated and we still kept root at the end

    • pubasnacks77

      Same here

    • She doesn’t want you to find the texts from her other boyfriend,

      • ApplesNAndroids

        Fortunately, despite your case not all women are whores. She just doesn’t like Change on her phone. Hated when it got ICS.

        • jenk

          Na Man. She’s Texting Other Dudes.

    • At least you didn’t go to a halloween party last October dressed up as “Google” and “Moto” (all my idea)

      • me and my girl went as apple and pc…

        • eric

          And I went as Linux.