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Disney Launches Temple Run: Oz, Keep Your Eyes on the Yellow Brick Road


To help promote the upcoming Oz movie, Disney released another themed Temple Run game, much like they did to help bring attention to Brave. Temple Run: Oz happens to look much better though, as you travel through environments that look very lively, as well as flying through the air in that famous hot air balloon. Other than the looks, it is your basic Temple Run title with swiping up/down and left/right action. 

The game costs a dollar on Google Play, and for all you Temple Run fiends out there, that seems reasonable enough.

Play Link ($0.99)

  • hurtfeet

    oh great…another variant of the “endless run” games.

  • sk3litor

    I still think pitfall is way cooler and better than temple run. I mean come on people it’s pitfall;)

  • Whats up with apps and not supporting / working with the hardware back buttons? Is it supposed to be a sign from developers that they want to move towards iPhone type software buttons embedded in the apps?

  • Greg

    Based on how bad Temple Run Brave was, I think I’ll be staying away from any Temple Run associated with Disney.

  • Al

    Back button is wonky. Otherwise, this game looks and plays excellent on the DNA

    • Thomas

      Ok, so it’s not just me. Same thing happen w/ the first release of Temple Run 2 so hopefully an update is soon to follow w/ this game as well.

  • Thomas

    Just downloaded & have to say it’s pretty cool. Anybody having issues w/ their back button not working ?

  • JJ Abrams

    Coming Soon: Temple Run: Star Wars

  • Ian Winchell

    The least they could do is throw in some pics of Mila.

  • JoshGroff

    Fly in a hot air balloon, sure. The moving obstacles seem like a nice new twist as well.

  • Thomas

    This looks awesome, will fo’sho’ fork out a buck for this !! I hope there is no mine cart part 😉

    • hkklife

      Is this a “real” $1 paid app or do they hit you with IAPs after you pay the buck up-front? Just curious.

      • Thomas

        $1 up front & then like other Temple Run games you can buy stuff w/ real money or just w/ coins you earn in the game.